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Punish Me

I was a mess. A screaming, shaking, wet mess against her body.
My heart pounded furiously as I sped through the busy streets of New York. I bit my lip in anticipation hoping I wouldn't’t get fired from my job. This was my fourth time being late and only God knows what my bitch of a boss would try to do to me today. Her name was Reylin, Reylin Hothworth. She had long gorgeous black hair with a nice firm ass. Her long tan legs led up to this glory and made every male and female in the office want a piece.

“If only she wasn’t such a bitch” I murmured softly.

Ever since my first day on the job I have been completely mesmerized by this woman. The way she walked and talked, the way her stern eyes would look you over, even the way her rare smile would light up the room. The more I started to think of her the naughtier my head began to get. Scenes of her dominating me, making me scream in pleasure started to come into play and a few times I’d have to flee to the bathroom to relieve my throbbing pussy. I began to moan and squirm, my panties forming a large wet stain through the cotton.

“Get yourself together girl!” I screamed to myself. “You can’t get yourself fired over your silly lesbian fantasies.”

I sighed knowing my conscious was right and turned the corner near my work place. I KNEW that I wanted this woman, no, I NEEDED this woman but she was my boss and I had to respect that. I shook my head as I pulled into my parking spot not knowing what would happen next.

As soon as I stepped off the elevator to my floor, apologetic eyes began to turn my way silently whispering their sorrow for what I was about to encounter. I hung my head low sheepishly and walked pass the nosey faces until I heard a strong voice.

“You.” The voice rang. I could tell that voice from anywhere and looked up in despair.

My eyes slowly made their way up the body of my boss and finally into her threatening face.

“In my office, now.”

I nodded my head slowly and trudged after her dying for the building to collapse on my body that instant. She held her door open and I walked pass her slowly, feeling a spark of electricity as my arm barely touched her beautiful breasts on my way in. Once I was fully inside her office I turned my head back to see her nod her head briefly at her employees, signaling it was time to resume their work. Before she closed the door I watched all of them scatter back to their places as if nothing happened.

She closed the door and looked at me with pure anger in her eyes. She walked slowly across the office, putting one smooth leg in front of the other.

“You know you are my best employee here, right?” She asked slowly never breaking eye contact.

I shuddered under her stare and nodded modestly.

“Always turning in work on time, never brings any drama, AND never has any problem doing a task.”

Again, I nodded my juices soaking through my panties with the excitement of being in a room alone with her. I began to push my legs together again as she put one firm hand on my shoulder turning me around to face her desk.

“BUT... there is one problem...” She whispered while behind me.

Suddenly, I felt another firm hand bend me over her desk. I gasped but followed her wordless orders with no questions asked. I fully bent myself over for her, my skirt rising up just enough so you could see my soft pink thong.

“Now… can you tell me what the problem is in this situation? HM?” She teased, pushing my skirt up to my waist.

A gentle moan escaped my lips and I gripped her desk for support. I wanted to answer her with all my might but my voice had become stuck in my throat. I could feel my juices running down my legs and I wiggled around some more giving her a better view of what I had to offer. My mind was slipping away and all I had left was insane lust.

“Is this really happening?” I thought. “Are my dreams finally coming true?”

I immediately became alert when I felt a cold hand rubbing my left ass cheek. A long moan was forced out of my throat and my legs began to tremble.

“Are you going to answer me you slut?” My boss asked firmly.

“T- the problem i- is that I’m always l-late.” I managed to stutter out.

“Good girl.” I heard her whisper gently. Her strokes became harder and suddenly I felt a cold, hard slap on my rear. My whole body lurched forward and I grunted in pain.

“You need to be punished.” She declared bringing two more hard slaps to my ass.

Tears began to stream down my face as I grunted and moaned under her. I felt her soft breasts against my back, her hard nipples rubbing against me causing my pussy to jump in anticipation. Her cold, rough hands were sending my body into absolute bliss in the most wanton of ways. I craved her smacks. I craved her firm voice. I craved everything she could offer and more.

Her hands swiftly left my ass and I cried out for me. “Please spank me, please!” I wailed out.

“Shh, be patient.” She responded softly. Her cold hands then returned to my ass and pulled my panties down slowly, her tongue following the fabric until it dropped to the floor. I mewled in pleasure now knowing that not only my legs were wet from my juices, but from her saliva as well.

“Thank you.” I praised against the desk.

Her fingers placed trailed over my ass sending shivers of pleasure down my spine. They moved over the cheeks gracefully and every now and then would dip themselves down to my quivering pussy for a quick little tease and back up again. My insides were begging for something I didn’t know, yet, I so desperately wanted to find out. I looked back at her with huge eyes, drool slowly exiting my mouth.

“Don’t tease me.” I stated, my voice laced with lust.

Her eyes met mine and a wide smirk danced over her lips.

“Fine.” She said and with that, she brought 10 hard smacks to my ass.

I was a mess. A screaming, shaking, wet mess against her body. I couldn't get enough but I was so full. My body was at a point where I couldn't even tell if she was hitting or not, all I could feel was the warm ripples of pleasure in my belly and pussy. I wanted her to fuck me. Fuck me like the little slut I was, I just didn't know how to ask. As if she read my mind, her other hand began to knead my pussy. She bent forward again licking and nibbling my earlobe.

“How do you like this?” She asked with short breaths, her fingers going to town on my now flooded fuck hole.

I couldn't manage to speak, everything was going so fast. I was bucking against her hand like an animal, throwing my head back and forth; my legs were kicking and trembling as she dominated me fully. My pussy felt as if it was on fire, screaming for the release it has long since delayed. My body started to tense, and she sensed this. Her fingers dipped into my pussy and pumped relentlessly. Her mouth began to leave love bruises and bites all over my neck and all I could do was moan like a mad woman.

I could tell people from outside were able hear me but I really didn't care. I was having the best time of my life with the woman I have desired for much too long and they were… well they were filing papers. I managed to produce a grin until a felt a certain pull in my stomach. I was near my end, I was going to cum. My pussy began to close around her digits as she pumped faster and faster grunting and growling roughly in my ear. I could hear my pussy making sounds as my ass slapped against her intruding hand, thrusting back for more. I could feel it rising and rising, tears falling down my face from the pleasure until I felt my high, and a flood of my juices squirted out of my pussy onto the floor and her legs. I felt her stop abruptly and stand back. I was limp over her desk, not a muscle moved except my twitching pussy.

“Look at the mess you have created on my floor.” She sighed tiredly.

A little smile appeared on my lips and I turned back slowly. I dropped to the floor and started to lick up my cum like a good girl until I reached her legs. I held on to them and sent slow licks up her tan smoothness. I looked into her eyes and saw pure pleasure clouding them. She began to knead her breasts with one hand, and rub her pussy with the other.

“There you go, clean your mess off of mama.” She hissed through her clenched teeth.

When I was finished I sat myself on the floor remembering all the things we had just done. She bent over my body and simply said: “I think you should be getting back to work now.”

Regaining my strength and remembering where I was, I scurried back up and fixed myself for the eyes that would be watching me again. I turned towards her and kissed her on the lips softly before bouncing off to the door with a smile. Before I could even get a hand on the knob she pressed her body against mine until I was squished against the wall. Her light fingers traced the lining of my crack as she began to gently lick my shoulder.

“Obviously you didn't get your punishment you little whore… come back to my office after work so I could punish you some more.”

I groaned and nodded, unable to form a coherent answer for my now lover. I bravely turned the knob and stepped out of her office, excited for what was to come. 

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