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Prom Night Freaks

Getting back from prom and find and intruder.
People think we are freaks, some even called us sluts. All of these statements are true. The seven of us have sex a lot and often. Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Kelly. I am a senior at Port Clinton High School in Port Clinton, Ohio. I am 6’1 blonde hair blue eyes, I have 45 C breasts.

I should introduce the rest of my lesbian sex gang; First is Cassandra, 5’9 dark brown hair, and 45 D breasts. Next, is Jessica, 5’5 blonde hair 30 D breasts. Vikki is next brownish black hair 5’7 25 B breasts. Then there is Kelsey, blonde hair 5’6 25 C breasts. Next is Rebecca, or Becca for short, is 5’7 red hair 34C breasts. Finally there is Melissa, 6’ brown hair 45 B breasts.

We are all lesbian sluts. We have sex anywhere and anytime. We also wear skimpy outfits that just cover the school dress code. Its prom night and we had the night planned out. We are all going to wear the same color dress and tease everyone. We gather into my car and head to Kalahari Resort for prom. It was great, we danced around and guys wanted to dance with us, but we refused them.

“Oh my God. I am so horny, Kelly,” Jessica says grinding against Vikki and me.

“Alright, good thing the prom is almost over,” I say.

All the girls started talking about how horny they are. The prom ended and we got to my car. Before getting in we shed all our clothes getting in naked, putting our clothes in my trunk. Once inside my car, we start kissing, licking pussy, rubbing tits and fucking assholes. We were all over the place in my car. We kept the windows up so the sweet stink of sex covered my car. People were outside watching which turned us on more.

Finally after two hours of fucking each other in the car, we remained naked as I drove us back to my place for more sex. Since my car can only seats five, Becca and Jessica are sitting on Melissa and Cassandra’s laps.

“I need more pussy,” Cassandra says before her and Melissa start to make out.

“Horny sluts,” Kelsey teases as she reaches over and starts rubbing my pussy.

We start having sex again but while I’m driving. We get to my house and when get out of the car, I hear something coming from my backyard, and my parents are in Europe so it wasn’t them. We all go to the backyard which was not fenced in. We see in the pool, my neighbor, Jill who did not go to the prom and she is naked and having sex with her boyfriend, Tanner.

“Oh, yes Tanner, yesss!” Jill moans.

“What the fuck, Jill!” I yell and both freeze where they are.

Tanner quickly leaves the pool putting on his clothes and running like his hair was on fire. Jill still floating in the pool looks at us slightly unnerved but she still had that horny look on her face. The other girls stand on the edge of the pool looking down at her.

“Get her out of the pool, she wants to have sex for all to see. We will fuck her for all to see and hear.” I growl.

Jessica and Vikki grab Jill and pull her out of the pool and the rest hold her to the ground effortlessly. Jill lies there eagerly pleasure while Kelsey goes and grabs the pool pump and brings it over.

“Before we fuck her ass, we better clean it,” Kelsey says.

“No, not with the pool water please,” Jill begs feignedly. She loved the idea and dreamt about this for months.

“Shut up slut!” Cassandra says slapping Jill’s pussy hard.

I come back from inside the house with a large duffel bag. I grab a gag ball and I slide it on her mouth. Vikki and Melissa lift Jill’s hips up and Kelsey slides the seven inch thick pool pump tube in Jill’s ass she slides it in 5 inches. Jill starts screaming in pain and pleasure.

“Turn it on, Becca!” Kelsey yells.

Becca who is over by the pump turns it on, and water from the pool starts flowing into Jill’s bowels. The girls all watch as Jill’s body starts to expand filling with the pool water. Some of us laugh as her stomach starts expanding outwards.

“Turn it off, Becca!” Kelsey yells five minutes later.

Jill looks like she is pregnant with quadruplets. All of us now laugh at her. Melissa and Jessica lean over and start sucking on her 35 B breasts. Cassandra pulls out some nipple clamps and places them on Jill’s rock hard nipples.

“Yeah, she is such a whore!” I yell pinching her clit hard. “Pull the hose out and let the water loose!”

Kelsey pulls the hose out and the water just rushes out of her ass and back into the pool. Cassandra pulls on massive a twenty-two inches long, ten inch wide strap on. Cassandra gets down sliding between Jill’s legs and slides the massive cock into her pussy stretching it out. Jill’s muffled screams and moans can be heard through the gag ball. Cassandra starts pounding her pussy hard and fast. Jessica removes the gag ball and quickly replaces it with her pussy.

“Lick my pussy, slut!” Jessica yells. “Yeah, lick it bitch.”

“Yea take it you slut, lick her cunt!” we start yelling at Jill as Jessica moans.

We each grab a small vibrator from the bag and turn them on full blast. Becca, Melissa, and myself push our vibrators against Jill’s clit. Kelsey and Vikki take their vibrators and rub them on Jessica’s pussy. Jessica grinds against her mouth and then cums on her face. Melissa takes Jessica’s place and places her small pussy in her mouth.

“Ohhh yes! Yes! Oh, she is good!” Melissa moans.

I remove the nipple clamps and place some very hot and spicy Chinese’s on her tits and body. Jill starts moaning and groaning in pain and pleasure against Melissa’s pussy. We start slowly eating the food off her body. Melissa cums on her face and Becca takes her place. This keeps up with Kelsey, and Vikki do the same. Cassandra pulls out of Jill, takes off the strap-on and shoves her pussy in Jill’s mouth. During this, I go inside the house and bring out a massive forty inch long twelve inch wide double ended dildo. I take one end and slide it Jill’s pussy.

“She takes it too easily now,” Jessica says.

“Yeah, well Cassandra fucked her pussy well,” Kelsey says and they all laugh.

I slide it in half way in her. I then take the other end and slide it in my pussy no problem. I moan softly as I slide the rest of it in me. My clit hits Jill’s beat red throbbing clit. I start riding along the dildo and the girls make Jill ride her end, our clits smashing against each other.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” I moan loudly.

We notice cars stopping and watching and people watching on foot. We keep going and Cassandra finally cums on Jill’s face and gets off.

“Ahh! Ahh!” Jill starts screaming in pain and pleasure.

Fifteen minutes later both of us stiffen up and cum. Jill shoots cum all over me and the girls as they gathered around us. I shoot cum all over Jill’s body coating her body.

“Oh, fuck that was great,” I moan panting.

“I’m sorry for using your pool, without permission Kelly,” Jill says panting hard as cum drips off her face and body.

“From now on you are our slut, you will live with us after high school, wear no clothes unless on period or going out to eat or appointment,” I say grinning.

That is how Jill went from being my cute little neighbor, to my friends and I’s fuck slut after High school.

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