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Ray, Dorothy and me . . . . .

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Dorothy is at my house . . . again
Ray, Dorothy and me . . . .

Our relationship continued with a passion for sex not seen before in our marriage, (Ray and me).

Our advances on sexuality (again, Ray and me) were improving with all our purchases of dildos, vibrators, a strap-on harness, and some other sexual toys.

We of course went into anal too. I had started "pegging" Ray, which by the way he totally likes, and we discovered his prostate. That prostate is a marvelous thing for male sex. And finally, Dorothy. With Dorothy we really completed a whole circle of sex.

Before continuing with Dorothy’s love making, I have to say something about her. Dorothy has only one purpose when she makes love to you. Her only purpose is to give you the biggest orgasm of your life. And the best part is that with every sexual session with her, she shows you, again, that you had it in you to have better and better orgasms every time she fucks you. Not only because she is a woman she knows what works, but she also finds sexual buttons that you did not know you had. And she presses them at the right time.

One night, Ray was on a business trip, and I was waiting for Dorothy to arrive at our house. The kids were in bed already sleeping and I was dancing my while, listening to some great Sinatra songs. Romantic Sinatra. I had inserted a vibrating egg in my pussy and I was more than ready for sex. My pussy was not only wet but anxious to be fucked.

I heard the ring of the door and went to open for Dorothy to come in and fuck me with passion.

As soon as Dorothy entered into the house I grabbed her and began eating her mouth with my tongue. I also felt Dorothy’s tongue dancing inside my mouth. I need to say something about Dorothy’s tongue. She has one of these tongues that really stretches out from her mouth and can penetrate my pussy for about 2 to 3 inches. When Dorothy eats my pussy I feel like being fucked by a small penis. It is pleasurable sex to produce very powerful orgasms.

We continued with the ravishing kiss and our hands were all over our bodies. As soon as we got to dancing, Dorothy grabs me with force pushing her body to mine and leaving no space between our bodies. I sensed her hand going down towards my pussy and to make things easy I just began pulling down my skirt. She moves two fingers into my pussy to fuck the heck out of me.

Her two fingers felt the vibrating egg and she was surprised . . . . NOT!! She pulled the egg out and began moving her fingers in and out of my pussy.

At this time I felt her thumb on the "hood" of my clit. She was rubbing that hood very soft, almost as if she was not touching it. Very delicately without applying much pressure yet. Now from second to second she begins applying a bit of pressure to let your clit know that there are buttons she wants to push. And push she does. By now her fingers are doing a great job at fucking my pussy. And here is where Dorothy wants to take you. Dorothy has been progressing the pressure on your clit and with every second that passes I become more sexually awake and desiring for my orgasm. Dorothy delays enough my sexual pleasure to make me beg for it. Here is where I become Dorothy’s bitch. Now I am yelling asking for an orgasm. Now is when I become a whorish slut pleading for Dorothy to give me what I want and need.

"Oh yes Dorothy fuck me now, fuck me and give me my orgasm".

Dancing to Sinatra I had an incredible orgasm.

The feeling of that orgasm went through my body producing all those pleasurable contractions together with that electricity ( my explanation of orgasm.) we feel when orgasming. It went through my whole body and I believe it penetrated into my soul. That is how strong I felt it. I also felt all my pussy liquids forming inside my pussy and beginning to overflow and leak out. Dorothy began undressing me and I her. Once we were naked we continued to a 69 so that we could both enjoy the giving, and the receiving, of such delicious sex that eating pussy is.

We went into my bedroom so that we can have a better orgasm. Although with Dorothy, my orgasms are all great.

We are now in my bed and Dorothy’s tongue is doing one heck of a great job. She slides that tongue around the walls of my pussy tantalizing my pussy as much as possible to fill my pussy lips with that blood signifying great sexual pleasure and building up towards my next orgasm. Now, lets take a second here to say, I just had a great orgasm, the second orgasm of the night is coming sooner and stronger . . . With every turn around my pussy lips Dorothy stops briefly on my clit and she applies enough tongue pressure on my hood to excite my clit for a bigger orgasm. She does that for a while and then I explode in another fantastic orgasm given to me by my lover Dorothy. She keeps the pressure on the hood and she says that she is looking at the clit pushing out "to get some air.

Let me clarify something, again, sex with Dorothy is fantastic because she does not shy away to nothing. I love all manners of sex with Dorothy but my favorite is when Dorothy eats my pussy with that special tongue she has. The penetration she gives my pussy, which I kind spoke of it before, is like having sex with a cock. And her pressure on my hood/clit is out of normal sex. (But what is normal sex??)

I also enjoy eating Dorothy’s pussy because I get to feel her orgasm. When I get Dorothy on the right amount of clit pressure and I get my tongue around her lips, several times, I feel Dorothy dancing with those moves we women have when we are really hot. As you all know, those movements are a natural sexual response from our system. She begins bucking, up and down, and sideways, then I know that I have her where I want her, orgasming wildly. And I get Dorothy to have her first orgasm of the night.

I put on a strap-on with two vibrators and I begin fucking Dorothy’s pussy and my pussy. Dorothy is the type of girl that likes to express her sex with verbal comments. She really likes her sex and expresses it as it is happening. I was more of the silent type but sex with Dorothy is no longer silent for me. This actual cock produced orgasm is a natural with me giving Dorothy her second orgasm. While I also am fucking my pussy with the other dildo on the strap-on and another orgasm was produced for me.

Now we get our double-headed dildo to fuck our pussies. The one we have is an 18 inches type and pretty girth thick which produces great orgasms.

We get pussy to pussy together as if they were kissing, and the dildo completely disappears from sight. We initially just rest with the dildo totally penetrating our pussies and that way we can very romantically explore the insides of our mouths and we become more in love with each other and we want to produce on our partners great sexual pleasure.

At this time we really have no idea how long we have been at "it" and how many orgasms we have had. I have to say that we have had many orgasms, and most likely we have been at each other for a good three hours. Quite a sexual performance. We begin sitting in front of each other and eventually we kind of lay on the bed sideways completely penetrated. We have fallen sleep this way many times. One of us, eventually while sleeping, disengage without knowing it.

This night that I am referring here was the only night for Dorothy of that week because Ray had only a one day trip.

Then, I need to speak of Ray’s sex with me . . . next posting.

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