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sazsub24 and butchbahn - part 1

a biker girl chats to the secretary
As Siobhan sat astride her motorbike at five minutes past five after her shift had finished at Al4grafix waiting for another glimpse of the sexy little secretary, little did she know that a week later she would be in control of the little tease. Siobhan was a big girl, not overweight but six foot tall with big breasts and long legs weighing 170 lbs she certainly filled her leathers. Lots of her male colleagues on the print factory floor would have loved a piece of her if it wasn't for the fact that she was a bull dyke. After every shift she would sit astride her Suzuki GS500 waiting to see Sarah come from the office and saunter across the car park to her little Mini, waiting to get a glimpse of her stocking tops as she got in her little car.

Siobhan knew she was wearing stockings, she nearly always was, with the office block overlooking the shop floor and the toilet block on the shop floor there was many a time she and her male colleagues had seen Sarah coming down the stairs and spied her stockings. With the no smoking on site rule Siobhan had often overheard the guys saying they would love to tap Sarah and what a cock tease she was on the fag breaks stood at the work gates. With striking blue eyes and pert little breasts, Sarah was just over five foot tall and couldn't have weighed more than 125lbs, just the type of girl Siobhan liked.

Sarah came out of the offices a few minutes later and her heels clacked on the surface as she made her way to her bright yellow Mini. Siobhan could feel herself getting moist as she made her way closer.

"Night Siobhan take care on that big thing, I don't know how you dare?" Sarah said as she got to her car

"I'll take you on the back one day if you like!" Siobhan replied laughing, 'I’d rather have you on your back,' she thought.

"Oh I don’t know, I'd be too scared," Sarah meekly replied as she opened her door and slid into her drivers seat. Siobhan got a good view up her skirt as she did and sure enough glimpsed her stocking tops making her squirm on her seat.

"It's great feeling the bike throbbing underneath you know, when its really going, You would love it!" Siobhan teased.

Sarah smiled and closed her door, started her car and drove off.'fucking sexy bitch' Siobhan thought to herself as she started her bike and followed Sarah out of the car park. As soon as she got home and stripped from her leathers she booted up her laptop and logged into her gaydar girls account and entered the chat rooms. She soon found her friend from Manchester and began to arrange her trip there the coming weekend, hoping to hook up at the bars there but thinking of the sexy secretary at her works.

She didn't react straight away when her message appeared at the bottom of the screen. '24 year old sub seeks gf/dom for fun times in and out, can accom, can travel'. She wasn't particularly looking for a girlfriend but was always up to dom a girl. Carla, her friend from Manchester who she was privately chatting to at the time pointed her out.

"Hey that girl lives near you, check out her pictures, she looks cute, just your type," Carla wrote. So she did.

It was then she found out that Sarah was not a meat lover but preferred the taste of the clam. Her public picture on her profile showed her in my her leathers and her visor upon on her helmet, only showing a glimpse of her eyes. Its not that she didn't have any rude ones on there but she liked to keep the girls guessing until they bit, She only sent them after chatting to the girls and making it clear that they were to totally surrender to her dominant side. Carla went quiet for a while and Siobhan went into her kitchen to make a cup of coffee, returning to find a message from Carla.

"Hey, she's hot and horny girl. check her out, she really wants it, I've been chatting to her, she really wants some kinky shit," I told Carla I would and said I'd catch her later and went to see what Sarah was after.

'29 butch dom seeking total sub fem for kink,' Siobhan typed into the main chat room and waited.

It was her normal introduction to the room and she waited to see if Sarah was still there and if it would catch her attention. Siobhan left it a minute or two then retyped it in, nothing, then a minute later a new chat window opened.

 'Hi,' appeared and Siobhan quickly typed the same back and waited for her response wondering if she should take the lead or wait to see if Sarah would.

No response for a minute but she didn't close the window as at the bottom of the window it said sazsub24 was typing.

sazsub24: 24 yr old fem looking for meet, Teesside area, can accom, asl?

butchbhan: f29 butch Middlesboro are you horny?

Siobhan was particularly horny after seeing Sarah in the car park and quickly took off her panties and began to slowly tease herself.

sazsub24: Yes very I'm naked and playing are you into cyber? pic?

butchbhan: Will send if your a good girl, Are you a good girl?

sazsub: I have nothing on and my pussy is swollen, I'm wet with a seven inch pink dildo ready, can I eat your pussy and make you cum in my mouth.

butchbhan: Are you a good girl? will you do all your told?

sazsub: Yes

butchbhan: have you a pussy pic, mine in return

sazsub: yes

butchbhan: send it then girl

Siobhan lit a cigarette while she waited and waited, most of the time the girls would leave the chat when she asked, what with her having little on her profile picture, but she could tell Sarah was horny so kept waiting. Then her pc pinged, telling her she had a message, opening the attachment she found two pictures. They were both selfies, on the first Sarah stood completely naked holding her camera out, showing her gorgeous body off and the second she was sprawled on her bed legs open showing her pussy spread.

Siobhan quickly attached three pics to her message and sent them back casually putting at the end in capital letters to emphasise it NICE PUSSY BITCH. The pics where similar to the ones Sarah had sent her, a picture of her body completely naked, a pussy picture and Siobhan’s favourite, a picture of herself wearing her nine inch strap on. Each picture didn't quite reveal her face, the closest being the strap on picture that showed her long hair hanging over her face.

Siobhan wasn't sure if Sarah would recognize her but she was out and proud and everyone knew her as a lesbian so she wasn't concerned. By the time she had finished her fag and her coffee Sarah still hadn't restarted their chat even though the chat window was still open. She was sure after five minutes of waiting that Sarah had recognized her and because she knew her was a bit apprehensive. Well at least I've got nude pictures of you now Siobhan thought to herself as she was about to close the window. Then suddenly.

sazsub24: Hi thanks for the pix 

butchbhan: Thanx for yours, are you still horny?

sazsub24: yes

butchbhan: did you like my toy?

sazsub24: yes

butchbhan: would you like to see it close up? sexy

sazsub24: yes

butchbhan: what do you want to do for me? sexy

sazsub24: I want to stick my tongue in and out of your pussy and make you cum

'Great' Siobhan thought to herself, this could be fun.

butchbhan: you want to be my bitch? sexy

sazsub24: yes please

butchbhan: you still got that dildo?

sazsub24: yes

butchbhan: stick that dildo in your pussy and tell me what you want me to do to you

The chat stopped again and Siobhan thought she had chickened out but the bottom of the window suddenly told her Sarah was typing another message.

sazsub24: I want to be your bitch mistress, I want you to fuck me, I want you to use me, I want to surrender to whatever you want to do to me, I want you to piss on me and sit on my face till you cum, I want you to use my pussy till I’ve cum loads of times, tie me, use me

Siobhan was a bit taken aback by her message, She was not expecting that response at all but just reading the message got her pussy quivering straight away.

butchbhan: Are you fucking yourself?

sazsub24: yes mistress

butchbhan: I would love to see that.

sazsub24: I have a cam, have you mistress?

Siobhan did have a camera on her laptop and would often have sessions on line playing with other girls from around the country, but after pausing for a while decided to not tell Sarah.

butchbhan: Sorry hunny not on this one, I wish it did, maybe next time or when we meet up

sazsub24: Do you want to see me now?

butchbahn:Whereabouts are you?

sazsub24: In Ingleby Barwick but I meant do you want to see me on cam?

Siobhan nearly orgasmed as soon as she read the message, Thoughts rushed through her head. 'Oh my god I'm going to see her fuck herself and cum while I watch, I’m going to make that sexy little tease orgasm while I finger myself' she thought,"keep calm" Siobhan said aloud.

butchbahn: I'd love to but if I don’t type back don’t worry, I'm going to try and get my camera phone hooked up so you can see me, okay.

sazsub24: yes mistress

Siobhan got ready in anticipation, waiting to see the woman she fantasised about at work everyday open her camera for Siobhan to see. Suddenly the camera appeared in the top corner of her screen and Siobhan hastily expanded the view. There she was, still in her stockings and suspenders, legs spread and a pink vibrator slowly going in and out of her pussy.

butchbahn: Oh my god, your gorgeous, I wish I was there with you.

sazsub24: Me too mistress

Siobhan watched Sarah and inserted another finger inside herself deeply, feeling her pussy squeeze as she did.

butchbahn: Does it feel good? are you close? Do you wish it was me fucking you?

Siobhan watched as Sarah read her message and then reach over to her side and type on her laptop all the while fucking her shaven pussy with her vibrator.

sazsub24: God yeah,I wish it was you

Siobhan eyes were glued to the screen and she leant back in her chair and began fucking herself hard and fast, bringing herself to a crushing orgasm. She didn’t care that she wasn't typing no more, her orgasm had took away all her thoughts of helping Sarah cum. Siobhan body shook for what seemed like five minutes but was perhaps only one and panted wildly as she began to compose herself.

butchbahn: Oh my god, your so sexy, I've cum already but I want to see you cum now, Will you cum for me?

sazsub24:Yes mistress.

butchbahn: Okay, watch the screen, don’t type back, concentrate on coming for your mistress and fuck yourself till you cum then show me that pussy open wide, are you ready?

sazsub24: Yes mistress

butchbahn: Go

Siobhan watched as Sarah dropped her typing hand away from the laptop and began to rub her clitoris and speed up the in and out rhythm of her vibrator,her eyes facing her laptop screen waiting to see what Siobhan would type to trip her over the precipice.

butchbahn: Fuck that sexy pussy bitch, play with your clit and cum for your mistress, you want to see me don’t you bitch? nod for me if you want me to come round and make you my bitch! You want me to fuck your pussy with my strap on don’t you?

Siobhan juices had oozed from her pussy and coated her leather chair but she was still horny as hell watching Sarah nod her head and fuck herself.

butchbahn: I've got my cam set up now sexy, would you like to see me? would you like to see who's going to come to your house and fuck your pussy and ass? yes, I'm going to fuck your ass as well and your going to beg me to do it aren’t you bitch? look to the camera and say yes mistress I want to see you

Siobhan got ready to switch her camera on as soon as Sarah said yes, her own pussy soaking her seat and knowing Sarah was going to either freak out and run or cum massively. A few seconds passed before Sarah raised her head slightly and mouthed the words to her camera. The instant Sarah had finished uttering Siobhan’s command she opened her web cam.

butchbahn: Cum for me now Sarah, cum for your new mistress, cum for the woman that’s going to fuck you hard and fast all the time, cum now Sarah.

Siobhan looked close as the recognition hit Sarah's face and waited for her reaction. To her immense pleasure instead of stopping her actions Sarah rubbed her clitoris faster and came almost instantly. Her right hand came up to the laptop as her pussy squeezed the sleek vibrator out of her hole and it kept vibrating on the bed. 

sazsub24: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Siobhan sat back with a smile on her face as the thoughts of what to do next ran through her mind

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