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Rain, jazz, and a woman's touch

Alexis finds unbelievable pleasure with another woman on a rainy night
The rain fell with abandon onto the streets and windows of the club. Splattering and making it's mark where it wanted. The wind sometimes tossing it up against the glass, like a woman throwing up her hands and hitting the wall behind her as her lover forces her up against it. Giving in, submitting to it, and trailing downwards in wetness.

The impending darkness of the dusk was creeping in, curling around everything like slinky tendrils of fog, and encompassing everything in it's path. It did so slowly, inconspicuously, purposefully, like a sly wolf stalking it's prey.

The coolness of the new autumn air and the suppression of the last season's brightness and excitement was evident with the death of warmth and light. The new season had crept in when no one was looking; cool, dark, and with a gripping urgency. Of what exactly, no one could specifically identify. Although some felt the urgency to submerse themselves into it, whatever it was. It was an unknown force, a draw and a pull into a raw, dark feeling. You couldn't emotionalize it because of it's anonymity. No, it was something that had to be experienced and expressed in another form. Something that you felt was clawing at your tender, pale skin with an unbearable itch that just had to be scratched.

Alexis absently brushed her chestnut wet hair off her face as she strolled down the brick city sidewalk. She randomly looked around, for what she didn't know. She didn't know why she wasn't at home in this depressing weather. She should be curled up with a book by a warm crackling fire with a nice cup of cocoa. Why the fuck was she out in this cold rain, aimlessly walking the city streets? What was she looking for? What was she needing and wanting?

She shivered as a wind gust blew upon her, bringing goosebumps to the surface of her sweater-covered neck. She rubbed her hand over it to warm it. Without thinking, she raked her nails along her neck for no apparent reason then shivered again, but not from the cold. Her skin was tingling. Beneath her overcoat, her sweater, and her lace bra, her nipples hardened, scraping against the material. She cursed the weather and this new season that always brought on loneliness for her. Every year it happened, this longing. What the fuck.

She came upon a jazz bar with the slow notes of a saxophone and dimly lit room visible from the window. It drew her in. She swung open the heavy mahogany door and stepped inside. It was an instant sanctuary for her dark mood. There was low lighting so you could only see a person clearly if you were a few feet from them. There was a sparse crowd with low energy, private tables, and all dark wood. A dark bar lined one side where the only light was behind the bottles of liquor. Laid back musicians were on stage with saxophones, cellos, pianos, and flutes. Music that strokes the clitoris of the ears and mind.

She strolled to an empty small table in the back corner. Peeling off her wet coat, she dropped it on the back of her chair and sat down. She adjusted her damp sweater and felt her nipples scrape against the wool through the scratchy lace. Her clit twitched. She mentally told it to fuck off, she wasn't in the mood.

A young waiter took her drink order and within a couple of minutes she was sipping on a glass of Pinot Noir. It felt like liquid velvet on her tongue and gliding down her throat. It settled in a warm, cozy ball in her belly, with that warmth slowly seeping through her cool veins. She sat listening to the slow, mellow tunes of the jazz musicians as the wine ran it's silky fingers all over her chilled body. She briefly thought back to the last time a pair of real fingers ran themselves over her body, which was far too long ago, by a man that never truly satisfied her. She sighed and pressed her legs together, focusing on the intricate designs of the wall art.

"Mind some company?"

Alexis jolted out of her reverie at the soft voice. She hadn't noticed anyone approach her. She looked up to her side and saw a woman with long dark red hair and pale peach lips look down at her with a slight smile and expressive green eyes. She didn't recognize the woman and didn't know why she was asking for company. She looked around at the other empty tables in the bar and the dozen or so other patrons who weren't paying them any attention.

"Um, I guess not. Sure," she replied.

The redhead slid into the other seat, but then scooted it closer to her. Alexis shifted in her seat.

"I like to be facing the stage so I can see the musicians play. I find it very relaxing," she explained. "By the way, I'm Chantal." She extended her hand to Alexis.

Alexis accepted her hand in hers and shook it. Chantal's soft, smooth skin rubbed against hers and she held on a second more than what was normal.

"I'm Alexis."

She casually slipped her hand free, initially feeling uncomfortable at the long exchange.

"Nice to meet you Alexis. I hope you don't mind me sitting here with you. I've just had a very long hard week, mainly because of the opposite sex, and my other girlfriends are all busy tonight. It's nice to at least sit with another woman who can understand that. I won't burden you with any of it, but I just needed to get out to somewhere like this. A dark, bluesy place with a glass of Vino but also not be totally alone. Anyway, enough about me. Tell me a little about yourself."

Alexis bit her lip, not knowing what to say.

"Not much to tell, I was kinda looking for the same thing. Wouldn't be able to tell you why, sorry. I'm not in a big talking mood tonight though."

She stroked the stem of her wine glass and kept her gaze on the blood red liquid waiting for her.

"That's alright, honey, you don't have to sit here and entertain me," Chantal said. "If it's okay with you, I'm fine with just sitting here with you, some wine, and jazz."

She took a slow mouthful of her vino and Alexis looked to the side, watching her pale neck shift as the wine gently glided down her throat. Her gaze followed her neck down to her chest, which was partially exposed by a low cut pastel yellow blouse. The rise of her creamy breasts were visible. Alexis unconsciously licked her bottom lip, then took a swig of her own Pinot Noir. Fucking wine had her looking at another woman. 'That's what a clueless man does to a woman I guess', she thought. She kept her gaze between her wine glass and the band on stage.

For the next ten minutes they sat in a slightly uncomfortable silence. Though probably less uncomfortable to Chantal, who was quietly humming to the music being played and occasionally swishing her wine around in her glass. Alexis tried to ignore the pulling in her belly. The pulling for what, she didn't know.

The waiter came by to ask if they'd like another glass of wine and Chantal immediately said yes. She reached across to the waiter to give him her glass and accidentally brushed Alexis' chest in the process. Alexis swallowed hard and silently cursed as her tender nipples stiffened even more at her oblivious touch. She had a two second image flash in her head of Chantal's tongue on her nipple. She swigged the last of her wine and gulped hard. 'Damn new season has my system all screwed up,' she thought.

The waiter came by with Chantal's new glass and she thanked him. Alexis almost wanted to berate her. Didn't she know what she did? Didn't she know she touched her nipples and teased her, causing her insides to be in even more turmoil than they already were? She sent a brief sidelong glare at her as Chantal's lips touched the rim of her wine glass. Why did Alexis wish that rim was her lips? 'Fuck this fucked up night,' she silently cursed.

Chantal caught Alexis sneaking a look at her and smiled.

"Did you want to try some of this wine? It looks like you're thirsty for it."

Alexis almost snorted and thought it's not the wine she was thirsty for, but something else. Something she'd never experienced before and something she was terrified of.

Before she could answer, Chantal held her glass up to Alexis' lips. She could smell the bouquet of her wine; fruity, heady, and intoxicating. Chantal slightly tipped her glass. Without thinking, Alexis opened her mouth and let the fragrant, dark liquid flow into her mouth. She closed her lips on the glass rim, pressing, marking her gloss onto it. She swallowed slowly as Chantal held her gaze and briefly licked her bottom lip. Alexis' gaze strayed to her lip as a small trickle of wine dripped down her chin. Chantal reached over and caught it with her finger, bringing it back up to Alexis' lips. On a reflex, she opened her lips and Chantal slipped her fingertip into Alexis' mouth, touching her soft wet tongue. The smooth sounds of a saxophone and flute washed over them as they stared at each other, while Alexis licked a wine droplet off of Chantal's fingertip.

Alexis had a few drops of wine left on her tongue and let it slowly trickle onto her lips. Before she realized what she did, Chantal was slowly leaning over, pink lips parted. Alexis didn't know what made her stay there. What prevented her from bolting up and running? Was it the seductive music, the wine, the dark atmosphere, or the cool, dark weather?

Those were all excuses, it was her. It was her and her longing to feel another woman's soft wet lips on her own. A longing that had been there for so long but that she had denied, ignored, and prevented. Everything else just added to the mood. They weren't the reasons she didn't run. She finally admitted it to herself once and for all. She wanted another woman, no ifs, ands, or buts. She wanted to feel another woman's skin; her soft silky skin against her fingers, her tongue, and her body. She wanted to feel another woman's soft wet lips brushing and pressing onto hers; a woman's tender tongue on hers, and on her body. She wanted to feel it all over and everywhere.

She was brought back to reality when she actually felt Chantal's soft wine-tinged lips on hers. Cleaning off the wine drops? Maybe she was at first. The wine was gone in a couple of seconds though. Now it was just their lips brushing against each others, gauging curiously. Soft, wet plump lips slowly moving against each other and pressing tighter. Then the tip of Chantal's tongue was on her lips, shyly asking for entry. It felt so good on her lips, what would it feel like inside? Alexis slowly parted her wine tinged lips and offered Chantal's tongue a sanctuary inside.

She slipped it inside past her lips and into her mouth to meet her waiting tongue. First briefly, then a solid touching of the tongues, meshing together. Both sets of pink wet lips open with tongues connected, low, brief moans, and slow massaging tongues became their world. Alexis felt soft fingertips at her stockinged thigh. Chantal traced the lace edge of her stocking mid-thigh and slipped her fingertips underneath, caressing. Alexis reached over, while still french kissing Chantal, and did the same. No stockings, but all bare flesh; totally bare flesh. Her fingers were higher than she thought and she detected the absence of panties.

Their tongues were tangled and feeling so good, but Alexis had a moment of panic. No, she wasn't ready for this. Kissing another woman was deep enough. She had never done that before, even though she wanted to. But nakedly touching another women down there? She and suddenly felt like a virgin on prom night. She pulled her mouth from Chantal's and her fingers from her thigh.

"No, I-I'm sorry, I-I can't," she whispered, wiping her mouth.

She immediately stood up, dropped a bill on the table for her drink, and headed for the door.

Chantal sat there, licking her lips, feeling bereft. She watched as Alexis made it to the door as her clit throbbed. She dropped another bill down onto the table and followed her.

She swung open the heavy dark door and went outside. The soft rain continued to fall down while dark clouds floated past the moon. They had both forgotten their jackets in their hurry. She spotted Alexis coming back towards the bar with her arms around herself, no doubt for her forgotten jacket. When she noticed Chantal standing there just outside the bar on the sidewalk staring at her in the rain, she halted. 'Fuck my coat,' she thought, 'I can buy another.' She made a quick exit down an alleyway, but she didn't make as clean an exit as she thought.

Alexis felt a small hand around her upper arm, stopping her. She knew it was Chantal, and not an overbearing male pervert looking for depravity in an alley. Alexis stopped in her tracks but didn't turn around. Her wet blouse clung to her like a second skin and rain ran into her slightly open mouth.

Chantal gently pulled Alexis around to face her. Her expression was a mixture of emotions. Guilt, denial, shame, humiliation, and confusion all muddled together. However, none more evident than desire. Through all the turmoil of emotions, Chantal could clearly tell that the flames of desires were licking at Alexis' insides, burning her from the inside out. Her nipples were rock hard, pink diamonds under her thin blouse and it wasn't the rain or the cold. Chantal felt those nipples on her arm when she reached for her wine glass inside. She knew she wanted her and she knew she had never been with another woman before. She wasn't going to let Alexis run away like a scared child.

Chantal could see Alexis was about to say something in denial, so she stopped her in her tracks. She planted her cool wet mouth onto hers to shut her up. This wasn't like the slow, hesitant kiss of inside. No, this was primal and she was forcing Alexis to admit her desire for her, by prying open her inexperienced lips and sliding her tongue into her mouth. Moaning into her mouth and tangling her tongue with hers, she pressed her breasts against Alexis' chest.

Alexis could only try and fight her for mere moments. Soon, she was devouring Chantal's mouth with the same fervor as she was receiving. It was a mixture of tongues, lips, and rain. It was mascara running down cheeks, stockings plastered to legs, blouses stuck to nipples, clits throbbing, and raw, primal desire.

Chantal pushed Alexis up against the concrete wall of a building in the alley, continuing to ravage her mouth with her own. Alexis moaned like a trapped kitten, so hungry. Their wide open mouths were sealed together at the lips as their tongues were making waves in each others mouths. Breasts and nipples pressed together, rubbing through thin wet fabric, and groins slowly and absently ground into each other. Chantal took one of Alexis' hands and squeezed it around her breast, making her feel it in her hand, her hard nipple biting into her palm.

Alexis moaned and massaged it, then soon brought her fingers together at her nipple, gently pinching. Chantal broke her mouth from hers and moaned, rain running down her face as Alexis fingered her nipple. They stared at each other in hunger. Chantal did the same to her, first pinching, then soon diving her mouth down onto Alexis' puckered wet nipple through her blouse, sucking deep. Alexis moaned and arched her back, pushing herself into her mouth more. Chantal sucked until Alexis stood there, panting harder, then came back up to kiss her deep and long again.

Alexis kissed her back with passion and before she knew it, her thighs were spread and Chantal's fingers were brushing her pussy lips. Alexis whimpered into her mouth, struggling a little before Chantal broke the kiss.

"Don't be scared, baby," Chantal whispered, "I know you haven't done this before, I can tell, but I know you want it. You want my fingers on your clit, don't you?"

Alexis stared deep into her eyes as she lay against the wall, panting and helpless. She bit her lip, before briefly looking away.

"Look at me," Chantal said, placing her fingers at the side of her chin, and leaning over to kiss her neck.

Alexis closed her eyes and moaned at the feel of her lips at her neck; kissing, gently sucking, and licking.

"Say it, baby. Say that you wanna feel this. Say you wanna feel my fingers, and my tongue on your pussy," Chantal whispered against her neck.

Alexis' cheeks flamed red at her graphic words but her eyes opened and lit up with arousal. The sight of Chantal's tongue slowly licking her lips in preparation was electrifying.

"Y-Yes," Alexis whispered nervously, "I wanna feel it."

She arched an inch higher to feel Chantal's fingers slip that extra inch from the surface of her pussy lips to sliding wetly between them. Alexis moaned, rain dripping off her lips.

"I wanna feel your fingers and tongue on my pussy... please make me cum," Alexis pleaded, her eyes blazing.

The last plea was whispered with a begging urgency. Chantal grinned and leaned over, pressing her wet lips onto Alexis' again for a few more moments of deep kissing.

With her index finger, she slowly began to rub up and down Alexis' wet pussy. Making the come here motion with her finger and rubbing over her clit every time, Alexis' moans began to get a little louder. Her clit throbbed against Chantal's finger, and she slowly humped her hips, trying to grind onto it harder. Chantal broke the kiss and chuckled.

"Mmmm yes, that feels so good doesn't it, baby? Doesn't it feel good to have me fingering your clit here with your thighs spread?"

"Yes, it feels so good. There, I said it," Alexis panted.

Closing her eyes, she was till trying to fight it, but her grinding hips belayed her true arousal. Chantal chuckled and leaned down to suck her nipples back and forth. Alexis stayed there, pressed against the concrete wall, while a strange woman sucked her nipples and fingered her clit in an alley outside of a bar. She felt so slutty, which brought on another rush of wetness.

Feeling another coat of wetness saturate her fingers, Chantal stopped sucking Alexis' nipples and looked at her again.

"I think you're ready for more, baby, you're positively dripping here."

Chantal slowly got down on her haunches on the concrete in her heels. Alexis looked down at her, her head of blood red hair between her stockinged thighs. Chantal looked up at her, licked her lips, and peeled open her smooth wet pussy lips with her fingers. She looked at her pussy like she was about to devour a meal after a fasting.

"Your pussy looks absolutely delicious, darling. So pink and smooth, and throbbing. I bet it tastes even better."

With their eyes locked in arousal, Alexis watched with bated breath as Chantal moved her mouth closer, her tongue sliding out to meet her pussy. That first contact of her tongue on her clit was electric. Alexis' hands planted hard against the concrete behind her, holding her up. Her chest heaved up and down, nipples straining, thighs spread, as she got eaten out in a dark alley by another woman; a woman she had only met an hour ago.

Why did she feel she had never been this satisfied before? Even in a dark alley on a stormy night surrounded by concrete? It was because she had never been with another woman before and a woman's tongue is what she had needed all along. Her knees were shaking, her nipples were painfully hard, her breath was catching, and her clit was throbbing like a heartbeat. Her pussy was leaking juices like it had never done before and a woman's tongue was the key. She sunk against the wall in submission, finally giving into it with abandon.

She spread her thighs wider and moaned louder, not caring who heard. She reached down to tangle her hands in Chantal's beautiful, wet red hair as she licked feverishly at her clit and slid her tongue in and out of her pussy. Alexis' eyes were closed tight, mouth open, panting and moaning, crotch slowly grinding on Chantal's mouth.

"Oh my god, Chantal, yes! Your tongue feels so fucking good on my clit and in my pussy. Please don't stop, oh fuck don't stop, make me cum, right on your tongue. Fuck me with your awesome tongue, baby, yes!"

Chantal stared up at Alexis who had her head thrown back and eyes closed. Her legs were spread like a horny little slut as she thoroughly enjoyed Chantal's tongue licking her out. Chantal tongue fucked her hard and deep with a dozen tongue thrusts then lapped hard and fast on her clit another dozen times while she listened to her intense moans. She lifted her mouth and slid two fingers inside Alexis' pussy, pumping them.

"Oh yes, Alexis baby, my tongue feels so good on your pussy doesn't it? I knew you'd like it, baby. Yes, just give into it. Squeeze your cunt on my fingers, babe, ride my fingers, and cum on them. I want you to cum all over my fingers and tongue, baby. Squirt all over me. Cum for me now!"

Chantal dove back down to her clit as her fingers pumped in and out of her pussy, licking her clit furiously and hungrily. She finger fucked her pussy and licked her clit in circles, never letting up. She moaned on her clit as Alexis started cumming.

Alexis moaned loud then screamed as she came. Chantal's fingers were deep in her pussy hitting her G-spot and her tongue was devouring her clit. Alexis rode Chantal's face hard, gripping her head, juices squirting, and clit exploding. She couldn't form words as she came, she could just simply moan and scream like a horny little nympho. She ground onto Chantal's mouth as she rode out the strongest orgasm she had ever had.

Alexis lay there against the wall, her hands loosening their grip on Chantal's head. The rain had seemed to soften as she floated back down to earth. Rain drops kissing her exposed, naked, and heated skin. Chantal continued to slowly and gently lick her clit and juices, cleaning her up. She then pulled her mouth away and stood up, licking her lips very slowly while grinning at Alexis.

Without another word, she leaned over and kissed her deep. Alexis could taste her pussy on Chantal's tongue and she kissed her back deep, licking her tongue and enjoying her juices. They stood there for a solid three minutes, soaked and half naked, tongues tangling, clinging to each other's wet skin as they kissed deep and long.

Then Chantal slowly and sensually broke the kiss, stepping back. She clipped her hair back, picked up her purse and coat, and started to take a few more steps away. Alexis felt bereft.

"W-wait," Alexis whimpered, "Where are you going?"

"I think that was enough for you for one night, don't you think? Being new and all." Chantal smiled and licked her lips.

"But I want more!" Alexis blurted out, then blushed. Chantal just laughed softly.

"Darling, if you ever want to repay that favor and do a replay, look in your purse for my number. Till next time..."

Chantal leaned over for one last lingering kiss and then was gone into the rainy, foggy night.
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