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Revenge Is Sweet

Sometimes it's good to wait
Hola - So this was a little response to an email collaboration, which I decided to post. Also, a BIG thank you to Lisa, for editing for me. 


I look down at you darkly, eyes smouldering. My body is flushed, shining with a sheen of sweat, small aftershocks of pleasure sparking through my veins. I tug your face up to mine for a burning kiss, claiming your mouth. My hand stays in your hair, the other goes to cup one firm butt cheek.

"You. That. Was. Naughty," I say against your mouth, catching my breath. I squirm a little as you pull your fingers from my ass. You smile into my kiss, arms sliding around my neck, pressing your tight little body against my own. I grip your butt tighter, kneading softly, before pulling away. "Come on you, I was about to unpack before I was so. RUDELY interrupted." I say, my eyes gazing into yours with a glimmer of dominance. You grin, but not before I catch the darkness in your eyes expanding, and your throat move as you swallow. I smile inwardly, I can see all your little tell-tale signs.

"You know you liked it..."

"I did indeed, and I'll have my revenge, don't you worry. Just not now. We've gotta unpack." I hop off the counter, leaving my discarded clothes on the floor, and take your hand. You frown a little when you realize I'm not planning on giving you the sexing you want quite yet, but I console you with a sweet, soft kiss, whispering, "Later." A quiet promise.

* * * * * * * *

I stand outside on the deck, my hair whipping around me in tendrils of wildness, a wine glass in hand. I inhale deeply, eyes closing, loving the crisp salt in the air. I open my eyes slowly to a blanket of midnight velvet, pierced with a billion points of white diamond. It truly is spectacular. I shiver, suddenly feeling insignificant, as I stare up into the endless majestic beauty that is our night sky. Notes, muted, drift to my ears, and I smile reflexively. You always were a musical genius. I turn and head back inside; following the music that is you.

Your head is down, concentrating, long fingers caressing the ivory as the hands of a practised lover might work over skin. It is a beautiful instrument, a Bechstein, medium grand. It had belonged to my Aunt; I'd inherited it when she passed away. Knowing I couldn't fit it at my apartment, I'd decided to store it here, the only downside being that I couldn't play it as often as it deserved. I smile, my attention returning to the brunette beauty sitting in front of the keys. I take another sip from my glass before walking over; foot falls muted on the plush carpet.

Dink. You look up, fingers still moving, not missing a beat as I place my glass gently on top of the piano. "Hey babe." I move to stand behind you, hands settling on the bare skin of your shoulders. "I love this dress," I whisper in your ear, "It makes you so....Accessible." A gentle lick along the top of your shoulder. I feel you shiver and I pull you up quickly for a rough 5 second kiss that steals your breath. I close the lid on the piano, leaning back against it, looking into your eyes. "Now, missy." My eyes begin to slide down your body exceptionally slowly. "I believe I owe you something..." My gaze rises to meet rapidly darkening eyes.

I'm standing far enough from you that it makes you unsure whether I’m going to come to you or not, and you kind of shuffle a little bit, not knowing if you should come closer. I can see your eyes on my mouth, I know what you want. But I'm not gonna give it to you yet. I step close to you, feeling your body lean instinctively towards mine. I move as if to kiss you, watching your lips part involuntarily, my own coming perilously close to touching yours, before I lift my chin at the last second, and blow a hot breath over your mouth, brushing past you, on my way to the kitchen.

I smirk at you over my shoulder, noting the desperation mounting in your eyes with satisfaction a second before they harden with a glimmer and you stalk towards me with deliberate purpose. I know what's going through your head, but I'm prepared for that. I stride towards you, my hands going to your hips, holding you back. "Babe. Be good. I'll give you what you want. But you have to be patient. OK?" I nip your full lower lip.

You relax against me and let out a huffy sigh. "You are so gonna regret dragging this out..."

An empty threat. I smile. "We'll see." I slap your ass in a familiar fashion, meeting a slightly frustrated look with one of laughing play. "Upstairs," I order, "And take off this dress, I don't want it ruined, I'm rather fond of it." I make my way into the kitchen, leaving you to go upstairs.

Fifteen minutes later I walk into the master bedroom and am greeted with the sight of you sitting on the edge of the bed, legs crossed, leaning back on your arms casually, clad only in a black bra, nearly overflowing with your ample cleavage and matching black lace panties. What grabs my attention however is the fact that you've put on a pair of black 3 inch high stilettos. Hmm, you know me too well. Oh and you are giving me the 'come-hither' look to end them all, which I don't miss.

I step over to you, placing the bag in my hand beside you on the bed. I see your gaze flicker to the bag and I take your wrists in a firm grip as you make a grab. "Uh uh! No peeking! Be good." A sharp bite on your lower lip in reprimand. You relax and I lean in, giving you a deep kiss, tasting the sweetness that was you. I reach into the bag as my tongue fights with yours for control. A second later I tie a strip of black silk across your eyes.

"Oh!" Your startled gasp makes me smile. I move up over you on the bed, ushering you gently backwards until your head comes to rest on the pillows. Click. "HEY!” an indignant cry as you feel the cool kiss of steel close on your wrists. I allow you to give a few experimental tugs before I claim your mouth again. You moan quietly into my mouth, body arching, hands clenching on air as your body begins to melt from the inside out. I sit up, stepping off the bed, stripping down to my bra and panties, grabbing my bag again. Your head turns as I move around the bed, arranging things. "What are you doing?"

I give your breast a gentle smack. "Shh. No questions." You begin to squirm, suddenly unsure, not used to the tone in my voice. Another smack, on the other breast. "Stop it." Your body stills, trembling slightly. "Good girl." You hear a match strike and start squirming again, wrists pulling against your bonds. I sigh. "It's just a candle babe." Your body stops moving as you feel the bed dip, knowing I am coming to join you. You draw in a shaky breath as I straddle you, leaning down, my mouth meeting yours again.

"MM!" A gasp of delight from you as the rich, sweet flavor of chocolate and strawberries washes over your taste buds, transferred from my mouth.

"Taste good hun?"

I sit up again as you nod, mouth open. "More please!" A breathy demand.

Teeth on your breast through your bra. "Shh now."

A second later my fingers are on the front clasp of your bra. Another second and you feel hot, thick liquid pouring onto your breasts and stomach. "OH!" The number of surprised noises I’m coaxing out of you tonight must be some sort of record for sure! I smile again. Your nose flares, sifting through the assaulting scents. Sugar, heat, faint bitter tones. "Are you...Pouring chocolate on me?"

I laugh. "Correct."

Without delay, I dip my head; my mouth is on one breast, soft bites, strong licks, light flicks on your nipples. I love making you moan. You're beginning to buck under my ministrations and I switch breasts, making you groan and groan and groan. I always loved how vocal you are. I can feel my pussy simmering, but I ignore it, this is all about you tonight. More liquid heat, trailing down your stomach. I place a hand on your panties, and with one swift tug, I tear them off. You cry out again as I keep pouring, thick warmth dripping down through your folds.

Your breath hisses as I pour it directly onto your clit and you beg me to stop. I oblige. Kneeling, I push your legs further apart, exposing your heated core to my gaze. Without wasting time, I lean in and take one big lick from your ass hole up to your clit. I take your clit into my mouth as I slide two fingers into your chocolate covered pussy. You're moaning loudly now, not used to me being so quick. I like to surprise you sometimes. I pump you gently, slowly increasing my pace.

As your body begins to tighten I suck harder on your clit, my other hand reaching over to the bedside table. Your breathing is well thrown out now and I know you're on the verge. I pull my fingers out of your pussy and slide one slowly into your ass, not wanting to push you over just yet. You moan, body quivering, and I slow my mouth, going back to light little licks, torturing you. You groan out, "The FUCK are you doing! I'm so close! Don't you DARE fucking stop!" And with that, I sit up, pushing your knees to your chest, and slide into you to the hilt. All 9 inches of plastic dick forced into your tight little pussy in a single slow thrust.

Your body locks up, air rushing out of your lungs as I enter you, your eyes flying wide, looking up at me like, “The fuck did that come from?!” and then they squeeze shut, all sane thought fleeing from your brain as you’re overwhelmed with pleasure. "OOOOOHHHHHH!" A hoarse guttural moan as your body explodes, shocked into orgasm.

As I feel the first waves beginning to roll through your body I tilt the candle I had taken off the bedside table a few moments ago over a breast. A single drop of wax falls towards earth, a thousand tiny sunsets glinting in the light of fire before they dissipate, covering your nipple in a burning point of heat. Your back arches impossibly further as your mind blanks. You don't know how to process the number of feelings rushing through you. You can feel me pumping your pussy, my big plastic dick stretching you deliciously. The hot wax dripping over your tits in tiny drops of pain only serves to stimulate you further.

Then you feel my fingers at your asshole, waves of pleasure still sparking through you. "NO!" A desperate plea. I ignore you. Tight muscle around my fingers, heated warmth, a cry of desperation. I continue to fuck you hard, my hips rolling, slamming into the back of your thighs, my fingers moving quickly in your ass now, your anus stretching enough for me to move more freely.

"MMM! Come baby!" I'm moaning as I fuck you, so turned on at the erotic sight you're presenting me. Hair tossed all over the place, wrists bound above your head, blindfolded, drips of red wax all over your tits, streaks of chocolate sauce smeared all over you, your knees against your chest, opening your pussy for my cock. I take a bite out of one slim feminine calf and watch you shudder further, with satisfaction.

You're lying limp under me now, unable to meet my thrusts, your breath coming hard. I keep pumping, though I slow my thrusts down, giving you long slow deep pushes. You manage to beg me to stop, to give you a rest, so I stop, pulling out of your holes slowly, allowing you to relax. I lean up and unlock your handcuffs, then pull your blindfold down. Your eyes open, you stare at me drowsily, unable to speak. "That. was-WHAT?!"

"We're not done." You're interrupted as I flip you onto your tummy, dragging you back by your hips, lifting you onto your knees. You try to scramble away but I've got a firm hold around your waist. I lean over you. "Trying to run huh baby?" My teeth sink into your neck as my plastic dick presses into your tight ass slowly. You shriek in shock, unprepared. And I start to move, forcing a little more at a time into your ass, until my hips are moving in a steady rhythm, fucking that delicious ass of yours.

You're moaning, unable to stay up on your hands, collapsed onto your chest as I drill you from behind. I seize you by your hair, pulling you back up, making your back arch. "Get up babe." I start to move faster, my fingers going to your pussy, sliding through your folds, playing with your clit. "Come baby." I bite your neck hard as I pull your hair viciously, pulling out of your ass completely then slamming back in.

This is too much for you, and your body trembles as you begin to come again in high pitched gasps. As the last tremors rack through your body, I let go of your hair, licking at the bite mark on your neck. You sink to your chest again, quivering, quiet. I give you one last thrust, making you flinch at over-sensitivity before I pull out slowly, leaving a gaping hole where your tight ass used to be. I lean down, tongue flicking out along your swollen flesh, I gently french your ass, tongue sliding easily inside. Then I sit up, back onto my feet, admiring the hot shaking, sweaty mess that I've reduced you to.

* * * * * * *

"And that...Is why some things are worth waiting for baby," I say before I roll you over onto your back and unharness my strap-on. I pull the covers up on one side and nudge you over so I can pull them over you. I survey the bedspread critically. "Hmm. We'll need to wash this tomorrow..." It's covered in wax droplets, streaks of chocolate and, my brow rises, a rather copious amount of bodily fluids. I smile to myself, shaking my head, then climb in beside you, pulling your limp sated body into my arms. I grimace mentally as my eyes close, there will be hell to pay for that round when you recover, but for now...You are mine, and I smile at the thought, holding you tighter.

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