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Romance of Colors

You never know how strong you are until when being strong is the only thing you can be
Enclosed within the four walls of her messy studio, she unveiled her canvas and continued the work that kept her awake all night due to the excitement to see its results. A brush on her hand and a palette on the other, she set wings to the colors and let her vigor unfold in every stroke. She is a tailor of dreams who weaved the tales of her heart into pictures that portrays everything that she is.

So engrossed in her creation that nothing else seemed to passed her mind. Not even the passage of time. She is a master that fell prey to the beauty of her own works. Then all of a sudden, a loud noise banged outside her door which was quickly followed by an endless beeping noise . And with that, she was instantly brought back to reality.

While she is disappointed at being interrupted, a smile crossed her lips as she pulled out a mantle and covered her canvas. She went outside to greet her visitor. It was a young girl just in her teenage years. Her face pale as she cannot find a way to turn off the blaring alarm.

Smiling, the painter said to her, “Trying to sneak again are we?”

“I just want to see your work.”

“No one sees my work unfinished.”

“B-but im your biggest fan,” she pleaded

“I know,” she pressed a button that turns off the machine and began to walk away “Come and join me for tea.”

It was a scene that they delightfully repeated like a peculiar way of announcing her visit and her welcome. But in a cruel jest of fate, the day soon came where they would give up anything just to repeat if for one last time.



It was a breezy and cloudy afternoon when I came to pay her a visit. After parking my car properly, I walked to her house and rang the doorbell.

“Who is it?” a gentle voice asked through the speaker.

“Its me,” I replied “A humble painter.”

I heard a small gasp followed by a delighted word “Oh wait, I haven’t dressed myself yet.”

“Take your time,” I thought to myself that she just came out of the shower and she is wearing nothing but a towel. But then again, who needs to dress when you’re living alone?

When the door finally opened, I was instantly wafted by the sweet fragrance of her shampoo. She greeted me with an attire that is damp from a rushed dressing and made worse by her still dripping hair. She gave me a smile that is totally unaware of her unladylike image.

“Hey. I came to visit,” I announced while holding out a gift of alcohol and foods to eat even though she cant see it.

“Im not yet done cleaning, but come in, come in.” Her eyes that once shone brightly was now nothing more than a couple of white spheres blankly staring aimlessly. Her arms stretched out as she slowly and carefully walked back inside to avoid hitting anything.

Her name is “Eris”, a girl suffering from Retinitis Pigmentosa- an inherited degenerative eye disease that slowly destroys a person’s ability to see. Incurable and unpreventable, she had it ever since we first met. It was a slow but intense adventure for her to adapt to a lifestyle without vision. But she was prepared. It has been a couple of years since the last time she was able to see the sun and yet, there was nothing that prevented her from showing the smile that I dearly love.

Just as any weekend visits, we spent our time indulging in the simple pleasures of life. A meal that we prepared together, a good share of laughter on our girlish humors and a concentrated silence when we began to play a drama CD that I bought for her. The everyday life of little women, as what I like to call it, but it isn’t. We cherish every single moment of this idle but lovely afternoon

With a mug of hot chocolate in hand, we sat beside each other and allow ourselves to be taken by the intensity of the story. The climax of the drama was just starting to get interesting when out of nowhere, my phone rang and I was forced to excuse myself out of the house. Before answering, I saw that the number was from my art broker. With a deep breath in, I answered the call

“Is something wrong?”

“Listen Kali.” The voice of a man rose up from the other side. His voice tense from an unknown excitement. “You will not believe this but I got some shockingly good news for you.”

“Let me hear it.”

“I want to tell it to you in person,” he said playfully. As if teasing me “I am currently right in front of your gate. Where are you?”

“Ok, got it. I will be there shortly.” Then the line went dead

“Shockingly good news, huh?” With a sigh, I leaned my back on the wall and let the news sink in. “I wonder what could it be.”

When I entered again, I noticed that Eris paused the player as she awaited my return. She has good ears and I can bet that she heard everything. Without looking, she asked; “Your art broker?”

“Yeah. He says its urgent or something.” Much as how I dislike this interference, it would be rude to ignore him. “Im very sorry but I guess I have to leave now.”

“No, its fine” she stood up and gave me a smile “I will see you off”


As I drive through the road, the clouds loomed heavy and rumbles of thunder echoed throughout the dark sky. There was no report of a storm but since its autumn, I'm pretty sure this will be a hard rain with possibilities of hail. It was only a short ride to my house and when I reached my gate, I immediately saw him.

His motorcycle was parked beside the gate where he stood with a tablet in hand. When he saw my vehicle nearing, he gave me a wave.

“Hey!” he greeted as I step out of my car “I bet you are excited as hell, am I right?”

“Sure...Let me hear it.”

“This is the news.” Then he handed me his tablet and presented me a certain website which involves the photo of a millionaire and a painting of mine by his side. I was just about to read it when his excitement went out of control and he rather voice out the summary “A grand millionaire just bought your painting from a private owner for almost double its original price. But the best part comes when he said that he is one of your greatest fans and he is ready to spend even more just to have his hands on every single one of your masterpieces and the next.”

“Can you believe that?” his voice was so loud its like a yell “Because of his influence, the demand for your artworks shall achieve a peak higher than any other masters have done. You are now officially a living legend and I am here standing by a figure that would be remembered for centuries to come.”

“Thank you.” Then I gave his tablet back. I am happy alright, but all I could trade for his bouncing joy was a forced grin before I announced a message that rattled his veins with fear. “But I don’t think there would be a next painting.”

“What?” he breathed out. His voice was cold and shattered. All of the glowing expression that he originally wore was suddenly drowned in the color of pale white. 

“Im not sure, yet though.” I tried to make the news more hopeful. “But upon observing myself, I think I will have to retire early.”

“Is this about “her” again?”

It was beyond my expectations when he lashed me with an intense reply “Jesus Christ! It has already been two years! Cant you get over her already?”

All his mood changed from a cheerful bluebird into something bad.

“Perhaps you have forgotten, you are Kali of the Black. You are the prodigy painter known far and wide across the globe for your stunning works of art. Ever since you were born, you showed a talent that puts the fore fathers to shame. You have single handedly revolutionized the world of art, every single museum competes against each other just to have one of your portraits. And then you will say that you are planning to retire? Do you even understand what great gifts you have? Can you even comprehend the amount of artists out there who are jealous of your talents? You cannot just quit over some friend who cannot see anymore!”

Some friend, his words made me grit my teeth for a second. Perhaps he went overboard, or perhaps it was I who was foolish to think that he is prepared for my words but nevertheless, he is right

“I apologize.” I bowed my head to show my understanding of what he said, “I'm sorry for saying something so rude.”

The shock in his face now even more as he must have expected me to lash back but I didn’t. This new act was far different from my usual cutthroat personality. He is confused but he got what he is after.“I apologize too.” He returned “I did not mean to force you to paint or anything, its just that….”

“I know, I know.” I finally raised my head up to him “Great gifts are meant to be shared and not squandered for selfish reasons, right?”

He nodded in agreement. And with that, we reached a good conclusion just before the first rain drop started to fall.


Right after that small talk with my art broker, I allowed my body to be driven by its natural instincts and before I knew it, I was already in my studio. A new canvas was set and a brush and pallet ready on my hand. But even before I could give at least a single stroke, I immediately found the futility of it. Nothing enters my mind at all. With only the sound of rain to fill this otherwise silent room, I am left once more to reminisce all the times that passed.

Ever since I was little, I showed an incredible talent in the world of art. I earned my fame through contests and exhibits that are far too high for a little girl to achieve. Slowly, I gained the pseudonym “Kali of the Black”. A title fit for the mysterious girl who is so quiet she was mistaken for a mute and so still and lifeless that she can mix in with a crowd of dolls. So cold and distant I once was that everything in this world felt like a monochromatic hue of grey. All they wanted was what I could give but none ever wondered what I need.

I can still picture it clearly when the time we first met. She was there in my exhibit, alone just like me. She says that she is a fan of those paintings but she criticized its emptiness. “I can feel the pain of the author through his works” she said “Every single one of these portraits were loved but none were understood. No loneliness can be more painful than to be surrounded by people who do not see who you are.”

I listened carefully to her words. That soothing gentle voice that I would never forget “I wish the painter could find his joy before I lose my sight”.

“Lose your sight?”

That was the first time she gave me her innocent smile. So pure and lively that it is hard to believe that she is carrying a disease that will end what she love. We could have talked longer if not for my manager who came looking for me. It was a humorous twist of fate to see her bewildered shock as she realized that she was talking to the very painter herself and it was no man. Ever since then, she became my most frequent visitor and an annoyance that I always look forward to.

Those were the golden days of my life. From simple plates, my works grew into spectacles of glorious vigor and unceasing wonders. Every tint ignites the flare of boundless freedom. Gallant and fevered, each project was far more grand than the previous. Those were the days when I truly felt alive. I know that from there on out, there is no turning back. All for the sake of fulfilling her wish, I placed everything on the line and changed everything about myself.

So hell bent I was that I never realized the time passing by and before I knew it, we are already adults walking on our own roads.

A yellow brick road of fame and fortune was the path I tread while a world of darkness is the only thing that she found in hers. She is a strong person but I am not. On the day that time finally took her sight, she took me with her and left me with a scar that will never heal. In just a fraction of a second, she took everything that I live for. I lost all my sense of purpose and neither is it possible for me to return back to who I used to be. Painting was something I used to love, but now it’s a curse that torments me with the memories of the past.

I was left barren and blank of any passion. So many people wish me well but they do not see what is wrong in the first place. Just as usual, all they seek is for me to fit on their definition of “normal”.

What used to be my little vibrant castle is now nothing more than a dusty garage. All that’s left of my world of warm colors is a haunting realm of freezing walls and rotten floor. Perhaps this is the peaceful decay that comes after the days of glory. Only the echoes of rain stifles the dreadful silence of this monochromatic world.

Emptiness that tears cannot fill. A hollow shell with nothing inside.

But that isn’t the worst of it. Lifelessly, I hung my head up and stared at the framed portrait hanging on the center of my studio. It was the last of my works and the most loathsome of them all. It was the portrait of a phoenix rising from the ashes with a burning field on her background. The legend of the phoenix is the embodiment of rebirth and the symbolism of immortality. It was supposed to embody my ideals and visions. But midway through, Eris was declared blind and I lost my battle against time.

A phoenix is the epitome of the undying light of hope and a marvel of a distant but undying love. But this portrait showed none of the elements that it was supposed to be. What I see instead is the desperate wails of a creature doomed to suffer again. Its mortifying whenever I stare at its frigid feathers. Its vibrant flames were dyed in the colors of tragedy and her cries for death were so deafening that it makes my blood run cold. It is an accurate portrayal of my current state. Just as how the blessing of immortality can be an eternal torment, so did my great talent became a weapon that cuts me deeper the more I try to paint.

Looking at it closer, I began to wonder which is more likely. For it to be sold and forever remind me of my failure, or for termites to destroy my last masterpiece. Both answers are frightening.

As I let my consciousness drift with the cold breeze of the rain, I was instantly sent flying out of my chair when a frenzy of alarm suddenly broke out of hell. “What on Earth!”

Quickly grabbing my trench coat, I rushed outside and saw exactly what I expected “Eris? Just what on earth are you doing out here!”

“I'm sorry,” she tried to hide her embarrassment with a giggle. She tripped on the alarm and fell on the mud. Soak and cold all over, I can already see her skin shaking from the bitter cold. Before answering, she seeked out my voice in order to make it look like a normal conversation. “You forgot your purse so I came to visit.”

“Geez, you are such a trouble.” I rushed to her and covered her with my coat

“That’s not how you are supposed to reply,” she said while holding me close “You are supposed to say: No one sees my work unfinished.

A rush of anger quickly washed over me but I manage to hide it. “Come on, lets get inside.”


I guided her to my house to dry ourselves up but when I tried to turn on the lights, it didn’t. I repeated the process for a few more times but there was not a single flicker. It's already late, combined with the rain clouds that blot out the night lights, there was nothing to give me any form of sight.

“Is there something wrong?” Eris asked, oblivious to the situation.

Since my studio has lights and the alarm is working, then there is only one answer, “My lights are busted.” 

“Oh, then shall I be your guide for the evening?” she cheerfully asked then took the liberty to walk further inside. I was left alone for a few minutes and when she returned, she was flashing a flashlight. She has been going in and out of my house for so long that she already knows where to find the emergency cabinet.

I thanked her for the help and with it, I turned on the heater then grabbed a change of clothes.

“Just pile your clothes there. I will wash it tomorrow,” I ordered as I began to undress

“Ahh…”she breathed. “The scent of acrylic paint and graphite pencils, I love them so much.”

“Really? But I never took my work outside the studio.”

“Its already embedded in your soul. And oh how I love their scent so much,” she said then quickly changed the subject “By the way, I heard that your work is on the headlines again.”

“Yes,” I scorned “Some guy has a bigger wallet than brains.”

“How nice. I wish I have your talents," she said while undressing. “Come to think of it, what works have you done this year and the last?”

A deep rumble echoed through the looming sky and I felt a cold rage suddenly sweep up through my spine. It was a question that took me a few seconds to compose myself before answering, “I have none.”

“You are taking a break?” she has finished putting on the night gown.

“No,” I cursed behind my throat. My fist was locked so tight it turned white. “I cannot paint anymore.”

“That’s just mental block,” she turned to face me “Don’t mind the small things. Im sure it will get better at some point.”

“It wont.” I hid all signs of anger behind my gritting teeth “There is nothing to do anymore.”

“Same thing happened to me once. Overworking things will always result in mental frustration.”

My temper is nearing its limit and I began to shake with every word she spoke. What finally broke me was when she said the things that I do not want to hear.

“I know that feeling well,” she said “Because I used to paint like you but I guess it was not meant to be.”

Then a lightning strike crackled throughout the sky and screamed in a fury of devilish white flare followed by the deafening wail of thunder. The most twisted smile has suddenly found itself carved on my lips and I began to laugh as I finally realized what a fool I made myself. It was here where I lost what little I have left.

“I see…” I hysterically laugh in a voice that was shattered by the realization. My tone rising with a grin. “Why have I never noticed it before. Why have I never noticed it before?"
I began to scream. My sight was flooded in the shade of a wrathful red. “This is all in your plans, isn’t it?!”

“You know that you can never achieve your dreams, you know that fate has been cruel to you.” I pointed my shaking hands at her. My pain is clear on my words “You do not want to be alone, so you dragged me with you!”

All my senses were drowned by an overwhelming wrath. With all my might, I pushed her down to the floor and toppled her. My hands grabbed her throat and squeezed it, hard.

This is wrong…

“You know that I am slowly dying, and yet, you pretend not to notice. It must have been fun for you to watch, right?” my grip became tighter and tighter, arresting any air that she could breath. She should be grappling for her next air but she did not even raise any attempt to fight me off. “To remind me everyday of the reality that I cannot escape, It must be delightful for you, right?”

Why cant I stop?

“How long do you plan to keep on mocking me!” I howled “Why do I even have to meet you?”

Why are you not fighting?

My senses have completely deserted me. Lost and confused, I was engulfed in the unrestrained display of insanity and decadence. Cursing all of what was left of what I used to be, I brought out everything that I hid under the veil of grace and joy.

“Why…” in the peak of the moment, all my strength has faded and a tiny drop of tear has found itself flowing out of my eyes. The pain in my heart started to wane and I descent into a cry, “Why do I have to fall in love with someone like you…”

The sorrows of my small heart began to overflow. Those were the bitter tears I shed for the words I left unsaid. That was the wound of a heart that foolishly opened itself for love. Those were the honest tears that cleansed my soul after it was seared shut by cynicism, envy and regret. I allowed myself to be vulnerable and paid the price.

What a shame it was to face her again after what I have done but silently, she raised her arms and welcomed me to cry on her bosom.


I cannot remember how long I cried there but she never left when I was in my lowest moment in life. When my tears have finally stopped, I couldn't comprehend how much shame I felt when I finally realized what I have done. I almost killed her and yet here I am, lying on the floor with my head resting on her lap like lovers in a park

“Are you alright now?” Eris asked with a tender voice as she stroked my hair like a mother pampering a child

“Y-yeah” I couldn't speak well. The sense of shame was so painful and living through it was so unbearable that I wanted to die right on that very spot but I’d rather not avoid the elephant in the room. With a worrisome voice, I asked her current state. “Moreover, how do you feel? How’s your neck? Your throat?”

“I'm fine. You had a fine grip but I'm fine” she assured me with a soft voice as if she was making a joke of it. I have read several health articles and for all I know, being strangled isn’t a laughing matter. I want to curl and bury myself alive whenever I remember what I just did. Curiously, she returned a question “More importantly, what are we gonna do now that we are lovers?”

“Eh?” I looked up at her to repeat what she said.

“You just confessed your love, silly,” she said as she slowly leaned over and planted a kiss on my forehead. “And this is my response to it.”

I was taken aback by her words. It felt so early, so quickly and so unexpected that I blushed before knowing why. “A-a-are we really gonna do it?”

“Of course,” she hummed “Its what lovers always do, right?”

I felt awkward to maintain a direct eye contact and my voice was full of shyness. Looking back, I guess I have no right to refuse “I-if that’s what you want. But should we do it in my room?”

Those steps we took as we went up the stairs were the longest I have ever felt. It was a solid mixture of a virgin’s anxiety and a childish excitement. Eris on the other hand has a contradicting action. She has maintained a graceful demeanor as she lead the way on my own place. It was as if she was expecting everything

Nervously, I made sure to lock the door behind me before we start.

“H-hey, s-s-hould we do-” I was just about to give a last minute retreat when I just found her lips on mine. She has already sealed the answer. Never in my life have I thought that a kiss can leave a strange sweet taste.

“I love you Kali,“ she said to me before planting another kiss. The first one was the kiss of affection but this one is the kiss of desire. It is hotter and deeper. She caught my tongue and lured it to a teasing dance. For a few moments, we allowed our lustful intentions to be known before finally breaking off.

She was the one who took the initiative by breathing directly into the nape of my neck. Her lips left a trail of kisses down to my shoulders and caressed my skin while she slowly unbuttoned my clothes. I left my bra on the living room after changing into dry clothes so there was no further resistance when she began to cup my breasts. Her hands navigated all the measures of my skin before doing anything else. For someone who cannot see, a single touch can mean everything to her.

Now topless, she must have felt my fear rise up and wrap her arms around me. Our bodies pressed against each other, we can feel a mutual exchange of heat that brings our pleasure to the surface. Without moving away, she fondled with my breasts and flick my nipples till they hardened stiff before leaning over to suckle on those swelling mounds. Right on the moment she nibbled on one, I was sent squirming on my stand as I try to hold off a scream of pleasure.

It is not a surprise to me that this girl hides an aggressive side but I never thought that she can be so sadistic in bed. She did not let go off my hold but on the next moment, she slip her hand down through the underneath of my shorts and caressed the entrance of my crevice.

Her fingers merrily played with my entrance and squeeze right through. At first she started with tickling my opening but it quickly grew into strokes that were fierce but so precise on handling my precious spot that I immediately felt a flow leaking out of me as the heat of my core start to rise. Seemingly thrilled, she curved her fingers into a hook to hit my sweet spot. She was so aggressive that I was forced to bite down on my lips to hold off a scream that so badly wanted to get out. 

I was reduced into whimpers and a frantic breath as I allowed myself to be taken by her ministrations. Too late I realized that I was now embracing her tightly while my legs spread further apart as if inviting her to go in deeper.

“Eris…” I called out her name within my delirious moans. I could already feel it manifesting within me and I can no longer hold it in. Suddenly, my body began to stiffen and my moans grew louder to signal her what is about to come. On the final stroke, I reached my breaking point and a cascade of an immense pleasure crashed into me. The voice that I tried to conceal for so long now came out in a loud and shameful release.

“You came?” Eris teasingly asked but I was so dazed from the rapture that I couldn't formulate a reply, My body quivers in every inch of my skin and in just seconds, my shaking legs gave up and I crumbled into the floor. My heart was racing so fast it felt as if it will explode. I have never experienced an orgasm this strong before.

Eris knelt infront of my legs, a dirty smile on her face. “Hey, we haven’t even started yet.”

Then she began to take my shorts away, damp from the juices that I just released. My legs were too powerless to resist her advances so all I can do was to watch as how she took another step in embarrassing me. She leaned over in front of my bud and did exactly what I feared. She moved her face closer and used her tongue to lick my legs and tasted my flower in lewd swipes. Like a starving child, she greedily cleansed all of the moistures on my skin before she turned her attention to where it all came from.

I felt her tongue danced in my entrance and toyed with me. I just came so my nerves are still sensitive and my entrance must be a swollen red but she did not give any mercy at all. She squeezed through the passageway and licked all that she could reach of me. My body shook as I felt her slither her way inside. Her mischievous little tongue wriggled through the contours and folds of my little rose, all the while, her lips sucked out the drops of my honey that came flowing out.

My hips subconsciously buck and rock as I try to match her savage rhythm. All my thoughts has been reduced into a few delirious moans and ragged breathing. Her actions have plagued my entire mind and have taken over my sense of shame to the point that all that I could think of was to ask for more. Louder my voice went, my legs spread even wider apart and my hands landed on her head to gently nudge her to go in deeper.

As if not contented, she then inserted a finger inside to further escalate the tension that has now been ripping me from the inside out. Similar to what she did earlier, she curved her forefinger to make contact with that sensitive spot. Except this time, she has also found my clit and stalled no time in playing with it. She pinched on that delicate little bud and delighted on how much I twisted in agony for each and every stroke that she made. Every single one of her teasings sent me writhing and whimpering as I attempt to hide all the pleasure that was surging up. But resistance is futile.

“Eris…im gonna…”I felt it swelling inside of me. The sensation of being desperate for release has surged throughout my veins and I am now driven by nothing more than a wild carnal desire. In my final breath, I was unable to hold it in any further and my spine warped backwards like a bow. With a loud scream, a torrent of clear liquid came surging out of my body and threatened to break me apart. Every single nerve cell in my body felt a quake in a breathtaking magnitude.

When the pressure finally subsided, I felt drained of both colors and stamina. My whole body was dazed, exhausted and breathless.

“Did I…” my mouth was agape, my lungs cannot fill in enough air to allow me to speak

“Did it feel good?” Eris giggled, I can feel an awkwardness in her tone. Her whole face was a mess and it is clear that she did not expect me to make such an indecent response to her teasing.

It was my first time to have an orgasm so powerful I felt like I ripped apart. Eris however seemed so entertained that she licked up her fingers and savored every ounce of my taste. It is a common misconception that people with disabilities are pure in heart. If this is her way of taking revenge for what I have done earlier, then I will not raise an argument. But god I hope this is not her true color.

“Hey Eris,” I called her “Can we do it on the bed this time?”

She nodded with a smile then went into the mattress first and I quickly crawled by her side. I trilled her by softly kissing her on the shoulder blades and let loose the laces of her gown before pulling it just beneath her breasts. I held both of her arms outwards and loomed over her like a tiger on a prowl. As I towered above her, I scrutinized her every curves and angles. She is perfect indeed, and to be a lover with someone as wonderful as her is nothing short of a miracle. I felt the sense of embarrassment in her and she tried to pull her arms to hide her skin. This is the part where I began to play the role of the sadist.

I leaned my head lower and suckled on her breasts. I gently nipped on her left nipple and used my tongue to fondle that little vermillion. My ears perked up as I hear her soft cries that match the woe of her unwilling body. She is not used to being played but she’s too frail to resist. She tried to wriggled and writhe but I only let go off my hold when her breathing faded into silent moans that sounds like a lullaby.

When she finally became ready, I glide over to her flower but instead of returning the favor equally, I lifted her legs and forced her knee up into her ear. I held her there bound like a pretzel.

“Hey. Kali,” she grunted, obviously uncomfortable in her position

“Im sorry Eris” my voice is enough to show my guilt but I have no intention to stop. In this position, she is most vulnerable and nothing obstructs my view of her beautiful pink rose. Gently, I extended my tongue and wedged my way as far I could reach inside of her. I was mesmerized when I made contact with her innermost chasms. She felt so hot that my tongue felt like burning whenever I stir her, she retaliates by clamping my tongue and attempting to pull me closer.

Her aroma was maddening and the taste of her nectar was even more. I seeped out all the essence that flowed out and went drunk from the flavor of her love. Her clit appeared like a lonely little pea that swells up so I also targeted it with my tongue. She squirmed as I tormented her, but deep inside, I know that she enjoyed every second of this. With an inaudible voice, she called out my name “Kali…”

Her breathing has been broken off its rhythm and it does not take an expert to understand why. Deeper I extend my tongue and with my fingers, I rubbed her insides diligently. I watch in delight as how she struggled to keep herself composed but try as she might, her flaring temperature and twitching body cannot be hidden. And then it happened. With a violent jerk, her body stiffened and she threw her back into an arch as she screamed her release.

Her scream was the most enchanting music I have ever heard. And to be the first to hear it is the purest form of joy.

Throbbing all over, she was now the one who was sapped of her stamina. In long breaths, she lay there dazed with a happy smile. I took responsibility for what I did to her and cleaned up her private areas before giving her the final kiss. The same lips that we used to pleasure the other has reunited once more to fuse together our precious aftertaste. And without doubt, it is the sweetest kiss I have ever tasted. 


We lay naked and enjoyed each other's warmth with a small smile peeking out of our lips as we replay all the events have unfold in this night alone. Tired but happy, we lull ourselves to sleep. But an idea suddenly popped itself on my mind.

“Hey Eris, are you awake?” I whispered softly. I did not expect a response but she did. 

“Yes,” her reply is drowsy

“I must confess a lie,” I said. “I finished a painting and so far, no one has seen it yet.”

“That’s great.” then started to doze off.

“Hey don’t sleep on me,” I scolded and force her to rise up “You should be saying: “Awesome! I wanna be the first to see it!

“Eh? But I'm-”

“Just wear some thick clothes and follow me to the studio.”


The hard rain has finally ended its downpour and the thick clouds have started to break out to make way for the radiance of the stars and the pale moonlight. The breeze was a frozen chill. Unfriendly and unhealthy, no one would want to get out of bed in such a cold night except for the couple who just conquered the darkest moments that life has to offer for them.

In front of the studio, one of the maidens stood. A white fog escapes from her lips as she shivers in wait for her partner. “Are you really sure about this?”

“Of course!” a reply came from inside the room. Then she immediately ran out of her studio and back to the girl who was waiting for her “Alright, its done.”

Snuggling closer against each other, they closed their eyes and let themselves be taken by the serenity of the fire that began to grow and burned the structure. It was once a castle of dazzling brilliance, a little world of fantasy where they both nurtured their dreams and sung the melodies of their heart in the grandest colors. And tonight, it blazed back to its former glory for a one last time.

Every crackle of the ephemeral flames is a piece of music that carries a story of their own. It is a symphony of their battle scars and a lullaby of the pain that defines their wings. It is a never ending orchestra of their bitter tears and triumphant victories. Here is where everything started and here is where they declared the beginning of a brand new tale.

“This is my latest masterpiece,” Kali said without opening her eyes “How do you like it?”

“I can hear the cries of a bird in suffering,” Eris replied softly “But she’s free now, isn’t she?”

“Yes, she is free now,” she assured before nudging Eris on the shoulder and they shared a kiss.

As the fire gobbled up the infrastructure, a small piece of snowflake softly fell to their skin which was followed by more snow crystals that dances slowly as they descent to the ground. Legend says that magic happens on the first fall of snow, and that legend holds true.


Author's Note

I've been meaning to write this piece but I was hired to work for a different project which inevitably caused my Lush account to be on hiatus for a few months. Now that I got it written, I'm surprised that it was “a bit” longer than my last drama erotica. I hope that you guys managed to endure the text wall. I really want to write a second chapter but I doubt that the drama will be as heavy as this. Also, it will depend on my free time and the demand for it. Do you guys want a sequel?
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