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Sally and Jill

Two friends discover the joys of womanly love.
It wasn’t unusual for someone to insist on renting a porn movie for the Saturday night viewing party; and usually it was Bob. Sometimes it was so bad that they spent more time laughing at the bad acting and poor plot line then becoming aroused by the film.

The small group of close friends: Bob, Sally, Jill, and Kathy, had been enjoying this weekly ritual for several months. Now, if the porn movie were good enough, they’d all masturbate alone later – except for Jill, who would climax during the film, but wouldn’t say anything as she feared being embarrassed and teased by her friends.

The viewing party would be held at a different person’s house every week so no one had to always be the host. They knew the rules, what happened at viewing parties, stayed at viewing parties. However, the only thing that ever happened was the one time the girls begged Bob to show them his cock so they could see if his was as big as the actor on the screen. It turned out his was bigger, and he was rewarded with three sets of hands stroking him to full climax. The four friends never went any further for fear of destroying the great friendship they shared.

One Saturday night, Bob and Kathy had dates (though, not with each other) and would have to miss the weekly movie show. Sally and Jill decided to go on without them, as neither had dates, and they both didn’t want to sit home alone. It was Jill’s turn to be the host, so she ordered a pizza and met Sally at the video store. They rented a few movies, including one new porno they had never heard of before, and headed back to Jill’s place.

Together, they watched the movies and ate dinner, laughing at the comedies and crying though the tearjerkers. Since there was no Bob, they had more control over the choice of films. Once the pizza was gone, they decided to put in the porno DVD and see what they had rented. It didn’t take long for the first sex scene to appear, and to their shock it was a lesbian sex scene. They watched the two women do things they’d never even seen done before, and before long, they were both somewhat aroused. Like any porn film, there was more bad dialogue, and more lesbian sex.

“What was the name of this movie?” asked Sally grabbing her cell phone.

“Ugh, ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun 2,’” said Jill giggling.

Sally put her phone down and asked, “You’re kidding, right?”

“Nope, see,” said Jill handing her the box.

Sally looked at the box and giggled. “Well, they certainly are having fun now aren’t they.”

“Yeah they are,” said Jill, shifting her weight as she felt herself becoming more aroused.

Sally looked at Jill and asked, “Is this turning you on?”

Jill bushed and said, “What? No! Of course not.”

“Yes it is,” said Sally. “I didn’t know you were a lesbo.”

“I’m not!” snapped Jill. “I like guys.”

“But seeing these women is turning you on,” said Sally. “Tell me, do I turn you on?”

Jill looked at Sally and noticed she too seemed aroused by the film. “I don’t know, I’ve never thought of you like that before.”

“Can I tell you a secret Jill?” asked Sally.

“Sure,” said Jill.

“I prefer girls more than boys,” Sally said smiling.

“Really?” asked Jill. “But what about Bob?”

“He’s a friend,” said Sally. “I mean, he’s a great guy, but that day we stroked him off, I didn’t enjoy it as much as you two did.”

“I thought it was because he was our friend,” said Jill.

“That was part of it,” said Sally. “But see, I have always been attracted to girls, for as long as I can remember.”

“Wow,” said Jill. “I had no idea.”

“It’s not something I brag about,” said Sally. “I wasn’t sure how you or Kathy would react. I mean, Bob would find it hot, but you two, I just wasn’t sure you’d still like me.”

“Why?” asked Jill. “We’re still friends aren’t we?”

“Well yes,” said Sally. “But admitting you like those that are the same as you, well, not everyone can be so understanding.”

Jill looked at Sally and smiled. “I think it’s wonderful. I’ve always wanted a lesbian friend, now I know I’ve always had one.”

“You really don’t hate me?” asked Sally.

“Why would I?” said Jill. “You’re still the same Sally I’ve known for years, aren’t you?”

Jill hugged her friend tightly. Sally smiled in relief and said, “Yes, I guess I am.”

“Well all right then,” said Jill releasing Sally from her hug. “Now stop being so silly.”

Sally moved in a bit closer to Jill and said, “But tell me the truth now Jill, this film is turning you on, isn’t it?”

Jill blushed and said, “Yeah, it is.”

Sally smiled and said, “There is nothing to be embarrassed about. I tend to get aroused by hetro scenes if they last long enough. Mind you not the actual fucking, but the oral action makes me so wet.”

“So, I’m not a freak?” asked Jill.

“Far from it,” said Sally. “Have you ever wondered what it would feel like with a woman?”

“Sure,” said Jill. “I mean, hasn’t everyone?”

Sally giggled and said, “You have a valid point there.”

Sally gently touched Jill’s cheek, stroking it softly. Jill purred under her touch and said, “That feel nice.”

“Want to feel something even nicer?” asked Sally.

“Sure,” said Jill.

Sally leaned over and gently kissed Jill’s full, pouty lips. At first Jill didn’t respond, but then, she returned the kiss and the two women slipped their tongues into the other’s mouth. Their tongues danced in their erotic coupling for several minutes, then Jill pulled away panting.

“Wow!” Jill gasped, pushing a strand of her long blond her behind her ear. “That’s… that’s incredible.”

“Thanks,” said Sally, her green eyes sparkling. “You were pretty good too.”

“Thanks,” said Jill. “But, why did you kiss me?”

Sally giggled and stroked Jill’s blond hair. “Because I wanted to, silly.”

Jill looked into Sally’s green eyes. To Jill, Sally so was beautiful with her, auburn hair, firm body, large breasts, and firm ass. Sally could have anyone, and now, she was kissing her. “You… you wanted to… to kiss… me?”

Sally looked at the shocked Jill and smiled. She had wanted this luscious creature with long blond hair, bright blue eyes, breasts as large if not larger than hers, and a lovely heart shaped ass for years. She knew man or woman would love to be with her, and tonight was her chance.

“Jill, if I didn’t want to, I wouldn’t have done it.”

With that said, Sally kissed Jill again. She was rewarded with Jill’s luscious mouth and tongue eagerly wanting her in return. Had the movie not already aroused Jill, Sally’s kisses would have for sure. Jill wrapped her arms around Sally, and in turn, Sally wrapped her arms around her. The two women kissed for several minutes more, when Sally whispered in Jill’s ear, “Have you ever wanted to feel a woman’s touch?”

Jill jerked back in surprise and said, “What?”

Sally smiled and said, “I’ve wanted to make love to you since we first met, but I was afraid to scare you off. Please Jill; let me show you womanly love.”

“But, I’m not gay,” said Jill.

“I know,” said Sally. “We call it being bi-curious and there is nothing wrong with it. Please Jill; let me help you explore your natural curiosity.”

Jill looked deep into the beautiful green eyes looking back at her with desire and longing. It was true, she was very curious about how it would feel to be with a woman, but she feared she would become a lesbian and never want a man again.

“I don’t know.”

“Afraid I’ll convert you?” giggled Sally.

Jill looked shocked with this statement. “How did you know?”

Sally began laughing, then said, “Oh you silly girl. It doesn’t work like that. That’s a silly as a guy thinking if he fucks a lesbian she’ll convert and become straight. It doesn’t work that way. If you were gay, I’d think you’d know it by now. It’s okay to be curious. I was too, once.”

“What do you mean?” asked Jill.

“I’ve had sex with a guy before,” said Sally. “All it did was confirm what I already knew. I am glad I did it though, as it answered the one burning question I had.”

“Which was?”

“What it was like,” said Sally. “Now I understand.”

“So, if we were to, do more, I won’t wake up gay?” asked Jill.

Sally laughed again and said, “Not unless you were before. But if you don’t want to Jill, I won’t force you.”

Jill thought for a moment then asked, “You promise?”

Sally drew an X over her heart and said, “Cross my heart.”

Jill smiled and said, “Okay Sally. What do we do first?”

Sally smiled and said, “Let’s just watch the video, and we’ll just take it slow.”

Jill snuggled into Sally’s arms and they watched the film. More bad dialogue and soon, more lesbian sex played out. Sally rubbed Jill’s arms at first, then, slowly, slid her hand to Jill’s firm breast. She could feel the erect nipple under the fabric of bra and blouse as she gently caressed her firm and soft flesh. Jill let out a soft moan as Sally worked. Slowly, Sally began to unbutton Jill’s blouse, while still massaging the firm breast under her deft fingers. Jill shifted to give Sally better access, and Sally took full advantage of this. Once her blouse was open, Sally saw the lacy black bra covering the two lovely orbs and resisted the urge to rip it off her luscious body, but rather, began to massage the two at the same time. Jill moaned louder and pressed her breasts into Sally’s hands.

“God your breasts are lovely Jill,” whispered Sally.

“Thanks,” gasped Jill.

“I want so badly to kiss them,” said Sally.

“MMMMMM,” moaned Jill. “Would you suck them too?”

“Oh yes,” said Sally.

“Suck them Sally, please, suck them for me,” moaned Jill.

Sally smiled and moved her hands so she could unhook the bra, thus freeing Jill’s breasts from their fabric prison. The bra was tossed aside and Sally positioned herself so she was lying next to Jill, and began to kiss down her neck to Jill’s left breast, to the firm, erect nipple waiting her. Jill moaned as she felt each kiss, but gasped when Sally took the nipple into her mouth and began suckling and licking. Her hand massaged and teased the other breast and nipple and Jill’s sex grew wetter. Jill couldn’t believe that she could feel so aroused by such a simple act as having her nipples sucked. She stared to grind her sex into Sally’s stomach as Sally switched from the left nipple, to her right, moaning louder than the actresses in the movie.

“OH GOD! OH SALLY!” cried Jill.

Sally smiled and asked, “May I do more?”

“Anything! Anything you want! I’m yours!”

Sally loved hearing Jill say this, and began to unbutton and unzip Jill’s jeans as she kissed her way down Jill’s stomach. She slipped Jill’s jeans off, and looked down at the black thong panties that were soaked, clinging to Jill’s sex. Sally noticed the bra and panties matched with the same lacy pattern. Sally kissed up Jill’s firm legs, kissing up her calves, knees, and thighs. Jill’s body trembled from anticipation from Sally’s gentle kisses. Soon, Sally was looking at the prize she had waited so long to enjoy, but she decided to tease Jill a bit more. She kissed along the edge of her panties, across her stomach, and over each thigh. Jill moaned loudly and squirmed under her kisses. She reached down, grabbed Sally’s auburn hair, and tried to force her into her sex.

Sally smiled and said, “What do you wish me to do my dear?”

“Lick me… please… kiss me… show me your womanly love”

“As you wish,” said Sally.

Sally grabbed Jill’s panties with her teeth, and slowly pulled them down. She could smell the musky aroma that exuded from Jill’s wet sex and it increased her own arousal. Once the panties were gone, Sally looked at Jill’s luscious naked body, waiting and wanting her touch, her kiss, and she wanted to bring Jill nothing but pleasure. Slowly, Sally crept up Jill’s trembling legs, until she was once again inches away from the valuable treasure she had longed to kiss. Jill’s sex was covered in a soft mound of curly blond hair, and she knew, Jill was not a girl who shaved, this part of her body.

Sally kissed the hair and Jill squirmed. She then moved between her legs, and gently placed her lips on the lips of Jill’s wet sex. Jill gasped loudly as Sally began to lick the outer lips. Jill squirmed and moaned as Sally slowly began kissing, and licking her aching sex. Sally licked up and found Jill’s clit. The sensation made Jill scream with delight as she begged for more. Sally had no intention of stopping as she slipped a finger deep into Jill’s sex while she kissed, licked, and sucked her clit. Jill’s body began to tense up and Sally knew she was close to a full climax.

“Do you climax when you masturbate?” asked Sally.

“Yes,” gasped Jill breathlessly.

“Are you close?”


Sally slipped a second finger into Jill and she moaned louder. Sally licked and sucked her clit while working her fingers gently inside her warm sex. It wasn’t but maybe a minute or two later that Jill screamed and her juices poured out. Jill’s climax was like nothing she had ever experienced before in her life, and nothing that Sally had expected. Sally greedily licked and sucked more, working Jill into more and more climaxes, drinking her juices and making her friend feel sensations she’d never known or experienced before.

After countless orgasms, Sally withdrew her fingers, and kissed her way up the panting Jill, who was spent and satisfied. Sally began kissing her mouth, smelling and tasting of Jill’s sex and the sensation drove Jill mad with desire. She began touching Sally’s body, exploring it, feeling her breasts and ass through her clothes.

Sally moaned and asked, “What are you doing?”

“I want to do that to you,” said Jill.


“Yes, please, let me try to pleasure you now,” said Jill.

“By all means, please,” said Sally.

Jill fumbled with unbuttoning Sally’s blouse, but soon it was lying on the floor. Jill was so aroused by the sensations she had felt she didn’t know where to begin, so she duplicated the kissing pattern that Sally used with her, kissing down her neck as she worked to unhook Sally’s bra. Sally was shocked at the passion Jill was demonstrating as she kissed down to her breasts, and the desire she demonstrated when Jill sucked her nipples. Sally threw her head back moaning loudly, and grabbing fistfuls of Jill’s blond hair. Jill sucked and licked her left and right nipples with such care and tenderness, but with a bit more force. Sally was shocked how much her friend seemed to be enjoying herself, and even wondered if maybe Jill was a lesbian after all.

Since Sally was wearing a skirt, Jill didn’t bother to remove it, but rather, she pushed it up and saw the soaked pink panties waiting for her. Jill could smell Sally’s musky arousal and felt she had to taste it for herself. She slowly removed Sally’s panties, threw them to the floor, and saw, that her friend shaved her sex, leaving the smallest amount of hair near the base. Jill smiled and kissed the tiny patch of hair and Sally moaned loudly.

“Don’t worry about hurting me,” said Sally. “I’ll tell you if you’re doing it wrong.”

Jill smiled. She did not intend to harm her friend, but wanted to make her scream the way she had just a few minutes earlier. She scooted herself down, and gently kissed those precious lips. Hearing Sally gasp, the moan told her she was very much on the right track. She touched the lips with her finger lightly, and then licked them with her tongue.

“Like this?” Jill asked.

“OH FUCK YEAH!” cried Sally. “Don’t stop, please.”

Jill smiled, kissed, and licked the lips. It was by chance she licked Sally’s clit the first time, but Sally’s reaction told her all she needed to know. Jill slipped a trembling finger into her wet sex as she licked and sucked her friend’s clit.

“Two Baby,” gasped Sally. “Use two fingers.”

Jill slipped a second finger into Sally’s sex and began to move them while working her clit with her mouth. Sally’s hands held Jill’s hair as Jill worked Sally’s aching sex. Not getting the results she desired, Jill slipped in a third finger and that seemed to do the trick. Soon, Sally was grinding her hips into Jill’s face, and before long, her body tensed up and the climax began. The flow of juices surprised Jill, but she just kept working. The taste was like nothing she had ever experience before, and soon, Jill was greedily lapping up the juices, and making Sally climax again, and again. Sally had never climaxed so many times before, especially with someone who claimed to be a lesbian virgin.

When Jill had finished, she lay next to Sally, holding her gently. They kissed and touched as the movie played on. Sally spent the night in Jill’s bed, and the two made love off and on all night. Over the next few months, they would experience their womanly love over and over again. Over time, they realized that as much as they enjoy the sex, they didn’t wish to risk their long-standing friendship. They agreed that when one or the other became involved in a relationship, the other would keep her distance out of respect. Bob and Kathy never knew about their affair, but Sally did finally come out to them, and found out, her friends accepted her for who she was, and were happy for her.

A few years after that fateful night, Sally met a woman she fell in love with, and Jill discovered she was very much a bisexual lover. She enjoyed the feel of a hard cock as much as a soft pussy and decided to explore her desires without making a permanent commitment to anyone person. When Sally and her partner decided to marry, Jill was her maid of honor and Kathy was a bridesmaid. Neither Sally nor Jill ever told anyone about their secret love affair, nor did they wish for anything more. Jill did feel a small twinge of loss when Sally married, but she knew she could never give Sally what she really wanted, and this woman could. Jill became good friends with Sally’s wife, and the growing group of friends still has the occasional movie night, only now, no one brings a porno.

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