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Scarlet passion chapter 2

Stacy try to tame the beast that now reside within her.

I drove around for a while to comprehend what just happened. Clearly, I liked it. Every time I thought about her touching me made my pussy moisten up. I did not want to lose hope that I could return back to being normal again. I wanted to have a husband and kids one day, but now I am not sure. I thought food could help me think more clearly and wanted to read my script. I needed to know if it was all a ruse to lure me into subduing to her succubus will. She was a sexual demon that had cursed me into lusting after women.

After finding a place that was not too crowded and stopping to ease my troubled mind. I slid my script into my purse before going inside and finding a table in the back. I gave my order to a waitress in an outfit that shows off her busty figure. She was around the same age as me, and cute as hell. I found myself wondering what did she taste like. I could not believe that had crossed my mind and how I could not stop myself from staring at her. Her lustful lips, fuck me eyes, the slenderness of her neck, and the firmness of her breasts was making me hungry for something that was not on the menu.

I regained control before she noticed I was undressing her with my eyes. I order a chicken salad and a diet coke. I could not help but watch her ass as she was walking away. The pants that she wore barely hid what I thought was a perfect butt. I could not understand how quickly I was turning into a lesbian. The sex was so mind blowing that my body wanted more and was craving another partner. I have not made it through one day and I already succumbing to my new desires. I could almost taste her sweet juices on my lips and feel her hands on my body.

I was afraid of all the sexual desires that were running through me. If I close my eyes, I could see myself kissing her tender lips and tasting her cherry lip gloss. Ripping her clothes off and eating her pussy in front of stun customers. Snapping out of it and wondering what did this all mean? Was I gay now? Could you be turned gay? Somehow I could not buy that and left me with one conclusion. I may have already been gay the whole time and that revelation scared me.

There were a lot of things that ran through my mind pointing to the fact this could be true. I dated a lot, but never actual enjoyed my time with guys. Could being kissed by Miss Stevenson woke something up that was dormant within me? That could explain why I went willingly into her arms and did not resist her fucking me. I wanted to hold on being straight and tried pushing those thoughts away.

I grab my script from my purse and my suspicions were right. It was a fake, and each scene was set up more like porn fictions than a play. Every scene ended with a lesbian fucking a straight girl and had my juices flowing. When my food finally arrived I could barely tear myself away from the script to eat. What I was reading had affected my taste buds and gave my dinner a more enjoyable flavor.

I was half way through the script before I noticed that I was being watched. A brunette with short hair, not so good complexion, in her late 40's, little overweight was staring at something underneath my table. I felt confusion at first and then embarrassment when it dawned on me. I was not wearing any panties because I lost them to Miss Stevenson. When reading I tend to sway my legs and almost showing her my pussy. My skirt was short enough to show off my lovely legs, but what she was hoping to see was still out of view. Not fully understanding what came over me and went on pure instinct. Maybe from readings that script turned me on a little too much, or something inside me wanting that woman to desire me. Whatever the reason and without much thought, I open my legs further apart. My heart was pounding hard against my chest and the excitement ran through my veins. I just exposed myself to a complete stranger and it turned me on immensely.

I thought her eyes were going to pop right out of her head when she got a full view of my cunt. She had a smile I knew that would stay with her for days. The thought of her going home and touching herself while thinking of me was making me hot. I could not believe how much changes I was going through in a few short hours. I was not only turning lesbian but an exhibitionist as well.

My waitress return to bring me another diet coke and caught me staring at her breasts. I felt ashamed of myself, but she did not seem to mind. When she returned a few minutes later seeing if I needed anything else. She was more talkative and even a bit flirty. Taking her time clearing my table before getting my check. Making sure she got in the right position showing off her cleavage to me. She thought I was a lesbian, and using her lustful body to get a bigger tip. I have seen men get this treatment dozen of times, but never me.

I wanted to get back to my dorm room before doing something else I would regret. Being around the fairer sex was a distraction and was filling me with too much desire. I wanted to hide away from the world and get a good night sleep. I hoped by tomorrow my hormones would adjust back into place and I could forget this night ever happened.


After getting back to my room I slipped into my pajamas and grabbed one of my romance books. I wanted to reinforce myself that I was still into guys and grab the one with most graphic sex in it. Trying to focus on the words, but drifted away fantasying about the female lead character. Tossing my book down in defeat and promised myself that I will remain straight. I just needed time and was determined to fight my new founded lust with all my strength.

Kathy strolled in an hour later and smiling from ear to ear. It was obvious by the way she was prancing around the room that she had sex. I did not want to bring that topic up from the fear of falling into another lustful snare. We talked about other things and lied about what I did tonight.

The next couple of days I could tell I was fighting a losing battle. Living in this area of California where some women wear skimpy clothes all year round. The lust that was building within me made it very hard not to stare inappropriately at girls. It took all I had not to look at them when I was in the shower room. Seeing all the girls walking around in towels, or less was making me horny as hell.

I was still determined to beat this and got ready for my theatre class. I did not give any hint that she had affected my sexuality in any way. She went through her class as normal and acted like we never had sex. I found myself feeling hurt for being used in such a sexual way and pretended it never happened. I did not expect or wanted a relationship with her, but it still hurt being used by someone that you trusted. That was just one night of sex and nothing more to her. She got all she wanted from me and moved on.

The moment I realized the battle was lost was later that day. I was reading my science textbook when Kathy came back from the showers. Her wet blonde hair and glistening body made it hard for me to concentrate on my studying. She started applying lotion to her body, and that was when I knew I was in real trouble. I could feel my pussy moistening up as I gaze out of the corner of my eye. I watch the intoxicating show and was mesmerized by it. My heart was beating fast from the excitement that I was now feeling. Watching her hands rubbing lotion on her inner thighs made my heart skip a few beats. She removed the towel to apply lotion to her breasts and stomach. I could feel the heat between my legs and the juices that were flowing from it.

My panties were now drenched and I was fighting the urge to fuck my roommate. I knew I must give up this fight and accept my lust for women. If I did not feed this beast that was inside me soon, or I will lose control and attack the nearest girl. Since that person would more likely be Kathy and was the last thing that I wanted. I decided to give into my lust and fuck someone, but who. The only one that I knew was my teacher and did not want to give her the satisfaction turning me gay, but I did not have any other choice.

I felt humiliated crawling back to her to calm the raging sexual beast that was inside me. It was hungry and was beckoning me to sacrifice my humility on the altar of lust. The pride goes before the fall and I was gone at this point.

I wore something that was a little bit sexier than I normally would and trim my pubic hair. I left a thin line down the middle trying to copy hers. I was feeling shameful trying to get her approval and into my bed. I was better than this, but here I was ready to play the slut.

I usual do not wear skirts to class and especial one this short. I did not want to hold back anything and dressed like I was on a hot date. I had gotten a few whistles from the guys but I ignore them. I was not interested in chasing men and had an itch only a woman can scratch.

I waited until the class was over before approaching Miss Stevenson. I told her I needed to talk, and she led me into her office. She kept a professional attitude with me and gave no hint of her sexual perversions side. It was hard at first to get the words out and felt very foolish.

“I wanted to talk about... that night...we...uh...can it...again?”

I was not brave enough to tell her that I needed to be fucked but try to be coy about it. She gave me a devilish grin and understood full well what I wanted, but she was not going to play fair. She was going to see how far I have fallen and take me a little bit deeper.

“Spread your legs my dear and show me your pussy.”

I spread my legs showing her my pink panties with a wet spot on it. Since that night my pussy has gotten wet at a moment notice. It did not take much to get me into the mood and there were plenty of girls on campus that got my motor running. I stood up and slid my panties down to show her my newly trimmed pussy. She flashed me an approving smile of my new look and pushed me further into depravity.

“I want you to touch yourself. Put your fingers inside your cunt and make it wet for me.”

I sat back down on the chair and spread my legs. I wanted to make sure she would not miss a thing and scooted my ass to the edge. I would do whatever she wanted if it leads to her between my legs. Sliding my fingers in and out slowly gathering my juices on them. I felt my breathing increase with the speed of my hand. Rocking my hips into my fingers to get it deeper inside me. I could feel my orgasm approaching and let out a long moan. I was about to cum all over her chair before she told me to stop.

Rising up from behind her desk, walking over to me and taking my panties from me. She pressed them into her face inhaling my scent. “You smell delicious my dear and good enough to eat. I would love to taste you again, but I never screw the same student twice. There are so many college girls needing a good screwing, and so little time to fuck them all.” I felt like a fool for letting myself to be toyed around by her. The shame of letting her make me act like a slut was weighing heavy on me.

“Since you are my favorite student I will do you a favor just this once. My friend Lena is throwing a party tomorrow night and would not mind if I invited a lovely thing like you. I am sure there is someone that could take care of your...let say, little needs there. Oh, by the way, wear something revealing because nobody wants to fuck a prune.”

I hated how she use her words to mock and belittle me. Seeing the person that she truly was made me feel foolish for falling for her lies. I was lured in by her charm and she used my dreams against me. Those girls were right about her and wish I had listened to them. The thing I hated the most about all this was that I would still fuck her. If she told me to eat her cunt and I would drop to my knees to devour it.

I was waiting for her to give back my panties and leave with some dignity, but instead she kept them. I had lost my panties once again to her, and hang my head in shame. I wonder how many girls had fallen prey to her, and would not be surprised if the number were in the triple digits. She seems to be the type that could seduce a nun into a scandalous affair. I did not think any woman would be safe around her.

“Before you go, here is the address for the party and one more thing my dear. We are going to do The Black Room and I have given you the role of Ellen. I really do think you are going to enjoy that role very much.”

She was truthful to her word about giving me a main lead, but there was a twist to it. The play was an art piece on desire and forbidden love. The twist was that my character was secretly in love with another woman and ended up kissing her. This was a twisted joke that the audiences would never get.


Leaving her office in worse shape than I first enter it. My pussy was aching and was in a desperate need to be fucked. I was very wet from the pounding I was giving myself earlier. Being so close to cumming and stopping made my sexual desire nearly uncontrollable. Every woman I saw I wanted to rip their clothes off and fuck them right there. My body was burning with lust and needing to be satisfied. I could not believe she worked me up this much and just to deny me. I could not take it any longer and enter the first restroom I saw. Seeing that I was alone before going into one of the stalls to relieve myself. After I work out all my sexual frustration and was glad nobody was there to witness this fallen angel disgrace.

The changes that I was going through had turned my world upside down. I was straight and did not do slutty things. Now I am sexual desiring women and masturbating in a public bathroom. I was acting more like a slut each day. I wanted to be ashamed over my actions but felt liberated instead.


Kathy left earlier for some unknown engagement and leaving me to get ready without incident. I did not want to explain what I was doing, or have her wanting to tag along. The last thing I wanted for her to do is catch me fucking another girl. I had avoided an obstacle but now found myself facing another one.

It was frustrating to find something sexy to impress another girl with. This was all new for me and did not know what lesbians found hot. Miss Stevenson told me to wear something revealing but the only thing that I had was a white tank top. It was transparent enough to reveal what was beneath it. I usually wear it with another shirt or a bikini top. I decided to wear it braless with blue jeans for a sexy but naughty look.

The tank top cut down low showing off a deep cleavage and barely covering my belly button. My nipples were clearly visible behind the soft fabric. Checking myself out in the mirror to see if this was the look that I wanted. The jeans highlighted my ass, making it more round and appealing. I look really hot, and finding a new lover should be rather easy.


I sat in my car for a few minutes getting my nerve up to enter the house. After taking a deep breath I stepped out of my car and into the cool night air. I walked slowly to the door feeling a light breeze against my exposed skin. My nervousness and excitement of what was behind that door made my nipples hard. I kept telling myself that I was a predatory tiger on a hunt, but I knew I was more like a kitten needing something to lick. I knocked three times, and try to embrace myself for what was behind that door.

The door was open by a raven haired beauty and did not hide the fact she was staring at my tits. She, in fact, took great joy in staring at them. Asking me a series of questions before letting me in. She did not care for the answers but only wanted an excuse to keep staring at them. If all the girls were just like her then I will have no problems sleeping with any of them. She seems very willing and was easy on the eyes, but I wanted to see what other beauties were here.

I decided to explore the house to see what other jewels may be hidden within. I have never been to a party like this before and was curious about it. The music was not blaring but softly flowing through the room mixing nicely with the atmosphere. There were two girls on the couch kissing passionately and few more around the room talking with beer in their hands.

Room after room, I saw more women either talking or kissing. Seeing all I needed to and decided it was time to head back to that girl, but I spotted some stairs. I was up a few steps before I heard a faint voice that was all too familiar saying something dirty. Something about wanting to be fuck hard and was coming from a nearby room with its door ajar. It could not be the person that I was thinking about and no way would she be here. Kathy was not gay, or at least I did not think she was. I have never seen her with a guy before but still, that could not be her. I ease my head around the door to prove to myself that I was mistaken, but I wasn’t. I saw Miss Stevenson fucking Kathy hard as she could against the wall. They would never notice I was there with their backs to me and Kathy moaning drowning out any sound that I could have made. They were both completely naked, besides the strap-on that Miss Stevenson was wearing. Watching my roommate getting fucked was turning me on, and I was spellbound by it.

I felt myself being watched and turn to notice a woman few feet away from me. She was wearing the sluttiest Catholic school girl uniform that I had ever seen. Her white shirt was not buttoned but tied in a knot at the bottom with her breasts hanging out in a black lacy bra, the skirt was made for a thirteen years old that was cut off an inch from her groin, black silk stocking and high heels. I recognized her as Miss Stevenson friend that had seen my tits last week, and she was mouth watering hot. I figure she must be Lena, the person that was throwing this party. The way she moved toward me was hypnotic that hypnotizes me with the sway of her hips. Placing herself behind me and guiding her hands gently over my body. She encouraged me to keep looking as she spoke seductively into my ear. I continue watching Kathy taking each thrust of that fake cock and letting out pleasurable grunts.

“I see you are taking a liking to Rachel new play thing.” I was not used to hearing my teacher being called by her first name. It has always been Miss Stevenson in class and felt odd hearing it now. “Rachel have this fantasy about seducing every girl in one family. She had already fucked this girl sister a few years back and now having a go with her. It was a great achievement because she did not just seduce her but a friend of hers as well. Not everybody can turn two girls at the same time into lesbians. She has a fetish for straight girls and love turning them but sadly not this time. Someone else already had the pleasure introducing carnal pleasure to this minx.”

I could feel her hands lightly caressing my body as she spoke. The electricity in her touch made my body feel alive with sexual energy. The longer she talked, the bolder she got with her hands. Teasing me near my sensual areas and building up my sexual tension.

“I also had her sister and that slut knew just how to eat a pussy. This girl is letting her body be ravished by Rachel for the payment she owed her. She has a thing for her roommate and wanting to seduce her, but the poor thing did not know how. Rachel would only help her if she could fuck her, and she always gets her way.”

I was shocked to see a new side of Kathy and could not believe that I never knew. She was a lesbian and was lusting after me. How could I have not seen this? Kathy was going through a lot of trouble just to be with me. If she just told me herself and it would have been me fucking her against the wall. I guess things must happen on their own time. I could not do a thing about Kathy currently, but things with Lena was turning more intense.

“I wanted to fuck you ever since I saw your lovely tits.” She grabbed my breasts and squeezed them. Feeling my nipples becoming hard between her fingers as she played with them through the fabric. No longer beating around the bush and she moved her hands where she always wanted them to be. Undoing my jeans to slide her hand in my panties and right into my wet pussy. I could feel her fingers going deeper inside me as she was nibbling on my ear. I watched Kathy body started to spasms from a powerful orgasm that was hitting her. Lena retracted her hand from my pants and pulling me back before shutting the door.

I was led down the hallway into another bedroom that was not empty. The raven haired girl that I met earlier was there talking with a redhead. This did not stop her from advancing on me and pulling me into a kiss. She did not mind that we had an audience and was ok giving them a show. Grabbing the hem of my tank top and pulling it over my head. I was shocked that she intended to fuck me with people watching, and more so that I was going to let her.

The two women were watching with keen interest and could not keep my eyes off them. My breasts were being kissed and sucked on with the fury of a wild beast. Pulling me into another kiss before pushing me on the bed. She removed my clothes and threw them across the room. I was discovering new things about myself each day and found out that I like being naked around people. Lena gave me a sexy strip show before climbing on top of me. I found the whole experience with someone watching me having sex was making me wetter. My sexual deviant side has risen and was not going to submerge anytime soon.

I kissed her passionately and was clutching tightly to her. Breaking free from my gripped and repositioning herself. She placed her pussy against mine and started rubbing against it with a rocking motion. Swaying her hips and causing sexual friction in my cunt. I let out a loud moan and started working my hips against hers as well. I was starting to see there were a lot more ways to enjoy sex with a woman than a man. I was moaning intensely by the feeling of our two wet pussies mixing our juices together. She pulled our cunts apart and crawled over me. Placing her pussy over my face and smearing her juices on my lips. I started eating her cunt and pushed my tongue deep inside her. Swallowing her juices and savoring each drop. She was moaning feverishly and rocking her pussy against my face before letting out a loud scream. My face was wet from the orgasm that just exploded from her and kept on licking. I did not stop until I felt her body starting to spasms from another orgasm.

“That was... amazing! I would love to return the favor but I got other guests I must attend to now. Do not worry, but I am leaving you in the capable hands of Robin and Juliet. They are well trained in the art of pleasure and will take good care of you.”

I watch in disbelief as she walked out of the room, swaying her naked ass. The two girls did not waste any time undressing and were on me like wild cats devouring their prey. The raven haired girl Robin was eating my pussy, and Juliet was sucking on my nipples. They were very skilful with their mouths and soon brought me to a powerful orgasm. It took my breath away and silent my scream. I could only arch my back and open my mouth to form empty words.

I kissed Juliet and then took one of her nipples into my mouth. Robin was kissing slowly up my belly to my breasts. She was adoring them earlier and were now sucking on them. Teasing them with her tongue and tracing the edge of my areola. Juliet glided her fingers down Robin back to between her ass and into her pussy. We were serving one another needs and no one was left out. We went around touching, kissing, and eating one another pussy until we all came. I did not know how long I was in that room, but the pleasure that I felt was immense.

The girls thought that it would be a great idea to go for a swim, dragging me downstairs and out of the back door. We did not bother putting on any clothes and ran downstairs. It felt thrilling being this exposed and free with my body. The women that were around the pool area were naked, in the state of being or half undress. The women that had gathered at the pool were in the midst of having an orgy. Sex toys were discarded around and some of them were even being used. Robin and Juliet jumped into the pool and left me alone to take in this wonderful sight.

I never knew there where so many types of lesbians out there. They came in all shapes and sizes. Some had their bush completely shaved and while other kept them thick. One girl had such of an innocent looking face that it surprised me to see her partaking in a threesome. She was being fucked from behind as she ate another girl pussy. If I had seen her in public I would have never guess a sexual beast was lying inside that pure form of her. Even when her cute angelic face showing the sign of cumming and she still had an adorable innocent quality about it.

Lena and Miss Stevenson were sharing a girl in a hot tub that was in my theatre class. She was eighteen, but looked a few years younger and had a sweet voice. The girl was no match for our teacher charm and fell into her trap. I knew her fate because I have been there myself. I was sure she was a virgin but was not certain. She wore a silver cross and grew up in a religious family. That type tends to wait until marriage, but somehow Miss Stevenson seduced her. She was going to be sore from the fucking that she will be getting tonight.

A girl with multicolored hair wearing a pink strap-on came up to me and grabbed my hand. She guided me to a group of girls that was pleasuring one another and lay me in the middle of them. Feeling their attention turning to me with dozen of hands and mouths on my body. The kissing, touching, squeezing, and sucking gave my body a new sense of erotic pleasure. Feeling hands grabbing my legs and pulling them apart. They were getting me ready to be fucked by the girl that led me to them. I felt my pussy lips open and swallowing all twelve inches of her thick cock. The ripple of pleasures that rush over me mixing with the sensations of what the other girls were doing brought me to the edge of ecstasy, but fell over it when I started getting fucked. My moans started low and grew louder. I cried out as multiple orgasm hit me and making me temporary blind. Taking a moment to regain my sight, seeing only a blinding white light and then little stars before everything came back in focus again.

I lost count how many women I kissed, licked, and even fucked that night. It was all a blur of flesh and pleasures. The sound of moans and orgasm could be heard from all directions. I even took a turned using a strap-on a girl with thick thighs and had her screaming in no time.

I did not leave the party that night and slept in the arms of a girl that I thought looked innocent. I just spent the night with bunch of girls that I did not know. I felt like a whore, but the funny thing was that I loved it. Kissing goodbye to my old life and there was no way I would ever return to it now. I was having too much fun and wanted more nights like this. After getting dressed I ponder on letting Kathy seduce me, or be the one doing the seducing. Either way I am giving her just what she wanted and a night we both will never forget.


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