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Repopulating the World...Another Survivor

Repopulating the World...Another Survivor

Part 2
It had been 2 years since the dreaded meteor had hit earth. Allie, Rich and John seemed to be the only ones that had survived the hit. They had traveled through many towns and had found no life. The trio had made it a goal to repopulate the world, and they had started. Adam was now a year old.

The three survivors and their son entered a new town. According to Rich’s navigation it was a town some where in Texas. John went ahead and found shelter in a nice ranch house just outside of town. As the group entered, Allie explored the house and found a bathroom. She ran some water in the tub, pulled her home made dress off, and stepped in. It had been so long since she had felt warm water envelope her body. She looked down her body and the toll the last 2 years had had on her. Her breasts were bigger and fuller from giving birth. Her hips were wide, but she was pleased that she still had a flat stomach, but her pubic hair was out of control. She had always kept her pubic area shaved and smooth, but not having all the comforts of before the meteor, it was now bushy. She lay in the bath with her eyes closed. After her bath she dressed and went to find the guys.

Rich and John were out exploring. They were looking for life, food or anything that caught their interest. They went in building after building, putting things in their back packs. Rich came to a door and it was locked.

“Hey John, come see if you can get in this door”

John walked to the door and tried to turn the knob. He stepped back and gave it a hard kick, the door cracked and the guys heard movement in the room. They looked at each other. John stepped back, kicked the door again, and his foot went through the wood. Rich bent over and reached his arm inside the door to unlock it, but was surprised when he felt teeth sink into his arm.

“OOOOWWW SHIT” he screamed

“What the hell is wrong with you?” John asked.

With his arm bloody, “Something bit me!” Rich cried.

John kicked the door a couple more times until it went to splinters. He walked in the door way and looked around. In the middle of the room was a desk. He walked over to the desk and looked under it. Squatting in the chair way of the desk was a girl. Her red hair was matted and knotted. He pale white knees were pulled to her chest. Her green eyes were staring at him full of fear.

“Come on out, we are not going to hurt you” John said in his friendliest voice and holding out his hand.

The girl shook her head.

“I am John, the other guy is Rich. We have a woman with us. Come on, we will take you to her, and she will help you get freshened up.” He said, still holding his hand out to her.

Rich returned to the room after finding something to wrap his arm. He walked over to John and looked at what he is talking to.

“So that is what bit me?”

“Shut up man; she is scared.”

The scared girl continued to stare at the two men. John was a big African-American, he was shirtless, with only a pair of ragged pants and boots. Rich was a white guy much smaller in stature than John. He too was shirtless, his back and chest tanned from their journeys. Her green eyes moved from one to the other.

John looked at Rich. “Go get Miss Allie, maybe she will make her more comfortable so she will come out.”

Rich left the building and ran back to the house where Allie was. Allie had finished her bath and was lying on the bed and had drifted off to sleep. It startled her when Rich came running in.

“Allie, come with me. We found another survivor. It’s a female. She is under a desk and will not come out.”

Allie get up, her dress falling covering her legs, she slips on her shoes and follows Rich.

“A girl are you sure? What happened to your arm?”

“Yes it is a girl. She is red headed and she bites.” Rich laughed.

The couple arrived at the building and Rich lead Allie to the room where the girl was. John was leaned against the wall. When he saw Allie enter, he stood up.

“She will not come out. I have told her we would not hurt her, but she is scared to death, Allie.”

“She has all the right to be scared. Not seeing a soul for 2 years and you two show up, I would be scared too.”

Allie knelt down behind the desk.

“Hey sweetie, my name is Allie, what is yours?”

The girl’s eyes widen as Allie began to talk. She lifted her head up and Allie can see her pale face was covered with freckles. “My name is Tina” She replied in a trembling voice.

Allie extended her hand to Tina. “Come on out. We are not going to hurt you. I am so happy to have found that another girl survived the meteor. Come on Tina.”

Tina reached her hand out to Allie, as Allie helped her to her feet. Allie looked over her new friend. Her red hair was in a mess. She was young. Allie guessed no older than 17. She was shorter than Allie but not by much. She was wearing a t-shirt and denim shorts with no shoes. Freckles covered her legs, face and arms. Allie took Tina’s hand and the guys lead them out toward the house.

Once they arrived at the house, Allie took Tina to the bathroom. She hollered back to the guys that she was going to help Tina freshen up and for them to fix her something to eat. Allie returned to the bathroom and shut the door. Tina stood there, her fingers in her mouth as she nervously bit her nails.

“Come on sweetie; let me run you a bath. Why don’t you take off your clothes, and I will see if I can find you something else to wear later.”

Tina shook her head.

“It is ok Tina. I have the same things you have. Your water is almost ready.”

Tina let her hand fall from her mouth. She slowly unbuttoned her shorts, then unzipped them and pushed them down her hips. Allie watched as she realized Tina was not wearing panties as her red bush come into view. Freckles covered her pelvic area. Tina let her shorts fall to the floor and she kicked them to the corner. Her small hands took the hem of her t shirt. She looked away from Allie as she raised the shirt. Her stomach was too freckled, and then she lifted her shirt over her breast. Allie’s eyes widened as she saw Tina’s firm perky breast. Allie judged that her breasts were at least 36D, standing firm from her chest. Her aureoles were dark brown, and her nipples were as big around as dimes and stood out like erasers.

Allie felt her moisture building between her legs as she took Tina by the hand and helped her into the bath. As Tina sunk into the water Allie kneeled down beside the tub. She took the soap and lathered it in her hands. She took Tina’s arm and rubbed her soapy hands up her pale skin. Her hand stopped when the back of it touched Tina’s soft breast. She repeated with the other arm. This time, Tina let out a soft moan when Allies hand touched her breast.

Allie pushed Tina up and lathered the soap on her back. Allie’s tanned hands slowly rubbed the soap into Tina’s soft back. Allie’s nipples were staining against the fabric of her dress. Allie rinsed the soap off Tina’s back. Tina leaned back lifting her leg to the side of the tub. Allie stared at her toned leg. She stood up pulled her dress up revealing to Tina her naked body. Her nipples fully erect and aching, she knelt down and soaped up her hands. Starting at Tina’s small ankles she washed up her leg, stopped just short of her pouty pussy lips. She then took the other leg slowly washed up her calf, her knee and thigh. This time she didn’t stop until her fore finger reached Tina’s slit. Allie looked at her. Tina’s eyes were shut as her legs opened slightly more. Allie’s finger tip penetrated Tina’s lips. Tina jerked in fear splattering water out of the tub.

“No don’t” She said sternly.

“I am sorry Tina; I didn’t mean to cross the line”

“I, ah, have never had anyone touch me there. You are a woman, it’s not right”

“Oh baby, its ok, I am sorry. It is just you are so beautiful, and I have longed to have another girl with me for so long. For 2 years I have been with those two guys, and just those two.”

“You mean you have sex with both of them?”

“Yes. We were going to repopulate the world. I was the only woman so I give myself to both of them.”

“At the same time?”

“Sometimes, Rich like to run his tongue over my pussy after John cums inside me.”

“Really? Does it feel good?”

“What, having sex with them?”

“No, him licking you down there?”

“Oh yes. It’s out of this world.”

“For the last couple years I have been by myself. I have changed, and have started having weird feelings down there. The feeling is a lot worse now.”

“Ah baby how old are you?”

“I just turned 16.”

“Those feelings are all part of growing up. You are getting horny. Your body wants sex.”

Tina looked away.

Allie took her hand and turned her head back toward her.

“You want me to show you how it feels to be licked down there?”

Tina looked into Allies blue eyes and slowly nods her head.

Allie stood up and lowered her hand down to Tina. She took her hand as Allie helped her to her feet and out of the tub. She led her to the toilet and sat her down. Allie knelt down between her legs. She leaned forward and wrapped her lips around Tina’s big hard nipple. Her tongue cupped Tina’s nipple as she began sucking it softly. Her hands fell between Tina’s legs, and her finger slid between her wet lips. Allie began to finger her while she sucked her big breast. Tina began to squirm around on the seat. Her legs opened wider, as her hands found Allie’s breast. She began pulling on her hard nipple as Allie pleasured her.

Allie removed her lips from Tina’s nipple and moved her head between her legs. With her fingers, she opened Tina’s outer lips, placed a wet kiss on her erect clit, and sucked it into her mouth. Then, Allie moved her tongue down and slid it into Tina’s virgin pussy. Tina lifted her ass off the seat with a big moan. She pushed Allie’s head harder onto her pussy. Allie pressed her tongue deep in her pussy, then rubbed it against her clit over and over. Tina’s body stiffened as her orgasm approached. Tina’s legs close tightly around Allies head, as Allie sucks on her clit. She screams loudly as she began to cum. Allie continued to suck on Tina, as her cum flowed from her.

Tina’s body went limp as the door swung open. Rich had heard the scream and thought something was wrong. He was surprised to see Allie and Tina both naked and Allie’s head between Tina’s legs. Allie looked up at him with Tina’s juices dripping from her chin. Allie smiled at Rich, as she saw a bulge growing in his shorts.

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