Relaxing Ride Chapter 2

By dudetodude

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This is chapter 2 of a story involving sex between a middle aged and a 21 year old woman.

      Relaxing Ride Ch. 2
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      This is chapter 2 of a story involving sex between a middle aged and a 21 year
      old woman. This is a subject near and dear to me. If anyone has any
      lesbian stories involving age differences, I would appreciate reading

      * * * * *
      By now I was hornier than hell and secretly lusted for her body but wondered
      if she felt the same. My pussy was so wet and not just from the sauna.
      Being around Cindy, in the sauna and getting massaged was definatly having
      an effect on me and I could feel myself trembling as she positioned herself face down
      on the sauna bench unclasped her bikini top expecting me to return the favor.
      I was about to positon myself when Cindy rolled over onto her back back
      exposing her small perky breasts for my eyes to feast on. Her eyes were closed
      and her lips displayed an almost sinister expression as she lay there waiting
      for her turn to messaged.

      "I don't want you to break any nails" was all she said with her eyes closed
       and a smirk on her face. Which is why she removed her bra I thought.

      My heart skipped a few beats. I didn't know what to do, where to look,
      or where to touch her. I was scared shitless! and trembling.
      Here we were, our bodies covered in sweat, me horny as hell and not sure
      if Cindy felt the same as I did or was she just acting normal as all
      sofisticated and mature woman act when it's just us girls around?
      Was I reading this all wrong? Out of my comfort zone, I wasn't sure exactly what to do

so I began to
      rub her arms, her thighs, her legs, and get into massaging her, like she did to me.
      I did everything I could so as not to touch her breasts or get too close to her
      bikini clad pussy.

      I imagined what her pussy would look like though. The vivid pictures of her sweaty

pussy was leaving a sweet
      impression on me.Did she shave? I wondered.
      I didn't think so but her perfect mound protruded up and looked high. I noticed
      her eyes were closed and I stole as many peeks of her body as I thought
      I could get away with. Still shaking and nervous, I wondered if I should
      risk our friendship and my embarrassment and touch her perky little breasts that

      to just be waiting forme to touch or suck on. Her breats were just waiting only a few

      away just calling out to be carressed.
      Does she want me to touch her there? Should I just lean over and kiss her?
      I didn't know what to do and my entire insides ached for physical attention.
      Cindy let out a soft moan while I rubbed her tummy and rib cage.
      I couldn't stand it anymore and I was loosing my nerve to try anything that came to

mind so,
      about a minute later, but for me it felt like an eternity, I said

     "Ok that's it, your done!" and with that, I gave her a light slap on her thighs
     and proceeded to get my towel.

     With a pout expression and a playful smile she says,

     "Heh what a ripoff! I messageg you way longer than that!" 
      With that she to got upand reached for her towel.

      On the way back up to our room, I was tearing up inside. I don't think
      Cindy knew what she had done to me. God I was soooo horny. The thought of
      being touched by another woman had me going crazy.

      "Damn" I cursed myself, if anything was going to happen,
      that would've been the time. Damn I blew it!

      I had made up my mind right there in the sauna that I wanted her and I had
      to figure out if she felt the same. Even if she did, I wouldn't have enough
      nerve to make the first move.  Damn! I was hopeless I thought!

      We got to our room and we both had to go pee. We started kidding around as
      to who had to go worst. By the time we finished that, I was about to pee
      my pants so I sat down.
      I was secretly hoping Cindy would come in. I had purposly left the door
      open just a crack so as not to appear too obvious. No luck of Cindy barging in, I

      She was far too classy for that, though I did catch a glimpse of her looking
      at me through the reflection of the mirrors in the rooms as she held the door knob,
      wiggling, holding her legs together and complaining how bad
      she had to go. I was done and just as I was getting up she burst in
      laughingly complaining how long I took. As she sat down to pee, I pulled up my bikini

bottoms and
      stayed in the bathroom and brushed my hair trying to look as casual about it as
      possible. I then went and sat on the huge bed and turned on the TV.

      Cindy came out after what seemed to be an eternity. Facing away from her,
      I began to change into my nighty. She quickly grabbed my top from me
      saying "no fair, you cheated me out of my message, it's only fair I get
      the same time. "

      I laughed and said "touché" and suggested she get out her my wet things
      since she was getting the sheets wet. She gave me back my top and we both
      changed. Her into her nightie, a sexy black Victoria Secrets set and I only
      had a pair of PJs to change into. Cindy laughed and for some strange
      reason I almost began to cry. I think she sensed it and took out another
      nice nighty, a red one and said "here Rose, try this on...I'd like to see
      how it looks on someone else, it should fit you." I slipped it on in front
      of her, not feeling self-conscious anymore and "woooo it feels soooo
      sexy." I said.

      I looked at myself in the mirror and said with two thumbs up using a wise guy
      tone of voice,

      "Hey! I would fuck that!"

      "Ya" Cindy said "I'd fuck that to," and we both broke out into laughing hysterics.

      We jumped into bed and under the covers. I was lying on my back with my legs closed

and stretched
      out straight. The bed was so wide and large we where pretending that we
      couldn't see each other. Laughing, we put our hands to our foreheads like
      we were looking through binoculars, kidding around, Cindy crawled underneath the

covers on all fours and made out like       she was searching for me.

      She crawled underneath the covers moving her hands wildly around
      pretending to be in search for the little lost Rose. In the meantime, I'm
      laying flat on my back, my legs together stretched out completely covered
      by the sheets, and my hands folded behind my head with my head outside the
      covers on my pillows. Under the sheets Cindy grabbed my ankle with both
      hands as if to simulate grabbing in the dark and laughingly saying

      "Oops what have we here, what is this?"

      Her hands crept up my legs to my thighs as she laughed and said

      "I think we have something here!"

      Still underneath the covers teasing me, she moved her hands up to my waist and then up

my tummy and to my chest.
      By now Cindy was on all fours straddled over me under the sheets as I laughed. My

pussy lips and tits were so tender         and sensitive that the slightest touch would

break the dam and make me cum.
      She deliberately placed her hands on my aching breasts in her strattled position and

without warning,
      lowers herself onto me. She pops her head out from under the sheets just a few inches

from my face.
      With the heat of her body on mine, and the pressure of her pussy grinding on my pussy

drove me over the edge.

      I was cumming hard as she said with a sultry tone, "yep, I think I found you my little

lost Rose garden" with that she       kissed me gently on the lips and lingered there for a

few moments.

      I was so wet and excited I didn't hesitate to dart my tongue as deep into her
      mouth as it would go.

      "Oh Cindy!" oh God!" I moaned I'm cumming. I've wanted you to kiss me all night.
      You don't know what I'm feeling right now."

      "Oh yes I do Rose" she says,

      "Shhh my sweet, shhh." We kissed with passion as our bodies tried to make contact with

every possible skin surface of our bodies. Our breasts mashed together and our pussies were

locked mound to mound. I loved it when Cindy rubbed her pussy lips on          mine, I had

never felt anything soo hot in my short inexperienced life and it felt so       good through

the sheer nighties. "Ahhh" I moaned as my breathing grew more
      rapid. Cindy kicked away the sheets and blankets and slipped off my panties.

      Gently she removed her nighty and my top and her mouth moved down to my now burning
      pussy as her tongue performed magic. For the first time, I felt the touch of a      

woman's tongue on my pussy. No longer just a fleeting fantasy, I was really being
      eaten out! God I had to have her. I wanted to taste her so much. We naturally slipped 

     into a sixty-nine position and I sucked on Cindy's pussy like I was a pro
      at it.

      Throughout the night we had cum several times and rested several times, and went at
      it again. After an hour or so, just as I thought we should rest, she reached into
      her night bag and introduced me to Bubba! Her 8" rubber dick was nicer
      than the one I kept secretly hidden away. " I never leave home without it"
      she proudly said.

      Cindy began to stroke it and suck and lick it for me as I watched her. I spread my    

     legs and begged her to fuck me with it. "Fuck me Cindy, please fuck me with your hot   

   dick!" For hours we fucked each other with her rubber dick, eat each others pussies,     

and sucked on each others nipples. Granted my sex life experiences were limited but I     

had never been more satisfied in my life.
     It was like we couldn't get enough of each other. I felt happy and fulfilled and I     

think I was falling in love with her.

      By early light, we were both spent. We lit a cigarette and shared it in
      bed. Cindy told me I was terrific. It was one of the greatest compliments
      I could have received. She asked how much experience I had in girl-to-girl

      I laughed and said "you're kidding right?" you are my first Cindy.
      I should be asking you how long you've been fucking young woman.
      Cindy smiled and said "you are the first" Again I said "you're kidding

      "No" she said and explained that since her husband died five years
      ago, she hadn't dated or had sex with anyone. "Shamefully" she explained I
      play with myself almost every day and sometimes twice a day" I can't help
      it, I'm always horny.

      For about two years now, I've been curious about making love with another woman but   

     I've never had the nerve to actually go for it until today.

      I first fantasized about woman-to-woman loving two years ago when I ordered
      lesbian videos and little sex toys by mail, just to get my thrills, I guess. Thats    

     what being alone can do to a woman. When I first decided I wanted to go for it, I      

    first fantasized of woman I knew from the club or church, usually someone my own age    

   with ideas that maybe I could persuade one of them to try it. I even hosted              

  afternoon teas at my house so that some of the ladies I fantasized about would be         

 there, in my house, the scent of their perfume and with wishful thinking,
      maybe one of them would stay a little longer after everyone else had left, and see    

  if there might be a possibility but nothing ever came of it.

      I hired a college student shortly after that to come in and help clean
      around the house and I wanted to try something with her but I was always
      too chicken and didn't know quite how to get it started. Later, she went back to      

     school, and it was too late but my mind would always wander back to making love to     

    her, a younger woman. It was right about then that I began ordering porno videos and    

   play things.

      I learned then that I was always turned on by lesbian scences and more so when an     

 older and younger woman and younger girl was in the scence. My mind would always           

stray back to college age girls and I found myself thinking more about my friends          

daughters more than the ladies I had invited over for tea. At first I was ashamed of       

my behavior but I later came to grips with it and accepted my fetishes.

      When I go to the local library or the mall and see all those young woman, it's      

fustrating that I can't act upon my desires. Living in a college town and a       small town

at that, doesn't help the situation either.

      So when I first saw you at the rest area, I started to think about my masturbation
      fantasies and I considered the idea. Driving in the car and watching you today had my 

     mind going crazy. I never expected to ever be with another woman or a young girl for   

   that matter until I met you and then I saw a possibility.

      "That's an amazing story!" I said "When did you first think of seducing
      me?" I asked. Well after we met at the rest area and I asked you if you
      wanted to stick together, at that point I wasn't even thinking of seducing
      you. Not then. Not until we were on the road again driving and in my minds
      eye I began to explore the possibilities. I tried to set up scenarios that
      would put us in a situation. You wouldn't believe what this mind of mine
      thinks of!

      "You have no idea how wet I was thinking of you while I was driving Rose." Cindy      

      I had no idea what to do or where to even begin. I've never seduced a
      woman before, Cindy explained.

      "I thought you were hitting on me in the restaurant today," I said, because you were  

    open me and all the compliments you gave me that maybe I you wanted to get into my      


      "Rose I thought for sure" you had done this sort of thing before especially when you  

     went along with sharing a room with me for the night." Cindy explained. "I was hoping  

    that maybe, just maybe you might even make the first move. I was very uncertain if I
      should even try anything in case you were disgusted with the whole idea of a woman,   

   an old perverted woman coming onto you, I didn't know what to think" Cindy said.

      "Well, I was pretty nervous at the pool" Rose said, "and that I was
      hoping you would make the first move." I liked it when you flirted with me in the
      water and in the hot tub.

      "I almost gave up trying at first when you didn't respond." said Cindy.

      "By the time we reached the sauna, I was so confused about my feelings,
      I wasn't sure if I was reading your signals right or what." said Rose, "but by then,  

    I was ready for anything."

    "When you stripped me during the message, I thought that was it. I guess you lost your  

    nerve to go further" Cindy said, and so did I.

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