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Raven's Victory Party pt2

Raven's Victory Party pt2

If you have not read the first part please do and let me know what you all think, thanks!
Standing around me in a semi-circle was a half dozen naked girls of all shapes color and sizes. My pussy, that had recently been ravished by Haley my captain and the girl of my dreams, instantly began to flow with my juices. Staring into the eyes of my teammates with a look of both astonishment and confusion, I could not move from the floor where Haley had left me.

Shea another one of my teammates and my roommate tossed her thick long dark mane of hair behind her head, smiled and laughed at the look on my face. Her pixie-like face was lit with amusement and her dark doe brown eyes twinkled with a impish glint. Her medium round tits bounced while she laughed, drawing my eyes to them.

"I think Raven is surprised. She doesn't seem to know how to get up," she said.

Haley, my dream girl and the first person to ever give me an orgasm, had her slender arms wrapped around Shea. Letting her go she grinned down at me.

"I think she should stay down there. She has a perfect view. What do you think girls?" she asked looking around at the team.

They all nodded in agreement, a few of them even began to rub on their succulent pussies. My mind raced with thought. Is this really happening? Did I pass out after Haley made me cum? That has to be it. I tried to say something, anything. I had to be sure this was all real.

"This is my victory party?" I said.

Haley kneeled down in front of me and ran her fingers over my body, sending chills throughout it. If this is a dream I don't want to wake up, I thought as I shuddered.

"Yes baby this is your victory party. Each girl in this room has had one and now it's your turn. I told you that a lot of girls have been eyeing you and I wanted to be the first to taste and feel your sexy chocolate body." Haley planted a kiss on my belly button making me squirm with delight, my eyes fluttered shut and a moan escaped my lips.

"Bu... but why didn't anyone tell me?" I stammered.

Shea was the one to answer, her normally laughter filled voice had changed into one of a lust filled woman.

"Because we all wanted you for ourselves, but Haley claimed you. She has given us one night to taste and feel you for ourselves. Tonight is that night and we are going to take full advantage of it and you."

Haley who was suckling my hard nipples with her wonderfully talented lips, let go and looked at me. She saw the look of fear on my face at the thought of all these girls taking me and she softly kissed me on my lips. She brought her lips to my ear and whispered softly for only my ears to hear.

"Don't be afraid baby, I wont let anyone hurt you. If at anytime you want them to stop just say it and I will stop them. I want you to enjoy yourself. I want you to be set free." Lifting her head and staring into my eyes with love and possessiveness she raised her voice so that all the girls could hear. "Just know after tonight she will be mine and mine alone."

At that she pushed herself off the floor and pulled me up with her. Turning me around and pulling my body to her body, kissing my neck from behind and holding me close. Shea stepped forward and licks her lips. Placing her hand on my full firm tits she immediately began to caress them.

"Its my turn now."

Before I could say anything Shea's pink lips covered mine and she began to kiss me hard. Her lips where so soft and I could taste traces of my juices on them, so sweet, I hungrily kissed Shea back. Haley still held me and I could feel her soft breasts on my back. I reached one arm behind me and ran my hand up and down her body with the other I held on to Shea as she kissed me prying my lips open and forcing her sweet tongue into my wanting mouth.

Haley's lips were on the back of my neck giving me so many delightful sensations. I began to moan into Shea's mouth as her hands pinched my nipples. God my pussy was so wet I could feel my juices running down my thighs. From behind Haley's hand began to caress my ass and her tongue was licking my neck. She took a handful of my hair and pulled back forcing me to break my kiss with Shea. All around me I could hear loud breathing and a symphony of moans.

"Look at how hot you make everyone, Raven," Haley whispered into my ear.

All around me my team was intertwined with one another. All around me was a room full of beautiful women kissing, licking, and fingering one another. Some were even being fucked by strap on and dildos! The sight of it and the feel of Haley's and Shea's hands and mouth was bringing me to what I knew was going to be a shattering orgasm.

"Oh God yes that it right there." I moaned. 

Haley's hand had worked its way between my cheeks and she was fingering my wet pussy. While Shae lips where wrapped around my hard nipple. One hand caressing my right nipple while she licked and sucked my left one. her other hand had found it's way to my swollen throbbing clit and was mercifully circling it, slowly at first and then with speed. I was delirious with pleasure so close to cumming I could barely stand up, my knees had become wobbly and my legs began to shake. I would have falling to the floor had I not been smashed between these two lovely bodies. Without knowing what I was doing I reached behind me and pushed two fingers into Haley's warm wet pussy.

I heard her take in a sharp breath and let out a loud moan. I felt her pussy walls clench around my fingers. I began to thrust in and out at the same pace she was thrusting in me. She pushed two more fingers into my pussy. Sending me closer to my climax.

"Mmmmmm yesss!" I yelled .

I now had three fingers pumping in side my tight pussy and I shuddered at the feel of being stretched. I began to grind my hips onto her fingers. At the same time I was thrusting in hers faster and faster feeling her pussy clenching harder as she was about to cum.

"That's it, baby, fuck my wet pussy!" she yelled in my ear. "Make me cum, baby."

I could feel my orgasm at it peak. Suddenly Shea dropped to her knees and took my clit into her mouth clamping down hard and swirling her tongue around the tip. That was all I needed and in a moment my eyes rolled into the back of my head as I was plunged into a heavenly world of ecstasy.

"Oh God...I'm cummmming!"

Wave after wave of electric shock coursed through my body. Behind me Haley's body had stiffened and her juices were gushing as she came at the same time. It felt like an eternity before my body stopped convulsing Shea did not let my clit go until I had stopped shaking.

Haley who had finish cumming had pulled my head back and kissed me passionately. Holding our sweat drenched bodies close together. Softly grinding her soaking wet pussy against my ass.

"God that was so fucking hot!" Shea said standing up

The girls around us where still going at each other. I was getting hot all over again as I watched them all being pleasured. My eyes landed on Linda, a hot Latina girl, who was vigorously fucking Claire an even hotter blond doggy style with a strap on. My hand went to my hard nipples and I began to grind my ass harder against Haley. Shea and Haley both looked to where my eyes had traveled and wicked grins spread across their faces.

Shea let out a laugh. "I think I know who will be next in line."

To be continued...

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