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Secret Love- After the Breakup (Part 2)

If you read part 1 first you will have a much better understanding of the characters =)
With Anthony pushed to the back of her subconscious mind, Delilah followed her new friend, Caitlin, into the club. Delilah caught a glimpse of the sign above the door to the club, it read: "Toxic Tonic" She had noticed that they had skipped the entire line of people waiting to get into the club. They were able to, since Caitlin knew the bouncer, which was a good thing, or they would have been waiting to get in all night.

The music was blasting throughout the club, making it completely impossible to hear anything. Caitlin pulled Delilah through the crowded place, to the bar. They found two seats towards the end of the bar, which thankfully, unlike the other side of the bar, was not right on top of blasting speakers. It was probably the only spot in the club, besides the bathroom, where you could actually kind of hear yourself, if you talk loud enough.

"Hey Carmen! This is my new friend Delilah." Said Caitlin to the sexy blonde bartender.

"Hi, nice to meet you, Delilah!" Carmen said, with a sweet smile.

"Nice to meet you too, Carmen!" Delilah said, smiling back, thinking to herself, "Awesome! She knows the sexy bartender too, not only the creepy looking bouncer guy, who looks like he could lift an eighteen-wheeler and throw it into the air."

Delilah couldn't help but stare at this gorgeous woman she just met. She found it difficult to look away. She was sure that Carmen must get tons of tips. She didn't seem slutty, like some bartenders seem to be. She was classy. She had a little bit of cleavage, but she did not use that for her tips. It was her bright blue eyes and captivating smile that pulled people in. Delilah was so busy staring at Carmen, that she didn't even realize she had poured them each a shot of tequila.

Before she knew it, Delilah had lost count of how many shots she had done. They had been sitting there for a while, at the bar, chatting with Carmen. Delilah learned about each of her new friends, and found out that they are roommates. Better yet, she found out that they only lived a few streets away from where she lives. All this time, and she didn't even know that these two sexy girls lived in the same town. Just as Delilah was beginning to think dirty thoughts, she was abruptly ripped out of them by reality.

"Come on, lets go dance! Carmen, we will be back!" Caitlin said.

"But.. I..I don't..." Delilah stuttered. But once again, Delilah couldn't protest. She reluctantly followed the redhead onto the dance floor.

Delilah was hypnotized at how well Caitlin danced. She moved so smoothly, so perfectly in tune with the beat. She was good enough to be a back up dancer in a professional music video. Delilah herself was not the best dancer in the club, but certainly not the worst. Even though she thought she was terrible, apparently she wasn't, because several pairs of eyes were glued to her and Caitlin. It might have been because of Caitlin, but possibly partly because of Delilah's sexy moves also. Delilah barely even noticed everyone watching them. All she cared about was Caitlin, and how sexy she looked. To Delilah, it felt as if there was no one else in the club, besides the two of them.

As the night continued, well technically the morning, the club died down a bit, as people began leaving in pairs, in groups, nobody really left the place without a partner. The club was about half as crowded as it had been when Caitlin and Delilah had arrived. There was still a lot of energy, mostly sexual energy floating throughout the club. At this point, most of the remaining people on the dance floor were dancing really sexually, some maybe actually having sex in the middle of the dance floor, possibly because almost all of them were completely wasted. By this point, Caitlin and Delilah were almost completely drunk, the sexual tension between them growing by the second. They were unaware, but they were the main attraction, right in the middle of the dance floor. Caitlin was grinding her ass back into Delilah's body, which was driving Delilah completely insane.

As they were dancing, Caitlin turned around to face Delilah, their bodies pressed closely together. They stared into each others eyes for a split second, before Caitlin made the first move. She smiled, biting her lip, and then leaned in and just barely kissed Delilah's lips. Delilah felt her insides boiling, and wanted Caitlin more thank anything in the entire world. Caitlin must have read her mind. She took Delilah's hand and without a word, led her out of the club.

The two of them drunkenly walked, well really they stumbled a few blocks, where they finally reached Caitlin's apartment. They entered the lobby, falling with each other, laughing hysterically, into the elevator and up to the sixth floor. By the time the elevator doors closed, they were all over each other, like wild animals. They were so into kissing that they had missed their stop and went up to the eighth floor and had to go back down again. Caitlin unlocked the door, and they busted the door open and took a direct route, straight over to the couch. They both fell onto it, Caitlin falling on top of Delilah, kissing her passionately.

Delilah paused for a second and attempted to talk. "I really loke you. Fuck! No I mean I like, no I love you. I don't know how to talk, please make me shut up."

Caitlin laughed. "I loke you too."

Then they resumed kissing again. Caitlin started kissing all over Delilah's neck and along her collar bone, causing small sighs of pleasure to escape between her soft lips. That was not her only set of lips that was letting something out. Delilah's panties were soaked, and she could imagine she was so wet that it had gone through her panties and her dress, most likely creating a wet spot on the couch. She had never been this wet in her entire life put together. Caitlin was turning her on so much, well really turning her on is probably not the right phrase, sending her to the moon and back would probably be a more fitting phrase, that describes how Caitlin was making her feel, with the handy work of her tongue, her soft nibbles lightly pinching her skin, causing Delilah to start whimpering and moaning more in anticipation of what was next.

Caitlin really knew how to tease and please. Delilah didn't know how much more teasing she could handle, but that decision was not up to her. Delilah tried to sneak her hand down towards her pussy, but was stopped by Caitlin's soft, but firm grip around her wrist. Caitlin pinned Delilah's two hands with one of hers, and continued kissing Delilah, still teasing her. Delilah didn't even try to resist. Even though she knew Caitlin was going to tease her, she gave up, because she liked being teased, and knew that eventually, Caitlin would stop teasing her and make her cum.

Caitlin finally let go of Delilah's hands, and slid Delilah's dress off, revealing a simple black bra, and a black thong to match. The dress fell to the floor, completely forgotten. Caitlin stood up, and took Delilah's hand, not saying a word. She led her into what Delilah guessed to be her bedroom. Caitlin pushed her onto the king-sized bed, and was on top of her, in control once again. Delilah could tell that Caitlin liked being the on in control, but she didn't mind at all. She was actually a little submissive, and liked having her partner in control.

Caitlin practically ripped off Delilah's bra and thong, tossing them aside onto the floor. As Caitlin kissed, licked and teased every inch of Delilah's body besides her pussy, Delilah tried and failed again to reach down. This time, Caitlin stopped for a second, stood up, and opened the draw of the nightstand, taking something out. She quickly closed the draw, and kissed Delilah to distract her, while she tied Delilah's wrists to the bed posts.

"Nooooo! Please don't tease me, I can't take it any longer." Delilah protested.

"I have only just started my fun with you babygirl." Caitlin said, in a playful, seductive voice, with a seductive look to go with it.

Caitlin then climbed back onto the bed, kneeling, with her thighs straddling Delilah's waist. She slowly started pulling up her dress, only to pull it back down again, but not for long. Caitlin watched Delilah squirm underneath her, while she gave her a nice show, strip teasing for her. After she had Delilah practically drooling, she decided to finally stop teasing her, and took her red dress completely off. She had not worn anything underneath the red dress.

"Wow." Delilah managed to say. That was all she could come up with. Anyone else in Delilah's position would have probably said the exact same thing. Caitlin was absolutely stunning, with her flawless figure, alabaster skin tone, smooth, flaming locks, and her eyes. Her eyes are a captivating shade of emerald green, just as beautiful as the sparkling Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz.

For the first time, Delilah felt the warmth and softness of another woman's bare body, pressed up against her own. She knew this would be the first of many more times. Caitlin continued kissing Delilah, and then starting moving down, this time past Delilah's neck. She let her tongue wander around Delilah's breasts, causing Delilah to become even more wet, if that was even possible. The anticipation was really starting to make her crazy. Caitlin sensed this, and dragged her tongue, slowly down Delilah's flat stomach, as Delilah moaned in frustration. Caitlin finally gave in to Delilah's need, and slowly licked Delilah's soaking wet pussy for the first time. The feeling of Caitlin's tongue, was so much softer than when Anthony had eaten her out, and felt a lot better too.

Delilah shuddered, an electric current of pleasure running through her body. Caitlin was still teasing Delilah, because she was barely touching her tongue to Delilah's aching pussy lips. Delilah squirmed around, trying to grind her pussy into Caitlin's face. Delilah began to whimper and beg in frustration.

"Please.. I..I can't.. Caitlinnnnn!" Delilah pleaded.

"You want me to fuck you? You want me to lick your little cunt?" Caitlin said in a dominant tone.

"Mhm, yes, please fuck me." Delilah begged.

"Okay then, I'll be right back." Caitlin said, with a devious smile.

Caitlin left a very confused Delilah behind, to walk into a different room. Delilah waited, squirming impatiently, waiting for Caitlin to return. Delilah saw a beam of light, light up the wall in the hallway, and then with the flick of a switch, turn dark again. While Caitlin had been in the other room, Delilah had heard a sound coming from that room. She wasn't quite sure what it was, it kind of sounded like maybe Caitlin was looking for something, and maybe putting something together, with some sort of straps of some sort. A few moments later, Delilah found out what the noise had been. Her guess had been close, but if she had guessed that Caitlin was putting on a strap-on, then she would have been more accurate with her guess.

Caitlin walked up to the bed, pushed Delilah's legs open, and positioned herself, with the strap-on right by Delilah's hot pussy.

"I hope you're ready to get fucked like you have never been fucked before." Caitlin said, seductively staring into Delilah's eyes.

With no mercy, Caitlin slammed the eight inch rubber strap-on into Delilah's tight pussy, causing Delilah to cry out because of a little bit of pain, but the pain was quickly wiped away by pleasure. Delilah adjusted to the thick rubber object inside of her after a few seconds. It was a different feeling than a regular cock. Actually, Delilah liked it better than Anthony's cock. The best part, is that it never gets tired, like men do. Caitlin thrust her hips into Delilah, forcing the rubber cock in and out, slow at first, then building up more speed, and going deeper, causing Delilah to moan louder and louder.

"Cum for me baby, cum all over my huge rubber cock." Caitlin said encouragingly. Those words, along with a few more deep thrusts of the strap-on, sent Delilah into orgasmic bliss. Caitlin pulled the strap-on out of Delilah, as Delilah's body continued trembling an shaking involuntarily.

Not even giving Delilah the chance to recover, Caitlin quickly took off the strap on, throwing it on the floor. She climbed on top of Delilah, and started kissing her again, while her right hand wandered down, and played with Delilah's clit. This sent little aftershock orgasms through Delilah's body. Caitlin used her left hand to untie Delilah's right hand, and then the left. Now that Delilah's hands were free, she could finally use them to pleasure Caitlin. Delilah's hands started wandering all over Caitlin's curves. They wandered through Caitlin's smooth red locks of hair, to the sides of her face, down her back, then paused at the small of her back, shortly after continuing down, and grabbing her amazing, round, firm ass.

Delilah somehow found the strength to flip over, so that she was now on top of Caitlin. She admired Caitlin's sexy body for a few seconds, from a birds eye view, and then moved her head down between Caitlin's thighs. She slowly licked up and down, poking her tongue into Caitlin's pussy, tasting her for the first time. The taste of her pussy was intoxicating. Delilah didn't ever want to stop licking Caitlin. She tasted so good. Delilah could tell she was doing a really great job, because of the sounds escaping Caitlin's lips. Caitlin moved her hands down to Delilah's head, lightly pushing her head into her pussy, encouraging Delilah to go faster, and harder. Delilah got the message, and began tongue fucking Caitlin, using one of her hands to rub Caitlin's clit at the same time.

Within a few minutes, Caitlin was at the peak of ecstasy, screaming and moaning Delilah's name. Delilah slid up, so that she was next to Caitlin, and started kissing her again.

"Fuck, you are so fucking goo baby." Caitlin said, in between kisses.

After a few moments of kissing, Caitlin got her second wind, and climbed on top of Delilah in a sixty-nine position. They both came a few more times each, until they were both spent, and could not cum anymore. Caitlin moved back up under the covers, so she was next to Delilah, behind her, and put her arms around her, holding her from behind. They passed out like that as the sun came up.

Less than an hour later, Carmen came home from the night shift at the bar. She quietly opened the door, walked in, then carefully closed and locked it. She saw Delilah's dress on the floor next to the couch. She tiptoed over to her room, so she wouldn't wake Delilah and Caitlin, but to her surprise, they were cuddled together, sleeping in her bed. Caitlin must have taken Delilah into Carmen's room by mistake. She had been so drunk, she probably wouldn't have realized if she had entered the wrong apartment. Carmen didn't mind, and continued down the hallway with a smile on her face, and climbed into Caitlin's bed. She fell asleep with a smile across her face, dreaming of what might happen later that day...

To be continued...

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