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Pretty Girl Pet - Part Three

Pretty Girl Pet - Part Three

Now That I Have My Pretty Girl Pet, Can We Add A Third?
Ever since giving my pet her new collar, we seemed to be getting so much closer. I haven’t really told you much about her past. She’s now at the age of 21 and we've been together for eight months. She has known from a young age that she was more into girls but did have a slight interest in boys too. She even dated them, but found she wasn't happy with them. She tried talking to her mum when she was 17 about it, but her mum refused to talk about such things. Ella went online and searched the web for years with no luck. That is until she found the BDSM site we met on. She was 19 when she did, and at first people tried to use her up. I found her, and tucked her under my wing. Mind you, I had another pet at the time.

Ella didn't even know anything about the lifestyle until she joined the site, but it didn't take her long to know she was submissive. She’s met others before me from the site, but it ended up always being just sex for the other people. This happen to her three times before we got together. She’s only ever been with women; she’s fooled around with men, but never had sex. She’s been showing interest in having a threesome lately, and I think it’s a great idea. I've always enjoyed threesomes. She asked me to set it up, she trusted me to find someone for us.


We’re curling up in bed, after a long session of pure animal like sex. I figure now would be a great time to tell her.

“Ella, baby. I have some news. I believe I found someone for us.”

“You have, really? Who’s that? This soon?”

“Well, it’s Jason. You know my last sub. We've been speaking as you know; I think he’d be perfect.”

“He is okay with this, now that I’m your pet?”

“He is, but the same rules will apply to him as if he were my pet, like he used to be. He knows what I expect, as do you. He’s also someone you know, at least from the site, so that’s a bonus.”

“This is all wonderful, Miss. I can’t believe we’re actually going for with it. When will it happen?”

“It’s this weekend, why wait, right?”

This makes her excited all over again, and we go for round two before calling it a night. We've been lucky, work has slowed down for her and she can stay the night sometimes during the week. Today is Thursday, and Jason will be here Friday night.

It’s Friday morning and we both can’t help but be excited to see Jason later. I haven’t seen him since before I got together with Ella, as I said we parted friends. We never had a reason to hang out though. I've always been fond of him though. We were together for five years and he was a very good submissive, he was what I needed at the time. In the end though, I wanted to explore more with females, and Jason didn't want to share me. It was his idea to end to end the relationship. I truly wanted to explore being with a female. He knows I’m happy with Ella.

Friday afternoon rolls around and I know I can’t wait to get the evening started. I haven’t been able to Dom two sub’s in forever. Ella and I clean the house and make dinner for Jason when he shows up. I have so much in mind for them it seems to be spilling out of my body. I've been so wet all day, it makes me hot. When we hear the doorbell we look at each other and giggle a bit. Ella stays where she’s sitting and I go let Jason in.

There he stands, in all his hotness. I’m taken a back a bit, I almost forgot how amazing he truly looks. He stands at 6’2” and weighs 130 pounds. He has dark brown hair, that is well kept but with enough grip to control him. He has hazel brown eyes. He is clean cut, no facial hair, and no tattoos or piercings. He also shaves down below; he did that even before meeting me. Tonight he has on a nice pair of jeans, and a black button up shirt, with matching black shoes.

“Jason! You look amazing, so sexy. Not that I’m surprised, you've always been a hottie.”

“Cora, always quick with the compliments, you always did gush over my looks. I brought these for you and Ella.”

He hands me hands me a single red rose for the each of us. He also brought some red wine to go with dinner.

“Thank you, sweetness. You’re too kind. Well come in, come meet Ella.”

Ella gets up from where she is sitting, brushing down her skirt and comes to me, her head lowered until spoken too. I can tell she is shy but also excited.

“Ella, this is Jason. Jason, this is Ella.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you finally, Ella. I've been looking forward to meeting you for a long time.”

Ella flames with blushing red from her neck, up her face. She looks up at the both us and smiles.

“It’s great to meet you; Cora has told me so much about you.”

I have them come in, and both slip into the roles that they’re meant to in my home. Both become equals of being submissive. We sit down and have dinner that Ella and I have made. We both love to cook, and enjoy doing it together. We've made lasagna, salad and warm bread. It goes great with the red wine Jason brought. We catch up with what Jason has been up to the last ten or so months since we broke up. He was in a short relationship with another Miss but it ended when she tried to control him beyond what he was comfortable with.

Once dinner is over we head into the living room for some coffee and to keep talking. I know they’re both expecting me to make the first move, because well that’s my job. After a little while I look at them, I can tell things are going well, but both are nervous.


“Yes, Miss?”

“I want you to strip Jason for me. Once she’s done, Jason I want you to do the same to her.”

They both answer at the same time, making me smile. Ella stands and walks over to Jason, her fingers are shaking. She knows I like a show and does it slow. She begins with each button, undoing them slowly. Her head is lowered, and she’s blushing. She’s of course seen cock before, but we both know she’s never been with a man. Tonight is a big deal for all three of us. Once she gets to his jeans, she gets to her knees and undoes them. She takes her time, and it’s so worth it. Jason helps her back up when she’s done, and he begins doing the same slow show for me on her. I can see he is rock hard by all the excitement, I know he’s looking forward to this as much as we are.

Once they’re both naked, I have them come and both strip me from my clothes. Having their hands on me is hot, and makes me ready so soon to begin. I however want to make this last for as long as possible. I have Ella get back on her knees; she does look so good on her knees. She knows what I expect, and does what she knows I want.

She looks up at Jason who is looking down at her, they’re both blushing but both wanting it. She wraps her mouth around the head of his cock and licks gently, making his head wet. He lets out a soft groan, and looks over at me. He slides his fingers into Ella’s hair and she begins to work her mouth a little deeper down his shaft, taking him inch by slow inch. I begin to touch myself while sitting on the couch, my legs apart allowing Jason a full view of what I’m doing, and what she’s doing. He knows he can’t orgasm until asking me, He has no control.

She starts sucking on him deeper, working her pretty little mouth. I love watching her suck it; she’s such a good girl. I can see she is taking every last inch of his 7 inch cock deep in her throat, working it like a true slut. I can hear Jason grow near, his moans are incredible, he whimpers out. The sight of my girl sucking on my boy has me beyond the point of wanting to orgasm myself. I work my clit faster, listening, and watching them both. I feel the wave of orgasm explode, it is like fireworks. I gasp and whimper moans. This of course makes it all the harder for Jason to not explode himself, he begins to beg to orgasm too. I deny him; he has to really work for it tonight.

I have Ella stop, and she does without question. I have her move to the floor. She is lying facing upwards. I tell Jason I want him to eat her like he use to with me. That man has a tongue to die for! I am going to allow Ella to dine on my sweet pussy. Jason crawls between her legs, where she is moist and desperate, she’s slick with wetness with all her excitement showing. Jason licks his lips, but waits until I give him the look allowing him to start. I lower myself over Ella, my delicate softness awaiting her sweet, tender mouth. Ella lifts her head a little, as I lower a little more, she begins to suck and lick at my juices. My orgasm dripping lightly over my lips, she’s hungry for it. I nod at Jason and he lowers himself down and licks gently on Ella, making her moan out against my pussy. My harsh, uneven breaths coming quick, so soon, matched with Ella’s. I can sense she’s as excited and turned on as I am. Jason’s cock is large and dripping with pre-cum.

I can feel the soft dance of Ella’s tongue deep inside me, working to cause me another orgasm. I watch Jason, watching him work his tongue deep inside her. His nose is brushing up against her tender clit, his tongue swirling in her tight pink pussy. Ella’s tongue ring keeps finding the perfect areas to hit, making my breathing quick and slow. Her whimpers and moans from Jason’s playing adds to it. I know she’s fighting the urge to orgasm herself, but she knows better, just like Jason does. She just keeps thrusting her tongue in and out of me like a cock, squeezing my hips, holding me close. I grind on her face, and she does the same to Jason. I can hear all three of us moaning into the delights we all are feeling right now.

I feel the building pressure of my orgasm start and I know I’m going to soak my girls face, since I know this is about her I’ll allow her the same. Her tongue keeps at me; I let out a cry and begin to orgasm hard on her. I growl out she do the same, to come with me. Her hips surged upwards repeatedly twisting, obeying an instinct she didn't know she possessed. We both orgasm hard, I feel as though I’m riding on a wave of frenzy, a molten sensation of total release. I can see tremors of ecstasy wave over Ella. She and Jason don’t let up until we've both finished. We stop, all breathless and excited.

I climb down and kiss Ella hard, tasting myself on her lips. I can feel Jason behind us; he’s licking us both now, tasting our combining juices. His tongue is perfect, just like it use to be. He laps at our pussies like he was a dog in heat. Ella and I enjoy the treatment as I lie on top of her, kissing her sweet lips. I grind my hips slightly into hers, as she does the same to me. Jason is still just going at us, like he can’t get enough. I can feel his tongue work up to my asshole, and begins to tongue fuck me, while he fingers Ella. I rise up enough for Ella, so she can watch my nipples shiver erect, and she pleads with me to let her suck on them. I allow it, she rasps hungrily rolling my nipple gently, taking it between her teeth and sucks harshly on it. I pinch, and twist hard on hers, as she works mine in her mouth. Jason’s tongue is violating my ass like never before. I can feel him shove his face as deep as he can go, his tongue still lapping and tonguing me hard.

I never thought I could get so much pleasure at once, I feel as though I’m on a constant high. I grasp a hold of the real world and focus on the goal at hand. I tug my nipple from Ella’s mouth, and reluctantly pull away from Jason’s mouth. I get up and feel myself dripping with juices. Jason’s cock is raging hard, Ella’s pussy dripping with juices, as much as mine. I want to watch my sweet pet finally get fucked by a man.

I leave the room for a moment, before coming back with two small toys. I have a bullet for each of them. I have them both stand and bend as I slide them into their asses. The vibrations are teasing them both immensely. Ella lies back down, and Jason climbs between her legs once more. I’m at the head of Ella, so she can look up at me while Jason fucks her tight pussy. I can see the wave of nervousness wash over her again but I know this is what she wants.

I take her legs and hold them up over her head, allowing her to be pinned. She has no control. I look up at Jason who looks like he is ready to devour the both of us. He climbs closer to her, rubbing his thick cock head along her clit, driving her mad. I give him a look, a smile, wanting to finally see it. He moves his hips down, pushing gently at her entrance. I can see the head wanting to push in, her tight hole resisting the feel of him. Her moans fill the room; I reach down adding to the pleasure as I begin to twist her tiny pink buds. He finally pushes his head in, taking her, they both hiss out a moan. I watch as the rest of his cock begins to sink deeper inside her.

I can see he is balls deep and he begins to thrust into her, taking her deeply. Her hips rise to match his as I still tease her nipples. We’re all connected as we all watch the other, pleasing Ella. I can tell she is in bliss; it’s the same look she has when I have my strap-on deep inside her. She keeps her eyes locked on mine. Jason begins to drill her hard, grinding his hips down into her, she doing the same to him. The power behind it becomes more evident when he gets closer to his orgasm. He’s the only one yet to be allowed the release. I reach down with one hand and begin to increase the pleasure on Ella. I tease and play with her clit, at the same time stroking Jason’s cock each time he pulls out and back in. This sends them both into a need, and both begin to beg me to come. I tell them they can, and watch as they let go of the clenched release they both hold, releasing together at once. They both let go at the same time, needing it at much as the other one does.

Once their orgasms pass, we all get up and shower. We all do so alone, since there isn't enough room for all three of us. I offer Jason a chance to stay the night. It somehow got really late and I secretly miss having him in bed with me. He agrees and we all head to the bedroom, put in a movie and cuddle. I have one on each side of me, enjoying the nakedness of them against my naked body. We fall asleep with them both curled in my arms as I stroke the backs of their necks. I enjoy having both of them in bed with me. It feels nice to enjoy two pets, which I love so much at once.

When I wake up, I feel the sensation of not one but both my nipples being suckled on. I look down and see Jason and Ella sucking on them like hungry kittens looking for milk. I couldn't help but be turned on right away. The sensation of both of their mouths took me off my game. I had them both please me. I reach orgasm fast; it doesn't take me much in the morning. I love being pleased when I first wake up, and all that went on the night before still fresh in my mind.

We say our goodbyes to Jason after a few more hours of cuddling and talking. When it’s just me and Ella, I ask her how she liked being with a man. She tells me that she likes being with a man, that it’s different from being with a girl. She tells me that she'd much rather be with a female though, that she gets more enjoyment from it.

We decide that Jason will become a regular thing, but not overly regular. He’ll be our main guy, that whenever we want a man to play with, that he’ll be it. This puts me over the moon, I’m happy to have my good boy back in the picture sometimes. I have missed him, and I can tell he has missed me too. I think the new arrangement between the three of us, we can all grow closer. Ella knows she is my number one though, no one can replace her. She’s my pretty girl pet.

Please read part one and two, it’ll help you understand the whole story.

Thank you for reading. Comments and scores are always appreciated.

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