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Roomie readys me for my date

Uninhibited fun with my roommate
Unplanned I swear…

My sorority sisses used to sometimes do road trips to the mall and almost always alcohol was involved! Lots of pranks and dares and jokes and harmless fun. Inhibitions went out the window, which was why we did our philandering at another city from where our college was located, for fear of being recognized. My roomie was quite bold and risqué most of the time. This particular day was a lot of fun since I was not the designated driver to get us back to campus.

I had a date that night with a real sweet hunk of a guy. He had dated my roomie the semester before so we sisters had shared his cock, (well not at the same time) ha ha ha. So after my shower I was trying to get ready while my roomie was teasing me. Both of us were still tipsy and laughing at silly things. I bent to get a some clothes from my drawers. 

Since we were very open with one another I was still naked from the shower. She was getting ready for a shower and was in her towel when she decided my ass facing her was a target. She goosed me with the handle of a makeup brush making me jump up smacking my head on the underside of my open top drawer. It hurt and I collapsed in pain. She started laughing and I did too. 

She comes over to offer to ‘kiss my owee’ and climbs on top of me to kiss my head. Her towel falls off and all of a sudden she kisses me on the lips. I didn’t stop her and kinda surprised myself by kissing her back. (I blame the booze!) her towel fell off and our tits touched making my nipples stiffen. 

I tried to tell her NO because I had to get ready but her hands and mouth made me putty in her hands. She went down on me and it felt so good. She ran her finger along the folds of my pussy then inside to my clit her tongue went! Before I could believe it I was cumming all over her finger pushing my G-spot. She took great delight in getting me off and as quick as I came she was off of me wrapped in her towel and off to the showers. I lay there collecting myself and wondering ‘What the hell just happened?’ in my still tipsy state of mind.

I managed to finish getting dressed and put on my make-up when she returned. Neither of us spoke for awhile. Then I asked her what just happened. She said she wanted to prime me for my date and laughed as she slipped on a large baggy sweatshirt. Just then my guy opens the door without knocking. Something he often did cause he ‘had known’ us both and hoped to catch us naked too I think. She gives him a hug and kiss and I could see her bare ass when the sweatshirt lifted… he didn’t.
Just as we left she tells him I wasn’t wearing underwear! I could have killed her. I had mentioned that was my plan but after what she just did I had to wear panties since my pussy was still dripping!!!!!! He grabbed at my ass and I slapped his hand and glared at her.

We had a short dinner and skipped the movie since the sexual tension between us was high. He took me back to my room since my roomie was out partying and we just stripped as soon as the door shut. I locked the door. We got into a sixty-nine position and while he fingered my spinchter and sucked my clit I sucked his balls and his lovely cock just the way he loved it. I came twice shuddering and stopping my sucking. When I got my composure I fingered his ass and he came in my mouth. We cuddled he playing with my nipples me stroking his cock and rubbing cum all over his balls. 

He recovered quickly and I mounted him like an experienced cowgirl. Clamped down on his cock as I lifted my hips and relaxing as I lowered my pussy lips engulfing him deeply. He grew impatient to my slow teasing and flipped me onto my knees. Then in doggy position he literally fucked the hell out of me. I came quite a lot but doubt he noticed since he just kept fucking me hard and fast. His second cumming took awhile and he moaned loudly as I felt his hot come deep inside me. I guess my roomie turning me on so early made me even more sexual that night as we fucked once more before falling fast asleep just before my roomie bangs on the locked door. 

She was alone thank goodness. But drunk, surprise surprise! She got undressed in front of me and my (well OUR guy) and fell asleep in the nude on top of her bed. 

And NO he did not sneak away from me to FUCK her! 

He had no cum left I felt confident!

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