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Rebecca's Homecoming

A provocative e-mail causes problems at home
You feel something vibrating against your leg and freeze, momentarily enjoying the pleasant sensation. Realising your mobile phone isn’t stopping, you reluctantly reach inside the pocket of your trouser suit and pull out the device. As you open the home screen of your Apple smart phone, you see an e-mail notification. The message is from me and your curiosity is piqued. You decide to steal a quick glance, despite being in an important business meeting and don't really have the time. Your browser takes time downloading the pictures from the internet, increasing both your irritation and curiosity.

Another quick look reveals nothing but just as you tear your eyes away, the first picture starts to emerge. It seems to be a bedroom but only because a bed is visible. All the curtains are drawn and the room is bound in darkness, making it seem unfamiliar. A few candles illuminate the walls throwing strange, unusual shadows on the walls which are confusing. Then you see the mirrored wall behind the headboard. With a shock, you recognise our boudoir.

You hear someone speaking your name, breaking the spell, and with agonising difficulty you bring yourself back into the boring, mundane world of banking. You ask your colleague to repeat what was said, although you’re still distracted by the second of the two pictures emerging. You’re distracted because your mind is still processing what you had seen. The second picture is a selfie. Your visitor is puzzled by your behaviour, but doesn’t know what you’ve just seen. The picture shows me, bending over, looking at myself in the mirror, dressed in my favourite fuck me lingerie and smiling wickedly. One hand is holding my iPhone and the other has two fingers buried deep inside my bowels. Next, you read the small message accompanying the images I sent you.

Darling, I need you right now. Come home and make me scream.


I’m waiting. I’ve waited six long unbearable hours, my temper slowly smouldering. Nothing! Nada! No phone call, no e-mail, not even a text message! For some unfathomable reason you’ve ignored me and now my mood is dark and dangerous. I’m a powder keg ready to explode and I’m so volatile that not even Guy Fawkes would dare come near me.

Unfortunately my temper isn’t the only thing that’s been steadily increasing. The wanton desire I woke up with this morning, was unbearable when I sent you the e-mail. Now it’s almost consumed me to the point of madness. I opened my eyes wanting to feel your body making love to mine, to feel your hot breath between my legs as your hands grope my breasts.

I e-mailed you wanting to strip you naked as soon as you walked through the door, so I could admire your delectable body and feel your smooth skin on mine and I was prepared to fall to my knees in front of you and pay homage to your sweet pussy, sliding my tongue between your juicy little lips, lapping up all the leaking nectar. I wanted to insert my fingers in your cunt and frig you to a mind blowing climax, making you cum so hard you'd have to scream out loud; so loud the neighbours can hear you, but you never came.

Oh yes darling, I wanted to do all those things to you, but that was six hours ago. Things are different now. I still want to do all those things but now I want revenge. Revenge for making me wait! Revenge for keeping me in a state of sexual frenzy all day! I need to dispel my wrath before it consumes me totally. I need to see you punished. I want to make you suffer, make you wish you’d never come home; most importantly I want you to realise you should never, ever leave me interminably hanging like this.

I hear your car pull up on the driveway and moments later, the sound of a car door closing. I smile satisfactorily as your delicate footsteps pause by the front door. It takes a moment for the key to be inserted as you read the message left there by me.

Go upstairs and put on the blindfold. Then lie down on the bed.

The front door opens and you enter the house cautiously. Your heels click slowly on the wooden floor as you cross the hallway towards the lounge. I can see your reflection in the patio doors, looking for me in the living room but you can’t see me. I’m out of sight, sitting in the easy chair. I’m still dressed as I was in the photo, but my long stocking-clad legs are folded under me and I’m smoking a cigarette whilst waiting for you. I watch you walk warily into the smoke filled room, looking around hesitantly until you eventually see me on the chair, staring out of the window. Cigarette smoke trickles from my nose in an angry swirl, rising upwards towards the ceiling, hinting at my mood. Without uttering a word you obediently disappear upstairs.

The old wooden stairs protest despite your dainty movements and the sound of creaking floorboards fills the house until eventually you reach the top. I’ve left a black silken scarf hanging over the banister ready all for your arrival, and immediately after you’ve traversed the landing I hear you enter the bedroom. There's a moment's silence and then you climb onto the bed. It’s antique which, in our world, means old and rickety and when it’s in use we both know the squeaks it makes can be heard throughout the house.

I hear you getting settled but decide to finish my menthol before getting out of the chair. I sit there and smile sadistically. From the moment the front door opened, not a single word has been exchanged between us, but that's what we do, who we are. You know it, I know it and that's what makes it so exciting. I know butterflies are causing your stomach to cramp up in anticipation, as you lay there, calmly waiting, unaware of what's in store. The sexual tension is suffocating, the suspense is murderous and I swear I can feel your heartbeat through the wooden frame of the house.

I flip open the laptop on the coffee table and see you lying there, spread eagled and face down through the web-cam. A small knot of dark silk rests on your head and a sly smile plays on my lips. I click the record button on the web-cam control panel and watch it illuminate. Another quick glance at the screen reveals that you haven’t moved. I sigh heavily. The last five minutes have been hard for me. Patience has never come easy and despite my anger, I wanted you the minute you walked through the door. Unfortunately for you I had to keep up my façade. With false restraint, I nonchalantly stub out my nicotine addiction and unfold myself from the easy chair. Now it’s my heels that click lazily on the hard wooden floor as I walk towards the hallway and saunter in the direction of the stairway.

With every step I take on the creaky stairs, I can hear a wild thumping. I smile indulgently. I know you’re excited but... Oh dear, my bad. It’s my heart, racing like the clappers I can hear, not yours. I shake my head in amusement and grin self-consciously. I’m so eager, I can’t wait to get upstairs and run my hands all over your gorgeous chest, lick the sweat running down your delightful cleavage and squeeze the fleshy globes with my hands. I look forward to pinching your sweet cherry red nipples, nice and hard just as you like it and hearing you call out my name through gritted teeth.

My pussy twinges at the oncoming prospect and I feel my honey flowing. The scent of arousal reaches my nose and is like a scented aphrodisiac, not that I need one at the moment. I’m so turned on I can barely contain myself. Jesus, if I'm like this then you must be... I grin wickedly from ear to ear, already knowing the answer. Oh yes, you're wet, dripping wet but I'm gonna get you even wetter.

I stand in the doorway before entering the bedroom and observe you.

"Hello, darling, you look stunning, lying there waiting for your punishment.” And it’s true. Your shoulder length hair is lying unruly to one side as you lie there on your stomach. Your sleeveless blouse looks gorgeous, cut high above your waist and I can see little whispers of the tribal tattoo on your back, my gift to you after our first love-making session. Your expensive black trousers hide your long firm legs and my mouth waters at what the future holds for them.

“Go on, baby, spread your legs and pull your trousers up tight. That’s it, nice and tight around your CUNT." I hear a sharp intake of breath. You’re shocked at my obscene language and tone of voice, but immediately you realise what kind of mood I'm in. I watch your hands move hesitantly to your waist band, unsure of what to do next.

“Come on, SLUT, I want to see that fucking pussy,” I continue in the same vein. “I've been horny all fucking day.” My voice takes an accusing tone. “And I want to see some flesh, RIGHT NOW, so make it snappy, bitch.” I see your hands grip your trousers.

“That’s it, darling, right up there, GET A MOVE ON.” The soft material is stretching tighter around your mound and I can see the outline of your beautiful sex appearing, but you seem to be taking your time. “Don’t think I’ve forgiven you, Becky,” I say through clenched teeth. “I wanted you here this morning but obviously my girlfriend had other things, more important things to do than come home and FUCK ME.” My voice rose loudly as I finished talking.

‘Calm down, Andrea,’ I will myself. My temper is getting the better of me.

“Oh no, Rebecca had more important things to do than come home to me, didn't she? Well I’ve waited all fucking day for you and by God I’m going to make you pay.” You start to squirm and a muffled protest comes from the bedclothes, but an angry “Shhhuuussshhh” quietens you immediately.

“Why do you think I sent for you, darling?” I demand angrily. “I was fucking desperate and all I wanted was you to help me get some relief. Didn’t you realise I needed yoooouuuu?” My pleading tone slowly dies out, leaving only the sound of our breathing to fill the ensuing silence. I watch your hands, still busy doing my bidding. Your trousers are rising up around your hips and the shiny fabric spreads tighter over your pussy. I take a couple of steps forward.

I lick my lips in anticipation. Waiting all day for carnal relief has intensified my feelings and emotions. Everything seems exaggerated. Instead of being loving, and forgiving, I want to hurt you and make you suffer. Instead of being the one who worships the ground you walk upon, I want to make you beg for forgiveness, to regret making me wait all day, leaving me feeling high and dry, but most of all I want to make you cum, cum and cum again.

I swear I can see your cunt lips swallowing the seam of your trousers as you finally finish pulling them upwards. It's a perfect camel toe. Seeing you obey me completely sends a thrill right through my body and I can feel myself trembling with excitement.

"Darling, did you have a good day at work?" I ask sweetly, moving towards and sitting on the end of the bed. You nod you head and murmur into the duvet.

"Yes, baby, I had a really productive day, today. I made lots of lovely money.” As you talk I begin running my hand up and down your leg, trailing my fingernail along the back of your calves.

“Mostly for the bank,” you continue. “But some of our investments turned out to be quite profitable as well. So it was a win-win day today." I listen to you explaining how good you are whilst staring out of the shaded window. When I hear you fall silent, I snort my derision.

"What good is money to me when all I want is you? Don’t you get it?” I ask bitterly. “Money... money... money... It’s all you ever fucking think about when you leave me here alone." My tone is harsh, even to my ears and I see your body slump in defeat.

Seeing your reaction I wonder if I’ve gone too far and this moments guilt makes me hesitate for a split second. ‘Are you really upset or is this part of the game?’ I ask myself yet again. We both know I struggle with this, keeping up the pretence of anger when all I want to do is take you in my arms, and this sort of gesture is bound to make me insecure. ‘Should I keep going or abort?’ Through my fingers, I feel you relax and sigh heavily.

“You little minx,” I whisper inaudibly. Without looking at you, I can feel you smiling, enjoying this little charade. I sigh again; even in this submissive state you're still able to control me.

"Tell me, baby, did my e-mail make you horny when you received it this morning darling?" I try keeping my voice calm, try feigning indifference but I'm aware of the inquisitive tone betraying my curiosity.

"Yes, Drea,” you reply, your voice sounding victorious. You heard the eagerness in my question as well. “As soon as I read it, I couldn't wait to leave the office and get home, but I was in an important business meeting and couldn’t get away." Your reply is quick and polished, as if you’ve rehearsed it. It’s too convenient for my liking but there’s not much I can do about it.

As we talk my hand reaches up around your crotch and I feel heat and moisture. 'Are you that turned on?' I ask myself excitedly.

“What did you like about it the most?”

My narcissistic tendencies demand constant reassurances from you, but you already know that. You begin telling me and while you stroke my ego, my fingers reach between your splayed legs and gingerly cup your mound. The crotch of your trousers has taken the form of your labia and my fingertips easily locate your swollen clitoris. I feel you press your groin against my exploratory digits and get my answer.

"Did seeing my fingers crammed up my arse get you nice and wet like you are now, darling? Did my Becky start creaming her knickers?” I hear a soft groan and smile inwardly. “Did it get you so horny you wanted to invite your new secretary...?” I left the question unfinished, hanging in the air between us. Your body stiffened like a board and your abdomen presses my hand into the mattress. You turn your blindfolded head to the sound of my voice, as if trying to improve your hearing.

I press my fingers harder into your flesh. I see you bite your lips in an admission of guilt, and a loud groan escapes your mouth as my fingers find your soaking wet slit. I lean over you and place my mouth by your ear. You can feel my warm breath on the back of your neck.

"Oh yes, darling, I know all about your new infatuation. Did you ask her to go with you... to the ladies?" You shake your head, denying emphatically my accusation.

"Remember, Rebecca, you're mine. All mine and only mine. I’m not gonna share you with anybody. Do you understand me?" Your head nods obediently, but we both know the truth. Your wandering eye has caused me many a sleepless night, jealousy devouring me, as I imagine you in the arms of another.

Even though the thought of you being naked with someone else causes me such anxiety I have difficulty breathing, the game must progress. You whimper loudly as my fingers rubbing either side of your engorged clit intensify the steady heat between your thighs and you press your groin harder unto my hand.

"When you had the chance, did you go to the ladies? Did Susie, the secretary, follow you? Did you masturbate and cum for her or did she get down on her knees and...?” I ask playfully. Another whimper escapes your lips as you shake your head in denial.

"Don't lie to me now, baby," I hiss in your ear, and continue frigging your cunt. “Did she watch you expose yourself to...?” You continually shake your head, protesting your innocence.

“Did you hold your cunt lips open for her... like you do for me and beg her to lick your pussy? How did it feel when she flicked her tongue over your juicy little clit? Loud murmurs of dissent fill the room, trying to refute my claims, but they sound suspiciously like moans of pleasure. I keep up my interrogation. “Did she slide her long slender fingers up your cunt or is she so depraved that she fingered your arse?” As I’m saying this I press my own thumb against your back door and feel you stiffen.

“No, no, no!" You exclaim. "Nothing like that happened, Drea, I promise you.” You sound like you’re pleading. The question is why? Is it part of the game or is it your reaction to my thumb?

“I admit, when I saw your photo, I immediately excused myself and went to the ladies. I looked at you fingering yourself and did the same. Exactly the same.” You’re talking quicker now, desperate to convince me you’re telling the truth. “I frigged myself until I came,” you say. “My fingers were covered in cum when I was finished, I was so turned on, and it was all because of you." During your admission I feel you grind your labia, hard against my hand.

"You say that, Rebecca, but we both know it was Susie's fingers and tongue you really wanted between your legs, wasn’t it?" My voice is cold and hard like a true interrogator, still disbelieving his suspects answers. Unconsciously I tighten my grip on your body and my hand presses harder into your flesh. You groan again and then there’s a brief silence followed by a long deep sigh before you start telling me what I want to hear.

"Yes, Drea, I wanted Susie to...” Your voice sounds dreamy now. “I hoped she would follow me to the ladies, where we could be alone. I was prepared to open my legs for her, hoping she would get down on her knees and lick me with her delicious sexy mouth. I wanted to cum all over her beautiful brown face." I listen to you hesitate, wondering whether to continue, not sure if I want to hear anymore.

"When she looks at me, darling, my legs turn to jelly and I get so wet. One day I’m going to have her, Drea. I’m going to fuck her. I’ll eat that sweet little pussy of hers and make her cum like a fountain. Then when I come home I’ll let you taste her on me.” I smile fondly at your prone figure and empty promise. It’s all part of our game. Every time we play, it’s always a different colleague who is the object of desire and today it was Susie’s turn.

“She's so gorgeous and sexy, I'm sure you'd like her, darling. Maybe we can both do her?" you ask hopefully, still humping your sex determinedly against my agile fingers. Even though the thought of a threesome is tempting, I’m not sure I could contain my jealousy. The idea of watching someone else kneeling between your thighs, greedily drinking in all your pussy juices makes me wince. You’d have to tie me to a chair to keep me from doing something stupid. I can see it in my mind’s eye. You on your back, Susie’s mouth busy and my breathing quickens, but for all the wrong reasons.

A sob of protest fills the room as I brusquely remove my hand from between your thighs, and reach under the bed. I can see you still grinding your stomach on the bed as sexual longings control your movements. You hear a click and then a buzzing sound. The suspense is making you edgy, knowing what's coming but not where or how. Something hard and unforgiving is placed exactly where my fingers were only moments ago.

Through the thin layers of fabric covering your swollen sex, you can feel thousands of vibrating sensations. As our electronic boyfriend, devoid of feelings or guilt, weaves its magic, I lean over you and plant a warm kiss on the small of your back, exposed because your blouse has risen upwards. My tongue traces the small tribal tattoo decorating your soft skin, trying to follow the ink pattern downwards towards the cleft between your buttocks but the raised waist band interrupts my progress.

Your erotic moaning fills the bedroom as 'Mr Vibro' continues stimulating you, pulsating thousands of times a minute, giving you an intense sensation between your legs. I can see your hands twitching, grabbing the pillows tightly as shocks of pleasure rack your body. My mouth moves downwards, over the satin waistband and you feel me running my tongue down between your buttocks. Through your clothes I can smell your arousal and it fuels my passion further. My tongue continues downwards over the seam of your trousers and I’m having difficulty containing myself.

Reaching under the bed, I search in vain for something, and even though I know where it is, I can’t find it. Panic grows in my haste, as my hand keeps missing what I’m looking for.

'It has to be there, I know it’s there; I put it there earlier today for god’s sake,' I remonstrate myself. Eventually my fingers grasp the object I’m so desperate for. Seconds later you feel something cold and hard slide along the bare skin on your back of your calves. You don't understand what's happening and despite the heat emanating from your loins, I see a shiver run down your spine. Uncertain apprehension begins to creep over you, anxiety feeding your imagination.

“Don’t move, darling," I warn, my voice husky with emotion. Snip! Snip! Snip! The sudden rush of cool air and the strange feeling of sharp cold steel accidentally touching you produces goose bumps to appear on the increasing amount of bare flesh. You feel the expensive cloth of your trousers parting over your legs, like the Red Sea but can’t understand how. Lying there passively you’re totally unprepared for my destructive onslaught.

Despite the vibrator slowly but surely bringing you to orgasm, your curiosity gets the better of you. Cautiously raising your head, you turn blindfolded eyes to the sound of my voice and stare in my direction. Devoid of sight, other senses; hearing, smell and touch are working overtime trying to compensate for the loss of vision, but all the contradictory signals flood your brain confusing you. Of course smell and touch are the most active, and they are constantly being challenged by me.

We’re both hugely turned on and the scent of lust is a heady overpowering fragrance, getting stronger as more naked flesh is revealed. The warm summer evening has heated the air in the room and now it’s hot and sweltering, almost tangible but your skin reacts positively to the oppressive atmosphere. The sheen covering your bare flesh is highlighted by the soft candlelight that still flickers in the stifling heat.

I continue ruining your trousers watching in delight as more lightly tanned skin appears, contrasting deeply against the soft black material which concedes to the razor sharp edge. You moan softly, nearing orgasm and a shudder of pleasure runs down my own spine. My clit begins to throb heavily and I’m dying for some relief but that will come later. First I’m determined to make you cum.

Whatever you were expecting, it wasn’t this. We’ve played this game a few times and I felt that we were getting into a rut, so today I thought up something new. Obviously this new twist has exceeded your expectations. Knowing you like I do, you’re always seeking new thrills but I don’t think you anticipated this.

The back of your long muscular thigh comes into view as the sharp blades moves forward, laying waste to your expensive garment. Your pert little bottom peeks tantalisingly at me from under the material still covering your rump. I tug on the loosened cloth, pulling it upwards and hear you moan softly. The seam between your legs, already pulled tight against your sex presses even harder into your moistness, rubbing in competition with the vibrator your swollen clitoris.

Rough sensations of pleasure rack your body and make your hips buck wildly, endangering your peachy skin. With care I guide the sharp instrument in my hand through the thin fabric covering your buttocks, pausing as the seam that’s giving you so much enjoyment, gives the scissors something thicker to negotiate. Eventually the folded pleat gives way to the cold steel and I continue revealing your derrière. Snip! Snip! I begin cutting the other trouser leg, slowly working my way back to your foot.

Despite planning this, I'm hardly able to contain my excitement. Trembling violently from this extreme arousal, I hadn't imagined how exciting this was going to be when I wondered how I could punish you.

My state of mind is so inside out, at the moment, I have to take great care not to harm you in any way. It is, after all a game, a sexual fantasy we bring to life, both of us enjoying it to the fullest, and even a tiny nick could break the spell, destroying everything.

I feel the destructiveness coursing through my veins as vividly as the perspiration running down my neck, as I work my way down to your left foot. When I’m finished, your trousers are destroyed and I can’t deny the intense high I’m feeling. This garment costing $300 bucks is ruined, punishment enough for such a fashion-conscious person like yourself. The front half, still under your thighs, looks like a shadow on the bedspread. The back half resting between your exposed limbs lies there uselessly. I stifle a little giggle as a thought enters my brain. Maybe we could fit a zipper and repair it, an outrageous new fashion statement.

Seeing you lying there half-dressed, writhing your lace covered groin against the vibrator, brings me out of my daydream. I remove the wrecked half from the bed and throw them on the floor. I look again between your legs. Your gorgeous mound is highlighted and protected by your sexy panties, but I can see your protruding pussy lips pushing against the gusset, your juices discolouring the flimsy piece of cloth sandwiched deliciously by your bum.

Putting the scissors down for a moment, I put my hands on your cheeks and pull them apart hoping to expose your anal star. A shiver of delight runs down my spine when your secret entrance is almost exposed, obscured only by delicate lace. I lean forward and place my tongue onto the flimsy fabric and slide the tip of my moist muscle up and down your anal crevice. I can smell your excitement.

You wiggle your backside and push it upwards against my face but doing that decreases the pleasure our electric friend is giving you. You want the best of both worlds and press your loins downwards but simultaneously reaching back and pressing your hand against the back of my head. This forces my tongue against your starfish.

“Lick me, Drea,” you demand breathlessly, holding my head in place. "I can’t take much more of this and I need to cum."

I want to bury my head between your legs, eat, breathe and drink in your sex. I long to taste your arousal. I want to dip my tongue into your honey pot before sliding it upwards to invade your brown rose. Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! Your sexy panties are obstructing too much so I decide they must suffer the same fate as your trousers.

I free myself from your grasp and reach for the sharp instrument. Three short, sharp snips reduces what was once raunchy lace underwear into expensive tatters, as useless as your trousers. Removing the wasted rag from your behind, I can see your swollen lips open, excited and pouting proudly between your buttocks. I feel my breathing getting heavier. God you're so wet.

Honey dew trickles from your pink walled gash and the gusset lying uselessly on the bed, darkens as the syrupy liquid is absorbed. How I wish it were my tongue there instead of your ruined garment. I see you grind your mound against the vibrator still hidden from sight under the remains of your underwear and another soft moan escapes your lips. We both know you can’t take it much longer.

I grab the saturated lace with my fingers and pull the tatters violently from under you. Despite the pleasure you're deriving, you emit a sharp intake of breath. The delicate straps that held your panties nice and high on your hips only moments ago, cause friction burns on your soft skin due to the ferocity of my actions. Raising the ragged cloth to my mouth I breathe in the intoxicating fragrances you’ve secreted and run my tongue hungrily over the absorbent fabric.

A rich palette of flavours assaults my senses. Hot pussy juice, mixed with cum are definitely definable and even the faint, bitter after taste of urine tingles my taste buds. This erotic marination, ignites my passions further and wanting more, I lower my head towards your abdomen. You raise your blindfolded head and peer unseeingly over your shoulder as you feel my hot breath on your limbs and my hands pulling your legs further apart. Now you’re all mine. Eagerly anticipating my next move you raise your hips ever so slightly. Without a word I plunge forward. My nose disappears between your buttocks and I slide my tongue home.

I hear you moaning loudly with desire as my tongue, snaking up inside you, gathering your nectar almost sends you over the edge. I feed my hungry mouth eagerly. I can feel the vibrator doing its work inexhaustibly through my chin and unable to control yourself any longer, you start to buck your hips. I lap up all your love sap as quickly as it comes, making loud exaggerated slurping sounds bringing you ever closer to orgasm.

My mouth and chin is shiny and slick with the copious juices you’re producing and I see you tense up as you ball your hands into fists inside the bedspread. I grab your hips and hold them tight and then move my mouth to your perineum. I twirl my tongue along the tiny space between your orifices and feel you tense up again.

"Lick me, baby, make me cum." Your begging is an aphrodisiac. You grind your clit against the vibrating toy and bring your tight starfish, whether by accident or design, enticingly in line with my mouth. Never one to refuse temptation, I press forward, my tongue sticking out like a small penis and feel your ring resist momentarily.

You hold your abdomen still, whilst feeling me push against you and without warning your sphincter opens up and welcomes me into your dark secret depths. A loud, drawn out moan rents the silence as I wiggle my muscle deep inside you. I feel a hand being placed onto my head again, holding it exactly where you want it. Your other hand reaches down between your legs and grabs hold of the sex toy. I feel it bump against my chin before you insert it inside your cunt.

Your pussy splits open to receive the intrusion, and you start bucking your hips. Slowly at first, but your movements are getting wilder by the second. My tongue slips out of your lubricated anus, as your body responds to the double penetration, but before I know what is happening I feel you grind your rear end against my face re-establishing the contact. Because you’re still holding my head in place, I can’t refuse your offering and more to the point I don’t want to. Automatically I poke my tongue out again.

Your moaning is getting heavier and heavier as your climax is only moments away. Still lying supine between your legs, I grab hold of our electric friend and push it deep inside you. Your swollen lips enclose around the hard white plastic and I can hear the squelching sounds as I pull it back downwards. Although I’m determined to bring you to an all-encompassing orgasm, my own cunt is crying out for attention.

I thrust my other hand down my panties. They’re drenched with sap and my clit is throbbing violently. My fingers seek out my sensitive button and begin writhing forcibly over it. Stomach muscles contract at the touch and I realise that my own orgasm isn’t that far away.

The vibrator slides easily inside and out of you, but I feel you clenching your muscles when I try withdrawing it. I swear you were trying to suck it back inside you, desperate for the delicious stretching feeling it’s giving you.

"That's it, baby. Let me fuck your cunt," I murmur ramming it back inside your silken tunnel. “Let mama make you cum.” My fingers brush against your slippery lips each time as you take the whole thing and loud squelching sounds fill my ears.

"Oh God, oh my God.” Your tone is urgent. “Drea, you fucking bitch, I'm gonna cum!" The vibrator disappears again, and you force your bum against my head. My tongue pushes further than before inside you.

“Ooooh baby don't stop. Pleeeaaasee… I’m cuuuummmmm…”

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