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Reluctant Adventures

A quiet, lonely night, in a remote cottage turns into a new erotic adventure...

At last I was here, far away from my office and my mundane life. A chance to be Me if only for a few short days.

I felt bad, lying to both family and colleagues, but I needed a break, boy did I need a break. My feeling was that it was better to take some time out, just for me, rather than carry on as I was and end up breaking out for good.

So, here I was, booked into a lovely cottage, unseen by the few that ventured along the Sky Road. This was in my birthplace: of Clifden, in the lovely Connemara countryside, on the West Coast of Ireland.  

I threw my bag on the bed and unclipped my hair, letting it fall about my shoulders. I shook my head as though to release all my burdens from my mind. I had freed myself from my partner for a whole week on the pretext of going to a conference. At the same time I had explained my forthcoming absence to my colleagues by inventing a private trip with my partner. This was going to be Heaven! I pondered on the fact that the my colleagues seemed more concerned about my absence than my partner, but I was not about to let that worry me now – this was MY time and I was going to damn well enjoy it.

I headed for the shower, turning on the jets and then neatly folding my jacket, skirt and blouse, kicking my shoes into the corner, and sliding each stocking down my leg to lay in a silky heap on the floor, they were soon joined by underwear as, at last I could indulge. Quickly grabbing my shower foam and shampoo I finally stood under the fast flowing water – delicious. I allowed myself to just relax under it for a while, enjoying the feel of the water as it ran over my face, down over my breasts, making my nipples tingle and tighten, and onwards down my body.

Reaching for the scented foam, I squirted it into my hand and started to move my hand in lazy circles across my body, enjoying the feel of the almost silken touch of the bubbles as my hands skimmed over my body and down between my thighs to stroke the smooth skin of my pussy lips. I smiled to myself as I realised it was the most attention my body ever seemed to receive lately, and it was all down to me and my soapy hands. What a waste! Ah well, ensuring that every nook and cranny was squeaky clean was a pleasure that, for now, was all mine.

After I had washed and conditioned my hair, I allowed myself to indulge in a little more pleasure, removing the shower head from it’s rack on the wall, I leaned back against the wall and slowly moved the shower head from the top of my head, over my face, then played the water across each breast and enjoyed the instant response from my nipples and, the shivers that reached my groin. On down over my belly and finally to my pussy, sliding my legs apart I directed the jets across the outer folds and then sliding my fingers down I parted them to expose the pink clitoris hidden inside. I love that feeling, and although I knew that the effect of the water would make me sticky with desire, I could not resist.

It did not take long before the combination of my knowing fingers and the tingling from the jets had me moaning in pleasure as my orgasm hit, hard and fast. Now that is one way to relax I thought with pleasure.

I leaned out of the shower and pulled the fluffy white towel from the rack and wrapped my still sensitive body in it as I headed back to the bedroom to dress.

It was a lovely day outside so I threw open the window, unwound the towel from my body and stood allowing the breeze to dry my body. , Whilst I shook out my hair, pulling it back into shape with my fingers,. I could see across the gardens, down into the bay, and on the beach; There, a lone person, a girl, walking walked slowly along the beach, long dark hair being gently tossed around her face, seemingly lost in thought. I wondered who she was and whether I might meet her some time on during the course of my visit. I shook my head and laughed out loud, the possibility of me not coming across her was actually pretty remote:, in a place like Clifden, you see everybody, all the time, surely that is why so many young people left.

After watching her for a while, I decided that I could not spend my holiday watching the rest of the world living theirs; I needed to get myself moving and make myself at home. With that in mind I unpacked my bag, carelessly tossing silk and lace underwear into the top drawer, hanging the rest of my clothes in the wardrobe, with shoes at the bottom. The last item,: my silk bag with my toy, now that needed to be more accessible as I intended to become reacquainted with it very soon, so it went on the bedside table

Going back to the wardrobe I took out a pale cream silk shirt and black jeans,jeans then crossed to the drawer to find the cream lace half cup bra and thong that I loved to wear beneath them. I slipped into the thong, and captured my breasts into the half cup of the bra, before wriggling into the snug fitting jeans and topping it all with the blouse. This blouse was, one of my favourites, I loved the way it concealed and yet hinted at what was beneath. I felt fresh and ready for my break.

I started wandering from room to room to get the feel of my new home for the next seven days. However, it was not long before the flash on my BlackBerry was signalling a message for me. I knew I should ignore it, but the fact that I had taken off at short notice made me feel obliged to assist where I could so., sighing, I reached over to check it out.

I should have guessed, it was from Tony, the one person I would have preferred not to have been in touch with. , I had been thinking way too much about him for my own good, in fact if I were honest, he was part of the reason I was coming away; , I needed to distance myself from the increasingly warm looks, the subliminal messaging that seemed to emanate between us… it really was not good.

“Arrived safely? Wish I were there too”

Hmm, now that would complicate things for me, but I could not help but smile as I responded.

“If you can find me, you can join me ;)

As I pressed the send button, I could not help but smile, enjoying the shiver of excitement at the thought of just what I would like to be doing with Tony that moment.

We had only been working together for about a month, but from the minute he walked in the door I could feel my body respond to him and since then my mind had been caught up with him too, there really was an instant attraction, and it seemed clear to be on both sides. What a shame I had vowed never to mix work with pleasure.... besides I was married!

Of course we had become friendly, and the odd exchange of messages during the day were becoming something that I was increasingly looking forward to. Just thinking of him was making me feel totally horny, so I slipped out of my jeans, and ran my fingers down over my thong. I almost groaned with pleasure as I felt the roughness of the lace against my already swollen clit. It was no good I was going to have to finish this and fast.

Wasting no further time I moved into the bedroom, feeling in my bag, I found what I was looking for, a silk bag that contained my precious toy, my rabbit. As I leaned with my back to the old fashioned iron worked headboard, I could see my body reflected back from the tall Victorian mirror near the wardrobes at the foot of my bed. Interesting!, perhaps I could make use of that opportunity later, but for now, I just wanted relief.

Pushing the button that brought my playmate to life, I eased it over my silky blouse, getting an immediate response, my nipples tightened involuntarily, becoming so hard it was an exquisite mix of pain and pleasure. , I slid down my thong, anxious to free my pussy from its close embrace. The thought of what I knew was surely coming sent shivers through my belly and tingles down my legs, all the way to my toes. I could not wait. My thighs parted, almost involuntarily, my fingers stroked over the smooth skin of my pussy, light touches, fast touches, my eyes closed, wishing they belonged to someone else, I ached for a hot and throbbing cock inside me, but for now my toy would have to do.

Wasting no time, I parted my outer lips; I could see just how wet and inviting it was, just waiting to be fucked. Running the vibrating, pulsing head over my clitoris made me feel like I was in heaven, and I knew that when the toy was inside I would feel like I was being fucked and stroked at the same time, something I loved, the very thought of it aroused me even more, I was so damned horny I was almost cumming! II could wait no longer, and with one fluid movement I pushed it inside my tight hole, loving the feeling of being stretched and the simultaneous vibrations against both my clit and the depths of my vagina was pure heaven!

The designer should have been awarded the Nobel Prize for Services to Women!

My legs widened to accommodate this tireless cock, I was pumping slowly and deeply, I needed to stroke my aching breasts, so heavy with lust and tension was my body. With shaking fingers I started to undo each button on my blouse, eyes half closed, pretending that it was a lover, eager to see those deep pink nipples standing proudly out, eager for mouth to suck and nibble, fingers to stroke.

At that moment I thought I saw movement by the window. Was somebody there? I had not thought to close the curtains, after all, the cottage was quite remote.

To hell with it, I so badly needed to be fucked, if only I could clear Tony out of my mind for a while,, I am sure the break would be just what I needed.

I stopped... there it was again:, that movement in the corner of my eye. What was it? Who was it? I could see a flash of long dark hair, low cut tee shirt with, what looked like, a pretty hot body underneath it, and clearly not male, interesting, but how terrible, everything I had been brought up to believe was that nice girls did not think about sex, let alone behave like this. Mind you, nice girls did not watch other girls through the window, and, after all, this was my week to escape;, my week to be me. Taking a deep breath and praying in a way that was probably not one that Sister Mary Patrick would have condoned, I rolled over on to my hands and knees and turning so that my ass was facing the window. , I continued to pleasure myself, pretty certain that it would not be long until I caught sight of my spy. One eye on the mirror, I continued to slide the toy across my lips and then to bury it deep inside me, it felt so damn good.

Sure enough she was there again, bolder this time, watching me, and it was not shock on her face, but pure pleasure. Suddenly, she glanced up, realising that I was watching, smiling at her in encouragement. I beckoned, indicating that she should come round to the front of the house. Then she was gone. Damn, I had frightened her away. Whoa!!! What was I thinking of? I had never even kissed a woman, what on earth was I doing inviting one into my house, my bed??

I sat back on the bed, feeling despondent. It suddenly felt like it was going to be a long week. I may as well just work. Leaning over I picked up my jeans and fished my BlackBerry out of the pocket. Just two emails, I may as well open them. Hmm, Amy, my admin assistant, had some papers she needed to send over urgently, could I send the address I was at.. yep, no problem, done it. The second was request to attend a meeting next week, simple, forward it to Amy with a note to accept. Done.

As I looked up from the screen, I could see the door opening slowly, and there she was, the girl from the window. She paused, and seemed about to turn and leave. I was a bundle of confused thoughts and feelings; I had never been attracted to a woman, but not want her to leave. Almost as though she sensed this, she stopped, and turned back towards me, and after a moments hesitation she put her hand up to my face, and within seconds we were pressed against one another, her lips touched mine, and her tongue flicked out across my lips, which parted almost involuntarily and our, tongues entwined, she tasted so sweet, her lips so soft and the feel of her fabulous tits against my body was just divine. My hands reached out of their own accord and tangled in her hair as we sought to explore every inch of each others face, and all the while she was backing me towards the bed

As she pushed me backwards I made a decision, almost against my will and reached for her shirt, pulling it over her head in one movement. She pushed my blouse off my shoulders and unclipped my front clasped bra. As my eyes sought her delicious tits so she ran her red tipped nails across my nipples, sending shivers of delight through me once again. She seemed so sure of herself, this was going to be fun.

Are you scared?" She whispered into my ear, her body just barely pressing against mine. I felt my nipples harden, and this time I didn't bother to reassure myself I wasn't aroused.

"Yes," I whispered back, bowing my head involuntarily as a wave of shame washed over me. Why was I letting her do this to me? Did I want this? No, I'm not into this sort of thing.

I swallowed hard as she moved her lips in closer to mine. I watched her close in and I did nothing to stop it. I wasn't even thinking anything or screaming at myself to stop. Everything hushed around me and I felt her lips press against mine, soft and smooth. I closed my eyes and allowed her to continue. Slowly she pulled away, grinning again as she finally pressed her body against mine. I felt the heat of her against me and I couldn't help but let a sigh escape.

"What do you think?" She asked with an arch of her eyebrow, her cherry lips so close to mine I could swear she was leaning in for another kiss, but she didn't. She just waited for my response. My eyes closed, and before I even got a word out, I felt her hand snake down over my hip, tracing my curves with her fingertips.

"No, no, no, no," I said, sucking in a breath as I spoke, shaking my head, bracing my hands behind me on the metal frame of the bed for support when she kissed me.

"No?" She asked, looking at my lips as she spoke. Her hand running up my thighs as she stroked and aroused every nerve ending as she went, the soft skin of my leg felt as though it was alive with electricity and as her hand swept round to my inner thigh I could feel myself trembling with desire, when her fingers brushed over my pussy I felt the shivers of orgasm start to rise through my body. Omigod, how is this happening to me? This felt so good and yet so wrong!

I shook my head again, my whole body trembling. "No, I can't."

She pushed her leg in between mine as she slid her hand over my naked hip. She smiled as I dropped my head, my eyes suddenly transfixed on her movements, wanting her to stop, never wanting her to stop. What on earth was I doing? Why was I letting her touch me? What had come over me? All of these questions left unanswered as I felt her finger slowly caress me. My legs shook and I parted my thighs slightly upon instinct. She chuckled as she saw this. I knew I was lost. I needed this touch so much and realised that her fingers would know every place on a woman’s body that loved to be touched, she would understand just what was the right amount of pressure, when to stop, when to move on. I sensed that there would be no clumsiness from her, she would know my body as she knew her own.

"You’re enjoying this, aren't you?"

I didn't know what to say. "No," I replied, my eyes closing to hide the lie before I finally snapped back to reality and brought my legs together again. I looked up at her and she looked to me, each of us speaking in silence. I felt her piercing eyes and I knew what she wanted. I had asked for this, but now I was starting to wonder just what I was letting myself in for.

"Spread your legs," she commanded, watching me look up to her with uncertainty of my answer. Just those words had turned me on so much I didn't know what to do with myself. Never before had I heard those words like that, with such intensity. The blood fizzed through my veins, my nerve ends were alight with sensations.

"No." She saw me shiver and therefore realized my weakness for the way she spoke to me.

"Yes," she demanded quietly but firmly, invading my personal space completely as her arms surrounded me again and I felt trapped. I could tell that she was getting off on telling me what to do, and it made me really hot too. I don't know why.

She slowly moved her hand up to my chest fingers searching and teasing as she touched my skin. As she cupped my breast, grazing her thumb, I felt my nipples responding, tightening, sensitive, standing proud from my body, it was a touch like I had never previously known, I never wanted it to stop. All the time she was doing this she kept eye contact. I was mesmerized, knowing she could see in my face both the arousal and the fear. At the same time as she was caressing my breast her other hand traced lazy circles slowly up my leg once more. I felt as though every erogenous zone in my body was being teased into life all at once, it was almost overwhelming with it’s potency.

"Spread those legs for me," she ordered, and I gasped involuntarily. Damn, she knew it was turning me on. I wished it wouldn't, but I couldn't deny it to myself. She watched me close my eyes, listening to her every word. She repeated it, watching my lips tremble. "Spread. Your. Legs."

I slowly obliged and separated my now slightly trembling legs about a foot apart. I scorned myself inwardly for listening to her, but I felt like she had taken control of both my mind and body already. Who was this woman and how was she doing this to me? I was rapt, wanting to know how far she dared go, how far I dare let her.

"Mmm I think you can do better than that," she chuckled, running her hand all the way up between my legs without reaching her destination. She traced her finger along my inner thighs, only inches away from my wet, desperate cunt. I sighed again with my eyes closed, feeling the breath escape me. I wanted more. Yes, as surprising as it was, I wanted more of this, but at the same time was unsure of just what to do, how to be....

"I can’t ..." I started, slightly moving my hips subconsciously, trying to touch her fingers to my body. She felt this small motion and chuckled again

"What are you-"

"Shh ..." she whispered, "You have one chance to tell me to leave. If you don't take it, I'll assume you're alright with this little scenario, and I'll move on." She smiled, holding the door open as I stood in my place. "Well?" While I was hesitating she picked up her shirt, undid the buttons and to my distress she slipped it on, slowly buttoning it as she waited, covering her gorgeous breasts. I wavered, was this really what I wanted? If I sent her away I may never have another opportunity like this again.

"I ... I don't even know who you are ..." I pointed out, squirming nervously under her searching gaze.

"I’m Megan," she started smiling as her eyes met mine, "And you are?"

I kept still, keeping eye contact with her while she waited for me to make up my mind. The thoughts were racing through my head. Did I want this? She's a woman! Did that matter? Did that make it more enticing? "Debbie," I said, wondering what she would want from me as I cast my eyes to the floor beside the bed in embarrassment of feeling so excited with her power over me.

I heard her shut the door, lock it, and walk over to me. I looked up into her eyes and saw a fiery passion there, gazing back at me, uncertain but obviously turned on. I kept contact with her eyes as I saw her fingers work to undo the first two buttons of my blouse again. I looked down the shirt with short breaths, seeing beautiful cleavage revealed again before my eyes, her blouse flowing over her breasts with nothing underneath.

"Did I say you could look?" She grinned, knowing I had no idea what she meant. I gave her a look of confusion, pulling my eyes quickly from her chest. "You're new to this, aren't you?"

My eyes widened. Did I know what she was talking about? Did I want to know? I was too confused to answer, I was used to being so much more in control.

"Well that's just fine with me," she smiled, walking toward the bed with me so that I was walking backwards. I almost stumbled a couple of times, feeling her hands on my waist keeping me up before I felt the bed against the back of my knees.

"Sit," Her voice demanded. I obliged quickly, almost as she spoke the word. She smiled down at my obedience. She looked down at me, her eyes travelling over my body again before she took a seat beside me and patted her lap. I looked over to her with widened eyes. What did she want me to do? Sit in her lap?

"Come straddle me," she instructed very boldly and I felt another tingle. I seemed to like her orders, I liked fulfilling them. I decided to go along with this for a while, surely I could stop whenever I wanted to.

I nodded my head and sheepishly got onto my knees, swinging one leg over her lap to sit facing her, completely opened to her. Suddenly I felt how accessible I really was with my legs spread on either side of hers. Very conscious of all my bodies imperfections. I swallowed hard as I watched her hands caressing my legs wanting her to go higher, but nervous at the same time.

She smiled, running one hand up my thigh to my inner thigh. I gasped, feeling her finger trace a gentle line across my mons. I mind did not know how to absorb this, I had never felt that way before. She knew exactly what to do to turn me on, and there was no denying it.

Megan leaned my back slightly and bent her head and began to suck and lick on my nipples. They responded eagerly to her touch, tightening, almost painful, yet at the same time so wonderfully alive. I reached out to touch her and she let out a slight groan, I guessed that she was not going to stop me so I allowed myself to explore her delicious breasts, they were smaller than mine, much neater, but the nipples were a darker brown, the aureoles larger and more exciting. I found myself wanting more, so I pulled her round so that she was on top of me, half expecting to be told off again, but not really minding if that were the case. She laid a trail of warm kisses down my chest and stomach to my inner thighs, sending shivers down my spine. She seemed to hesitate before actually licking my pussy, but in my excitement I practically thrust my hips into her, and before I knew it she was licking, nibbling and teasing me with her tongue, sending paroxysms of pleasure through every part of my body, every nerve alive and tingling.

Her tongue felt absolutely divine as it traced against my clit and along the inner walls of my moist cunt, and I moaned in ecstatic joy as she began to work my clitoris with her tongue. I could feel my heart slamming against my rib cage, and my breaths came and went so quickly I may as well have not been breathing at all. Here I was, on my bed, with a strange woman eating me out, and I was loving it! She traced circles around my clitoris with the tip of her tongue, and it drove me wild. I began playing with my nipples, occasionally giving them a gentle pinch to ease myself along, the mixture of not quite pain, mixed with the overwhelming pleasure was amazing.

I had my eyes were closed, so I really couldn’t see what she was doing. No surprise then, that I was totally caught off guard when she slid two fingers into my pussy. I gasped and arched my back, moaning from the pleasure as she began to slide her fingers in and out of my glistening wet cunt while continuing to lick my swollen clit. I could feel every joint of her fingers as she fucked me, and I could feel my muscles contracting around them, holding them inside me. Her fingers were so much more slender than any man I knew, and seemed to be more knowing.

My moans grew louder as I neared orgasm. She didn’t change her pace, though, she kept going at the same, slow, steady pace she had started with, keeping me away from the orgasm I so badly desired, yet at the same time giving me more of what I still wanted. “God, Megan, you’re such a tease!” I moaned. Megan pulled her head away to laugh, and I groaned in disappointment that she was clearly planning to continue to let my orgasm hang.

As if she could read my mind, she reintroduced her tongue back to my pussy thrusting them in and out of me in perfect sync with my needs and all the time continuing to lick my clit, her tongue never giving me time to anticipate the next new sensation. Tracing circles one moment, then flicking the tip of her tongue up and down the sensitive nub. Unprepared for the change, I screamed in ecstasy again as my hips involuntarily thrust upward, I could feel an unstoppable wave of sheer pleasure coursing through my body, no part of me untouched by it as my orgasm rocked my body. All my muscles tensed, screaming their pleasure as I rode out wave after wave of delicious tremors, Megan continuing her licking and sucking, adding to the sensations coursing through my body, never stopping until she felt the storm pass through me and reach the calm at the other end.

I felt a warmth spread across my body as I relaxed, panting for breath. Megan pulled herself up, resting her body against mine as she gave me another kiss. I could taste myself on her lips, another new experience, how many was this girl going to be giving me? I had always thought I would taste unpleasant, yet actually it was the reverse, how do you describe something so unique, so arousing? It was so intimate, so loving that I wanted more and my tongue darted across her lips, taking every drop of my own juices, caressed her tongue, no longer shy, no longer afraid. “How was that?” She asked.

“Amazing…” was the only word I could respond with. I sat up and kissed her on the lips and as she responded I gently pressed her down on the bed and began to kiss her face her neck her throat. I was feeling more confident, I wanted to give what I had received.

Megan moaned as I licked along her jaw to her ear and I gently bit the soft lobe drawing the flesh, before releasing it and moving down to lick along between her ample breasts moving left then right I took her nipples alternatively between my lips flicking my tongue over the trapped flesh. She was so soft, so lovely with her prominent nipples that responded so well to my tongue.

As she moaned louder, I moved further down and until I found her tummy button, I used my lips and tongue licking round and into the shallow indent. I was between her legs now, my nipples scraping over the hot soft puffy lips of her vagina; she spread her legs wider as she pulled her legs up toward her chest. She was open for me my tongue slipped between her inner and outer lips, occasionally sucking on the swollen lips, savouring my first taste of another woman; it was delicious, so feminine. I wanted to please her, but for a moment was unsure of being able to deliver the joy that she had given me, I only knew what my body liked. I realized suddenly that that was all I needed to know, I would do for her what I would love done for me, surely that would work? I spread her open and lapped at her naked pink flesh, swirling and dipping inside her beautiful vagina. She felt so very wet, tasted so very different to a man, but this too heightened my pleasure, my tongue moved to her pink clit peeking out from its protective hood, rolling my tongue I slipped it over the bud and suckled, her hips bucked against my face as I caused her clit to become sexually charged and every movement caused sensations to fire through her driving her to an even higher orgasmic peak. I was in control now, and loving it. Why had I never tried this before?

Leaving her clit of a moment I moved down to her pussy lips, sucking them into my mouth and running my tongue along the hot puffy lips. I slipped my tongue into the entrance of her vagina, thrusting deep inside, the feeling and taste of the tight, wet pussy, excited me I tensed and relaxed my own pussy muscles. I felt Megan working her cunt, on my tongue. I sucked on two fingers wetting them and replacing my tongue with my fingers deep in her pussy I encircle her clit with my tongue and suck. My fingers slid easily into her pussy which pulsed on them as I slowly withdrew them, before pushing them back firmly. I lifted myself over her to allow my fingers to move freely pumping and twisting deep inside as she moaned and lifted her hips to meet me as I pushed inside her hot wet pussy, my lips enclosed on her erect nipple as my wet tongue fluttered on it, then sucking and pulling on the hard nub. Her hand moved and touched my wet pussy and ran her finger along the wetness, I wanted her fingers to be inside me. I sighed as she entered my pussy with her middle finger, my muscles pulsing against her finger which she began moving in and out. I ground down on her hand, pressing my clit against her palm, as I rode her. I felt a second finger join the first and she was doing something amazing, I felt like I was being stretched, filled, I did not know what it was, but I did not want it to stop!

I could feel the orgasm rushing at me again, this time there would be no stopping. My fingers thrust into her, the movements of our bodies in perfect sync as we brought each other closer and closer to the line we wished to cross. I could hold out no longer and with a rush of feeling that swept my body I felt myself cum over her fingers. My hands were covered in silky moisture as she soaked me with her orgasm. The tremors almost calling out to one another, and slowly subsiding. My fingers soothing instead of arousing, mirroring the motions of her hand on my love soaked cunt.

She fell to one side of me, holding me, kissing my lips. "Do you want to taste me?" she asked. I nodded, I wanted it all, and there seemed to be no point in pretending otherwise. She dipped her fingers down into her moist, swollen lips, and brought them up to my mouth. I reached out for her hand, and keeping my eyes fixed on her, brought out my tongue, flicked it over the tips, then brought her fingers further into my lips, sucking, tasting, worshipping. Her other hand reached round my head, fingers curled into my hair as she brought her face to mine, her mouth to my mouth and our tongues shared the taste of her body.

"Thank you" I whispered, she smiled, and stroked my face.

“My pleasure, our pleasure and can be again if you want it to happen” she responded with a smile.

I felt sated, almost exhausted by so much arousal and satisfaction, I barely felt it as she pulled the cover over the two of us, and held me in her arms whilst I drifted off into the most satisfying sleep I had enjoyed for months.

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