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Sarah's sweet crush

This kinda happened to me a few weeks ago with this girl that i really liked...
All I could think about is Mia. As I got dropped off at the front of her house, I could feel my heart thumping beneath the short sheer black dress that I was wearing. I knew I looked sexy in it and I had my reasons for it. I glanced at her neighbourhood. I had been to her house numerous of times before but I've never felt as nervous as I was then.

I am Sarah, aged 17 and I would call myself reasonably attractive. It was just recently that I've admitted for my secret desires for girls and Mia was the reason for it. I had my brown long hair slung over my shoulder and I made sure I scrubbed up well, just for her. The thing is, she doesn't know about my secret feelings for girls- for her especially. I've never felt this way about another person before, not even the ex number of boyfriends that I had. Sometimes when I am in school and she comes around to hug me, I can't help but let it linger and the other day at the changing room, I couldn't help but stare at her as she got changed (I swear that she was looking at me as well)

I stood there nervously and walked up to her house. Her mother was going to be there that evening but she had plans to leave for the night for a business trip. Our cunning plan was to sneak out to a friend's party that night and well, her plan was to "get hooked up with boys". Our friends Kyle and Matt were gonna pick us up from here and we were going to a party two blocks away together. Kyle was Mia's on and off boyfriend while Matt was his best friend. We were gonna wait for them at her house after a light dinner. I didn't mind both guys but I on the other hand had my own plans...

When the door opened, there she was. She was dressed in a really cute denim shorts, a black tank top that showed her cleavage and her summer tan complimented her blonde hair extremely well. Her model figure allowed her to look pleasingly sexy in anything. I had to prevent myself from grabbing her, in front of her mother.

"Sarah! I am so glad that you are finally here!" she exclaimed and pulled me into an embrace.

I was trying so hard to not rip her top off or involuntarily kiss her as my heart raced wildly. If anyone saw me, they knew that I was nervous. Trying to act as cool as possible, "Mia! I am glad to be here with you!"

After some girl talk about relationships, life and the future over a glass of coke and a slice of pizza, her mother finally said that she was going to leave. She was not going to be back till Sunday. So, that would leave me and Mia to spend some time together for the next two nights. I was excited but how am I going to tell this girl about my feelings for her?

"Finally!" Mia said when she shut the door and kissed goodbye to her mother, "Now, we can actually have some fun! I'm gonna get change while we wait for them!"

I expressed a genuine smile. She blasted on some music on her ipod speakers and yelled for me to come up to her room. I checked myself in the mirror and made sure that I didn't look too nervous or anything. I put on my light pink lipstick which complimented my tanned brown skin. "Baby girl, aren't you coming?"

"Uh yes, I am!" I answered back, going up the stairs two steps at a time.

When I entered her room, there she was flaunting her amazingly tanned and lean body in an intimately sexy lingerie. It was a black lacey boobtube with frills showing off her cleavage and her thongs was ever so inviting. She has never been so open like this before. I was able to see her pussy lips tempting me to touch it. Mia was standing in front her closet, examining herself in the mirror and lost in thoughts about what to wear.

I stood there at the threshold of the room, lost in my own fantasies. She caught me staring her body and smiled, "You don't mind do you? I am just trying to choose my clothes?"

I casually shook my head and tried to avert my eyes by looking through a pile of magazines on the corner of her bed. To be honest, I do mind. She just made me wetter than before. Though I was reading the magazine, I was actually peeking through the corner of my eye looking at her standing around the room, rummaging through her closet. Such a teaser, I thought.

"So which one should I wear? Which one looks hotter? Which one do you think Kyle prefers?" She asked me, showing two dresses. One was an asymmetrical black leather strapless dress that went up to barely her thighs and the other one was a much cuter white dress that has frills in it. Of course, I crave to see her in the black dress.

"Black dress, you will look hot," I said and she nodded in excitement that she has found her 'perfect' dress. If it was up to me, I rather that she didn't wear anything. I had never been this infatuated with anyone. She was amazing.

"Could you help me do my zip, at the back? I just can't reach it," she invited me.

I felt myself paused momentarily as I reached out towards her back. Her blonde hair was slung on the side of her shoulder exposing her neck. I just wanted to caress and give her soft kisses on her neck. When I touched the base of her neck, I let my finger trace down her back, down towards the bottom zip of her dress. Just touching her that way gave me goosebumps and I knew she could feel it as well. Mia turned around and looked at me, unsure about what had just happened.

"Sarah, what was that?" she asked me with a look of confusion and desperation of answer in her face.

As she searched for the answer in my face, all I could do to escape myself from this situation was by saying, "I have to go to the bathroom."

The moment I was in the bathroom, I pressed onto the marbled sink table and glanced at myself in the mirror. What the fuck was that? Did she suspect something? Should I tell her now? Fuck! My brown eyes greeted my reflection in the mirror and at that moment, the bathroom door opened. Mia entered and walked towards me.

"Sarah," she said softer this time, "What just happened?"

She was several inches away from my lips. I wanted her so much but I had to lie, "What do you mean? Nothing happened."

"Didn't you feel that? You were touching me and -" Before she could explain, I pulled her by her waist towards me and placed my lips over hers. It was a light but sensual kiss. Mia retorted backwards, biting her lips, she was as confused as I was.

"I am in love with you." That was all that I managed.

Without any hesitation, Mia took a step forward and leaned in to kiss me. This time it was more passionate. Our lips were meshing against each other, I could feel her tongue searching for mine. I could taste her bubble gum chapstick on my lips. Her lips were really soft and I never felt anything like this. She pushed slightly against the sink table top. I hung\ my arms around neck and pulled her closer to me. We continued meshing our lips into each others. Our eyes were closed shut as we made out and all I could think about was, is this for real?

I opened my eyes after what it seemed like five minutes and looked into hers. I could tell that she wanted this too. I hold her hand and led her out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom. The music was still blasting from the speakers.

I pushed her gently onto her bed. "Do you want this?"

"More than you would know." With that, I continued our passionate kiss that we ended earlier. Our tongues were deep in each others mouth. I felt myself sucking onto her tongue and biting her lower lips. She smiled through our kisses and let out a soft moan. I knew she liked it. I straddled over her and entwined my fingers into hers.

As we sat there with my legs wrapped around her waist and our fingers entwined, nothing else matters. I ran my fingers through her hair as our lips came together. I felt her hands disappearing beneath my dress and I felt myself getting excited. "Mmmm mia."

She knew that I was enjoying this and lifted me so that I was leaning on the pile of pillows. While I laid on her bed, she did a sexy strip tease. Taking out her black dress slowly, giving me a wink and a good view of her ass. I just giggled. She took out her thongs and flicked it over to me. I took it and bit it with my teeth. I was so fucking horny for her.

"Do you like this then?" she asked me, shaking her ass. I couldn't help but crawled over and pulled her by her waist.

"I've always liked it," I said promiscuously, as I licked her navel.

She moaned and her hands were tangled in my hair. I looked up and saw her eyes rolling back, she was taking pleasure in this. I set myself higher and gave her teasing kisses upwards towards her breasts. I put her breasts in my hands, massaging it and licking her chest. I felt her hands running and tracing down my back and into my undies. Her hands were groping my firm ass.

"Please do that," I whispered in her ears.

Her head was on my neck as we both caressed and explore each others body. I felt her hand disappearing further in my undies and felt the tip of her fingers reaching for my already wet pussy. A moan escaped my lips as I threw my head back. She pushed me against her bedroom wall and sandwiched me between her and the wall. I gave her kisses all over her neck, biting and licking it gently. She was much more amazing than expected...

Trying to take in charge, I pushed her onto her bed and leaned over her. She moaned my name as I kissed and toyed with her nipples. I placed it in my mouth and licked it so hard till she was screaming out for more. I knew I had her then. My fingers meanwhile were tracing around her inner thighs. I found myself touching her wet pussy lips. I licked my lips, teasing her by rolling it around and gave her a wink.

"Please, Sarah, mmmm that feels sooo good," she begged me.

I played with her clit, teasing it by tracing it lightly with my thumb and letting my index finger lie on the outer lips of her pussy. She was convulsing and jerking her hips towards me. I continued teasing her by brushing my thumb on her pussy. I love looking at her going crazy for me. I am in love with this girl.

"You know once I do this,"i whispered to her gently, "You'll be forever mine?"

She nodded, and pulled my lips to hers, kissing me, "I know because you are always mine."

As I kissed her, I slid my finger deep inside her. Her fingers clenched onto my neck as she moaned into my chest. Naughtily, I pushed in another finger in and with two fingers in her cunt, I fucked her hard and fast. Her eyes widened in pleasure and she screamed. She continued to jerk her body as I fingered her harder and she had her hands tightening onto the headboard of the bed. Her legs were moving uncontrollably and she spread them open, arching her back. I bend over her and licked her hips. I licked her hips tracing it down to the top of her clit. My fingers were still fucking her. Our eyes connected with a moment of passion, she knew that I was gonna please her with my tongue.

"Fuck, I need your tongue to lick my clit, now," she commanded me.

I released my fingers and plunged them deeper. As I did that, I placed my tongue over her sensitive clit licking her juices. Apparently, this was too much for her. I knew she was close to coming. I wanted to make her cum. I felt her pussy tightening around my fingers as her juices began to flow all over them. Mia let out massive scream as she came to a climax.

"Oh my goddddddddddd! FFUCCCCCCCK!" she panted.

Her body went rigid as she tried to catch her breath. I licked her juices off my fingers and climbed over her. I could feel her chest heaving up and down beneath me. Her hands were wrapped tightly around me. She cupped my face and whispered, "That was amazing, I think you deserve the same."

She sat up and kissed me passionately. We were once again groping each other hungrily. Her eyes feasted on my wet and soaking undies. "You know what I am going to do?"

"What?" I asked in between our kisses.

"I'm going to fuck you, so hard, that you won't be able to do anything after, and then, once we are done, you will crave for more because that is how good it is," she whispered into my ears nibbling them.

I gulped hard. I didn't know that Mia had this side of her but it obviously turning me on. We continued to tongue each other and sucked on each others lips. But Mia came to stop and broke the kiss. "Kyle and Matt!"

True enough, we heard the boys yelling for us from down stairs, "Babeeee! Hurry up! I am coming up now!"

At that moment, Mia hastily helped me put my dressed back. We were both in a fit of laughter as we tried to quickly straighten ourselves up. I mean we didn't want to Kyle and Matt to find us naked and giving each other a good time, that will be a free show for them. Secrets between us girls are meant to be kept a secret.

Thankfully, by the time the door open, I was already standing at the threshold of the room. We both looked suspicious however. My hair was still all over the place but I didn't care. "K..kyle! How are you?"

Kyle eyed the both of us, suspecting that something had happened, "What happened? Um, both of your hair...?"

Mia who was hiding behind the closet trying to put her black dress on swiftly changed the topic, "Nothing Kyle, we were just talking about you that's why."

"Come on, Kyle! Let's get the party started and let Mia get change," I said, turning around biting my lips to tease Mia.

Kyle just shrugged, began walking down the stairs and yelled for Matt to grab him some beer. I was about to leave the room and shut the door when I felt Mia's hand on my arms. She grabbed me by my hand, pulled me by my waist and gave me a sweet kiss on my lips, "I still owe you one, sexy."

Note: This actually happened to me two weeks ago, I just revised it a little into a story. Though we are not together, I had one of the best nights of my life.

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