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Seducing my Boss's Daughter (Part 1)

My Boss's daughter comes to stay
When Jim, my boss asked me to keep an eye on his daughter for a weekend, I thought ‘me a baby sitter?’ Then he said she was 18!

Introducing Ashlie

 Jim brought his daughter to work on Friday with the idea that she"d come home with me, while he had a nice weekend in France with his new girlfriend. What can I say? Ashlie was hot. She was a real cutie, with the best brown eyes and a turned up nose. She had the tightest body I’ve seen in a long time. She turned up in spray on jeans and a white top. Her bum was as pert as mine and her boobs looked amazing - not huge but just a nice handful. She had a lovely shy quality about her. Her hair, which was waist-length and dark brown had this way of falling in front of her face. She had habit of moving it away from her eyes and looking at me sexily.

“You’ll be OK with Danielle,” said Jim when he introduced me to his daughter.

“Yeah, we’ll have a nice weekend!” I said.

I showed Ashlie around our little firm and gave her a potted history of my job.

“How long you worked here?” She asked.

“About a year, nearly,” I said.

“Is my Dad a good boss?”

“Yeah he is actually. He just let’s me get on with it,” I said.

I couldn’t help but enjoy the little whiffs of her perfume as we walked around the galleries. I glanced down now and then admiring her pert little bum, imagining how I’d like to squeeze her cheeks in both hands. She was my boss’s daughter and I had to be on best behaviour. Somehow though, I had a good feeling about the weekend. I just knew Laura would be all over her given half the chance. If only she was into girls!

 “You have no family to stay with then?” I asked, as I made us a coffee in the office kitchenette.

 “I normally go to my aunty's, but she’s away too,” she said.

“Oh, there you go.”

 We sat down and sipped coffee and munched on the maple and pecan pastry I had brought in from the bakery.

“You’re not dating then?” I asked.

“Not at the moment. How about you?”

“I live with a girl,” I said.

“Live with, as in…?” She said.

“She’s my girlfriend, yes.” I said.

Ashlie giggled nervously and looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes. I so wanted to kiss her. Her lips were full and naturally red. I began to daydream about kissing her.



“What’s her name?” Asked Ashlie.

“Laura. She’s beautiful. She was 18 last week!”

“Really? Did you have a big party?” Asked Ashlie.

 “Yeah we all went in a Hummer what her Mum paid for. Then we hit the town. It was amazing!”

“I bet!” She said.

 I left Ashlie with her Dad for the rest of the morning and then took her home around midday. We finished early and went to mine after picking up some shopping from the super market.

“Welcome to our little pad,” I said as I showed Ashlie in.

 “Where’s Laura?” asked Ashlie.

“She’s at college till four.”


“Anyway, how come you’re not at college or whatever?” I asked.

“I go to the high school. We don’t do Fridays.”

“Really!” I exclaimed.

 Apparently Ashlie’s high school was real posh and she had to go in two Saturdays a month. ‘Fuck that!’ I thought. Fortunately this weekend wasn’t one of them. Laura and I would have her all to ourselves.

"You going to Uni after high school?" I asked, as we unpacked the shopping.

"Oxford. I'm going to read the classics."

 "Wow girl! Impressive!"

"Ha ha thanks!"

'Not only beautiful but brainy too,' I thought.

 When Laura came home, Ashlie, as I expected, greeted her warmly. Laura was in cropped denim shorts and tights and a black blouse. She looked hot and I watched Ashlie admiring her obvious girly charms. Laura’s shorts, which were more like hot pants were fighting a losing battle to keep her bum cheeks in. Her semi see-through blouse gave us a tantalising view of her boobs. I think Ashlie was amazed by how hot Laura actually is.

After I had prised them apart I showed Ashlie where she was sleeping and gave her a brief tour of the house.

 That night we hit the town and showed Ashlie one or two secluded little bars including Lincoln’s only lesbian bar, which is tucked away down a cobbled side street. Not a lot of people know it’s there and you have to knock on a door and this guy looks through a hatch before letting you in. It kind of adds to the mystique of the place. I wasn’t sure what Ashlie would make of it, but to my surprise she thought it was cool. Some of the girls in there can be a bit full on, but no one hit on her, probably because she was with me and they know I don’t take any shit. Nevertheless Laura nudged me, when Ashlie was clearly fascinated by these two hot girls who were going for it, French kissing right next to her.

It was totally freezing for the beginning of May and Laura cuddled me at the bus stop.

 “Is there room for another one there?” asked Ashlie.

“Definitely!” Said Laura.

So there we stood huddled in a big girly snuggle-cuddle for mutual warmth until the bus came. Ashlie smelled good and I accidentally on purpose nuzzled my nose into her neck, tickling myself with her hair in the process. Ashlie didn’t seem to mind. I suppose her inhibitions were lowered with the alcohol. Not that we were drunk, just nicely glowing.

We sat up stairs at the back, as you do and recalled the highlights of the evening. I had a good feeling about the weekend. I looked down at Ashlie’s legs in her black hold ups and short black skirt. It’s a good job she was with us in the lesbian bar. She would have been swept off her feet on her own. She was hot! I think she knew it too. Her Dad asked me to look after her. I distinctly remember him not saying anything about not getting in her panties.

Game on

 Saturday was the first day of the bank holiday. I was up early as usual to see who was about on Lush. One guy was clearly pleased to see me on line and had woken with a wood on it seemed. Talk of me and my two hot friends was just the job and even though I never cyber, I had him coming in his hand in no time. I guess I have the knack! I took a tray of coffee and crumpets back to bed and gave Ashlie a knock, but she was dead to the world. Laura and I had her crumpet for her; it would have been a shame to waste it.

It was so warm in bed. Laura and I had a little spooning session. I think it was nearly ten o’clock when we heard Ashlie banging about in the bathroom. Then there was a knock on our door. I went to see her. She was on the landing in a little pink night shirt. Her waterfall of brunette hair looked amazing, all tussled and natural.

“I can’t get the shower to work,” she said.

“Oh yeah sorry,” I said. I flicked the button next to the light switch.

“Thank you. Sorry if I…” She said.

“No, I was just getting up. I’ll get you a coffee to have after your shower,” I said.

I wanted to jump in the shower with her. I wanted to touch her fit little body. She looked back and smiled as she closed the bathroom door. I felt my pussy tingle. It was just a matter of time.

I painted my nails while I watched Saturday Kitchen. I was just in my yellow shorts and a white T shirt. Laura came down in knee high white socks, a pink skirt and a white top.

“You look good enough to eat baby!” I said.

 “Hmmmm…what do you think to Ashlie?” asked Laura.

 “What do you think? She’s as fit as fuck!”

“I know! Bags I go down on her first,” she said.

 “Ha how does that work?” I protested.

“Just saying!” Said Laura.

“Yes well, I saw her first!” I said, defiantly.

“OK we’ll share her then?”

“Share who?” Said Ashlie, who appeared unnoticed.

“Oh…ummm… nothing.” I said. “I’ll get your coffee!”

Ashlie was in black leggings. I say leggings, but they were no more than thick tights. Her top was also black and cropped, exposing her perfect midriff and cute little belly button. Her bum looked fantastic and her boobs were pertness itself.

 “I love Saturdays!” She said, as she sipped her coffee and nibbled on the danish I had given her. 

“Me too.” I said.

 “Yeah, great to do fuck all!” agreed Laura.

We watched TV for a while and then we got to that point where some old guy cooks fish and I turned over. Jessie J was singing on one of the music channels.

“Ooh Jessie! Come to me baby!” I said, with passion.

 “You like her then?” said Ashlie.

“She’s so sexy!” I said.

“She’s OK,” said Laura.

 I looked at Ashlie and my eyes roved around her body and I focused on her little triangle of love. She was sitting with her knees under her chin and I could see the outline of her pussy through her tights. Laura looked at me and followed my gaze.

 “I’m bored!” declared Laura.

“Well… we’ve got our new undies. Ashlie, I reckon your about my size, shall we go try some stuff on?!”

 “Really! Yeah OK!” said Ashlie.

Laura and I had been shopping the previous weekend and got several new sets of bras and panties from M&S and La Senza. Ashlie, of course, didn’t suspect I had an ulterior motive. I admit, I was excited by the prospect of seeing her boobs and her bubble ass. We all piled into my bedroom and I passed Ashlie a red silk set. The panties were Brazilian with a heart shape cut out the front.

“Ooh these are naughty,” she said.

“I know!” I said.

 Laura examined her flowered underwear with the low cut bra and then began to undress. Ashlie and I followed suit. There was that moment just before Ashlie’s black top came off when my heart fluttered. Then I saw cute pink nipples, they looked like candied roses. Ashlie had a proper look at mine and Laura’s boobs too. Then I was thinking, shaved or not shaved? Her tights came down…. and…hmmm a nice little tuft of dark hairs. She was perfect.

 “Wow! You two are booby!” said Ashlie, complementing me and Laura.

“Thank you. You’re too cute though!” I said, honestly.

Ashlie looked at me like the Bambi that she is.

“Awww thank you Danielle!”

She struggled to undo her bra when she had admired herself in the mirror.

“Allow me,” I said.

I stood behind her and unclipped the fastening. I stroked her hair gently.

“You have amazing hair baby,” I said.

I looked into her eyes and my hand brushed her nipple. She looked at me and smiled awkwardly. I gazed into her eyes and I felt her fingers stroke my palm. Laura stood behind our cute guest and rolled my new panties down over her perfect bum as I began to caress her sweet breasts.

“What are you doing?” said Ashlie, with surprise.

“I just had to feel your perfect boobs darling.”

I licked my two longest fingers and slid them down her belly. My face got closer to hers as Laura cupped her breasts from the back. As my fingers slipped into her wet little pussy our lips met. Ashlie was sandwiched between me and Laura. My boobs were squashed into her boobs and Laura was fondling her all over as we kissed. Her pussy was so wet and her meagre protest quickly dissolved into complete submission. She moaned gently as my fingers went deeper and our kiss became more and more passionate. We came up for air, but Ashlie turned her head and Laura took advantage of her soft lips and they kissed while I squeezed those beautiful, plump bum cheeks.

We moved gradually to the bed, saying nothing but just touching and kissing each other. Fondling and stroking. Ashlie lay on the bed and Laura and I took turns to smother her face with our boobs. As she sucked my breasts, Laura played with her sweet, molten pussy and vice versa. Ashlie was getting so turned on. Her body was shivering from the sheer pleasure we were giving her. Then I knew it was time to do what I had longed to do since the moment we met. I parted Ashlie’s legs as Laura kissed her face. I planted kisses all the way down the inside of her thighs, teasing the wonderfully soft flesh with my lips, until I was within sniffing distance of her pussy. I rolled my index finger around her clitoris, making her moan.

I put my hands under her bum cheeks and lifted her slightly, pressing my lips into her pussy at the same time. I just brushed my nose against her clitty as my tongue lapped up her honey. Ashlie squirmed, calmed by Laura, who kissed her and then sucked her nipples, increasing her pleasure. Ashlie’s pussy was hot. Her juice flowed with each flick of my tongue. I was bringing her slowly but surely to an amazing orgasm. I could tell from the noises she was making that my constant teasing was too much for her. I think she must have secretly craved for my mouth all weekend. Her girly love goo was so sweet and she had a beautiful sexy scent down there. I so love eating pussy and having my guest on our bed with her wet snatch was like all my dreams come true.

Ashlie’s moans became louder and louder as I licked her. I varied the speed of my tongue on her clitoris getting her to the point of no return and easing off. She began to screw up handfuls of duvet in her fists and her body writhed and twisted as I licked and probed her pussy with my tongue. Just as she came her back arched and her bottom trembled violently, drawing gasps from Laura who was squeezing her boobs.

I lay next to Ashlie and we kissed each other softly. I took her hand and guided it towards my pussy. I wanted her so much. Ashlie looked into my eyes dreamily when she discovered just how wet I was. I don't think she had ever been down on a girl before. My pink pussy lips were swollen and my juices were flowing. I was kind of privileged to know I would be her first. I’ll tell you what happened in part 2.

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