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Miss Caitlin finds a new friend...
Lying on the floor, completely naked is usually a situation that most girls would be horrified with – not the feeling that Megan experiences, sprawled on her back in front of three breathtakingly beautiful girls. She feels strangely proud that her body is such a prized object, something that Megan has never felt before but now wants the feeling to last. However, a phrase from Miss Caitlin had finally begun to sink in – that her own mother was to see her humiliating first night. Horror-struck, Megan sits up as she feels the warm glow fade away; making her look like a pale imitation. She tries to speak but no words come out, prompting a small giggle from Becky.

“Aww is our little Megan too shy to speak now!” she says softly.

“Of course Megan, your mother was extremely keen to know what her darling daughter gets up to on her ‘extra-curricular’ activities,” adds Caitlin, a smirk spreading across her face. “I also invited her to come and pick you up – so you can play a little more with Emma if you like.” Megan chances a glance at Emma, who notices and promptly spreads her legs – proudly displaying her moist pussy, running her finger along her slit and moaning very softly as she carefully watches for any reaction. Megan finds herself rapidly getting aroused once more; just watching Emma tease herself was making her nipples harden with anticipation and her pussy dampen, sending faint tingling sensations up her body. Caitlin and Becky stand up and Megan immediately flinches; Emma remains seated on the bed – teasing her clit now and it visibly swells up, the scent of the beautiful girl beginning to spread through the room and filling Megan’s head with lustful thoughts. Completely focused on Emma and her dripping pussy, the girl on the floor hears the door close behind her – the smell of a hot girl’s pussy pushing away all inhibitions and filling her with confidence as she inches closer, her eyes fixed on her luscious prize.

Perched on the edge of the bed, Emma seductively beckons Megan with her finger; offering it to Megan to lick clean after dipping it in her own juices. The sexy temptress finds her finger quickly being licked, looking down at the girl crawling to her exposed pussy – Emma smiles broadly, desperate to experience the horny girl at her best. Sucking greedily on slender, pussy-flavoured fingers; Megan ventures closer to the source, her mouth inches away from the sweet seductive taste that she desires – Megan feels her pussy moistening quickly too as she remains on all fours to tease the ultimate teaser. She slowly runs her tongue along the damp pussy lips, feeling Emma shudder under the soft touches – blowing softly on the girl’s pussy, tender kisses and loving strokes all send Emma over the edge; Megan feels her head being grasped at, being brought closer to the pussy she teases.

“Oh god Megan! Ohh! I thought I was the tease of the group! Oh god! Don’t stop!” moans Emma, her wet pussy lips beginning to twitch with each and every contact. She pulls Megan’s head closer, desperate to feel her tongue slide into her juicy slit. Megan resists for a fraction of a second before the powerful, sweet aroma ensnares her and her tongue dives into taste the hidden juice – in one of the most beautiful containers. Her own pussy beginning to tingle, Megan reaches down with her left hand to stroke her clit – starting slowly in small circles, her moans sending sensual vibrations into Emma’s pussy; causing the girl to squirm on the bed, her hands leave Megan’s head to pinch at her own nipples in desperation to increase the pleasure. Licking at Emma’s pussy slowly and tasting the sweet cum being released into her mouth pushes Megan further into ecstasy; her fingers rubbing and stroking her clit as her hips start to rock on her hand. Brought slowly to a climax, Emma’s pussy absorbs each moan and her hips buck as she squeezes her breasts – her pussy sprays her hot girly cum into Megan’s mouth, gasping and moaning for more as Megan’s beautiful face and body become soaked in cum. Megan desperately rubs her clit, wanting to cum like Emma – her moans becoming louder as her fingers penetrate her dripping wet pussy.

“As you can see, Megan is enjoying herself immensely,” interrupts a voice behind the kneeling girl, two fingers still buried deep in her own pussy. Emma, sprawled undignified on the bed and exhausted from cumming manages to sit up and wave at the three people at the door; motioning them to come closer.

“Yes I do see,” adds a very familiar voice; Megan pulls her fingers from her pussy, her moans getting louder as they slide out from her, her hips bucking wildly as her cum dribbles onto the floor. Megan collapses on the bed, her head now resting on the bed between Emma’s legs as she attempts to recover from her orgasm; she looks round and through her dark hair, she sees her mother standing with Becky and Caitlin. Scared, Megan slowly turns around, fully conscious that she is fully naked and that she has just cum in front of her mother.

“I can explain,” began Megan.

“No, I can explain,” interrupts Caitlin. “You’re daughter offered herself to me in return for some popularity. Ever since she approached me, she has been very obedient and has developed a close relationship with one of my girls – you may watch them if you wish.”

“Yes Miss Caitlin,” replies the woman. “I’m Fiona by the way.”

“Yes I know your name Fiona; your mistress has already told me all about you. You may not know this, but all the mistresses of the area stay in contact – just in case one of their own girls wanders away. Would you like a treat? Or would you prefer to watch your baby girl be teased and tortured?” asks Caitlin, her hand running along Fiona’s leg.

“May I please watch Miss Caitlin?” asks the woman.

Caitlin smiles, motioning to Becky as Emma sits next to Caitlin and Megan’s mother and Becky rolls Megan over on the bed, kneeling between her legs. Megan whimpers as a blindfold is placed over her eyes as she feels her legs spread apart, her moist pink pussy on view for everyone to see – most humiliating for her is her mother sitting with Emma and her mistress. Becky uses her chance to slowly tease the girl’s pussy, licking softly at her the puffy, swollen pussy lips – smirking a little as the girl moans and squirms on the bed. Desperate to save face, Megan bites her lip to stop her from moaning too loudly in front of her mother but Becky’s tongue lashes against her sensitive pussy constantly, getting faster; Megan pinches her nipples hard, twisting them in an effort to keep herself quiet but it has a far different effect as a loud whimper escapes from her.

“Oh Becky please! Please can I cum?” whimpers Megan.

“So soon,” giggles Fiona.

“No you may not cum Megan,” murmurs Caitlin. “We are entertaining guest, and we cannot let the show end so soon.”

Megan whimpers as she feels her pussy being teased more, Becky’s expert tongue sliding apart her wet pussy – Megan’s hand grasp at her breasts, squeezing them to stop herself cumming so soon. Becky’s lips nibble around Megan’s erect, swollen clit and she sucks on it softly to tease the girl more; the pleasure around her dripping wet pussy rapidly increasing and making her hips buck and squirm as she feels the need to cum yet again. She moans and pleads to cum, but the response she gets is a spank on her pussy; triggering a violent buck of the hips. Megan’s moaning and whimpering get louder; the sound filling the room and the strong smell of her pussy juices spreading quickly as Becky slides two fingers deep into the swollen, sensitive pussy. Becky feels the tormented pussy clench on her fingers as she slides them deeper and moving them faster, forcing Megan to the very brink of orgasm – the moaning and begging of the girl continuing.

“Oh god Becky! Please Miss Caitlin, please can I cum?” whimpers Megan softly, her voice trembling due to the intense pleasure.

“Oh yes dear girl,” replies her mistress.

Megan’s pussy explodes her cum, spraying a large amount of her girly juices directly onto Becky; Megan’s hips buck violently and shake as she feels sharp spanks on her swollen pussy lips, forcing her pussy to squirt again and again – producing a fountain of her girly cum. Fiona gasps in surprise sitting with Emma and Caitlin; watching her daughter shake and convulse from her powerful orgasm.

“Can I have a go?” she asks quietly.

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