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“I have a proposal for you, babe.”

I glanced up from my laptop, the internet open to LushStories, with what must have been a hopeful look on my face, judging from her amused chuckle. I was chatting with a dear friend, teasing him, more properly, as I usually did with my sexual exploits which always made him somewhat uncomfortable.

“Does it involve me being naked?” I mumbled, my toes curling slightly, unaware of the way my tongue slid slowly between my lips until it was too late to hide my interest. I watched her, my breath catching in my chest, like it often did at the sight of my soon to be legally wedded wife, Kate.

Even dressed casually, she was a vision of mouthwatering sexuality. She has the caramel colored skin, smoldering dark eyes, and dark hair of her Mexican and Filipino heritage, the only gift her father had left her before disappearing from her life. Ripe breasts and prefect curves. Had she let herself go, she could easily have been a ‘big girl’. Kate, however, was far too disciplined for that. She had the body of a pin-up girl and the imagination of a deviant, something I was more than happy to take advantage of.

As for me, where she was the sexy Latino siren, I was the cute blond. Shorter by almost half a foot, naturally slim, green-blue eyes that often looked as confused as I felt, right now kind of staring off into space after smoking half a bowl of rather potent weed.

I watched in nervous anticipation as one perfectly manicured eyebrow rose, a look always that was always a portent of terrible things to come.

“Do you have any objections?”

I answered with a spaced out giggle, nodding, and then shaking my head, unsure of the correct way to answer her query. Finally, I put gestures in to action, laid my laptop aside, and hooked my thumbs into my faded jeans, wiggling out of them, defiantly proud of the fact that I hadn’t bothered with panties when I’d dressed this morning.

“Now what?”

“I want you to read to me, Ray.”

I must have looked slightly confused, for she laughed. God, her laugh was beautiful. Rich and sensual and full of life, unlike my girlish giggle.

“Pick a story. You know my favorites, or perhaps one of yours, and read it out loud. If you can get to the end without cumming, I’ll buy you those shoes you’ve had your eye on….”

My eyes went a bit wide, having been obsessed with a pair of Elif heels I’d seen at Fluevog’s a few weeks ago. Berry with pink and aqua trim. They looked amazing on me. They were also close to three hundred dollars. That she was offering them up as bet put me on guard. This was a contest she didn’t plan on losing. That said, we made playful wagers like this all the time, and she prided herself on always keeping her word.

“How about a poem?” I asked, thinking I could speed through a several lines in about sixty seconds. I backed down quickly when I saw her eyes narrow, although I did detect a hint of amusement forcing one corner of her mouth upwards.

With a sigh, I picked up my laptop again, and pondered for all of two nanoseconds before zeroing in on Dancing Doll’s page. Really, the author was never in doubt; only which of her stories to read. Really, any of them would be suitable for… whatever it was that my deviant lover had planned. Still, I wanted to do this right. I stopped cold, a thought suddenly striking me.

“And if I lose?”

She, after all, had never mentioned that detail. One thing about Kate. She’s very competitive. Much more than I am, and she doesn’t like losing.

“You have to go see Breaking Dawn again with me tonight.”

I gasped in mock horror. I had, after all, done my duty and seen it with her on opening night. That had been the deal. Once in the theatre and I was off the hook. In all fairness, I’d actually enjoyed it (although part of my enjoyment had been reliant upon my position between Kate and my best friend in all of Seattle, Sydney, both of whom had had no qualms of resting their hands upon my thighs and… well, I’d worn a dress that night, and their fingers had wandered a bit, I am forced to admit).

She let out a sharp burst of laughter, shaking her head. “Really, I’d think that you’d want to indulge me, considering how wonderful I am.”

Grumbling, I said nothing, not wanting to answer one way or the other, instead concentrating on choosing a story to read. Finally, I’d settled on my favorite. The Sex Rehab Diaries: Rachel’s Confession. Sharing the same name with Doll’s Heroine hadn’t hurt making this sordid tale of a girl who let’s herself be caged and used at a sex party an often read tale.

“Ready.” I told her, shyly, feeling somewhat exposed, not surprising as I was naked from the waist down.

“Mmm. You’re such a pretty little slut, Rachel.” She teased, kneeling before me, running her perfectly manicured nails along the flesh of my thighs.

I shivered, perhaps even let out an imperceptivity soft gasp as I did my best to keep my laptop balanced across my slowly parting legs.

“I’ve been wanting to do this since your last story, Olivia.” She divulged, pausing long enough to unbutton her top, revealing a crimson half bra, her dark areola peeking out from the delicate lace.

“Now, baby girl.”

Hi, I’m Rachel, and yeah… I guess you can call me a sex addict.” Oh, how true that was, I thought, pausing to glance up at my lover, her smile almost feral as she leaned forward, her hands sliding over the tops of my thighs, pushing them further apart, her robin’s egg lacquered nails leaving soft pink lines in my pale flesh, my voice trembling as I did my best to continue, already surrendering myself to a simple truth; I was going to lose.

Still, I had to give it my best try. Anything less, I knew from experience, would have annoyed her (that said, the idea of irritating her as means of revenge for what she was doing to me certainly crossed my mind at some point, especially if it meant she’d punish me for it).

“Don’t stop, honey.” She growled, her teeth sinking gently into the meat of my thigh, her lips warm and wet, her tongue both rough and soft.

I continued, concentrating diligently, doing my best to get through the introduction and into the true heart of the story, my heart pounding in my chest, my blood pumping into my clit and nipples, making them insanely sensitive, especially when she started blowing softly against my already dripping pussy, her silky hair brushing against my skin, anticipating the touch of her mouth against my cunt.

I began stumbling over words, reading sentences more than once, even skipping lines as she teased her tongue between my pussy lips. By this time I was leaning back, my hips on the edge of the couch, her forehead pushing against my computer. Like a fool, I lifted it up so that she could have better access to my entrance, and she took full advantage of that, slipping a pair of fingers inside my slick entrance, her mouth fastening to my throbbing clit, her teeth closing slowly until I let out a squeal of pain, my nails digging into the palms of my hands, my eyes threatening to roll back into my skull.

“Keep reading, kitty.”

Whimpering, I tried, having just made it to the scene where the Rachel in the story is collared with a diamond trimmed silver collar and a leash. The worst part is that the truly erotic section was still to come.

In the Centre of the room was a small gold-colored cage, barred on all four sides, and not unlike a crate one would use for an ani… oh, god, Kate, I’m…”

“I haven’t given you permission, slut.” She hissed, slipping her hands under my ass, digging her nails into my cheeks, pulling them apart and then, god help me, pressing a fingertip against my anal ring and slowly forcing her finger inside of me.

“Read, you dirty little whore.” She commanded and I obeyed as best I could, stammering along, mispronouncing the simplest of words, adding some that had nothing to do with the story until I finally reached Rachel’s unveiling and then, Conrad’s defilement of her, his tongue insider her/my cunt as I/she pushed ourselves against the barred floor of the cage....

“Fuck.” I moaned, drawing the word out, Kate’s tongue curling inside of my cunt, her finger deep inside my ass. Overwhelmed, I began bucking my hips against her like a bitch in heat, desperate to force her deeper inside of me, reaching between my legs, my fingers tangling in her hair, crying out her name (at least I hope it was her name. It might have been Conrad, so lost in ecstasy I was by then) the lap top sliding from my lap as she pushed a second finger into my ass, sending me violently over the edge, impaling both my fuck holes until I thought I might pass out, until finally waves of orgasmic pleasure tore through me.

It took me forever to catch my breath, to gather my thoughts, much to her amusement. Meekly, I pressed my thighs back together in a false display of modesty, attempting to hide my cream fill cunt from her appraising eyes.

“I win.” She announced, her plump lips, cheeks and chin shining with my juices.

I nodded, unable to articulate a single word in English as I lay slumped there, watching curiously as she rescued my laptop and made room beside me, mirroring my earlier actions and pushing her jeans and read lace panties down her athletic legs. I smiled, remember the times she’d dressed in the Volleyball uniform we’d picked up lately, and we’d defiled each other in several rooms, starting in our kitchen and ending up sprawled across our queen sized bed.

“Gather yourself, honey. I hate leaving a story unfinished…” with a sly smile, she pointed at the floor before her, patiently waiting for me to take my place before maneuvering herself down on the sofa, offering herself as I had offered myself to her, before picking up where I had finally been overcome.

I could feel my juices dripping freely and covering his lips and face…”

I listened carefully, smiling slyly at how familiar the words were to both of us, her sultry voice thickening as I slowly kissed and licked and nibbled my way closer and closer to her cunt, her breath quickening as I brushed my teeth against her labia, freeing her clit carefully, sucking it into my mouth, tongue tip flickering playfully against it, my fingers piercing her dripping hole, curving into her, her fragrance, her taste arousing me beyond belief, turning my thoughts into perverse notions. With a soft growl, I changed tactics, my tongue tip navigating her taint, pressing against her puckered ass, pushing into her as she did her best to relax, to push out against me, taking a moment to spit on her pulsing tight hole before trying to thrust my muscular tongue inside of her. Had my mouth not been so busy, I might have smiled as she reached beneath her legs, her fingers finding her clit, circling it fast, than slow, somehow managing to continue on. Mischievously, I did my best to distract her, purring against her as I ate her asshole out, pressing my face against her pussy, her hand and my nose fighting over her swollen clit as she neared the end of Doll’s story…

She almost made it. A paragraph, perhaps two before she reached the end and she caved, her body going rigid for a brief moment, her legs trapping my head, squeezing almost painfully as she cried out, cumming so hard that her cream gushed out all over my face, dripping onto my tongue as I did my best to lap it up, eager for her taste, praying silently that she might even piss on me, too embarrassed to voice that desire out loud.

Afterwards, we lay in each other’s arms, spent, but quickly recovering our strength, our lust giving us the energy to do more than simply cuddle, our mouths and hands unable to remain idle as we employed a wayward dildo, laughing as we wrestled over it until it was bathed in both our spit, both of our cum, and, eventually, I got my wish as laughingly she herded me to the bathroom, smacking my ass with a spatula stolen from a kitchen drawer.

“Shower time.” She declared, rough handling me into the stall, her grin almost evil as I stared up at her, sprawled on my reddened ass, my legs akimbo, hands covering my tits.

“Beg me, Rachel.”

Her words were crisp and sharp, turning me to jelly, my thoughts confused at first, whimpering softly, unable to form the words, a part of me ashamed at my need. I knew this game all too well. My silence would lead to disappointment and regret.

“Please.” I whispered, my gaze moving from the mocking smile on her face, to the glint of mischief in her eyes, to the rise and fall of her dark tipped breasts, to the well-trimmed landing strip gracing her beautiful cunt.

“Please what, babe?”

“Please… piss on… me.” I mouthed, barely able to get the words out. Not what I really wanted, but it was as much as I dared asked for…

I swallowed hard as she reached out, her fingers tangling in my hair, gripping, pulling me to her, forcing my face against her cunt. Without thought, I opened my mouth wide, pressing it against her, feeling her relax, both eager and patient, one hand between my legs as I frantically pushed my fingers into my sodden cunt, drenching them with my juices before rubbing my pulsing clit desperately, shaking so hard that, had she not kept her grip in my hair, I might have slipped over sideways.

“Oh, god, I’m going…” I managed before a hot stream of piss hit my tongue, the back of my throat, filling my mouth, running down my chin. Desperately, I did my best to swallow as much as I could before being overcome by ecstasy, cumming hard for her, her piss running down my throat, my tits, my belly, finding its way into my cunt as I either came again or kept cumming; which, I am still unsure of.

As for the rest of the evening… yes, we showered, ate, and yes, I went to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 with her and you know, I quite enjoyed it, still somewhat stoned, still lost in post-coital ecstasy, still head over heels in love. Nor did it hurt that I braved the cold and wore a dress and thighs highs and somehow managed to leave my panties at home, allowing her to discretely keep me distracted during the slow parts…


References to our own Dancing_Doll ( ) were used with her permission, as well as several lines from her story, The Sex Rehab Diaries: Rachel’s Confession. It can be found here: I highly suggest you read it as well as her other stories. She is one of the best, perhaps the best, author of erotica I have ever read.

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