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sazsub24 and butchbahn - part 2

butchbahn has a trip to Manchester

Sarah left the chat room instantly after their cyber session. Siobhan was filled with conflicting emotions and thoughts, was Sarah embarrassed? Had she been disturbed? Was it just a one off thing for Sarah? Siobhan wanted more, she wanted to take it to the next level. She clicked onto Sarah's profile expecting to see that she had only recently joined the site but was surprised to find she had been a member for six months. That fact made Siobhan think that it wasn't a one off thing for Sarah, she must have done this before and how come she hadn't come across her before, Siobhan thought to herself.

Siobhan decided to send her a message

Butchbhan: Hi Sarah, sorry if I have upset you in any way. I really enjoyed our play today and I'm certain that you did, lol. I want to take you to the next level and make you my bitch. Get in touch on here and lets have some real fun.

She was sure that Sarah was still online as her profile had a note under her picture stating that she was, but wasn't sure if she was at her screen or had just remained logged on. She decided to leave it like that and went back to chatting with Carla, her friend from Manchester to finalise the details of her weekend partying in the village.

Siobhan stayed in the chat for another hour, waiting to see if Sarah would message her but to no avail. Eventually she said her goodbye to Carla and switched her pc off. She decided to go for a ride on her bike for an hour across the North Yorkshire Moors to Helmsley. She always found riding her bike a way to take her mind off things.

On arriving at the village, she met a few guys and girls she knew from her times there and stood chatting for a while before heading back to Middlesbrough before the darkness came down. She was an experienced rider and was always careful on the Moors but there had been two deaths in the last month and it was a bit tricky when it got dark.

When she got back, she quickly checked her profile to see if her new found cyber lover had replied to her message but there was nothing there. She brought up the pictures Sarah had sent her and connected her phone to her laptop before dragging them onto it. She eventually gave up waiting, sent her another quick message with her phone number on and went to bed.

As she lay there, she no longer felt tired, her mind filled with the earlier fun her and Sarah had together. Her hand slipped inside her panties and she closed her eyes as she thought of the little tease and brought herself to a quick shuddering orgasm. 'I'm going to get you sooner or later,' she thought as she drifted off to sleep.

Siobhan started her shift the next day at eight thirty and knowing Sarah didn't start till nine waited until she saw her coming down the flight of stairs to follow her to the toilet block. Siobhan had already been once to relieve herself and had a clear view all morning of the stairs. Siobhan was sure she hadn't missed Sarah but she hadn't seen her all morning.

On her lunch break Siobhan found out why she hadn't seen Sarah all morning, a colleague told her Sarah had phoned in sick that morning. Siobhan wondered if Sarah was genuinely sick but thought it more likely she was nervous of facing her.

With it being the Friday and going away for the weekend Siobhan didn't bother chasing Sarah up on her pc when she got home, instead packing her stuff in her bike box to go to Carla's. She went to bed early with having an early start and drifted off to sleep thinking of the luscious little Sarah.

Siobhan set off to Manchester the next morning and had a good safe ride meeting Carla at the Hartshead Moor services as arranged at ten am for a coffee. She spotted her yellow Honda easily and after getting their coffees from Starbucks chatted a while before heading back towards Manchester.

Carla had told Siobhan she was looking for a new helmet so they dropped into Hunts motorcycle shop on the way to have a look but nothing took her fancy there. They then went onto the Manchester motorcycle centre and after walking around the huge showroom, Carla eventually bought a Nitro Aikido helmet.

After grabbing a sandwich from a bakery shop not far from there they eventually ended back at Carla's, pulling their bikes into her garage. Carla had a nice two bedroom house she had bought when her ex-husband had divorced her after he came home to find her in bed with another woman. They hadn't had any children so it wasn't a nasty divorce and he was still one of her closest friends after the split.

After showering and getting themselves ready for the night, they ordered a taxi for nine pm and headed to the Village to pull some girls. Carla was the same as Siobhan, a predominantly dominant girl, not quite as butch as her but not the type that Siobhan went for. She was dark skinned coming from a mixed race family with a full figure. Some people would say she was fat but they wouldn't dare say it to her face as she seemed to always be on a diet. Her appearance didn't diminish her ability at pulling the girls, it was very rare she left the bars alone after a night out. Her confidence in her own skin and her skills at chatting the girls up where something Siobhan loved in her friend.

They had met after Siobhan had been in The Vanilla bar one weekend with friends and Carla had grabbed her ass as she followed her up the stairs to the balcony. Siobhan had turned at the top of the stairs and in no uncertain terms told her to back off or else. The fact that they were both in leather trousers that night got them eventually chatting, discovering their love of bikes and submissive girls. They had been friends ever since, chat buddies on line and Siobhan spent the weekend at Carla's at least once a month.

They spent the next few hours at the various bars of Manchester chatting to lots of girls and some gay guys as they went. Most of them were Carla's friends as she was at the bars every Friday and Saturday but some recognised Siobhan from her previous times there. Siobhan was wearing a pair of black leather pants and a white tight top with no bra on, a loose jacket on her shoulders to cover her modesty when required. Carla was in blue jeans and a black top wearing a flat cap. They eventually ended up at Coyotes Bar, Carla's favourite, and when they entered Carla was quickly pounced on by numerous girls she knew. Hugs and kisses were swamped upon her as some came up and hugged Siobhan as well.

The two of them had a great few hours at Coyotes, dancing with the fem girls and avoiding the bull dykes, drinking and generally getting wasted. Eventually Carla hooked up with one of her semi regular girls, Beth, a fem girl in a short skirt and crop top and they disappeared to a dark corner.

Siobhan walked past them once, looking for her friend, seeing that Carla's hand was already up her skirt and inside her knickers as she passed. 'I want some pussy,' Siobhan thought to herself as she walked and danced through the dance floor. She had spotted a few girls on the night that caught her eye but they seemed to be all taken. She decided to give up and see if Carla and Beth fancied a three way, they had shared her before so it wasn't totally out of the question.

"Hi, do you want to buy me a drink?" a voice suddenly shouted at Siobhan over the music. "Or do you just want to go somewhere else?" it continued.

Siobhan turned looking for the voice and spotted the little girl looking up at her. She must have been over eighteen to be in the bar but she didn’t look it, Siobhan would have thought looking at her that she was only sixteen. Siobhan bent over and shouted in her ear, "I would but are you sure you’re eighteen you only look sixteen." The girl stretched on her toes and shouted back at Siobhan. "Don't you worry girl, I'm very legal and you’re very sexy, I'm Rebecca! You?"

"Siobhan, want do you want?" Siobhan shouted

"Wkd," came the reply.

Siobhan got the bar girls attention and eventually got the pair of them a bottle each and then Siobhan led them to where Carla was petting very heavily with Beth. As Siobhan and Rebecca squeezed into the seats next to Beth they watched as Carla broke her petting and smiled at Siobhan.

"I won't be long Beth, wait here, I need to speak with Siobhan," Carla said to Beth and nodded for Siobhan to follow her to the toilets.

Siobhan got up and followed Carla in confusion. When they reached the toilets, the first thing Carla asked was if Siobhan had pulled the girl she was with or the other way round. Siobhan told her it was the girl who had pulled her. Carla smiled. Then Carla told Siobhan that she would be heading off home soon and would Rebecca be coming back with them. Siobhan looked at her with even more confusion etched on her face. Then Carla dropped the bombshell that she intimately knew Rebecca, that despite her young angelic features she was indeed legal and also very kinky. Siobhan smiled at Carla and asked how kinky. She got the reply off Carla that she liked cam play and was heavily into fisting.

"Oh my, I hope she'll come back with us then," Siobhan said.

"Oh, she will if she approached you," Carla replied smiling.

When they returned to the girls, Beth was trying to chat to Rebecca through the noise and Siobhan noticed that Rebecca had already finished her drink. Siobhan sat down and took a big drink from her bottle and Carla reached out to Beth and started to guide her towards the exit.

"Hurry your drink up big girl, I'm coming to yours and you’re going to ravish me!" Rebecca said placing her hand firmly in Siobhan's crotch. She quickly drank the rest of her drink then followed Carla and Beth outside to get a taxi back to hers. After the taxi ride the driver must have had a raging hard on as both Siobhan and Carla were having to fight both the girls off with a stick as they got closer to Carla's place.

After entering, Carla grabbed Beth and quickly began to guide her up the stairs. Siobhan pulled Rebecca close and holding her tightly moved into the front room and pushed her onto the couch. As Siobhan began to insert her tongue into the girls mouth, she reached down and started to undo the slender girls tight jeans before breaking the kiss to pull them off her tiny waist.

Siobhan tugged and pulled and eventually removed her trousers tossing them on the floor. Rebecca lay back in the sofa and spread her legs straight away for her. Siobhan smiled when she looked down to see the girl she had copped off with had been commando all night and was totally bald. With Siobhan still clothed she knelt in front of her pussy and ran her fingers along her already moist pussy, slowly spreading her labia apart and gently prising her pussy open. Rebecca pulled her tee shirt over her head and unlatched her bra, releasing her small pert tits and pinched her nipples.

"You don't need to be gentle, I like it rough!" she said pushing against Siobhan's fingers. Siobhan smiled to herself and paused, thinking shall I be really rough or tease. Eventually she roughly shoved two fingers violently inside her cunt and began to slide them in and out fast. Rebecca sighed and then began to match the thrusts, pushing back as her pussy began to get wetter and wetter.

A third finger slid in easily and again without breaking stride she was pushing back against the intrusion to her snatch. Siobhan brought her thumb upwards and began rubbing her clit, then curled her fingers and began to tug holding her pussy in a tight grip and pulling her towards her. Rebecca was murmuring slightly but was taking the assault on her pussy easily and seemed like she wanted more.

Suddenly Siobhan stopped her actions and got to her feet and undone her belt on her leather pants. Rebecca sat back into the sofa and reached between her legs, slipping a couple of fingers inside herself while watching Siobhan strip out of her trousers. Siobhan pulled her trousers down and then her girly boxer shorts, she wasn't one for frilly knickers, and stepped closer to the sofa. She then pulled her top over her head and released her big breasts before moving back on to Rebecca. She climbed on to the sofa with her and rolled her into the back of it as she began to kiss the young sub strongly while grabbing her nipples and squeezing. Rebecca responded instantly, one hand pulling Siobhan's head to hers and her other sliding down her body to go for Siobhan's pussy. They kissed and pinched each other’s bodies for five minutes on the sofa, Siobhan on top then pulling the tiny girl on top and then lay side by side, each time their legs thrashing around trying to grind their pussies together on the couch.

"Are we staying on this all night or is there a bedroom we can go to?" Rebecca eventually said when she had the chance. Siobhan smiled and lifted herself up before grabbing her hand and pushing her toward the stairs.

"Oh Yeah, fuck me up the ass, Carla, make me cum please."

Rebecca stopped half way up the stairs when she heard Beth say that from upstairs and looked at Siobhan over her shoulder.

"Looks like someone’s having fun!" she said and continued climbing the rest of the stairs. In the rush for Clara to get Beth up the stairs she hadn't shut her bedroom door and the two girls stopped at her door to watch. They watched for a minute in the dimness of Carla's doorway as the ravishing of Beth's ass built up. Siobhan reached round Rebecca, one hand went to her pussy and the other for her ass.

"Do you like that? Would you like me to do that to you?" she quietly whispered in her ear.

Rebecca didn't answer with words, she pushed her ass back to Siobhan and murmured her approval. Siobhan grabbed her turned her around and kissed her deeply before pulling her to her own room for the night. It was only a small room but at least it had a double bed. After Siobhan pushed Rebecca on the bed she climbed on top of her and sat her pussy straight on her face.

"Eat me then girl; get me hot before I fuck you!" she said grabbing her head in her hands and roughly pulling it to her sex. Rebecca responded with gusto, diving into her wet pussy and sticking her tongue in as far as she could.

Siobhan was wet, the combination of pent up lust for Sarah, the sexy little girl she had hooked up with tonight, and now the screams of the action from the next door bedroom had her juices running into Rebecca's willing mouth. With the combination of all these factors, she knew she would come soon but she wanted to have that moment fucking the little minx between her thighs instead.

Quickly she lifted herself free and bent down to kiss her, tasting herself as she did, then went down to eat some pussy herself. Rebecca smiled and willingly opened her legs as Siobhan began to lick her Clitoris and inserted two fingers inside her.

"Lift up," Siobhan said after slobbering over her pussy for a minute or two.

Rebecca did as she was told, her feet on the bed and pushed up raising her ass off the sheets. Siobhan grabbed a pillow from the top end and placed in under her ass.

"Tell me if it hurts," Siobhan said as she once again inserted two fingers into Rebecca's cunt with ease.

Rebecca lay back on the bed and closed her eyes. She tried to relax so she could allow Siobhan to do what she knew she wanted to do. She felt her legs turn to jelly as Siobhan's fingers slithered around her thighs and slide into her lubricated hole. Siobhan was taking her time with her and she could feel her eyes burning holes in her.

Rebecca was surprised when fingers from both Siobhan's hands entered her pussy. She wanted to open her eyes and watch, but it felt too good. Each hand was fucking her independently and she was accepting the actions of both hands with ease. Rebecca wasn't sure how many fingers were inside of her as Siobhan sighed sensually, but she was feeling rather full. There was also a climatic wave starting to engulf her body.

"" she gasped as Siobhan's slippery fingers penetrated her.

She was on the verge of cumming with the sensations that Siobhan's hands were sending through her body when it suddenly felt like Siobhan shifted her hands. Then it was a much different feeling as she felt something filling her pussy completely. Rebecca couldn't tell how many fingers were in her, but her pussy was so full she could barely move. It was the most incredible feeling Rebecca knew and she wanted to cum hard there and then. Siobhan had four fingers in her hole moving from side to side and awkwardly switched on the bedside light with her spare hand to see better.

"Are you all right? Do you want to watch me go fully in?" Siobhan said looking at Rebecca panting profusely.

Rebecca opened her eyes and looked down past her tiny breasts at Siobhan as she curled her thumb into her hand and pushed. Rebecca looked down to Siobhan's hand in her pussy. She had her whole entire hand inside her. She was moving her hand inside her pussy. Rebecca's mouth was agape. Siobhan had worked her entire hand into her little pussy, and she was swirling it round inside her body.

"Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggg..." Rebecca let out a scream, an orgasmic eruption shooting from her toes to her head.

Barely breathing she let out a shriek of huge proportions, as the orgasm possessed her entire body. Siobhan's hand was moving somehow in her pussy and she was convulsing and spasming to every move.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkk. Ohhhh My God," she screamed, looking down at Siobhan smiling as she twisted her hand round and round.

"Aarrrrrgghhh.... Jesus," she yelled again.

After what seemed like a third wave of orgasmic eruption, she went totally limp on the bed. She couldn't feel anything on her body except for Siobhan's hand exiting her stretched pussy. Siobhan sat back and then brought her cum coated hand to Rebecca's mouth. Rebecca looked at Siobhan breathing deeply.

"Lick it clean bitch, then it’s my turn," Siobhan said bringing her hand to Rebecca's lips. She did as Siobhan asked; licking her juices from her fingers and her hand before beginning to get up thinking it was her turn to fist Siobhan. She placed her hands on Siobhan's breasts and began to push her down on to the bed. As she did Siobhan suddenly rolled over and climbed off the bed, reaching into her bag and bringing out her eight-inch strap on and harness. Rebecca looked at her in confusion.

"I thought you wanted me to fist you now?" Rebecca said.

"OH no girl, I'm going to fuck your ass now!" Siobhan answered. “Roll over and put the pillows under your stomach," she ordered.

Rebecca smiled and placed the two pillows under her hips so that her ass was in the air and her stretched pussy and ass hole were fully exposed. She looked over her shoulder and watched as Siobhan fastened the harness to her hips and began moving behind her. Then without warning, she felt a cold glob of lube on her ass hole and Siobhan’s finger penetrating her sphincter. Siobhan bent over and whispered in her ear.

"You know what happens to slutty cunts like you? They get fucked in their ass, now; beg me to fuck you in the ass with my dildo."

"Please, fuck me in the ass Siobhan," Rebecca answered.

"What?" Siobhan said as she gave a hard smack to Rebecca's ass.

"Please, Please fuck me up the ass with your dildo, Please, mistress," Rebecca managed to say.

Without any further words Rebecca felt the tip of Siobhan's hard rubber cock enter her delicate hole. She started slowly, just a little bit at a time, until half the length was nestled in her ass.

"That's right bitch, take my cock up your ass," Siobhan said.

She pushed in a little more then waited for Rebecca to get used to it before pushing in a little more. Little by little, she pushed in until she filled her ass. Siobhan removed the dildo slowly until the tip rested on the outside of her hole then plunged it back in again slowly but with definite force. She slid it out and repeated this until she worked her way up into a steady rhythm. Rebecca thought she was in heaven. She never thought having her ass filled would feel so wonderful. Siobhan began to build up the pace, ramming the full length into Rebecca's tight anus. The dildo was designed to rub against Siobhan's clitoris as she fucked and she was getting closer to her own orgasm as she ploughed mercilessly into Rebecca's rectum.

"Oh yeah, that’s it slut, I'm going to cum right up your ass!" Siobhan said loudly and hammered hard and fast into Rebecca's ass. Rebecca slumped forward and reached under herself, slipping two fingers back inside her pussy. She could feel Siobhan's rubber cock through her pussy walls, ramming in and out of her ass. Suddenly Siobhan held her tight by her hips and began to shake violently, her orgasm erupting through her body. Her juices began running from the sides of her harness and coated Rebecca's ass cheeks. This in turn brought Rebecca to another climax. Without notice, Siobhan stopped and pulled her fake cock out of Rebecca's ass, rolled to the side and sighed and panted recovering from her orgasm.

Rebecca rolled alongside Siobhan and deftly undone the harness, lifted Siobhan's ass to remove it then dropped it on the floor. She then went straight down to Siobhan's pussy and lapped all of her juices from her soaking wet pussy. A few minutes later she climbed back up her body, pulled the duvet back over the pair of them and they drifted off to sleep.

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