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Old friends and new fun

                 Sasha ran into Angela (an old friend from high school) during her spring break. They decided to have to have lunch and catch-up on old times. Especially all the trouble they used to get into with Lisa and Symone. Angela decided that they should have a reunion at her parents lake house on the weekend. Sasha hesitated a minute before going along with it. As she went to her apartment she thought back to how her and Symone would argue at least 3 or 4 times a week. Then she remembered how much fun they all had together.

   Friday afternoon Angela picked her up and they went to the lake house. As they drove up Lisa coming outside. They ran onto the porch and started laughing and screaming like the school girls they used to be. They went inside where Symone was waiting and did it again. "I should've known that she'd be sitting by the food". "Sounds like we're back in high school" replied Lisa. The girls sat down to eat and talk. Afterwards they went into the other room for strawberries and drinks. After a while they were getting tired and a little tipsy. Lisa, Angela and Symone went up to get ready for bed and Sasha went to clean up. She had finished the dishes when she realized that Symone was watching her." Are you goin to help or just stand there"? She walked over to Sasha with a bowl of cream covered strawberries. They watched each other in silence as they ate them. Goose bumps went over Sasha's body as she watched Symone's tongue glided across her lips to catch the cream. Symone offered her the last strawberry and watched her eat it then grabbed her hand and sucked the cream from her fingers. She became wet instantly and that made her nervous. Symone could see the nervousness in her face, she leaned in close and wispered "good night".

     Sasha awoke the next morning to find that Lisa and Angela had gone to the market  and Symone had cooked breakfast. After she ate she went out back by the lake. Symone come shortly after with a blanket and strawberries. They sat and talked trying to avoid the subject of last night.   Sasha stood and walked by a tree still thinking about her restless night and sighed. Symone stood and walked toward her backed her into the tree and kissed her. She tried to resist but it felt to good to her. She could feel Symone's hands tracing the curves of her body and peeling away at her clothes. She could also feel the warmth of the sun against her skin as Symone guided her back to the blanket. She didn't want to stop Symone and she couldn't stop herself. She laid her down kissing her now hard nipples and caressing her body. She opened her eyes  as if to make sure she wasn't dreaming that Symone was on top of  her making her wet and throb. Then there was the sound of a horn, the others had returned from the market. She pushed Symone off and scrambled to get dressed.

    It began to rain so the girls decided to have an old fashioned slumber party. The storm grew stronger and louder. They lit candles when the light out and told stories until they grew tired. Symone woke up and noticed that Sasha was gone and went to seek her out in the den watching the storm. "I'd love to see you naked when the lightning flash" she said as she moved closer and kissed her. She pulled off her shirt, turned her to face the storm. She let out a soft moan when her nipples pressed against the cool of the glass and Symones hands squeezing her breast and stroking her wet pussy. In the next flash of lightning they were both naked and wet on the floor. Sasha tried to take control but Symone was to powerful, she was the lightning in the storm. She pinned her hands down, kissed her and positioned herself between her legs. She slides her hand to feel her trobbing wet pussy and Sasha moaned and trembled. The sounds she made was making Symone more excited. She slowly went down kissing down her breast, her pelvic to her inner thigh making her way to get a taste. Then she put her tongue between her lips and planted her face in her pussy. Sasha's thighs trembled when she felt her tongue exploring and teasing her clit. She let a sensuous moan that was muffled by the crash of thunder and her back began to arch under the glow of the linghtning. The more she moaned the more Symone wanted to please her. "Oh shit! Mmm Yeah". Her legs were quivering and her body was electrified and it all was conceled within the storm. As they lay in each others arms Sasha wispers "when do I get my turn"?,then they fall asleep only to be awakened the next morning by the giggles of Lisa and Angela......  


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