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Seducing my Boss's Daughter (Part 2)

The continuation of the weekend with my boss's hot daughter
 My boss had gone to France for the weekend and left his eighteen year old daughter in my and Laura’s capable hands. What was he thinking!

Ashlie, as you have doubtless discovered in part one, is a gorgeous brunette with big brown eyes. Her body is a joy to behold with an amazing bubble ass and pert boobs, which barely quiver as she walks. It didn’t take long for my lesbian radar to pick up on her bicuriosity. It was just little things, the coy glances and the way she gazed at my breasts on the first day. When I told her that I lived with Laura, she was more inquisitive than surprised and I sensed that she would be willing to explore her naughty side. I wasn’t wrong.

 On the Saturday morning, what started as a trying on of my new underwear quickly turned into a sexy threesome. And licking her pussy until she was begging for mercy, I'd given Ashlie her first lesbian orgasm!

The three of us lay side by side on my bed. Ashlie and I were sharing a long passionate kiss while Laura was enjoying herself by fondling both of us at the same time. Laura joined us with Ashlie in the middle and we took turns in kissing and canoodling with our new hot friend. All the time, I was showing Ashlie where to touch me. My pussy was so wet and I couldn’t wait to feel her tongue inside me. For a while though, it was a lovely, just sharing soft, wet kisses with her and Laura. I was kissing Laura, while Ashlie fondled our boobs and then we swapped. Now she and Laura were lying face to face French kissing one another passionately while I spooned Ashlie, squeezing her boobs at the same time.

To my delight, Ashlie began to gain confidence and kissed my neck and then planted kisses on my boobs, lingering on my nipples. I was so turned on, my nipples were instantly erect at the touch of her lips and tongue. Ashlie continued her way down my front, making my belly tremble. I began to breath deeply as I waited for her to reach my oozing, hot pussy.

Laura, not wanting to be left out, lay on her back and nuzzled her face between Ashlie’s legs and started to munch on her sweet pussy. I gasped and my breath was taken briefly as Ashlie’s tongue found my clitoris.

“Oh baby! Yes!!!” I cried.

I took thick handfuls of her hair and tousled her beautiful brown locks between my fingers. She was making her own sweet little moans as Laura ate her out gently. I don’t think Ashlie was too distracted though, from the way she was now licking my pussy. As every second passed, I was getting wetter and that bit closer to a wonderful orgasm. The fact that she was inexperienced just made it even hotter - the thought that she was using my pussy for practise was a huge turn on. I stroked her hair and lay back on my pillow as the warm yummy feelings were making me tremble. I couldn’t help but moan and encouraged Ashlie in the process.

“Yes baby…just there…lick me faster baby!”

Laura joined me as my body began to quake with the beginnings of my orgasm. She kissed me, sharing Ashlie’s juice, which was smeared over her mouth.

“Hmmm….ooooh Laura…she’s making me cum! Hmmmmmmmmmmm!”

I whimpered helplessly as Ashlie lashed her tongue over my clitty. I gripped Laura’s hand as she kissed my neck.

“Ooh fuck! Aaaaah Ashlie pleeaaase! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah baby!”

My body trembled and bounced on the bed as I let go with a fantastic climax. I was in the throes of a blissful orgasm. My pussy was controlling my body and I just had to go with it or I would have passed out..

“Aaaaaaaahh…ooooooooooh baby! So...good…hnnnnnnngggggh...hmmmmmmm!”

Ashlie sat up with her face beaming and her lips glossy with my cum. I opened my arms, as she shuffled towards me. I held her and we kissed so passionately, my hands gliding down her spine until they came to rest on her pert bum cheeks. I squeezed them and Laura saw the opportunity to sample that perfect ass.

I parted Ashlie’s cheeks with my hands, allowing Laura to slip her tongue between the fleshy crevice and play with her tight little bum hole. Ashlie squirmed with delight! She buried her face in my neck as my girlfriend plundered her ass with her tongue.

“Is that good baby? She’s licking your bum good eh?” I said, softly.

“Hmmmm…it’s so good!”

After much licking and kissing we ended up in another three girl snuggle, under the duvet. I could hardly tell who was fondling whom. There were tongues and fingers everywhere and my own sticky mits were in one pussy one minute and then having them licked clean the next.

The evening and beyond
 We eventually came down sometime in the mid afternoon and raided my fridge. We had three ice cold beers and I put a pizza in the oven.

“What’s happening tomorrow?” I asked, as we munched through our snack.

“Let’s go somewhere tasteful,” suggested Laura.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked.

“I don’t know, but somewhere artful and nice,” she said.

“How about Doddington Hall?” Suggested Ashlie.

“Where’s that?” I asked.

“Doddington?” Said Laura, sarcastically.

“OK smarty pants I’m not from here am I!”

“Where are you from? Asked Ashlie.



“I’ve been here since I was 13 though.”

“What’s at Doddington Hall?” Asked Laura

“I don’t know, but it’s meant to be good. My friend Maisie knows the people who own it. I think I can get us in for free.”

“Really!” I exclaimed.


“We could have a picnic and then go there,” suggested Laura.

It was a bit cold for a picnic I thought, but I was outvoted. I pulled out my old wicker hamper that my Mum gave me and we held a little meeting to decide what we were taking on our al fresco luncheon.
Sunday was a rather bizarre day. We consulted the atlas and I set the SatNav for Doddington, or so I thought. I didn’t know there was a Doddington and a Dry Doddington, did I! We ended up in a fucking field in the middle of nowhere.

“Sorry!” I said.

“I told you, we should have turned left down there!” Said Laura.

“OK chill out! For fuck‘s sake!”

“Ha ha Danielle!” Said Ashlie.

“That sounds nice,” I said, pointing to a place called Barnby-in-the-Willows.

“Yay! Sounds like a nice place for a picnic!” Agreed Ashlie.

We found a nice spot by a brook, which was sheltered from the breeze. Even though it was sunny, it was frigging cold for time of year! We shared a sausage sandwich and watched some ducks.

“You’re right it’s freezing!” Said Ashlie.

“It would be perfect if it was warm,” said Laura.

“My nipples are stiff!” I said.

“Hmmm…let’s have a look then,” said Laura, sexily.

Laura had that look on her face that means she’s up to no good. She turned round, rummaged through the hamper and retrieved a can of squirty cream.

“Come on baby!” Said Laura.

I looked from girl to girl and began to feel decidedly horny. I pulled my woollen sweater up and my cleavage was dotted with goose bumps. I was fairly sure we were alone. Someone was about to get a treat if we weren't!

“Shall we squirt some cream on her boobs Ashlie?” Said Laura.


“Come and unfasten my bra baby,” I said to Ashlie. “I don’t want to take my pullover off.”

"You two are mad!" Said Ashlie.

"Ha ha I know!" I agreed.

I held my sweater under my chin as Ashlie released the catches. My nipples were as stiff as bullets and my normally soft areola were pimpled from the cold. Laura shook the can and squirted two snooker ball-sized blobs of cream on each nipple.

“Hmmm yum!” Said Laura.

“OK, well lick it off then before I freeze to death!” I said.

Ashlie and Laura giggled and then moved closer until they were within licking distance of my boobs. I braced myself and then shuddered as both girls closed their lips around my nipples, licking the cream away in a single swoop. They made sure it was gone by giving my rosebuds an extra lick for good measure. It felt a bit surreal, having my boobs sucked in the open air but it was sexy too and I felt horny. I think if it had been a month later, we would have been rolling in the grass.

We made a unanimous decision to abandon the picnic and get back on course. Doddington Hall when we found it, was a bit of a fusty old place. It was not as big as I had imagined. It was full of crusty relics and furniture that was riddled with wood worm. I suppose it was quite good, especially as Ashlie talked our way in for free! Its claim to fame apparently, is that it was there that Sir Isaac Newton saw the apple fall and inspired him to discover gravity, or something like that. We returned home via a pub in another place with a silly name and warmed ourselves up with a glass of wine.

I fired up my laptop when we got in, expecting part one of my story to be up. It wasn’t. I distributed a packet of marshmallows to my two buddies and we munched on the sweet morsels with Rihanna in the background. I looked at my pink marsh mallow and then I looked at Laura, who was in the other room. I hurled one at her, bouncing it off her forehead.

“Ha! Got you!”

“FOOD FIGHT!” Announced Laura, loudly. What ensued was two minutes of childish mayhem with an Agincourtesque barrage of pink and white marsh mallows! I was on one side and Laura and Ashlie on the other. I took two to the boobs and one to the face, but not before I had caught Ashlie square on the nose. It was mayhem! We fell about in a fit of giggles. Laura looked at me and popped a marshmallow in her mouth and then kissed me as it was half dissolved into a sugary mess in her mouth. I did the same back to her and then Ashlie joined in with the sticky sweet kissing. It beat cum swapping any day.

Feeling suddenly horny, I began to undress. Everything about the day had been random and spontaneous. It made sense to finish it in the same way. I said ‘Hi’ to a couple of guys on Lush and then joined the other two on the sofa and we continued to take off each others clothes. There was a new tense atmosphere of anticipation in our sexy guest. Her brown eyes were blazing with desire. I undressed her slowly, stroking her body, as each part was revealed. Her smooth stomach trembled at my touch as my fingers traced down those cute little abs. Laura sat behind me and undid my bra, fondling my boobs. Ashlie was only too keen to suckle on my oh so sensitive nipples once more. She kissed them so beautifully - so lovingly. I was getting nicely moist as a result.

We decided to recreate a scene from a photo I had seen on the internet. When we were completely naked I sat on the sofa with my legs open and Ashlie knelt down with her face in my pussy. Laura lay back with her head on the cushion and muffed out Ashlie from beneath. It must have looked so hot! I closed my eyes, enjoying Ashlie’s wonderful soft kisses on my pussy. Laura was noshing on Ashlie noisily, which was turning me on so much and making me even wetter. Needless to say I had another Earth-shattering orgasm. I had taught Ashlie well.

I was still finding marsh mallows down the back of the sofa as Laura and Ashlie had a 69 on the hearth rug. It was so sexy! I licked one of the pink blobs of sugar and rolled it around my clit as the two girls had a mutual licking session. Laura was on top, lapping and delving her tongue into Ashlie’s pussy. Ashlie buried her face in Laura’s glistening pussy, licking her juices and rolling her tongue in Laura’s little bum hole. I was happy to watch, licking my marsh mallow and ensuring I had the stickiest little clitoris this side of Lincoln.

 I’ll be sad to see Ashlie go. I think we’ll keep in touch. She is committed to her education, as I was at that age. I suppose once she’s at Oxford she’ll make loads of new friends. I know she‘s reading this, so I’m dedicating this story to her. Thank you for an amazing, fun-filled weekend baby!

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