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Rachel's Ravishment - Part I

I need to pass this crap. I have to understand this obscure shit.

It’s no use. I’m never going to understand trigonometry. I can’t remember what prompted me to think I’d get a kick out of a Chemistry degree in the first place. I even have a tutor. Not that I’ve been learning much about the teachings of Hipparchus lately.

The tutor was my dad’s idea. “Your step – mother and I are paying for this university degree, Rachel, and you seem to be struggling. I think a tutor will be a wise idea.”

“Dad, I’m fine. I don’t need some dried up old professor droning me to death just so he can supplement his pension.” The truth of it was that, although I didn’t understand the nuances of the subject, my real concern was that three sessions a week with a tutor would interrupt the furious masturbation schedule I’d had in place since I’d divested myself of my virginity last year.

“Just humour me, ok? Cybele’s learning curve has improved dramatically since Nathan started tutoring her so the extra input’s definitely worth it.”

Cybele is my eighteen year old step – sister. My dad got remarried to her mother, Elyse, three years ago and she lives to make my life a misery. So, it seems, does her mother. Not only are they both sickeningly gorgeous with acres of blonde hair and fabulous bodies but Cybele is always trying to get me in the shit with my dad and I know her witch of a mother encourages her. She does things to piss me off, like trashing my drawers – “I was going to borrow your red top” - and asking Josh, who she can’t stand, to the formal – “Of course he chose me over you. My tits are much better.” And, because we attend the same university, narking on me for my lousy trig results.

“Daddy,” she dobs in that sugary little girl voice she uses with my dad, “Rachel’s flunking Chemistry.”

What’s with that shit? When I complained once to dad about her calling my  father ‘Daddy’ he just laughed and said he liked the idea that we were enough of a family that she felt comfortable calling him that. I never call her mother anything but Elyse. To her face, anyway.

“I hope he’s old and lecherous,” she sneered when she found out about the plans for a tutor.

“Go fuck yourself, Cybele.” Not that she needed to; Nathan was shagging for Australia there.

My biggest fear was that my tutor would be old and touchy-feely so I nearly collapsed with relief when I finally met Maitena. Not old at all – barely twenty-six – and smart as a whip, she was stunningly beautiful in a Mediterranean way and it pissed my step –mother and - sister off no end. For that reason alone I vowed to thank the trigonometry Gods nightly.

“Ready to get started?” she asked after the introductions were made.

“What, now?”

She smiled. “No time like the present,” she countered.

My dad smiled broadly at her go get ‘em attitude. “That’s just what she needs, Maitena. You can use my office if you like.”

She smiled at him gently. “If you don’t mind, I think Rachel’s room would be better. It will help her learning if we work somewhere she feels more relaxed.”

As I followed her up the stairs it was pretty hard not to stare at her arse. It looked like someone had blown up a heart-shaped balloon to just short bursting point and wedged it, upside down, under her skirt. I barely had enough to respectably fill out my jeans and was so jealous but her butt was light years ahead of Cybele’s so I couldn’t be too sad.

“You have a lovely name,” I said, trying to be friendly. It was more polite than what I was thinking about her arse anyway. “Does it mean anything in particular? Second door on the right,” I informed her as we reached the top of the stairs.

“My father is Basque. Do you know where that is?” I nodded. That explained the thick sable hair and liquid chocolate eyes. “It means ‘darling’ or something like that,” she wrinkled her nose as I shut the door. “Not very cool, hey?”

“Better than ‘Rachel’. You can’t imagine how sick I get of hearing that shouted up the stairs.”

The next few weeks flew by, we got on like a house on fire and as much as I hate to admit it, dad was right. Having Maitena to guide me was helping me to make sense of things. She’d come three days a week and we’d work together for three hours a session, breaking about half way through for snacks and to chat about school, growing up, life, families, careers, hopes, dreams and of course, boys.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” she asked one day.

“Nah,” I admitted. “I broke it off before I went to uni. You?” She shook her head before launching into another monologue on the importance of angles. I was enjoying our time together and looked forward to seeing her more and more. Although, I thought guiltily, not for the sake of science.

In nineteen years I’ve only ever kissed guys; never really entertained the thought of girls although I had friends who’d experimented under the cover of darkness at slumber parties. I’m a straight down the heterosexual line – lost my virginity to one and fantasise about them when I get myself off. But Maitena had that arse to die for and I spent so much time trying not to get busted looking at her tits that I was starting to regress with my studies.

I began to spend a lot of time wearing sunglasses and sitting on benches – at Uni, the mall, in parks – watching women walk past, surreptitiously perving on their boobs as I pretended to read a book. Spying on those unsuspecting women made me feel a bit weird but the illicit pleasure I got out of it easily outweighed my conscience. It was like an endless sushi train of feminine delights passing before me and sometimes I imagined stripping my shirt off in the quad at Uni and having every woman in sight fall ravenously on me to feel, suck and grope my boobs. I got so obsessed with breasts in general that I even wondered what my step – mother, Elyse’s, would look like.

At home I would squeeze and knead my own modest boobs in the shower and wonder what Maitena’s felt like. They were so round and lush I wanted to know what they tasted like. I’d stroke the detachable shower head over my clit as I wondered if her skin would taste different to mine. It made me squirm when she would lean over my shoulder as I worked and those luscious globes would be right there, next to my face and I’d wish I had the nerve to turn my head and press my face into them.

“Is any of this actually sinking in?” she asked one day as she leant over my shoulder. We’d been slogging away for over two hours and my thoughts had been at fever pitch for most of that time. I just wanted the next half hour to be done so she’d go and I could rub myself to orgasm.

I turned to look at her. Her face was where her breasts usually were and her smiling eyes were literally inches from me, looking right into mine. I don’t know what she saw there but we stayed frozen like that for a handful of seconds before I felt the tip of her tongue press at my lips.

I opened them on a sigh as she kissed me softly. Her lips were like velvet and as I felt myself responding, her tongue swept into my mouth to delve more thoroughly. It was terrifying. It was thrilling. I tried to turn in my chair to get closer to her, my one stupid thought being Maitena’s tongue is in my mouth and I want her tits squished against me before she realises and stops.

I actually whimpered when she broke the kiss but I needn’t have worried. She urged me out of the chair, kissing me again once I was standing. I wasn’t sure what to do with my hands so I held her waist as my head spun and my knees dissolved. She held me closer so our bodies were pressed together and I felt her breasts pillow against mine, her nipples hard beads.

“Jesus, Rachel, I’ve wanted to get my hands on you for weeks” she confessed between kisses.

“You have?” I panted in astonishment as I tried to rub against her.

“Couldn’t you tell? I practically had my tits in your face every five minutes. I thought you weren’t interested.”

“I wasn’t at first,” I admitted.

She looked at me closely. “Are you now?”

I inhaled deeply at what she was really asking. I was scared as hell in that nervous butterfly way excitement makes you but I knew if I backed down now, she wouldn’t offer again and I was desperate to touch her. “You’re the teacher,” I said. “Teach me.”

“We don’t have much time this afternoon,” she said, stripping off her shirt, “but I think I’ll die if you don’t suck on my tits.”

As the objects of my fevered imaginings were revealed, I felt a rush of hot wetness between my legs. Plump mounds of golden skin quivered in half cups of ivory satin and I could see the tops of her nipples above the low cups. She didn’t bother to reach behind her to undo her bra but simply pulled those silky coverings down and offered up her breasts to me. As they sprang free I saw they were full and heavy, at least a DD, and my mouth watered at the sight of her nipples jutting out, practically screaming at me to latch my mouth over them.

She stepped back towards the bed and sat on the edge, her hands resting behind her to support her weight, skirt riding up as her nylon clad thighs parted slightly to invite me to kneel between them. I threw myself on my knees in that welcoming space and leaned in to close my lips over her right nipple. She hissed as I began to suck and I pulled back. I thought I’d hurt her in my enthusiasm, been too hard, but she pulled my head back to her.

“Oh, God, don’t stop. Your mouth’s so hot.” I licked at her, my tongue poking at the hard point, feeling the texture of her puckered nipple before curling around it, sucking it greedily back into the moist cavern of my mouth.

“Hold it between your teeth and rub your tongue over it,” she instructed as she raised my hand to her other breast. “Play with my other tit.” I eagerly rubbed her other nipple while I stroked the flat of my tongue over the one in my mouth. One of her hands went between her legs and she hitched up my shirt. I felt her manoeuvre my bra until one of my own boobs were exposed and I felt the heat of her hand as she briefly palmed it before taking my nipple between her finger and thumb and starting a repetitive rolling motion that drove me wild.

Her small moans and sighs made my pussy throb and I felt overwhelmed by the sensations spinning through my body. I wanted to climb inside her, devour her, be her. I never wanted to stop sucking her tits but was burning to move onto the next step. I wanted the throbbing ache between my thighs to go on and on in its sweetness but I also wanted so badly to rub myself against something until I came that I thought I’d explode from the thought alone.

“Sit up and take off your shirt,” she said. Reluctantly I released her nipple and did as she asked. She reached around to unhook my bra and cupped my breasts in her hands. “So lovely,” she breathed, fondling them skilfully. “They’re the perfect size for binding.” she breathed as she caught my extended points between her fingers and squeezed gently before pulling me towards her by my nipples alone. Streams of electricity shot straight from my sensitised points to my aching quim, making me moan.

“Do you like that?” I could only nod and moan. She wriggled to the very edge of the bed, making her skirt bunch up and I looked down to see the only fabric under her skirt was the lacy tops of her stay – up stockings.

“Oh fuck,” I whispered in awe. “You’re not wearing any panties."

She opened her legs wider, giving me an unimpeded view of her naked folds, glistening with her musky fluids. She had a clit ring with a small, winking diamond attached and I tried to lower my head so I could feel it click against my teeth but she stopped me. “One lesson at a time,” she whispered, releasing my nipples.

She draped her long right leg over my shoulder and pushed my knees far enough apart with her left foot to wedge her calf in the gap between my thighs. Even though all I wanted to do at the moment was lick her juicy snatch she had made it clear that she didn’t want me to so I sat, waiting for her to tell me what to do.

“Fuck me with your tits,” she ordered. I wasn’t entirely sure what she meant at first then, with a rush of excitement, it dawned on me.

I leant forward and pressed my mounds against her naked pussy, pushing them together so they would both be in contact with her wetness. The heat on my skin from that small opening was electrifying and although I was finding it a bit awkward to establish a rhythm I kept moving as best I could.

“Use my tits for leverage,” she instructed. “Squeeze them in your hands and use them to pull yourself up and down.” I was more than happy to have her twin globes in my hands again and I actually experienced a thrill of sadistic pleasure as I squeezed, wondering if it might be a bit painful for her, having me pulling on her breasts this way.

“Oh, Rachel, you don’t know how good that feels,” she panted as I bobbed up and down, my tits sliding freely over her swollen flesh now that they were coated with her copious juices. “Rub your cunt against my leg.” I did, squeezing my thighs together as I rubbed up and down.

“Yeah, hump it, you little slut.” Her degrading words were like tinder to my fire. The friction was exquisite and I was glad I hadn’t had a chance to get out of my shorts. I didn’t have her seeming control and I think I would have come at the first rub if I’d have been exposed. As it was, I could feel my focus disintegrating in direct proportion to my oncoming climax.

“Maitena,” I wailed, “you’re so hot, I’m going to come soon.” I ground down harder on her leg, spiralling toward that inevitable moment.

“Make me come, squeeze harder,” she panted. “Pinch them. Punish me for using my tits to seduce you.” I felt completely feral by what she was telling me to do. I pinched her nipples and pulled them out, making her gasp and arch her back as I twisted them almost cruelly. I pumped my chest mindlessly between her legs, my tits getting wetter with her impending climax as my own started to unravel, causing me to grind frantically against her leg.

Lights exploded behind my eyes and I felt a numbing buzz in the top of my head. I bit down on my bottom lip to keep from crying out and giving us away to the household. I vaguely heard Maitena’s muffled cries as she stiffened in ecstasy against my straining chest and the need to stay quiet when all we wanted to do was cry out seemed to intensify the moment.

I rested my forehead against Maitena’s lower stomach as she ran her fingers through my hair. Our heavy breathing was in tandem and I felt I could drift like this for an eternity, the unexpected wildness that had risen in me, now sated.

I couldn’t wait until our tutoring session tomorrow.

To be continued…

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