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Rose's Roommate Gives Her a Helping Hand

Rose has had a long day and Amber helps her relax.
She got home and immediately kicked off her shoes. Locking the door behind her she went upstairs to lay down in her bed. It had been a really long day. 

"Rose?" Her roommate gently opened the door, peeking in.

"Yes, Amber." Rose rolled over and look towards the door.

"I thought I heard you come in. Is everything okay?" Amber came in and sat down next to Rose. 

"Yeah... Just had a long day." Rose stretched out, trying to relieve her aching back.

"I could give you a massage," Amber suggested.

"That sounds amazing!" 

"Okay, well you strip and get comfortable. I'll go get the oil."

Amber was a sexy firecracker with dark red hair that was a perfect match with her name. She had the most beautiful harlequin green eyes. She stood at 5' 6" and 140 pounds. She had a 36DD chest, a small waist, and nice full hips. Rose on the other hand was blonde with blue eyes. She was 5' 5" at 115 pounds. She was quite a bit smaller than Amber with a 36C bra size. 

Rose and Amber were a little more than roommates. It started a couple months ago when Rose accidentally walked in on Amber masturbating and Amber invited Rose to join her. At first Rose was shocked, but she was more turned on than anything and quickly joined Amber in bed. 

Rose smiled at the memory, taking off everything but her panties. She then laid face down on her bed. 

Amber returned quickly and climbed into bed with Rose. She sat on Rose's thighs and squeezed some of the oil directly onto Rose's back.

"Eek! Amber! That's cold!" Rose squirmed and Amber couldn't help but giggle. "You are so..." Her words were cut off when Amber placed a kiss on the back of her neck right where her shoulder and neck met. Amber learned all of Rose's weak spots quickly and that was a major one. 

Amber started rubbing in the oil. She kneaded all the spots she knew Rose liked. Starting with her shoulders and neck, slowly moving down. After she thoroughly massaged Rose's back she moved off of her and down to massage her feet.

Rose could feel herself getting wet already. Amber's soft hands knew exactly how to touch Rose. Amber massaged up each leg getting closer and closer to Rose's already tingling pussy. She massaged around Rose's panties making sure not to touch her where she knew Rose wanted to be touched. Rose lifted her hips slightly trying to get Amber to touch her aching pussy.

"Amber, please.." Rose moaned. Amber knew exactly what she wanted. She helped Rose slip out of her panties. While her hips were still up in the air Amber buried her face into her sexy cunt. 

"Mmm..." Rose moaned and tried to roll over, but Amber grabbed her hips and held her in place. 

"Uh-huh," Amber mumbled, her mouth busily trying to please Rose. Amber licked her clit, gently sucking it into her mouth. Rose pulled away and turned towards Amber.

She pulled Amber to her and kissed her passionately. She helped Amber strip out of her clothes. 

"It's my turn," Rose said in a husky voice, pushing Amber onto the bed. She kissed Amber, sensually touching her body with her fingertips. She let her kisses trail down Amber's neck and chest. She took Amber's nipple into her mouth, licking and nibbling gently. She pinched her other nipple between her fingers.

"Oh, Rose... That feels so good. You're making me so wet," Amber murmured.

"Am I?" Rose smiled wickedly. "Let's just see about that." She trailed her hand down Amber's sexy body. She reached Amber's pussy and found that she was indeed wet. " are very wet." She pulled her hand away and licked her fingers.

She slid down Amber's body spreading her thighs apart. She put Amber's legs over her shoulders and lowered her head to drink the delicious nectar coming out of her honey pot. She ate Amber's pussy like she was starved. She puckered up her lips and sucked Amber's clit. She licked and sucked the hard little bud. Amber sunk her fingers into Rose's hair.

Rose slipped a finger into Amber's tight pussy. Amber moaned in pleasure as Rose pumped her finger in and out. She licked up Amber's juices as they flowed out of her pussy. 

"You taste so good." Rose moaned into Amber's sweet cunt.

"I want to taste you more." Amber moaned. "Get up here and sit on my face for a minute."

Rose crawled up Amber's body and kissed her deeply. Amber could taste herself on Rose's lips. Rose broke off the kiss and got up. She swung her leg over Amber's head and lowered her dripping cunt to her waiting mouth. Amber grabbed Rose's thighs and puller her closer to her mouth. She devoured Rose's sweet pussy. Rose could feel an orgasm building up, but she wanted them to cum together. 

"Amber," she panted, "stop. I'm going to cum and I want you to cum together with me." Amber released her and Rose moved off her. 

She positioned herself so they could rub their clits together until they came. She moaned when their wetness touched. She held Amber close kissing everywhere she could reach as they rubbed back and forth. They panted and moaned as they got closer to cumming. They both felt the build up and were frantically rubbing their pussies together.

"Rose! I'm...cumming." Amber moaned loudly.

"Me too, Amber." She kissed Amber deeply as they started cumming together.

Rose rolled off Amber after their orgasms subsided. They lay there and snuggled together until they fell asleep. 

Looks like Rose's long day wasn't so bad after all.

(This is my first story so it's probably really rough...I would appreciate anything constructive that would help make my writing better, but please be nice! Thank you so much for reading it!)

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