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Pushing the limits

Tags: toys, scarves
You knock on the door and walk in. You come into the living room but I’m not there. You can hear noise in the other room, so you sit on the couch and wait.

I’m finishing up in the bedroom, when I hear you come in. I know you will sit in the living room and wait for me. I light my candle. I touch up my make up and take a last look at my outfit.

Tonight I’m kitty.

So let me tell you what I look like today. I'm wearing a black camisole, the kind that you would wear a sweater over top. But I'm not wearing anything over it. My boobs are pushed together. The shirt is dangerously low, revealing nice cleavage. I'm wearing a really short black skirt, stockings and heels. You can see the tops of my stocking. I'm not wearing anything underneath. I’ve got my kitty ears and tail.

I bought some jewellery the other day and I decided to wear it today.

I am wearing nipple rings and a clit ring. The rings are pinching my nipples and my clit. The sensation of hurt and excitement is making me so wet. When I cross my legs the ring on my clit tugs. My nipples are sticking out, but you can’t see them. Maybe you can tug at the rings later.

I walk into the dark livingroom, the only light is coming from the candle above the TV. I move closer to you. I straddle your lap. Your hands reach for me. “No don’t touch me” I tell you.

You look at me worried, “why.” But I ignore you.

I run my fingers through your hair, your head leans into my hand and you moan. I grab your hair and tug lightly. My mouth covers your lips, I lightly bite your bottom lip. You groan.

I reach for the scarf I have hidden behind my back. I use the scarf as a blindfold for you. “Can you see?” I ask.

You simply whisper “no”.

I grab your hand and pull you towards the bedroom. In the bedroom, I shut the door behind us. I push you up against the door, and press up against your body, I kiss you passionately. My hands move down your body. I unbutton your top, and push the top off your shoulders and completely off. My lips trail kisses from your cheek to your ear and then down your neck. My hands are massaging your tits through your bra. My tongue moves down along your bra strap and into your cleavage, and then back up the other side up your other bra strap. You shiver at the tender touch.

I take your bra off. I trace my tongue along your left tit. My tongue moves around your nipple and you moan. You reach for my face, but I grab your hands. “I told you not to touch me, now you must deal with the consequences.”

I grab your hands and tie them up together and hook them up above the door.

I passionately kiss you. My fingers are running through your hair. I nibble at your ear and you moan. I slowly kiss down to your breast, I circle around your nipple and then move to the other breast. I love to tease you. I don’t touch your nipple as you try to push it in my mouth.

My hands roam along your body. I reach down to your jeans. I unbutton them. I push your pants and panties down your legs. You take your feet out of your clothes. You are naked and beautiful, with your hands up above your head. I turn you around, facing the door. I nibble at your ear. My hands reach in front of you and massage your breast. I tweak at your nipples.

My hands roam along your body, as I’m kissing your neck down to your shoulder. I lightly bite into your shoulder.

You groan.

I turn you around facing me. I kiss you, my tongue slips into your mouth. Our tongues wrestle. My hands massage your breast. I pinch a nipple and you moan in my mouth. My lips move down to your nipples. I suck on one nipple and my fingers nip at the other. I switch nipples.

You start to squirm at my touch. You are constantly moaning. My hands reach down to your mound. You gasp as I push two fingers in your soaken pussy. Your hips move to my thrusting fingers. Your legs start to buckle.

I move to a kneeling position in front of your pussy. I take my fingers away.

“Oh babe, please babe, I need you in me” you whisper.

I spread your legs and place your left leg over my shoulder. I lightly blow on your pussy. You shiver. My fingers spread your lips. I push a dildo in your pussy and my tongue is flicking at your swelling bud. You moan, as you push your hips towards me.

I push the dildo deep into your pussy and pull out. I push faster and harder.

Until, “Oh shit, babe” you scream, you shake, as a gush of juices squirts all over my face.

You moan, as I lap at all your juices. I move up your body, I kiss you. You kiss me, tasting your juices on my lips. I unhook your hands, I keep them tied.

I drag you to the bed. I push you down on your back. I grab your hands and hook them above your head to the bed post, with a scarf. You are still feeling the effects of your orgasm. You look beautiful. I kiss you passionately.

I spread your legs. I spread your pussy lips and you moan. I push a vibrator in your pussy. You start to moan. You shiver and you move about. The vibrator in your pussy making you wet, you are nearing an orgasm. Your body starts to shake and you are moaning, “hmmmm, oh fuck, I’m going to cummmmmmm” and I can taste your juices.

“Kat”, you whisper.

“Shhhh, I’m here” I tell you as I take the vibrator out of your pussy.

“Yes babe, I watched you and you were beautiful” I sooth you, by rubbing my hands on your body.

“Can you untie me, I want to hold you?”

I whisper in your ear, “no babe, I’m not done with you”.

You groan, “but Kat....”

I kiss you passionately.

“Are you ready?” I whisper.

“Mmmmm” you moan. I take that as a yes.

First I take the candle, and let a drip fall to your stomach. You gasp. Then I take an ice cube and let that drip on you. You groan.

I alternate between the hot candle and the cold ice cube.

You squirm around, but you can’t move. You are moaning and begging for me to stop. I stop and kiss you.

“Are you ok?”

“Uh-uh, mmmmmm” you moan.

I grab a brush and lightly tease your nipples, back and forth. You arch your back, pushing your nipples up to me.

I suck and nip at one nipple as I tease the other with the brush.

“Oh fuck, Kat, I need to cum” you scream.

I simply say, “soon babe, soon”

You groan, “I can’t take much more”.

“Yes, you can and you will”

My hand grabs for another item, a flogger. I lightly whip your right breast, then your left. You groan at the feeling. Whipping back and forth each breast. Whipping down your belly to your mound.

I grab for the pearls, and run it over your nipples, then down your belly to your mound. Your hips move up at the feel of the pearls near your pearl.

I spread your legs and run the pearls along your pussy lips. You are moaning, very loudly. I tease you clit with the pearls. I push some of the pearls in your pussy. My tongue slips into your pussy with the pearls. You start to shake uncontrollably.

“Oh fuck, Kat, I’m cummmmminnng”

I suck your sweet juices. I lapped at your pussy and your clit until you stop to shake and you start to whimper.

I slowly pull the pearls out of your pussy. I move up to your lips and kiss you. I bring the pearls to our mouths and tell you to help me suck them clean.

When you’ve relaxed for a few minutes, you say, “now it’s my turn”.

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