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Salon Visit

Trying my hand in a different category. Hope you all enjoy.

“Jaz,” the voice resonated in my head pulling me from my pleasant slumber.

“What?” I muttered.

“You said you wanted to get to the salon early,” my mother stated.

I gently rolled onto my side to look at the alarm clock. "Oh my God it's 10:40, how did I sleep so late!" I yelled as I launched myself from the bed and ran into the bathroom.

I brushed my teeth, ran a washcloth over my body, pulled my hair back, sprayed some light perfume over myself, throw the short sundress that was lying in the corner on and I ran out the door.

Damnit, I left my keys and cell phone. I ran back in and grabbed them from the table thinking to myself, luckily there’s a Starbucks on my way. I really need some coffee.

I got to the salon in record time and hurried through the door panting like a little dog.

The manager in a soft yet condescending tone said, “Sorry Jasmine, we had to take someone else when you didn't show on time.”

I could feel my head get warm in a combination of embarrassment and anger. “But I’m only 15 minutes late!” I blurted in a harsh tone."

“The chairs are full sweetie. Why don’t you come back in a couple hours and we will try to fit you in.” was the reply.

"Are you serious, what will I do for a couple hours?” I stated as I turned around to walk out the door.

“Well honey, maybe you should go shopping. I think you forgot something,” she said while dropping her eyes down lower on my body.

I hadn't noticed my sundress had hiked up in the back exposing the fact that in my haste this morning I’d forgotten to throw on panties. I quickly adjusted my dress and headed out the door.

I got into my car and scanned the area looking for a store that might carry something decent to cover my naked bottom. Then it hit me like a slap in the face, no purse, no wallet, no money. I thought to myself, “I don't believe this, I‘m going to have to drive all the way back home.”

Just as I turned the key starting my car the young manager from the salon tapped on my window and said, “One of the stylists just finished, she can take you now.”

I felt a little jitter in my stomach as I pondered whether to tell her that I didn't have any money with me, or should I just play it off and act surprised when I go to pay the bill. At this point I didn't care. I was frustrated and driving all the way back home didn't seem like a good option.

I re-entered the salon and was directed towards a reclined chair for a wash and shampoo. As I leaned back air gently brushed against my bare bottom reminding me to give a tug on my dress to prevent exposure.

Shelly introduced herself and asked, “What will we be doing today?” She was a slim attractive black woman with a very pleasant smile. I told her that a little trim of the split ends and front bangs would do.

As I lay there, the water and Shelly’s gentle hands running through my hair felt exquisite. Shelly had a wonderful touch as she massaged the shampoo in. I felt myself drifting as each stroke of her fingers combing through.

My eyes were closed but I could hear the sound of heals walking by, lightly clicking on the hard floor, then the sound of flip flops slapping. I decided to play a game in my head, guessing what type of person was wearing which shoes as they walked past.

Shelly was hard at work with the water and shampoo and I could feel her weight press against my sides leaning into me as she vigorously washed. As the sound of shoes continued passing at my feet I heard a little giggle come from across the room.

I opened my eyes and Shelly was looking down at me with a smile asking if I was enjoying myself. As my eyes gazed across the room and back I could see that my dress had risen. Shelly's’ movement during my hair wash had made my dress rise exposing my bare pubic area. I quickly adjusted my dress back down and closed my eyes pretending nothing had been amiss.

I started to drift back into my own world as Shelly applied the different levels of conditioning to my hair. She seemed to lean into me a bit more as she worked my hair from the right side of me, then on my left, then again back to my right. I could feel her leg bump against my foot as she crossed back and forth in front of me.

The feel of her hands in my hair was bliss. I was starting to get a bit aroused when I felt her weight leaning against my arm pressing it into my breast and pinning my forearm to the chair. I could smell the pleasant fragrance of her scented lotion and opened my eyes to see her cleavage in front of me. As she used both hands on the front of my scalp. I couldn't help but gaze down the front of her slightly open shirt, presenting me with view of her ample breast. The dark brown color of her smooth silky skin played to my imagination of what darkened firm nipples must look like. I suddenly felt a tiny breeze hit against moisture forming in the folds my pussy lips.

Her leaning into me had brought my dress back up and the bumping against my feet had separated my legs giving anyone who desired a clear view of my shaved womanhood. I now started to realize that this might have been done on purpose.

I took a minute to think and I decided if any of those ladies were that hot for a show, then I would give them one as I spread my legs just a little further apart, giving a nice view to any of the shoes I could hear clicking and slapping on the floor passing by my chair.

It wasn’t long before Shelly finished washing and started drying my hair with a towel. She gently took my hand when she was done and said lets head over to my chair. As I stood and walked I could now feel just how moist my pussy had become. I felt naughty and excited after my little show of exhibitionism and the warmth was building between my legs was adding to my delightful indecencies.

As I sat myself down into the salon chair I took note of the other women stylist. Their eyes followed me and light smiles or maybe smirks dressed their faces. I looked down at the shoes they were wearing and saw some in heals and some in flip flops and another in sandals. I wasn't sure who I had given a show too, so I let my imagination and the grins on their faces point me eyes towards a select few. A voice inside my head said, "I bet that one over there was getting all wet looking at my pussy."

Shelly started on my cut. She would go from the back of me to the front and press her weight against one of my legs causing them to pry open giving any one who dared a little glimpse between my legs, as long as they were daring enough to position themselves at just the right distance. I caught some of the other stylists gazing at my legs as they finished up on their clients and new ones took their place.

It was about half way through my haircut that I suddenly remembered, I had no money.

At this point I whispered to Shelly and explained that in my haste this morning I had forgotten my purse. I told her that I would be glad to run home after she was finished and promised I would be right back with payment. Shelly’s smile went flat. She paused for a moment and then walked to the back of the salon and waived for the manager to come see her. They disappeared into a room.

It was almost 10 minutes before they reappeared and I was glad to see that Shelly once again had a smile on her face as she approached me. She leaned into me and whispered, “Don’t worry honey, we will figure it out.” I felt relieved as her voice was very comforting.

As Shelly continued working on my hair, I found her movements once again bumping into my legs. I allowed my legs to separate a bit wider than any of my previous displays. In my mind I thought the least I could do was to continue giving them the show that they thought I was unaware of.

The manager, a tall slim blond with a fabulous figure came towards me. She positioned herself behind my chair, placed her hands upon my shoulders and leaned towards my side. With her head next to mine she whispered, “It’s Jasmine right?”

I replied and her hand gently moved my hair away from my ear. I could feel her warm breath tickle my neck as she spoke, "I have been watching you spread those pretty legs flashing everyone your pretty little pussy. I can see how wet you have become too. I bet you wish you could have buried those pretty little fingers of yours deep inside that wet little pussy while Shelly did all this wonderful work on you, don’t you?”

My heart started pounding and my stomach twirled inside. Her voice was intoxicating, seductive and almost hypnotizing enticing the growing wetness between my legs to send sparks of erogenous delight through my mind.

Her whispers caressed my ears again, “Everyone in the room has been staring every time you spread those pretty legs wide, Do you like that?” her verbal torment continued.

“Yes,”I managed to squeak out.

Her hands pressed from my shoulders down and slipped inside through the top of my dress grabbing onto both of my tits. She squeezed firmly and then slid her fingers to my nipples. With her thumb and forefinger she gently pulled on my hardened nipples, stretching them and bringing them to life. Her hands maneuvered, cupping one in each hand as she lifted them out from the top of my dress, exposing them to everyone in the room.

As she continued massaging my breast and lightly toying with each nipple I felt Shelly's hands press against my knees, separating my legs as far as they would go. Soon they had me fully exposed to anyone who desired a look. I had never felt like this. Maybe it was the amazing shampoo massage or the promiscuity of being on display but I was horny. Hot, horny and my pussy left no denying it. As Shelly's’ finger started to tickle my little knob, I could feel wetness dribbling down onto the chair.

All the thoughts of right and wrong abandoned me. My body relinquished controlled as if driven by some unknown force. My hips pushed forward inviting Shelly to drive her fingers between my folds. Her two middle fingers slipped into my warm waiting opening with ease and I felt their tips quickly press against my upper walls. My eyes opened slightly, taking note that everyone in the salon was now standing near, watching, smiling and giggling as the undeniable heat within me took over. I arched my back, begging for more of Shelly’s fluttering fingers.

Shelly withdrew her fingers and my body beckoned no. She stood back and removed her apron and button down shirt. I gazed upon her body, her full breast and gentle curving hips registered like a sex goddess in my mind. Her hand reached to unbuckle her very form fitting jeans. My thoughts stirred in confusion as a massive bulge pressed against the inside leg of her jeans.

She grabbed her jeans by the waist and pulled them down slowly, exposing a large lifelike looking phallus attached to a harness. It sprung upward and bounced with its heaviness. Shelly spit into her hand and slid the saliva from the head to the base. She grabbed the cock in her hand and her fingers failed to wrap around it completely. Then she grabbed hold with her other hand, one on top of the other only reaching half way up its length. Two of the other women looking on leaned over to spit on exposed half that was bobbing from Shelly’s hands. The saliva stretched in a string from the tip as if a massive amount of pre-cum were dripping from it.

I felt the manager press on the back of the chair and it reclined to a near flat position. Standing behind me she smiled as she lifted her skirt. She positioned herself over my head and my eyes became locked on her clean bald pussy. She straddled herself directly over my face and with both hands she pulled apart her full fleshy pussy lips, exposing the inner pink of her entrance. Her voice like a rolling breeze in my ears offered these words, “Time to pay your bill,” and with that she pressed her open hole onto my mouth.

The sweet fragrance from within her pussy took me like an aphrodisiac as my tongue found its way into deep into her hole and then up to her poking clit. I began sucking and licking at her pussy as if it possessed nectar my body craved. It was then that I felt the warmth of many hands pulling at my calves and thighs and then the bulb a massive cock-head pressing against my opening. I gasped as its size began to enter, and the manager pressed her pussy harder down onto my mouth.

It was big, very big. As it stretched my pussy open the mix of saliva from the spectators and my own juices dribbled down my ass. Shelly began to thrust into me slowly, allowing my walls to adjust. The other women giggled as one said, “Oh my, look at the cream her pussy is making on that thing.”

Those words sent me into frenzy. I wanted more and I wanted it now. My body felt as if I had no control over its desire as my hips tried to hump forwards beckoning for more of this massive cock deep inside my womb. I grunted as the pussy planted firmly on my mouth prevented my speech and Shelly began to push her animated manhood deeper. My pussy was beckoning penetration like I’d never felt before. It seemed to give way, opening itself up, begging to be filled. Shelly's’ strokes became longer and deep, stretching me, filling me, pressing against nerves I never knew existed inside. One of the other women pointed out that my clit had begun to swell as she started rubbing it with her finger tips.

The "oohs" and "ahhs" from the other women watching only added to my heightened excitement. I could hear them cheering, “Look at her pussy taking in all of that cock.”

Another said, “She’s creaming all over it.” Then Shelly said, “Look at how her little cunt is fucking back on that huge thing.”

I felt my entire body loosing control as the orgasm was building deep inside my womb. I was about to explode when the manager started screaming, ”I’m cumming, fucking lick it you little tease I’m cumming!”

The managers wet juices started to cover my lips and chin and then flow into my mouth as my own pussy started to spasm. My hips bucked up and down hard as Shelly drove her massive cock deep and then pulled it out to the tip. She then drove in deep in again, completely burying her fake cock with every thrust. She fucked me hard with long, forceful strokes and my whole body started to shake in spasms sending burst of electricity from my shoulders to my thighs. Shelly buried it in deep and held it there grinding the base of the harness against my clit in a shaking motion and then withdrew its entire length exposing the spasms of my inner walls from the gaping hole she left behind.

My insides burst in orgasm as fluid started spraying from behind my swollen lips. The orgasm rolled over and over through me as my hips humped up and down, thrusting jet after jet of spray into the air. There was no stopping the unbridled convulsion my body was experiencing as wave after wave continued through every inch of my being.

Once the orgasms subsided I found myself lying in the salon chair unable to move. The onlookers of patrons and employees began to clap.

The manager repositioned the chair back up. I thought I should have been feeling some sort of embarrassment from what had just taken place, but all I could feel was an overwhelming satisfaction as the feeling of fullness within my pussy lingered. I got up from the chair and lowered my dress. Shelly grabbed me by the hips and pulled me close to her. Her lips met mine as she kissed me like a lover she had long missed or maybe a slut she couldn't wait to fuck again.

Then the manager grabbed me by the hand and led me to the front door. She opened the door and with her hand pressed firmly against my ass she moved through the door. Her only words were, “Have a nice day and remember we accept all forms of payment."

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