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Seducing Sophie

College student Kirsty corrupts her new friend.
Who is that girl? Kirsty thought as she looked across thecollege bar she regularly frequented, sipping her bacardi and coke. Intrigued she stared long and hard as the pretty brunette strutted towards the dance floor, her short, purple dress hugging her petite frame perfectly.

Now Kirsty knew she wasn’t doing too badly in the looks department herself. She liked to keep in shape and the C-cup breasts that capped off her well sculpted figure meant the eighteen year old student was never short of onlookers. However even she looked on jealously at the amount of heads this girl was turning, mostly guys ogling her tight bum and shapely well-tanned legs.

“Who’s that?” She asked her friend Jenny as she ran her fingers through her shoulder length blonde hair. “I don’t think I’ve seen her in here before”.

“Oh her,” Jenny, a luscious redhead with curves in all the right places, replied nonchalantly as she followed her friends gaze. “I don’t know her name; she’s in my psychology classes though. I think she’s in the same dorm block as us as well.”

“Well she sure knows how to get a guy’s attention,” muttered Kirsty as she watched her sexily grind her round behind into the groin of the young man she was dancing with.

“Oh for sure,” remarked Jenny back. “It’s weird we haven’t noticed her in here before though.”

“Well I know I’d love to have a piece of her,” smiled Kirsty. Jenny smiled back. As one of the freshman’s closest friends she was one the few people who knew that she swung both ways.

After a couple more drinks Kirsty and Jenny headed home. However for the blonde it was a restless night. Her pussy was on fire as she thought about the brunette from the bar and she just couldn’t stop herself dabbing a couple of fingers into her hot little box. She had to see her again. But how?

Three days later, Kirsty’s memory of the brunette from the bar had almost completely evaporated and that night at the bar had been chalked up as one of many drunken college nights. However that afternoon in the laundrette her consciousness was suddenly rejuvenated. As the blonde rifled through her laundry sorting it for washing her head was turned as someone wondered into the shop. Although she appeared much shorter now (five foot four at the most) wearing flip flops rather than the four inch heels she had donned that night, there was no mistaking those silky, bronze legs that caught Kirsty’s eyes that night. Much like that evening, her attire left very little to the imagination. A pair of tight denim hot pants presented her small, perky bum just perfectly whilst her white vest top revealed just enough of her shoulders and small cleavage to be sexy but not slutty. Today her dark brunette hair was tied back into a ponytail that fell to the middle of her neck whilst her hazel eyes were hidden by a pair of cute, white framed sunglasses.

Shit what do I say? Kirsty thought as she quickly buried her head in her washing. Normally she was never short of confidence but there was something about this girl that just completely captivated her.

“Oh hi there,” Kirsty said trying to sound as casual as possible. “I don’t suppose you have change for a fiver, I didn’t realise these machines only take pound coins.”

“Well um sure I guess,” she replied, barely looking up from her phone before fetching her purse from inside her bag.

“My name’s Kirsty by the way,” the blonde continued. “I’m a freshman here what about you?”

“Same,” she replied, although she couldn’t have seemed less interested. “I’m Sophie.”

“Nice to meet you Sophie,” Kirsty smiled, desperately trying to ignite some life into the conversation. “Perhaps we should hang out sometime?”

“Err sure maybe,” said Sophie. With that she exchanged Kirsty’s five pound note for some coins and went about sorting her own washing.

Fucking bitch! Kirsty thought to herself. She had barely even given her a second glance. Oh well it would be so much sweeter when she finally had her kneeling in front of her licking her snatch dry.

Later that day, Kirsty met up with Jenny on campus for a spot of lunch and decided to recap the events of that morning.

“And she didn’t even give me a second glance, I couldn’t believe it!” She exclaimed as she munched on her chicken salad. “It’s like she thought she was above me or something.”

“I was talking about her with someone in my class today,” Jenny replied. “Apparently she’s from a really rich family and went to some private school at the other end of the country.”

“No wonder she looked at me as if I was dirt then.”

“And here’s something that’s more interesting,” Jenny continued. “Apparently she’s had quite a strong family and Christian upbringing. She had a long term boyfriend back home but never…”

“So all that bumping and grinding in the bar the other night,” Kirsty interrupted. “That’s all an act?”

“You’ve got it,” the redhead responded. “Apparently she’s a total cock tease. She’ll grind on a guy like that all night but never go any further.”

“Wow,” Kirsty smiled to herself. “Sounds like this daddy’s girl needs corrupting.”

“Ha I don’t know about that,” said Jenny as she returned her friend’s smile. “Sounds like she’s quite the wannabe slut already. But I’m sure you’ll have her eating out of your hand in no time.”

“That’s not the only thing she’ll be eating out of I hope,” said Kirsty grinning again.

Two days later it was Saturday and Kirsty was preparing for another night out. Tonight however was different. Jenny had tipped her off via a friend of a friend that Sophie would be heading out tonight as well and she knew that to make any impression on the petite brunette, she would have to dress to kill. As she finished applying her makeup Kirsty looked herself up and down in her full length mirror in her dorm room with a smug sense of satisfaction. The navy blue vest top she had chosen hugged her flat stomach perfectly and was low cut enough to reveal just enough of her perky C-cup breasts that would make anyone desperate to see more. Meanwhile the white pencil skirt she adorned left much of her thighs uncovered and accentuated her sumptuous ass perfectly. She rounded off her outfit with a pair of strappy, brown leather heels that revealed her very sexy blue painted toe nails.

After meeting Jenny who was dressed slightly more conservatively in pair of tight fitting jeans and a leather jacket that hugged her ample bust tightly, the two of them headed for the same bar where they had first seen Sophie earlier in the week. Before long they were steadily drinking the night away with their fellow students and Kirsty was pleased to notice that she turned more than a few heads whenever she went to the bar to get more drinks.

After what seemed like an age to Kirsty, the person she was waiting for finally arrived. With a couple of friends in tow, Sophie meandered through the crowds of people towards the bar. As she watched the brunette order a drink and then move towards the dance floor, Kirsty once again was mesmerised by her beauty. In a pair of cream heels that added at least four inches to her height and a short pink dress that hugged her slight frame immaculately, she could barely take her eyes off her as her body moved elegantly in time with the thumping RnB that was playing. This was it. She had to have her.

Whilst continuing to make polite conversation with her group of friends, Kirsty now constantly had one eye on the dance floor as she meticulously analysed Sophie’s movements. She looked on in envy as gradually a throng of male admirers being to assimilate to where her and her friends were dancing. Eventually she saw her chance. She rose to her feet as she noticed Sophie slowly traversing towards the bar for another drink.

“Hey nice moves over there,” said Kirsty, struggling to raise her voice over the blaring music. “Remember me?”

“Err yea kinda,” she responded. That chance meeting in the laundrette obviously hadn’t stuck in her memory as well as it Kirsty’s.

“Well how about I get this drink? I’d really like to get to know you better.”

Begrudgingly, Sophie accepted and soon she was accompanying Kirsty at a small table in a more secluded area of the bar. After chatting for a while about how they were both adjusting to life on campus during their freshman year, Kirsty grew in confidence and began to pry a little deeper into the brunette’s social life.

“So you must come to this kind of place often? You’re certainly quite a dancer,” she queried.

“Oh yea for sure,” Sophie responded as she elegantly sipped on her drink. “I think I started going out clubbing back home as soon as I was old enough pretty much.”

“Well why don’t we go and hit the dance floor right now,” Kirsty said smiling. “Show those boys over there what they’re missing.”

With that they finished their drinks and soon their bodies were swaying enticingly to the rhythm’s screaming across the bar. Kirsty struggled to keep her jaw from dropping at the goddess dancing next to her and soon they were surrounded by a hoard of guys trying their luck. It wasn’t long before both girls had a partner rubbing and grinding into their bodies as the moved to the beat. Kirsty looked on with a tinge of envy as Sophie thrust her behind sexily into the crotch of the tall, handsome guy dancing behind her whilst he ran his hands slowly down her sides, until they rested softly on her ass. Quickly she moved towards the brunette and pulled her away from her partner, deciding to put on a little show.

She pushed her body up as tightly to Sophie’s as she could and wrapped her arms around her, before grinding her body up and down hers, her knees practically scraping the floor as she ran her fingers over Sophie’s soft calves. As she rose from the floor and their breasts collided, Kirsty was sure she could feel the petite brunette’s heart thumping at a thousand beats per minute. Realising the amount of heads they were turning, Kirsty seductively flipped Sophie around so that her back was facing the blonde. She held her close, clasping her hands onto Sophie’s hips before planting an elegantly soft kiss on the side of the brunette’s delicious neck, much to the delight of the salivating onlookers.

“Why don’t we go back to my dorm room for a few drinks?” Kirsty whispered into Sophie’s ear as she continued to hold her body close into hers. With that she led her away by the hand and the two of them left the bar to continue their evening’s entertainment.

“I had a great time with you tonight,” said Kirsty as she held the door to her dorm room open for her new friend. Her room closely resembled that of any college freshman. Posters and photos of friends were canvassed across much of the wall space of the small room whilst text books and folders of work were strewn idly around.

“Me too,” replied Sophie as she took up a seat on Kirsty’s bed. “It was awesome teasing all those guys back there.”

“I know I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them had just cum there and then,” she grinned as she joined Sophie on the bed. “You ever tried this before?” she continued as she pulled out a bottle of tequila from under the bed.

“Oooh no I heard that stuff can wreak havoc with your insides.”

“Trust me it isn’t that bad,” replied Kirsty as she collected two shot glasses from a cupboard as well as a salt shaker and a slice of lime for each of them. “To new friends!” she cried holding her glass in the air before the girls simultaneously licked the salt off their hands, downed their shots and quickly bit into their slice of lime.

“That was gross!” gasped Sophie struggling for air “I can’t believe you made me do that!”

“Ha you’ll get used to it!” smiled Kirsty, pleased at how impressionable the petite brunette was. “Now how about we play a little game to get to know each other a bit better?”

“What like?”

“I was thinking truth or dare perhaps?”

“Truth or dare?” responded Sophie sounding surprised. “Isn’t that for little kids?”

“I’m sure we can have some fun with it,” Kirsty said smiling. “Come on I’ll let you go first.”

“Ok then whatever,” Sophie said nonchalantly. “Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” Kirsty snapped straight back.

“Ok,” Sophie paused for thought. “Who do you have a crush on right now?”

“Ooo good question,” giggled Sophie. “Do you know Calvin? He’s on the soccer team. His room is on the floor below.” Sophie looked aghast.

“But Kirsty,” she stuttered. “He’s black.”

“And?” the blonde replied. “You know what they say about black guys right?”

“Yea,” Sophie replied nervously. “Aren’t they so supposed to be huge… you know, down there?” she finished motioning towards her groin.

“Oh yea, I bet it would feel amazing inside me,” Kirsty said dreamily. Her head quickly filled with the mental image of Calvin forcing his thick shaft deep into Sophie’s throat as she knelt in front of him. She was quite pleased that her answer had shocked Sophie but not completely overwhelmed her. To lighten the mood a little she hit back with a question about Sophie’s favourite professor on campus when the brunette asked for a truth as well. Both girls took back another shot of tequila and Kirsty was delighted to see her new friend slowly losing her inhibitions. It was now the blonde’s turn again and she chose dare, eager to see what Sophie would challenge her to do.

“Ok I’ve got something,” she said thinking to herself. “I want you to flash your bum out of that window.”

“Now that’s a dare,” Kirsty replied beaming, impressed and surprised at the naughtiness inside Sophie’s mind. By the triumphant look on her face she thought that Sophie was expecting her to back out. Little did she know how far the blonde was willing to go though.

Slowly she got up from her bed and strutted up and down the small floor space in the room as if it were a catwalk, confidently wiggling her curvy behind like a top model showing off the latest designer label.

“What do you think of this ass?” she said bending over in front of Sophie before playfully spanking herself.

“Err it’s quite nice I suppose,” replied Sophie shyly, clearly unsure as to how to respond as Kirsty started to caress herself through her skirt.

“Aw I was hoping for better than that!” smirked Kirsty as she slowly began to run her hands down to the hem of her skirt. Her firm, round behind was revealed, cupped perfectly by a pair of scintillating red panties as she gradually lifted her skirt. “What about now?” she asked playfully as she cheekily wiggled her bum at Sophie.

The brunette seemed lost for words. She continued to gaze on in amazement as Kirsty confidently pulled her panties down towards her ankles. The tan lines on the blonde’s round behind were a testament to the amount of sunbathing she had done during the summer months.

“Looks like there’s a few people out there,” Kirsty said as she peered out towards the illuminated street below her window. “Oh well a dare’s a dare I suppose!” She knocked her fist loudly on the window before bending over and pushing her ass out towards the glass.

“Oh my god Kirsty there are people out there!” Sophie peered over her friends shoulder and could clearly see two guys on the street below. Both had stopped in their tracks and were gaping in amazement at the show they were receiving.

“Well I hope they are enjoying it!” she replied not the least bit concerned about the attention she was getting. After continuing to sensually grind her ass up and down the window for a little while longer, Kirsty turned around and blew her admirers a kiss before pulling her panties up. Sophie just sat there looking mesmerized. “Truth or dare then?” said Kirsty excitedly knowing that Sophie had raised the stakes.


“Kiss me,” she responded instantly.


“Kiss me,” repeated Kirsty slightly more sternly. “Come on it’s not like you haven’t done it before.”

“I know but… kissing a girl?” stuttered Sophie.

“You didn’t mind when I gave you a little peck back at the bar,” the blonde said deviously. “I promise I won’t bite!”

Slowly Sophie lent in and Kirsty was able to take in the full aroma of her expensive perfume for the first time. Cautiously she pressed her lips to Kirsty’s before quickly drawing back.

“I meant a proper kiss!” blurted Kirsty. “I’ll show you!”

Taking the bull by the horns, she placed both her hands on the back of Sophie’s head pulling the brunette in towards her. At first Sophie was unwilling to reciprocate in the kiss as Kirsty gently probed at her lips with her tongue. Eventually though she opened up and both girls were soon savouring the taste of each other’s mouths. As their tongues continued to wrestle and entwine Kirsty slowly moved her hands from Sophie’s head, down her neck and onto the small of her back. Soon she began to feel the brunette’s hands start to explore as well and they were now holding each other tightly together as they embraced in a passionate kiss.

“Wow that was intense,” gasped Sophie as she broke away from the kiss, just as Kirsty had been edging a hand towards her breast.

“Was that your first kiss with a girl?” asked Kirsty smiling.

“It was. It was different. You kiss better than most guys.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment shall I?” grinned Kirsty. “Well I guess it’s your turn now. I’ll take truth.”

“Ok then,” said Sophie. Kirsty was pleased to see she was growing in confidence. “Describe in detail the last time you had sex.”

“Oh that’s easy,” the blonde quickly retorted. “Last week I brought a guy back here and he fucked the hell out of me.” She smiled at the gobsmacked look on Sophie’s face.

“Do you bring back guys often?” asked Sophie, still looking stunned.

“Oh all the time. Some guys are better in bed than others but I’ve always figured the more guys you get with the more good sex you’re going to get.”

Sophie still looked completely speechless.

“But like I said this guy the other night was great,” continued Kirsty. “We met at this club down in the centre of town and I brought him back here. He started by going down on me which felt absolutely amazing before he bent me over and fucked me long and hard.” She motioned towards the desk in the corner of her room. “The only downside was he didn’t fuck me in the ass.”

“What!?” gasped Sophie looking totally stunned. “You mean you like a dick up your bum?”

“Oh yea it feels great,” replied Kirsty, absolutely revelling in how curious the little coed was getting. “It takes a little getting used to for sure but once you do there’s no turning back.”

“Well I don’t know if I’d ever be brave enough to try that,” Sophie said timidly.

“Ha I bet you’d look awesome with a thick cock shoved up your cute little ass.” There was a short period of silence as Sophie had no idea how to respond to this. “When was the last time you had sex Sophie?” asked Kirsty as she decided to take the lead.

“Errm,” the brunette stammered nervously. “If I’m honest I haven’t been having a lot of sex lately.” Kirsty smiled to herself, pleased that the alcohol was having its desired affect and causing Sophie to open up.

“How can that be though?” she replied. “I’ve seen you on the dance floor. You’re literally surrounding by guys practically salivating at the mouth.”

“I know but…” muttered Sophie quietly with her face pointed firmly to the ground. “I love the attention I get but… I dunno I guess I’m always just scared about what my dad would say if he found out.”

“Aw baby,” cooed Kirsty. “Don’t worry about people finding out about what you get up to, just go out and have fun. Anyway it’s your turn now. Truth or dare?”


“Strip completely naked,” Kirsty instantly ordered.

“Excuse me?”

“Right now!” she barked. “Come on girl you said it yourself you need to loosen up a little.”

Clearly intimidated by Kirsty’s antics, Sophie slowly began to stand up.

“Here take another shot of tequila. It won’t be so bad I promise,” the blonde encouraged. “Besides with a dress that short, it’s not like I’m missing much anyway!”

After slugging back yet more tequila, Sophie reached behind her and nervously started to unzip her tight fitting dress. As she pulled her hands through the arm holes and it started to slip down her sleek torso, Kirsty finally got a glimpse of the pretty brunette’s sexy brown lace bra and left her absolutely desperate to see what was underneath it. In fact Sophie looked practically topless already as the bra blended in perfectly with her bronzed skin. She continued to push her dress down her small, toned body, and revealed a gorgeous thong that matched her bra. It was Kirsty’s turn to be lost for words.

“You look absolutely incredible hun,” she said barely audibly as Sophie stepped out of her dress, leaving her in just her underwear and heels.

Spurred on by Kirsty’s compliments and the drink flowing inside her, Sophie then reached behind her and a small click could be heard as she unclasped her bra. The blonde waited with baited breath as she let the bra fall to the floor, finally revealing the cutest pair of tits she had ever seen. Sophie’s tiny breasts matched the rest of her petite frame and were no more than an A size cup. However their perkiness and the tiny dark nipples that topped them off made Kirsty absolutely ravenous.

“Oh my god your boobs are fucking fantastic,” she said in awe.

“Thanks,” Sophie replied meekly blushing a deep shade of red.

After kicking off her heels, Sophie began to slip her thong down her toned thighs. Kirsty was sure she could see hints of wetness on the neat folds of her tiny pussy lips as she sat back down on the bed. Her box was topped up by a tidy triangle of well-trimmed dark pubic hair.

“Well I certainly didn’t think I would be getting naked in front of someone I’d just met this evening,” she exclaimed. “Oh well a dare’s a dare I suppose.”

“See that wasn’t so bad was it?” Kirsty replied revelling in how far she had got the brunette to go. “But I need to ask one thing. How come you have no tan lines?”

“Whenever I’m home,” Sophie blushed even more. “We have a pretty big garden and well… I like to sunbathe naked.”

“Dam girl you’re far naughtier than I imagined!” exclaimed Kirsty. The image of Sophie lying on a towel completely nude soaking in the rays was enough to make her faint. “Now I think you deserve a reward for being so brave. I’ll take a truth. Go on ask me anything.”

“Ok, well this has been bugging me for a little bit,” said Sophie, starting to feel less shy about her lack of clothing. “Are you into girls or something?”

“What do you think Sophie?”

“It was a stupid question I suppose,” the brunette replied. “Don’t think I hadn’t seen the way you look at me though.”

“How could anyone keep their eyes off you though?” Kirsty said placing her hand on Sophie’s thigh. “Especially now I’ve got you naked in front of me.” Slowly she lent in and kissed the brunette softly on the lips.

“I’ll be straight with you,” said Sophie regaining her composure. “I’ve never been with a girl and I’m not sure I want to either.”

“Trust me,” responded Kirsty. “I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to ok?” She knew she had Sophie right where she wanted her. “Now I think it’s your turn again. Truth or dare?”

“Ok well dare again I suppose it can’t be any worse than what I just did.”

Kirsty could barely hide her excitement. Sophie had no idea what she had planned for her.

“You’re going to let me do a shot of tequila off your body.”

“What do you mean?” asked Sophie sheepishly.

“Let me show you.”

Kirsty grabbed her friend by the shoulders and force her down onto the bed. As Sophie got comfortable the blonde collected the salt shaker they had been using throughout the evening and began to pour a liberal amount onto Sophie’s delicate collarbone.

“Now stay very still,” she said sternly as she took the slice of lime and began to squeeze as much juice as she could out into Sophie’s belly button. “This should be fun,” she muttered smiling as she poured herself a shot.

Kirsty then climbed up on top of Sophie, her thighs straddling the brunette’s as she bent down and moved her lips towards her clavicle. She began to sensually nibble and suck on Sophie’s collarbone, lapping up as much of the salt deposited there with her tongue. As she continued to shower kisses over her friends neckline, she could feel Sophie’s little heart thumping through her ribcage and see she was very tense as she desperately tried to stay still. Seeing the affect she was having on her only spurred Kirsty on. She quickly lifted herself up and kicked back the shot of tequila she had ready before moving herself down Sophie’s body and slurping away at the lime juice deposited in her belly button. This time Sophie finally lost control of herself. She let out a little yelp and her body convulsed with delight as Kirsty continued to trace her lips and tongue over her toned lower abdomen, lapping up every last trace of the lime.

“Mmmm that was yummy,” Kirsty said devilishly. “And it looked like you enjoyed it too!”

“I don’t know why,” replied Sophie. “But that felt amazing. Your tongue sent shivers down my spine.”

“Well that sounds like you’re asking me to do another one!”

Without waiting for a reply, Kirsty reached for the salt shaker once again but this time began to drop the salt all over Sophie’s right nipple. She took great delight as the brunette squirmed each time the cold granules hit her skin. Satisfied with her work she then placed the slice of lime in Sophie’s mouth, her teeth clenching onto the hard outer skin of the citrus fruit.

“You look good enough to eat right now,” she giggled as she poured herself yet another shot of the viscous liquid.

Slowly she moved her head down once again towards Sophie’s elegant frame. Very cautiously at first, she pushed the tip of her tongue down onto the brunette’s nipple and felt her body shake at the force of her delicate touch. Gently she began to swirl her tongue around Sophie’s tiny areola, lapping up any salt in its path. She started with larger circles, gradually decreasing in size before her tongue finally planted firmly on the brunette’s nipple. At this point she placed her lips around it and took the opportunity to give it a long loving suck, feeling it grow harder in her mouth. She then held her nipple between her teeth and gently bit into it. As she increased the pressure, she felt Sophie’s whole torso raise off the bed in anticipation as the brunette struggled to breath with the lime held between her teeth.

“Mmm that was delicious,” she muttered sexily as she lifted her head up and downed her next shot, before biting down hard on the slice of lime held in Sophie’s mouth. Their lips almost collided once again as the blonde sucked hard on the fruit, savouring the citrusy taste before finally she pulled the lime out of Sophie’s mouth and planted a deep sensual kiss on her lips.

“I think somebody enjoyed that,” Kirsty said excitedly as she looked down at Sophie’s pussy. Now there was no mistaking the wetness that was clearly visible on her pussy lips.

“I can’t deny it,” Sophie replied struggling to regain her breath. “That was seriously hot.”

“How about playing another game now? I think this one has run its course.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Ok well it’s pretty simple,” said Kirsty. “I’m gonna flip this coin five times. I’ll be heads and you’ll be tails,” she continued. “The loser is the one whose side come up the most. And they have to do whatever the winner says for the rest of the night.”

“Well that sounds like it could be fun,” replied Sophie. “But it’s getting kind of late now. I’m not sure…”

“Oh come on it will be fun,” Kirsty hit back. “And besides you never know you might win!” She knew that the brunette was too turned on to back out now. She knew she had her exactly where she wanted.

Kirsty flipped the coin for the first time and punched the air as it landed on tails. However the next two times it landed on heads.

“See I told you you might win,” she said to her naked friend as they both sat there nervously in anticipation.

Kirsty flipped the coin for a fourth time. A tail. The score was now tied a 2-2. It would go down to the fifth flip of the coin. Now it was Kirsty who could feel her heart thumping as she flipped the coin high, spinning into the air before it landed on the ground with a thud.

“It’s a tail!” she squealed delightedly. “Looks like I’ve got myself a little pet for the rest of the evening!”

Sophie looked absolutely terrified. Her head swung towards the ground as her body shook in anticipation at what was in store for her.

“Ooo don’t look so nervous baby,” said Kirsty sympathetically before dropping her voice to a whisper. “I’ve seen how turned you are. Trust me we are both going to have a lot of fun right now.” She softly ran her hand down the side of Sophie’s toned body before gently kneading her soft breast. “Now baby I want you to lick my pussy.” Kirsty slowly unzipped her skirt before pushing her panties down her thighs, revealing an adorable pussy that was completely shaved as she sat on the edge of the bed.

“Kirsty I don’t know about this,” the naked brunette said looking mortified. “I’ve never done this before.”

“Don’t worry about that hun. Remember you lost our little game you can’t back out now.”

“But I have no idea what to do.”

“Just do what feels natural.”

Finally giving in to her own curiosity and Kirsty’s controlling nature, Sophie knelt between Kirsty’s thighs.

“Your pussy…” she stammered. “Does it hurt to get it shaved like that?”

“Not at all baby, in fact it feels amazing when someone licks your smooth lips.”

Taking the hint, Sophie stuck out her tongue nervously and tentatively dabbed it against Kirsty’s pussy. The blonde let out a soft moan of ecstasy as she finally felt the tongue she had been fantasizing about for so long on her folds. It was as if all her Christmas and birthday presents had just come at once.

“Oh that feels amazing,” she gasped. “Don’t stop there though, lick me baby.”

Sophie reciprocated, slowly running her tongue up and down Kirsty’s outer lips and causing her to let off another shrill moan.

“You have no idea how good feels,” she gasped as her head rocked back and her eyes closed in total elation. As Sophie continued to lap away at her shaved box Kirsty moved both her hands to the back of Sophie’s head, slowing pushing the brunettes head closer to her snatch.

“How does your first pussy taste baby?” she grunted between moans.

“It’s different,” replied Sophie temporarily taking her mouth away from Kirsty’s pussy. “It’s quite sweet though I like it.” The remnants of Kirsty’s juices were now clearly visible around her mouth.

Kirsty’s moans grew steadily louder as Sophie ran her tongue all over her outer lips. Gradually she increased the pressure of her hands on the back of the brunette’s head until she was forcing her tongue inside her pussy. Undeterred Sophie continued to explore her friend’s pussy, using her tongue at a variety of angles to fuck the blonde.

“You are such a perfect little pussy licker baby,” screeched Kirsty as she struggled to maintain her composure. “You’re gonna make your first girl cum,” she continued as she moved her hands off the back of Sophie’s head. “But I need you to put a finger in me now.”

Growing in confidence Sophie slowly edged her forefinger towards Kirsty’s snatch. It took little effort for her to push her finger between her soaking lips and soon she was slowly finger fucking the blonde.

“Oh fuck faster baby!” screamed Kirsty as she lay back on the bed, her body squirming as it felt every thrust of the brunette’s finger.

Sophie responded; gradually increasing the tempo of the finger fucking she was dishing out. As Kirsty’s moans became more exasperated she began to angle her finger upwards into her pussy, attacking the blonde’s g-spot just as she liked to do when she played with her own pussy.

“Don’t stop now I’m so close now,” moaned Kirsty as Sophie added a second finger to her snatch. Noticing how close to the edge her friend was Sophie moved her head back towards Kirsty’s head and began to ferociously lap away at her clit, which was now throbbing from the attention her pussy was receiving. As she started to run her tongue in small circles around the blonde’s clit, Sophie reached down with her free end to feel her own pussy and was amazed at how wet it was.

“Oh fuck that’s it I’m gonna cum!” screamed Kirsty as once again she clamped her hands onto the back of Sophie’s head. Her moans became higher and higher as Sophie continued to frantically maneuver her fingers and tongue within her pussy before finally with one long, shrill grunt she came.

“Fuck me that was amazing,” Kirsty panted. “Are you sure you’ve never done that before?”

“Never,” replied Sophie smiling sweetly. Her face was now completely covered in Kirsty’s juices. “I just did what I knew I liked and it seemed to work.”

“Well you certainly did a great job,” Kirsty said returning the smile. She took hold of Sophie’s hand and held it up to the brunette’s mouth and without having to be asked, she sucked all off all of her friends juices. “I wonder what daddy would say if he knew what a great little pussy licking expert his daughter was!”

“Oh god I hope he never finds out! He’d probably kill me!”

“Maybe one day we can give him a little show,” Kirsty said smiling wickedly. “But for now I think you deserve a little reward. Lie back on the bed baby.”

Now feeling much more relaxed, Sophie did as instructed whilst Kirsty began to rummage in her wardrobe.

“Now you just gave me a fantastic orgasm so I think it’s only fair that you get one too. However my only condition is you put these on,” Kirsty said as she held out a black blindfold and two sets of handcuffs.

Now powerless to resist the blonde’s charms, Sophie soon had her hands secured to the bed posts with the handcuffs whilst her sight was completely restricted. She then heard yet more rummaging from across the room before a click followed by a loud buzzing sound.

“You have no idea how happy you made me just then,” Kirsty whispered as the buzzing became more and more clear in Sophie’s ear. “I’ve wanted to feel that tongue inside me for so long.”

Suddenly Sophie felt a shudder ripple through her whole body as Kirsty pushed the vibrator up against her feet. The sensation was incredibly powerful as she rolled it between her pedicured toes and along the soft soles of her feet.

“Ooo you like that do you?” giggled Kirsty, pleased at having surprised her friend.

“Yes it’s nice,” Sophie moaned softly. “So relaxing”

“Well what about here then?”

Slowly Kirsty ran the vibrator along Sophie’s calf and up to her knee. She paused to take pleasure at the way the brunette squirmed as the convulsions ran through her body, before running the vibrator up the inside of each of her thighs. The wetness on the inside of her legs was now very apparent.

“Oh you look like you like this even more,” Kirsty said as Sophie fidgeted against her bonds, desperately trying to force the vibrations closer to her snatch. She simply revelled in teasing her bound friend, moving the tip of the vibrator closer and closer to her pussy before quickly moving it away again.

“Yes it feels amazing,” panted Sophie.

“But where would you really like to feel it?”

“On my pussy,” the brunette grunted softly.

“Sorry I didn’t quite hear that,” Kirsty replied, loving the way she was teasing her friend.

“On my pussy,” Sophie groaned a little louder.

“Now where are your manners,” Kirsty said in a disapproving tone. “A little politeness never hurt anyone.”

“Please put it on my pussy.”

“Beg for it baby. Show me how much you really want it.”

“Please put it on my pussy!” groaned Sophie as loudly as she could. Kirsty was sure she could have woken the entire dorm block.

“Aw nice try baby,” she replied. “But I don’t think you’re ready for it just yet.”

With that she scooped some of Sophie’s juices on the end of the vibrator before moving up her body to the brunette’s chest. She moved between each nipple, depositing a little of the brunette’s juices on them before running the vibrator all around them. Sophie seemed to have totally lost control of her senses as her whole body continued to rock up and down and soon both her tiny dark nipples were rock hard.

“Tell me,” Kirsty whispered softly in her ear. “Are you close to cumming?”

Sophie seemed completely lost for words. All she could do was vigorously nod her head as she struggled to regain her breath.

“Hear how does this taste?” continued Kirsty. She pushed the vibrator to Sophie’s lips, gently easing it into her mouth. “Is that the first time you’ve tasted yourself?”

“Yes,” Sophie gasped as she licked her juices off her own lips.

“Tell me what you need baby.”

“I need to cum,” the brunette moaned softly. “I need that thing inside me.”

“Well your wish is my command!” giggled Kirsty.

Kirsty moved back down Sophie’s body and finally ran the vibrator along the outer folds of her friend’s pussy. Sophie let out a long, shrill groan of utter elation.

“You look like you’re enjoying that,” said Kirsty. Her voice was barely audible over the sound of the vibrations and Sophie’s hoarse screams.

“Yes it feels fucking incredible!” Kirsty was absolutely delighted at how she had managed to get the brunette completely out of her shell.

“Well how about if I do this?”

Kirsty moved the tip of the vibrator and rammed it hard against Sophie’s clit. She let out her loudest scream yet as she arched her back off the bed, desperately trying to milk every last ounce of the vibrations. As she did this, Kirsty couldn’t fail to notice the small pool of her juices that had accumulated on the bed sheets.

“Please put it inside me! I’m so close!” Sophie begged loudly.

Deciding that she couldn’t keep her friend waiting any longer, Kirsty finally pushed the vibrator inside Sophie’s begging pussy. The brunette’s wetness meant it was no trouble at all to push all five inches of the vibe’s length inside her sopping cunt and a soft squelching noise could be heard as Kirsty thrust it in an out.

“Oh my god I’m gonna cum!” Sophie wailed as her body appeared to tense up. Sensing her climax though, Kirsty quickly pulled the vibrator out of her pussy.

“Not just yet,” the blonde said as she removed Sophie’s blindfold and unfastened her handcuffs. “I’ve got one last surprise for you.” She held the vibrator up to her friend’s mouth allowing her to suck all of her juices off of it, before going back to her wardrobe.

When Kirsty returned, she had finally removed her top. Although her breasts were not as well tanned as Sophie’s, their extra size and the fact that they hung perfectly off her chest more than made up for this. Around her waist she had adorned an intimidating strap on dildo, black in colour and about 6 inches in length.

“Bend over bay,” she said motioning Sophie towards the desk. “I’m going to fuck you.”

Needing absolutely no further instruction, Sophie was quickly bent over her friend’s desk with her petite ass sticking out invitingly.

“Mmm you look absolutely incredible like that,” Kirsty said licking her lips as she lined herself up behind the brunette. “There are so many things running through my head right now.”

With one hand she softly grabbed hold of Sophie’s behind whilst she slowly guided the dildo towards her dripping pussy with the other. It took a little more work to edge the dildo’s extra girth between her folds but not too much and soon Kirsty was gently fucking the brunette.

“I bet that feels better baby doesn’t it,” Kirsty said softly as once again the noise levels in the room began to ramp up with Sophie’s moans.

“Oh it does,” she grunted in reply. “It’s really stretching me out.”

Spurred on by Sophie’s moans Kirsty gradually began to increase the speed of her assault, much to the delight of her friend. Soon a loud slapping noise could be heard as her hips slammed into Sophie’s ass with every thrust.

“Just look at the mess you are making on my desk,” Kirsty said in a playfully stern tone as once again a small puddle of juices was now situated under Sophie’s pussy. She gave the brunette a light spank on the ass as she continued to thrust in and out of her.

“Oh fuck I’m so close now,” exclaimed Sophie. “Fuck me hard!”

Needed no invitation Kirsty began to fuck the brunette as fast she could, making herself dizzy in the process. She was sure that if Sophie’s moans hadn’t been enough, the rocking of her desk as she fucked the brunette must have been enough to wake the entire dorm block now. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Sophie desperately rubbing her clit, wiling herself to climax.

“Oh shit! That’s it! I’m cumming!”

With a few more loud screams Sophie finally felt the whole of her tiny frame lock up as her whole body convulsed with a tremendous orgasm. As Kirsty pulled the strap on out of her pussy she slowly regained her composure, breathing heavily she continued to lie on her stomach on the desk. All Kirsty could do was sit on the bed watching with a smug sense of satisfaction and look on at the quivering wreck she had made of her friend, whilst gently running a finger up and down her own damp pussy.

When she awoke late the next morning, Kirsty was disappointed to see that Sophie had already got up and left. The two freshman had fallen asleep naked in each other’s arms but now the only trace of the events of last night were Kirsty’s clothes and sex toys sprawled across the room. The blonde smiled to herself at the thought of Sophie hurriedly dressing before quickly making the dash to her own dorm room, her hair ruffled and Kirsty’s dried juices still smeared across her face. She’d been amazed at what a sexy little freak the brunette had been once she had been able to unlock her inhibitions with a little alcohol and couldn’t wait to tell Jenny about the whole escapade. She knew she’d have to repeat it sometime soon.

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