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Pretty Girl Pet - Part Two

Pretty Girl Pet - Part Two

I've Found My Pretty Girl Pet
It’s been six months since Ella has become my temp sub, andshe’s learning quickly. I've been training her in a lot of the areas she didn't know about. She follows orders to the T and doesn't get to cheeky. Of course she is by no means perfect, but she’s learning.

We started off seeing each other a few times a month, now it’s as often as we can. She doesn't know it yet, but this weekend I’m going to ask her to be my live in weekend pet. This means she’ll come stay with me all weekend long. We hardly get the chance to see each other during the week because we both work a lot. It’s her birthday this weekend, and this is going to be my gift to her.

I need to send her an e-mail informing her of what I want.

My Pretty Girl Pet,

I hope your week went by quickly and you didn't have a lot of stress. I’m sorry we didn't have a chance to spend any time talking, I've been busy. I’ll make it up to you this weekend. I want you to arrive at my house at 7:30, don’t be late. You know what will happen if you are.

Missing you…

It’s Friday morning so I have all day to hear back from her. Though we text and chat as often as we can, I miss having a live in pet. I think this is the right step for us. Her birthday is Saturday. I am planning a small get together with a few of the friends we have met from the BDSM site we met on. We don’t go on as much we use too but we keep in touch. I've been planning this party for a month. I have about a dozen people coming.

The day passes quickly and no word from my pet. This means she is able to come, and can be on time. This pleases me. I rush off to the toy shop; I got a call from them saying my order was in. I ordered a few new toys for pet’s birthday. I swing by, pick those up, and head home. I have 45 minutes before Ella gets here. I shower and dress, knowing I’m taking her to a dinner.

Sure enough she arrives at 7:25, always five minutes early. I meet her out doors and embrace her in a tight hug. I kiss her softly, her eager hands on my hips, kissing me back. I love the way she tastes on my lips. She has such soft tender lips.

“You’re on time. You’re such a good girl. You ready for dinner?”

“I aim to please, Miss. I am. I’m so hungry!”

She is dressed in a short skirt, with leggings that go right down to her ankles. She matches with fur boots and a jacket. The colder weather is keeping my sweet pet covered far too much. I’m in a skirt, which is a little longer then pet’s, but showing more cleavage then I should. We both climb into my car and head off to the restaurant.

We seem to be gone for hours; by the time we get home we’re tired. I take Ella by the hand and bring her into the house. I strip her right at the front door, needing, and wanting to see her naked for me. (She still blushes easily.) She stands there, naked and so ready for me. I can’t help but kiss along her neck for a long moment, biting gently. I did get her a temp collar, she wears proudly. It’s a classy pink diamond collar she can wear always. I have her strip me now, as she takes her time, heightening her need for me.

Once we’re naked we move to the bedroom. I have her kneel for me; she looks down at her hands folded on her lap. I set up what I want, knowing that I have a few new toys. I take one of them out to use with her. I walk back over to her and tell her to open her mouth. She complies easily. A few months ago, my sweet girl got her tongue pierced. She didn't ask permission, which made me angry and she got punished for. I have since forgiven her and now use it to our full advantage.

“It’s been long enough for you to now take out and exchange tongue rings. I bought you a present; I hope you use it well.”

Her mouth open for me, unable to speak, she just nods with a smile. I replace her tongue ring, with a vibrating one. I smile down at her, as I run my fingers over her jaw line. She is kneeling perfectly to my pussy; I step forward and run my fingers up into her hair. I push her forward, and her nose makes contact with my freshly waxed mound. Her lips kiss lightly along my mound, she can feel how wet I am already. I've been waiting her all day long. I moan out in approval waiting for more. She works her tongue up between my slit, running it gently along it so slow. She’s teasing me, and increasing the anticipation of her tongue working its magic. I tighten my grip in her hair, she leans forward and her tongue finds my clit. She licks quickly; it reminds me of a baby kitten hungry for milk. She laps at it quick, with such strong strokes, I moan out. The coldness of the tongue ring teases the tip of my clit as she strokes it. Her hands glide up my legs, pulling me closer, her face pushing deeper between my thighs.

What she doesn't know is I have the control of the tongue ring. A small remote that I can use as I wish and I plan to do just that. Her tongue is working my clit, her fingers digging into the flesh of my ass, my fingers tight in her hair. I begin to moan, urging her on. Once she is really into it, I flick on the vibrations, which causes me to groan out, but catch her by surprise too. She lets out a soft moan, increasing the pleasure of the vibrations. She wiggles her face down further, until she probes my tight hole, she works it gently. She slides it in like a cock would, and working it into me. I love this angle and it works great. I grind myself into her face as she pushes on, fucking me with her tongue. The buzzing of the vibrations is extreme and is teasing me, but I am not ready. I want to hold out, prolonging my orgasm.

I step back, she looks up confused. I smile down at her, running a single finger down her face. I turn away, bending at the waist, and wiggle my ass for her. I can hear her inhale and moan out. She knows what I want and she comes willingly. She crawls over on her knees the few steps, and rubs my ass gently, she kisses my ass lightly. I love her touch on me, she works her kisses inwards. I can feel the run of her tongue over my crack, until it meets my puckered asshole. I shiver, wanting it very much so. She begins to probe it, teasing me a little. She works in slow, just like I taught her. I can feel the vibrations, which make the excitement grow. The warmth of her tongue pushing in is heaven. Each inch pushing into me, I gasp wanting more. Her hands wrapped around my legs, for embrace but also to push in further. She starts to tongue fuck my ass, and she gives it to me so good. I feel her work her tongue deep, the vibrations inside me, I rub my clit fast and hard. I feel it, it's no longer deniable. I cry out and stumble over lustful groans as I orgasm. I feel a rocket of pleasure shoot through me, I feel her tongue me deeper. It feels as though I’m truly being fucked until I can’t take it no more.

My orgasm slows and I stand up straight, turning to her. I smile, helping her up from her knees. I flick the toy off, and kiss her softly. Our tongues are fighting for more attention, my hands running over her slender body. I pull her up, she wraps her legs around me, and I make my way to the bed. I kneel between her legs now, and begin to slowly insert my middle finger inside her. I slowly begin to fuck her, feeling how wet she has gotten. My thumb caressing her clit, working her to the same point she got me. I hit her g-spot and begin to lift her up with my finger inside her; still my thumb is rubbing her clit. Her hips are rising off the bed, her moans loud in the room. She quickly gets to the point of needing to orgasm for me. She’s such a good girl, I edge her on. I pinch and twist a nipple as I finger her, increasing the pleasure. She looks to be in a state of bliss. I purr out, asking if she wants to be my good girl. She nods fast, begging for it. I agree, allowing her to orgasm for me. She does, and hard! She soaks my hand; I don’t give in until I know she is finished.

We climb into bed, and fall asleep in each other’s arms for the night. The sleep is deep, and long, much needed. We wake up late, not having anything to do until the afternoon. I let Ella know one of her friends is taking her to lunch.

“One of your friends asked to take you to lunch, I agreed. I have a few things to do this afternoon.”

“Oh, okay Miss. I’d love to see a friend. Who’s it?”

“It’s Kelly, from the site.”

“I haven’t seen her in ages!”

“I think that’s why she wants to see you, silly girl.”

“That’s great, I’ll miss you though.”

“I’ll miss you too, but we’ll make due.”

I was actually the one who asked Kelly to take Ella out. A few others were coming over to help me get ready for tonight. Ella has no idea what’s going on. The few friends we do have coming we already have met in person before. I didn't want to make it a big crowded party.

Kelly shows up on time to get Ella. She’s another good sub, always on time. Her Master has trained her well, and will be here to help and join in the party. She gives me a wink, and they head off. I start cleaning up from last night’s mess, before I get to the other stuff. About 20 minutes later Kelly’s Master shows up, along with Jim, and his pet, Missy. We all get to cleaning and setting up. We might not have a lot of people coming, but go over the top with the decorations. It’s totally a BDSM party for the birthday girl. An hour later two more guests show up. It’s my friend Brooke who’s a Mistress and her sub, Matthew. She offered to make the cake, since it’s what she does for a living. Who am I to say no?

The rest of the guests slowly start to show up closer to the set time, which is for 6:00. It’s early enough to keep the party going, but not too late to keep pet out late. I text Kelly telling her the coast is clear, she can bring Ella back. We’re classic and do the whole no one else is here surprise thing. I’m in the living-room reading when they come in giggling.

“Hi, Miss! I’m sorry if we were out late. Kelly brought me shopping after. I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, not at all, Ella. I knew you’d be out. I do have something to show you though. Come with me please.”

“Okay Miss.”

Ella hands Kelly her bags, she places them by the stairs. We walk over to the double doors to the dining room. I open it and all the guests in unison yell out Happy Birthday Ella! Ella being shy blushes right off and gives me a look of awe and of embarrassment. Of course this makes me giggle and cheer. I did my job well done. Ella greets all the guests, not seeing some of them for a while. (Like I said, we work a lot.)

The party kicks off, the booze starts flowing, the food is served, and the music going, with the good times forming. I didn't over do the food, just some sweets and party food. I had Brooke also make some boobie and penis cookies, which she was over the top with. We all have a good time, and embarrass poor Ella even more with the gifts we got her. Everyone was so over the top, no one held back on the gifts. She got some new clothes, someone bought her a leash, a naughty bed, and I of course got her some new toys. I bought her a new vibrator, and a new collar she’ll get later. She loved them all, thanking us for them. We played games, had fun, sang to stupid 80’s songs, and joked about vanilla relationships.

Once the party started to dwindle down, we said our good-nights. Everyone told us they had a wonderful time and should hang out more often. Brooke and Matthew stayed behind and helped us clean up before going.

“Did we really surprise you, my pretty girl pet?”

“You did, Miss! I wasn't expecting that at all. What a way to turn 21.”

“Happy Birthday, baby.”

“Thank you, Miss. It was wonderful.”

I pull her into me, kissing along her neck up to her ear. I leave light bite marks until I reach ear. The taste of her warm flesh heightens my lust for her. I whisper in her ear that I’m not done with her yet. She lets out a soft moan, as I begin to caress her nipple. I can feel it start to protrude, fighting against her clothing. She undresses for me, giving me a tease dance. Oh how I love watching my girl undress for me. I do the same for her once she’s done. We go to the bedroom, where she kneels for me until I’m ready.

I make sure to grab the new toy I bought for her. I can’t wait to try it with her. I climb on the bed, and call her over. I pinch my stiff pebble peaks, and ask her to suck on them. She does with great enthusiasm. She moves her fingers down my soft skin, finding my hot wet sheath ready for her. She can sense I want it; she works lightly on my clit. I can feel her tongue twirling over my nipple, catching it between her teeth. She grasps the nub of the nipple, where my ring meets, and flicks her tongue fast. I groan, the wait to have her all day has been so great. I feel the build, growing, lingering, and so close. I moan out for her. The unexpected orgasm ripples through me, sucking in lungful of air as I spasms with delight, feeling it rocket through me. My pretty girl pet doesn't stop until she knows that my orgasms passed.

My dizzying explosion of feelings for her makes me want her that much more. I climb on top of her, biting at her neck, growling softly. I grind my hips into hers, she moans for me, meeting my pace. I tease her, and go grab her new toy. I attach it to our strap-on and grab a bullet. I slide the bullet inside me before putting on the strap-on. She looks up at me, wanting me as badly as I want her. I have her lay flat on her back, legs up, until I can cuff them to her wrist cuffs. Allowing her the freedom of her hands, but her legs cuffed to the head of the bed. She’s still fairly restricted in this position. I get some lube, though it isn't needed but always fun. I lube the toy up thoroughly and apply a bit along her clit and entrance. Ella gasping out feeling the cooling affects take on quick, I grin at her.

I tease her, running the tip of the toy along her clit, down to her entrance. So soon my sweet pet is in agonizing gasps of breath. I can tell how badly she wants me, to feel me inside her. I begin to push in, lightly working every last inch of the 7 inches the toy has to off. Ella hisses with breath, feeling it fill her. I can feel the bullet inside me feeling extreme, in light gasps I moan for her. I start bucking inside her, she arches and collides in perfect rhythm to me, we both moan. The intense pleasure we both feel is new, it’s over whelming. I can feel the beads of sweat trickle down my back, panting lightly as I take her deeper. She arches, and writhes in torment of the pleasure I offer her. I lean down, kissing her, pushing on her legs, allowing me to go deeper inside her. I fill her, again and again. I feel myself getting to that wondrous place again, I feel the need. A frenzy of explosion of exquisite sensation takes me for all that I am, I moan out for her. She joins in; she releases her orgasm with me. She doesn't hold back, the orgasm she was holding is a glorious wave of splendor. We can’t get enough of each other; we’re spent, and drained. I lean down, kissing her before taking off her cuffs.

We lie there, holding each other close, the lights off, it’s dark and warm. She snuggles up to me like a small child. I stroke her hair lightly.

“Ella, my pretty girl pet, I want to tell you something.”

I whisper softly in the darken room, knowing that she’s listening. She looks up at me slightly, and I smile.

“I want to talk about something…. I've put a lot of thought into it… I think we should take it to the next step, baby. I want you to be here every weekend. We need more time, it works well this way.”


Ella yelps out excitedly, as she sits up now. Almost like a dog getting a treat, she looks at me with hopeful eyes. I can’t help but giggle.

“Yes, really. I think it’s time.”

“Oh Miss! So do I, I really do!”

“Then I have one other thing for you.”

I roll out of bed, and go to my night stand. I pull out a small, long, slender box and hand it to her. She opens it, seeing a new collar. It’s much to the same as she has on, but on the inside it doesn't say ‘Temp’...

“This isn't a proper, forever collar. It’s just a step up collar from a temp collar. I think after six months it’s time to drop the temp part. Don’t you?”

“I do, I’m so thankful. Oh thank you Miss.”

“You’re welcome, my pretty girl pet. I love you”

This is the first time either of us have uttered those words, and I know I caught her off guard. She blushes hard; I know she has felt this way towards me for a while. She hasn't said it, wanting us both to be ready. She squeals and pounces towards me, into my arms.

“I love you too, Miss!”

I hold her close to me, our naked bodies pressed together like one. I help take off her old collar, placing it back in the proper box. I move to help her with the new one. It fits perfectly around her neck.

I love my pretty girl pet… 

Please read part one, it’ll help you understand the whole story.

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