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Robyn's Awakening

Tanya had been watching the young brunette as she mingled through the place. Her eyes were transfixed upon the silhouette of that wonderful body under that black dress. Focusing upon those perky breasts, tapered waist and those wonderful legs, and she could feel her mouth beginning to water at the thought of what was between them.

Robyn was feeling good; either it was her friends or the champagne was having its effects on her. As she smiled while John was telling one of his amusing adventure stories she could feel someone gazing at her. She slightly turned her head and she could feel the Tanya’s wanton gaze from across the room. Tanya rose to her feet and glided her way over towards the small group that was captivated by John’s story. She slipped in close to Robyn as she inhaled the soft feminine scent from Robyn; this turned her on as she briefly got lost in her fantasy. John glanced over at Tanya smiled and moved towards her “Tanya, its great to see you here, I have someone you would like to meet as he motioned over at Robyn. Robyn this is Tanya, Tanya’s an interior designer and she might help you out at your new place”. Tanya’s eyes brightened as she focused on Robyn, Tanya asked “and what do you do?” Robyn smiled “I’m a nutritionist and am also an aerobics instructor.” Tanya smiled and mused to herself of a toned tight little body that was under that dress. The two of them hit it off as the night wore on and they were talking and laughing and Robyn was unaware that Tanya kept making sure Robyn’s champagne glass was full.

The party started to break up and Tanya said “Hey, I have an idea why don’t you come upstairs to my place and you can see some of the work I’ve done?” Robyn smiled and said “Hey that’s a great idea” as the effects from the champagne didn’t bother her. And Tanya took her by the hand and led her upstairs to her condo. Robyn was feeling giddy and happy and she started to giggle as Tanya opened the door and led Robyn in by the hand. Tanya said “Have a seat anywhere, make yourself comfortable.” As she walked towards the living room Tanya was following the slight swing of Robyn’s tight tushy.  Robyn found a place for herself on the sofa and kicked off her shoes as Tanya sat down ever so close to Robyn. Robyn was giggling a little from this as she was still feeling a little loopy from the champagne, as Tanya intense emerald eyes were tracing over the curvature of Robyn’s tight body. She couldn’t take it anymore as she put her arms around the young brunette and pulled her close to her. Robyn at first was taken aback by Tanya’s action and started to push away but the thought of how good this was feeling for Tanya to have her arms around her holding her close. It has been a long time since anyone has touched her like this and she was enjoying the feeling Tanya was giving her. She stopped pushing as Tanya face was closer.

“Wait wait we shouldn’t be doing this” Robin whispered. Tanya replied “Why not?” And Robin said “This is not…..normal.” Tanya answered “Normal for what, for two women to feel good?”
Robyn replied “It’s not natural” Tanya holding her tighter whispered in her ear “But it feels so good, doesn’t it baby?” as she slowly started licking Robyn’s ear. Robyn was so confused buy Tanya’s touch felt so good as Tanya continued “I want you so bad, since I first saw you at Johnny’s party. I wanted my hands all over that toned tight wonderful body of yours” as her tongue slowly guided over Robyn’s ear.

Maybe it was the champagne, or that it has been so long since she felt this way. But having Tanya’s wet tongue in her ear was turning her on. And she didn’t want Tanya to stop as Tanya pushed her wet tongue in Robyn’s ear, Robyn’s eyes closed for a sec as she was getting lost in the moment. And she instinctively moved her head backward giving Tanya access to her neck
Tanya could feel Robyn beginning to give herself to her as she slid her tongue over Robyn’s neck as she sucked and teased. Robyn’s arms wrapped around Tanya’s waist as her hands guided over Tanya’s back and waist.  Tanya guided her wet tongue over Robyn’s neck and sliding over to the young woman’s yearning lips. Robyn pulled her in closer as their wet lips locked in a passionate embrace pressing her bodies against one another. Robyn feeling the passions within her begin to stir with each moist wet kiss, as she could feel warmth and wetness building between her thighs.

Tanya’s hand sliding over Robyn’s legs feeling the nylon and suddenly encountered bare flesh of Robyn’s upper thigh, as she guided her hand down between the young woman’s bare thighs as she discovered no panties. And her fingers started to explore the soft warm wetness and Robyn grabbed her hand and pulled it away. Tanya reached over and took the full champagne glass and held it to Robyn’s lips as she began to drink. Robyn could feel the warmth from the champagne and she was feeling good again. And Tanya started kissing Robyn’s neck, Robyn smiled as she was enjoying these kisses and the tingles she was feeling while Tanya’s hand was closing around her firm perky breast and gently squeezing and feeling the nipple through Robyn’s dress. Robyn continued to work on the champagne as she let Tanya continued to lick and suck her neck as she massaged her breast. The champagne was making her feel good as Tanya’s tongue gently moved over her ear and Robyn closed her eyes from the feeling from Tanya’s wet tongue in her ear. And Tanya’s hand returned to Robyn’s bare thigh and her fingers slowly started exploring the soft warm wetness of Robyn’s warming pussy. It was a jolt to Robyn feeling that hand between her thighs, with the soft wet kisses that were so wonderful sending tingles through her body making her pussy hot and wet. It was so thrilling to feeling Tanya’s playful fingers exploring her soft swelling wet pussy lips. In her excitement she pressed forward pushing Tanya backward on the soft pressing her body more against Tanya. Tanya reached over and poured more champagne as she held the glass up to Robyn’s lips and then turned as she pushed Robyn’s back against the sofa and her hands gently moved over the curves of her body, she grasped Robyn’s hand and led Robyn off the sofa and towards her bathroom. Robyn stumbled and smiled a little as she was still loopy from the champagne. She looked around the very large bathroom with the Jacuzzi tub near the window in the back. Tanya led her over to the bubbling Jacuzzi as she took a pink bottle from nearby and poured it into the bubbling water. She turned and faced towards Robyn taking her by the hand and pulling her close as she locked lips with Robyn in a passionate kiss. Carefully guiding her hands over Robyn’s body, touching feeling as she located the zipper on her dress, slowly she pulled on the zipper and Robyn could feel the warm air from the Jacuzzi. Tanya started to pull up on Robyn’s dress and Robyn a little apprehensive grabbed Tanya’s hands and said “I don’t know…” Tanya whispered in her ear “Don’t worry baby, there is nothing to be afraid of here” as Tanya held the full champagne glass to Robyn’s lips and Robyn sucked it down.

She continued pulling Robyn’s dress upward and over her head exposing her bare nude body. Tanya’s eyes widened upon seeing the young brown-haired woman’s nude form. She could feel the excitement building within her as she gazed upon Robyn in all her glory. At first Robyn was a little shy as she grabbed and towel in an attempt to cover herself. Tanya smiled at Robyn’s slight modesty as she pulled Robyn in close and unclipped Robyn’s garter from around her waist and let it fall to the floor. Tanya continued her gaze at Robyn’s marvelous body and Robyn could feel a new found desire for Tanya as she stepped behind Tanya and wrapped her arms around her waist and unbuttoned her slacks. This was such a thrill for Tanya as Robyn pulled up on her sweater and pulled it over her head, exposing Tanya’s bra. Robyn slid her hands over Tanya’s bare shoulders and over her body, gently squeezing that full bosom. Her hands slipped down over Tanya’s tummy and grasped the waist band of Tanya stretch pants and slowly slipped them down Tanya’s legs as Tanya stepped out of them. While Robyn grasped Tanya’s g-string slipped that off and her hands guided back up Tanya’s tushy up her back and she unclasped Tanya’s bra giving freedom to her full bosom. Tanya thought how this was making her so hot and the anticipation of having Robyn was exciting her as she led Robyn down to the edge of the Jacuzzi. Wrapping her arms around Robyn she eased Robyn onto her back on the tile next to the Jacuzzi as she slipped her bare body on top of Robyn’s as she eased into another soft wet kiss with the young brunette. Lifting herself off Robyn she knelt between Robyn’s legs and saw the gaze of desire in Robyn’s eyes as she teasingly eased the black nylons down one of Robyn’s legs and then off the other.

Tanya helped Robyn up and guided her down the small steps into the warm bubbles of the Jacuzzi. As Robyn settled herself the feeling of the warmth and the bubbles was fantastic to her. And Tanya pressed herself next to Robyn as the two girls locked in another passionate embrace as their warm wet lips locked as the warmth of the water and the pressure of the water jets sent tingles over their bodies. Tanya pulled away and took a sponge and started soaping over Robyn’s nude body, those perky breasts and that marvelous toned form. This felt incredible to Robyn the desire from Tanya just turned her on. As the bubbles started to dissipate
Tanya took the hand shower massage and rinsed off Robyn’s body as the tub was draining, as Robyn’s hands were exploring Tanya’s body focusing on her full bosom. There was something about those full firm breasts that excited Robyn and this was the first time she was having desire for another woman. Tanya led Robyn to sit on the edge of the Jacuzzi and she carefully pulled her thighs apart taking the shower massager and the gentle spraying water poured over Robyn’s swollen pussy lips. The sensation was incredible as Robyn closed her eyes from the sensation of that warm water pouring over her hot pussy. And quiet moan escaped her lips “oo, mmm oh oh yes.” Instinctively her hand closed around her own perky breast as she teased her own nipple as Tanya kept up with the spray and gently parting the young woman’s swollen pussy lips. Tanya smiled as she could see the thrill and desire consuming Robyn as she continued the warm spray over the young woman’s pussy lips. The desire in Robyn was beginning to overwhelm her as she tried to lean forward and lock lips with Tanya, Tanya feeling her desire put the massager back and locked lips in another passionate kiss. She reached while locked in the passion and wrapped a towel around Robyn and the young women dried themselves off.

Robyn reached over and grasped Tanya’s hand as she was led into another room where there were some warm soft lights and a large round bed. Robyn giggled a little as she never saw a round bed before as Tanya guided her over and motioned for her to sit as Tanya sat next to her pressed her body against Robyn’s. Wrapping her arms around Robyn she eased her back as her head landed on the soft pillows while Tanya slipped her body on top of Robyn’s pressing their bare flesh together as numerous sensations were building in the young women as their bare bodies were pressed against one another. As Tanya came face to face with Robyn she started gently light kisses on Robyn’s lips as her hands slid over the young woman’s bare body. This completely thrilled Robyn as the excitement continued to build within her from the sensations from Tanya’s hands, her kisses and grinding her nude body against hers. Tanya’s kisses moved from her lips to her neck and this just turned Robyn completely on as she loved to have her neck and ears kissed. She closed her eyes as she pulled her head back leaving more access to her neck for Tanya, Tanya could take the hint and wet kisses, licks and sucking on Robyn’s neck. She was gently teasingly, licking the young woman’s ear as she guided her wet tongue in Robyn’s ear, as a sigh escaped from Robyn’s lips. Tanya continued to grind her nude body against Robyn’s as she could feel Robyn letting herself into the moment. She whispered in Robyn’s ear “you like that huh baby, anyone ever make you feel like this honey?” Robyn let out more sighs as her breathing was becoming deeper. Tanya guided her wet tongue down Robyn’s neck and over her shoulder as her hands gently grasped the young woman’s firm perky breasts and her wet tongue teased over her stiff nipples. Robyn glanced down as she was watching Tanya’s tongue and as it flicked over her stiff nipples, sending a sensation down between her thighs and her own tongue was licking her lips as Tanya’s soft lips closed on her stiffened nipples sucking and flicking sending more sensations between Robyn’s thighs. Her breath was becoming increasingly deeper as Tanya continued teasing and sucking Robyn’s breasts and nipples, as she slipped her hand down between Robyn’s thighs and over Robyn’s pussy lips and just a light teasing touch. And another moan escaped Robyn’s lips “oh oh, oooo oh my pussy”. Tanya continued slipping her wet tongue over Robyn’s tummy and into the trimmed strip just above Robyn’s pussy. The anticipation was building in Robyn as she could feel that tongue ever closer to her hot wet moist spot.

As Tanya looked into Robyn’s eyes she could see the desire that Robyn was feeling and no longer denying, this was such a thrill for Tanya to see someone wanting it as bad as she does. Her desire for Robyn was increased and the anticipation just thrilled her as she gazed over the young brunette’s body and focused on the trimmed spot between her thighs. Sliding her hands teasing gently Robyn’s toned tummy and over the trimmed hair, she slipped her hands between the young woman’s thighs and slowly pulled them apart. She parted her lips and blew warm air over the trimmed hair and down to the wetness. Robyn feeling the slight breath sucked in her own as Tanya spread her thighs and was kneeling between her knees. Robyn’s eyes closed as she watched Tanya lower herself and the anticipation as Tanya’s tongue teased against her swollen pussy lips and a gasp escaped from Robyn’s lips. Tanya’s tongue probed deeper and parted her hot wet swollen sensitive pussy lips as Robyn’s deeper breathing became shallower and more rapid. Taking her fingers Tanya carefully spread the young woman’s labia as her tongue entered and increased its licking. Robyn’s eyes rolled back as increased moans came from her parted lips “mmmm oh mmmm oh, yes”. Tanya increased her licking with Robyn’s moans as Robyn could feel the intense pleasure emanating from her hot wet pussy, “oh yes oh mmmm oh mmm oh yes baby oo.” She was biting her lip trying to keep quiet but it felt so good and she couldn’t help it. Tanya could see that Robyn was trying to hold back. She wet her finger and slowly eased it between the young brunette’s swollen pussy lips and Robyn’s moans increased “ohhh mmmmmm.” Tanya said “come on baby, you know how good this feels and tell me how much you like this” Robyn replied “ohh mmm mmm OH yes mmm yea oh that feels so good, I…”
Tanya said “what is it baby, do you want it?” Robyn replied “oh honey, that’s great I want more, more, more.” As the pleasure increased and Tanya eased another finger into the young woman’s hot wet soft pussy and her tongue continued its licking. Carefully she wrapped her lips around the young woman’s swollen clit as her tongue as she lightly teased. Robyn’s mind was turning completely to mush all she could think about was Tanya’s tongue, sex and more sex with Tanya’s continued probing of her hot wet pussy, all Robyn could think of was her pussy and how badly she wanted Tanya’s body. Robyn whined “oh that’s great ooo mmmm; I want you so bad mmmm”

Tanya looked up and saw the hot desire in Robyn’s dark eyes as Robyn leaned forward and locked her lips with Tanya’s, for the first time she could taste her own pussy from Tanya’s lips and she liked it. Robyn filled with excitement and great desire for Tanya she could not keep her hands off Tanya’s body. Caressing, feeling touching all over Tanya focusing on the young blonde’s firm full breasts. Robyn pushed forward and pressed Tanya onto her back, as Robyn’s soft lips sucked and kissed Tanya’s stiff nipples, closing her hands and squeezing those full breasts. Tanya completely surprised by this and it thrilled her to see Robyn show so much desire, as the sensations from Robyn’s soft lips sent waves to her already wet pussy. Tanya closed her eyes as she welcomed the excitement from the soft sucking and licking of her firm full breasts by those soft lips. Gently Robyn nibbled on Tanya’s stiff nipples and a quiet squeal escaped from Tanya “ohhh ooo, do that again baby” as Robyn continued her sucking and nibbling of Tanya’s stiff nipples as Robyn’s hands caressed those firm full breasts and moved slowly over Tanya’s nude body. Tanya was becoming consumed by Robyn’s sucking and licking and her thighs started to spread, Robyn took the hint and painted a wet line with her tongue from Tanya’s breasts to the smooth spot between Tanya’s thighs. Robyn spread Tanya’s hot swollen pussy lips and Tanya’s breathing became shallower in anticipation as Robyn plunged her tongue deep into Tanya’s hot wet pussy. Tanya let out a gasp as her pressed her blonde locks into the pillow from that intensity, as Robyn’s tongue slowly licked. Waves of excitement rolled through Tanya’s body as she started to pant and toss her head on the pillow….it was so good. Tanya moaned “ohhh ooooo ohhhh yes” as her eyes fluttered closed. Placing two fingers in her mouth Robyn moistened them and slowly eased them into Tanya’s hot wet pussy. Tanya short of breath “ohh oh oh oh mmm oh” Robyn’s licking continued as she pushed her fingers deeper into Tanya’s pussy. Between Tanya’s moans she said “ohhh yes mmm oh mmmm I want your pussy baby” Robyn hearing Tanya’s request stopped for a second and climbed over Tanya as her bare tummy pressed against Tanya’s firm full breasts, Robyn’s perky breasts were pressed against Tanya’s tummy. While Robyn’s thighs were on either side of Tanya’s head with her pussy just above Tanya’s face. And Robyn lowered her head in between Tanya’s thighs and continued her licking and sucking. The two girls were locked in a 69 as the moans of pleasure filled the room as the girls sucking, licking, fingering each others pussies. And Tanya could feel it building as she said between moans “oh oh keep doing that mmmmm oh oh I’m going cum oh”. Her licking and sucking on Robyn increased as she plunged a single finger deep in Robyn’s pussy as she explored and found it, suddenly Robyn cried “ohhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmm ohhhhh mmmmmm yes yes yes, I’m going to cum ooooo” as Tanya found her G-spot. And Robyn convulsed with the very intense orgasm as she squirted all over Tanya’s mouth.

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