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Raven's Victory Party pt1

Raven's Victory Party pt1

This is a story based on my own experience names have been changed.
"Hey, Raven, are you coming out with us tonight?"

I looked up from my locker where I was putting away my things to see my teammate who is also my roomate, Shea, wrapped in a towel. Shea was a bouncy brunette with a carefree attitude. She was a really nice girl with almost an elfish look to her with her creamy skin and big doe brown eyes and a small splash of freckles across her button nose. Like now she always had a smile across her face.

"Naw I think I'll stay in tonight. That game was killer, I can't believe they let me play," I said shyly. I was only a freshman in college and I played volleyball. It was my first year on the team so it was almost a dream just to wear a number let alone play, but tonight we were really short thanks to the flu that seemed to take half our team down, so my coach put me in to play.

"Girl, you rocked that game. No wonder you got a free ride." She began to gather her things for her turn in the shower. "If it weren't for you we wouldn't be having this victory party. You really pulled us through, who knew a shy girl like you had that much spunk."

"Thanks," I said with a smile.

"It's the quiet ones you need to keep an eye on," a familiar voice said.

I turned around to see Haley, the captain of our team, leaning against the lockers behind me. Suddenly a chill ran down my body and settled between my legs. Ever since I could remember I had always been attracted to girls but it had always been my secret. It wasn't because guys weren't attracted to me. Standing at 5'8, 145 pounds, brown sugar skin and a nicely toned body with perky breasts and firm butt, I actually was considered fine. All through high school the guys tried to get me to notice them and when I didn't pay them any mind I was labeled a stuck up bitch. Even though I was the co-captain of the girl volleyball team I barely spoke to my teammates outside of games and practices, so to the girls I was quiet and weird. My parents and family just thought I was a loner, but I only was quiet because I didn't want people to know my secret

I had promised myself I would be more outgoing in college, maybe even try to talk to some of the guys, but it had been three months and I still had yet to break free of my old habits. That was even harder when the captain of my team was smoking hot. Now as I ran my eyes over Haley's toweled draped body I felt a throbbing between my legs.

"I always knew there was something about you," she said walking towards me.

At 5'10 she stood a little taller than me yet she still had a very curvaceous body. I always would sneak glances at her during games and practices. Every time she reached to spike a ball I couldn't help noticing how her breasts would bounce seductively as she landed. Every time she would bend to save a ball I had a hard time not staring at her beautifully sculpted heart shaped ass, so well defined under the tight short uniform shorts we wore.

Many nights I had awoken from the wettest of dreams about her wrapping her long toned legs around me while I licked her perfectly shaved pussy and sucked on her swollen clit. Playing with her nipples, bringing her to a climax that would have her gushing her sweet nectar all over my lips, only to find my fingers soaked with my juices from masturbating while I slept. Now as she stood over me in nothing but a small towel my eyes struggled to keep contact with hers.

"You surprised everyone out there today, I had no idea you had such energy in you." She brushed away a stray strand of her shoulder length dirty blond hair that contrasted so perfectly against her sun kissed skin and grey green eyes.

"So tell me, Raven, who where you trying to impress out there, your boyfriend?" she asked with a small smile.

I kept my eyes glued to hers trying not to let them travel over her seductive body that was mere inches away from mine. God she smelled great, I thought, her shampoo and soap from her shower had mixed and were tickling my nose. Wait what did she say?

"I don't have a boyfriend," I said my voice coming out in a rush. My breathing had increased. It was so hard to focus on what she was saying.

"You don't? I find that hard to believe. You're absolutely beautiful!" she said with a laugh sitting down next to me. "I for one know a lot of guys who would die to have a go at you, girls too!"

At that last comment she placed a hand on my lower thigh.

Oh my God, I thought, is Haley coming on to me? I could feel my nipples hardening beneath my towel and crossed my arms to hide them in fear she might see my reaction just to her touch. The throbbing between my legs was almost unbearable and there was a lump in my throat so I swallowed before answering not knowing what to say though I just said,"Really?"

"Oh, God yes. Nearly every guy on campus has asked about you but since you're so quiet and to yourself I never could tell them anything. Not even if you were a virgin or not."

"Oh, okay."

"Soooo...." Haley asked impatiently.

"So what?" I replied a little confused.

"Are you a virgin?" she pressed.

"Oh that well, yeah," I said shyly.

"Oh, my God, you're kidding right?" she asked amazed at what she just heard.

I was a little embarrassed for some odd reason and so I got up and took a few steps away from her. I guess she sensed how uncomfortable I was because she stopped laughing and grabbed my arm pulling me back down gently.

"Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it in a bad way it's just weird to hear a girl still has her virginity in college that's all. I didn't mean to offend you," she said with a sincere voice that made me relax.

She began to stroke my arm gently to calm me, not knowing she was actually heating me up.

"So are you just choosing to stay a virgin or are you scared or something?" she asked.

I shrugged not wanting to tell her the truth. I didn't know if she was into that sort of thing or not."I don't know," I replied nervously. "I guess I just haven't thought about it you know."

"Oh come on every one has thought about it!" she said.

"Well I mean it just never really interested me," I said in a small voice.

"What you mean the sex part or the guy part?"

I shrugged not wanting to answer hoping she would just think I was scared to have sex instead of just not interested in men, besides I wasn't 100 percent sure I was fully a lesbian.

"You know, Raven, I wasn't lying earlier when I said it was the quiet ones you had to watch."She took her hand off my thigh and stroked my cheek sending tingles through out my entire body. I closed my eyes cherishing her soft caress.

"I have been watching you for a very long time and I think I know what you really like," she said in a low seductive voice.

I stared into her eyes as she slowly stood up and did something I never would have imagined. She undid her towel and let it fall to her feet. To my amazement she was now standing fully naked in front of me. I could see her perky round tits and her beautiful hard nipples and her neatly trimmed pussy only a hand's reach away staring me in my face. The throbbing between my legs began to send electric pulses through my body.

"Raven, I know you have been watching me too I have seen you staring and it always turns me on. Every time I see your brown eyes scanning my body it makes me so very wet."

She ran her hands over her smooth body making me squirm just from watching. I wanted to reach out and run my hands over her just as she was doing but I was frozen with shock at the realization that she just said I had turned her on!

"I wasn't lying either when I said that most girls have wanted to know about you, I should know I'm one of them."

With that she straddled me. Now her breasts were right in my face. She took my jet black hair in one of her hands and firmly pulled my head back forcing me to look into her eyes."I have wanted you from the very moment I saw you in practice that first day, I knew I was going to make you my bitch," she said in a lust filled voice that made my pussy gush wetness."Now that I know you're a virgin I am going to make you mine," she whispered quietly bringing her lips to mine."I'm going to be the first person to make you cum and the first person who will every taste you."

She kissed me pulling on my hair firmly with one hand and with the other caressing my swollen nipple through my towel. I was in heaven. I couldn't believe I was kissing the girl of my fantasies. My mind raced at how soft and sweet her lips were. I moaned with pleasure as her hand fell from my head and joined the other in playing with my nipples. A moan escaped her lips as she slid her tongue into my mouth causing small vibrations. Suddenly she pulled back.

"God you kiss better than I expected."

Not knowing what to say I just stared into her eyes not wanting to forget the moment. She was grinding her wet pussy on me as she kissed me gently on my cheek. Her hands had rolled my towel down to my waist and exposed my now fully hardened nipples.

Haley began to kiss a trail down my neck, kissing me in the nape below my chin, sending new waves of pleasure through my body. Her tongue left a burning trail wherever it touched. Slowly she made her way to my left breast and took my nipple into her mouth while she rolled and applied the right amount of pressure to my right nipple.

My breathing had become faster and I gasped with pleasure. I ran my hands down her smooth back resting them on her wonderful ass feeling her soft firm cheeks. Ones I have longed to hold for so long feeling them move as she was grinding on me. Slowly running my hands up her sides I made my way to her nipples mimicking her every move hoping I was giving her the same pleasure she was giving me she let go my swollen nipple and let out an erotic moan.

"Do you like that Raven?" she asked. "Do you want me to lick and suck you other nipple?"

"Yes," I uttered through the haze of ecstasy.

Haley began to work on my right nipple like she did the first and I began to moan louder my voice growing as I felt a climax building. She was going to make me come just by sucking my nipple! Sensing my building climax she unlatched from my breast and smiled at me.

"Oh no you don't," said Haley. "You're not cumming until I taste you first."

With a swift move she unstraddled me, took off my towel and placed me on the floor. I was so close to an orgasm I was half moaning, half begging her to make me cum. Haley kneeled before me leaned down and kissed me on the mouth and smiled wickedly.

"I'm going to love this and so will you."

She spread my legs and looked at my smooth hairless pussy dripping wet from anticipation and licked her lips as if she had never seen anything so mouth watering. Running a finger up my inner thighs she marveled at how wet I was and how swollen my clit had become.

"God you are so wet... do you want me to make you cum now?" she asked.

"Please...please make me cum!" I begged.

At the first touch of Haley's tongue I thought I was going to exploded but Haley pulled back letting me calm down.

"Not yet, sweetheart. I want you to enjoy ever minute of this."

She ran her tongue up and down my outer lips with slow strokes making me quiver, then with her finger she slowly circled my swollen bud and ran it up and down my dripping wet slit coating it with my juices. She took that finger and placed it in my mouth I hungrily sucked on it.

"Mmmmm tastes good don't it?"

"Yessss." I panted.

I was so ready to cum tears where running down my face I grabbed Haley's head and guided her back to my dripping cunt she giggled.

"Alright I guess you have waited long enough."

She went down and began to rub my clit with the finger I had sucked on. She slid it between my slit found my tight virgin hole and slid it in, even though I was a virgin I was so wet she went in with no problems. I was in heaven and my climax was building so fast I knew I was about to come Haley placed another finger in me and began to thrust harder and faster. I was grinding my hips into her fingers and moaning.

"Oh God I'm going to cum.... I'm going to cummmm!"

My body felt as if I was struck by ten bolts of lighting as I came the hardest I ever had in my life. Haley pulled her fingers out after I finished convulsing and I could feel my juices spilling out. She lapped up every drop of my cum and with every stroke of her tongue my body was twitching from my sensitivity. I finally came down and the world seemed as though it was giving me a round of applause, I swore I heard clapping. When my vision finally returned I noticed at least five other people standing around me. I blinked and I couldn't believe my eyes.

Half of the team were standing over me naked and smiling!

I was so confused I turned to look for Haley and to my surprise she was kissing Shea, my roommate. They broke apart smiling. Was I dreaming?

"You where right, Haley, she does taste wonderful," Shea said licking her lips that now had my juices on them from Haley.

"Wha.. what going on?" I asked. I was so confused.

Shea smiled widely and said, "Welcome to you victory party!"

To be continued...

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