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Room 769

Two women find themselves in the same neglected situation and decide to help each other out.
Bianca enters the reception area of the fancy hotel and walks up to the desk. She signs in and takes the key she is handed, then lugging her suitcase behind her, she heads towards the elevator. Hitting the up arrow, she waits for the elevator doors to open.

As she steps into the elevator, Bianca thinks about why she’s here. Not because of some business trip, that’s for sure. The thirty-five year old was here for pleasure. Usually when people come to a hotel like this for pleasure, they have someone with them, but not Bianca, she’s here without her husband because he’s the problem.

Over her ten years of marriage, the last three have gone downhill on the sexual side. John just doesn’t seem to be up to doing much these days, and it’s been driving Bianca crazy. His sexual drive may have diminished over the years but hers certainly had not. Which brings her here, with a suitcase packed full of toys and sexy lingerie. She is here to satisfy her needs.

Of course she could do this back at home either after John’s gone to sleep or while he’s not home. For some reason, Bianca feels like she deserves a bit of luxury for once. So here she is, at the most luxurious hotel she could find near her home. She’s staying here for three nights. Two whole days, and besides eating and sleeping, she plans going to dedicate her time to making herself orgasm as many times as she can, to please herself as much as she can, before she heads home to her husband and her non-sexual mediocre life.

The elevator doors open, and Bianca steps out into the hallway. Looking at her key for the room number, she makes her way to the right and walks up to the door with the number 769 on it. She opens the door and steps into her new home for the next three nights.


After having a shower, where she shaves her armpits, legs, and of course her pussy completely bare, Bianca dresses and makes her way downstairs by elevator to the 2nd floor and restaurant.

The place is busy with people having dinner and she is seated in a far corner at a two seater table. She orders a drink of wine and her meal and waits. As she sits there staring out the window at the darkening sky, she thinks about how she’ll pleasure herself later.

Her thoughts are running wild, and the space between her legs were feeling damp from arousal when the waiter came back with her wine. She smiles pleasantly and thanks him graciously.

“Um, would you mind if we sat another customer with you tonight? We seem to be very full and she has nowhere else to go right now,” the waiter asks nervously. This apparently doesn’t happen very often.

“Oh, ah sure,” Bianca replies. She doesn’t see the harm of another female joining her, a male would be a different story, but the waiter had said ‘she’ so she figures it would be alright.

The waiter nods his thanks and shortly returns with a very pretty brunette about Bianca’s own age. They introduce themselves and the brunette, by the name of Marcy, sits opposite Bianca.

Dinner goes on and they start to talk. They talk about their lives, both having high paying jobs that use a great deal of intellect and both are married.

As they order more wine and become comfortable talking to each other, they find they have more in common than they originally thought. Both are fairly similar in looks, with brown hair and brown eyes, the two women find it interesting to realise they have the same issue with their husbands; their partner's sexual drive has become virtually non-existent.

They continue talking and Marcy admits that she is also here for pleasure and suggests that the two women help each other. They agree to go to Bianca’s room after dinner, as she has the bigger en suite, and quickly finish up their wine with excitement building.


Bianca steps into her room followed by Marcy, the taller woman presses Bianca against the wall and starts to kiss her fiercely. Bianca returns the kiss after the initial shock and feels the anticipation spread over her body, heat swirling around her, as the arousal grows within her.

Marcy makes it clear pretty quickly that she intends to dominate her new found friend and quickly gets Bianca on the bed topless, with her large boobs spilling over her slim build.

Bianca looks up at her new friend as Marcy removes her own top, letting her own large breasts free. Leaning down, Marcy presses her boobs into Bianca’s face ordering her to suck. She does as she’s told and takes one of Marcy’s nipples into her mouth and starts to suck on it making the woman moan.

After a while, Marcy brings out a long rope out of nowhere and starts to tie Bianca’s hands together above her head. This brings a whole new wave of arousal through Bianca as she feels her heart begin to race and her pussy grow moist.

Both women had expressed downstairs that they had never been with another woman before but had always wanted to try, so Marcy knows that Bianca wants this. She smiles down at her new friend and wiggles her way down Bianca’s body slowly drawing her pants down her nicely shaved legs.

Bianca moans as Marcy removes her pants and panties, revealing a perfectly shaved pussy. A low moan comes from Marcy as she views her new toy before sinking her tongue down into it, tasting a woman for the very first time. Bianca writhes and moans at the sexy woman’s expert touch, feeling Marcy’s tongue flick against her clit over and over drawing her to intense heights of pleasure.

Marcy sends Bianca over the edge for the first time using just her tongue. As Bianca’s body orgasms, Marcy smiles, pleased that she’s done a good job for her first try.

“Oh fuck!” Bianca moans loudly.

As she came down from her first orgasm of the night, Bianca looks over at Marcy to find her also naked now and sitting on the bed next to her, legs spread.

“I want you to watch me,” Marcy says seductively as she slowly starts to rub herself. Bianca’s eyes widen as she takes in Marcy’s pussy with its soft trimmed bush. She watches as Marcy begins to pleasure herself and moans as she feels her arousal grow more.

Surprisingly, watching this sexy lady before her give herself pleasure by rubbing her pussy and tits, makes Bianca even more horny. Her eyes are glued to Marcy’s soaking fingers as she moves them in and out of her. Marcy is obviously enjoying being watched and finds her release quickly.

She brings herself to an orgasm and Bianca moans along, desperately wanting to dig her own fingers into this exotic woman’s soaking pussy.

At this point, Bianca and Marcy’s breathing is heavy and filled with lust as they look at one another.

Slowly, Marcy unties Bianca’s hands and says she is free to touch her as she pleases. Bianca jumps up immediately and reaches for Marcy’s boobs. She plays with Marcy’s nipples making her moan loud and hard, then without warning, Bianca works two fingers into Marcy’s already soaking wet pussy.

Marcy gasps and thrusts her hips up to meet Bianca’s hand, moaning loudly. Bianca withdraws her hand and looking Marcy in the eyes, brings her fingers to her lips and sucks them, tasting Marcy’s juices.

Marcy sits up and pushes Bianca down again kissing her furiously, their tongues entwining as they explore each other’s mouths. Marcy starts to finger Bianca’s smooth pussy as they kiss and Bianca does the same with Marcy’s pussy. They both alternate between fingering and playing with the other’s clit as they moan against each others lips.

Bianca is about to orgasm again when Marcy stops and turns her body around, pressing her extremely wet pussy into Bianca’s face. She takes the hint and starts to eat out the other woman, moaning as she feels Marcy go down on her sensitive area again.

They 69 for ages, both enjoying eating the other out when finally Marcy cums all over Bianca’s face with a gigantic moan as Bianca also feels herself travel over the edge into her own orgasm.

The two of them lick each other clean, then Marcy lays down beside Bianca on the bed, both of them breathing heavily as they look at each other.

The two smile, knowing that the rest of their time here was going to be a lot more fun with another woman around.
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