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Seduction of the Sexy Latina Teacher

She aroused me with her dance demonstration stirring up sexual arousal in my groin for a woman
I had always considered myself 100% straight. All through high school and college I never battered an eyelid if a sexy girl walked past as I had no interest in them only men. But it was only until I joined a salsa class every week on a Monday did I begin to doubt my sexuality.

I entered the dance studio and there were were a group of men and women there already and a young and sexy latina salsa teacher stood in a black leotard and cropped leggings. Her hair was tied back in a tight bun. She was no more than twenty eight years old.

She turned my way and smiled and my heart made pound and a feeling of sexual arousal began to stir in my groin as my eyes scanned over her sexy butt and breasts. I couldn't even believe I was even thinking about another woman in that light.

"Now, everyone, I'd like you to pair up. Preferably, man and woman together," the young teacher said with grace. When everyone paired up there was only me without a partner. "Oh, dear. You don't seem to have a partner. What's your name?"

"Elizabeth," I replied.

"Well, Elizabeth, you can be my partner," she said with a smile. "Everyone begin."

After class, the teacher called me over.

"You're very good," she complimented me.

"Really?" I asked, my blue eyes widened.

She took a swig of water and nodded. "You just need to loosen up those hips a bit," she said. Her hands went on my hips and stepped closer to me. She went over to the cassette player and pressed play and Spanish violins and guitar boomed through the speakers. "Now call me, Lolita," she told me and placed her hands back on my hips. "Now, listen and move your hips to the rhythm of the music. Just let yourself go."

Eventually, after an hour, I got it. Lolita clapped and turned off the music. She grinned at me. "I think you've finally got it, Elizabeth," she said. She saw me eyes looking down at the curve of her big tits in the hot and sweaty leotard. Lolita took a step closer to me and her chest rose up and down stirring up the arousal again in my panties.

Unfortunately I was wearing a white leotard and pants so you see everything. That included if my pussy was getting aroused. I turned away.

Lolita turned me round to face her and we stared into each other's eyes. "Lay down and undress," she commanded. "Now!" when I just stood there staring.

I took off my white leotard and leggings and laid down on the floor mat that was in the room. I was curious as to what she was up to. My eyes followed Lolita around the room and she came back with massage oil in a bottle. She poured some on her hands and then bent down and began to massage my thighs. Her gentle touch made me feel at ease so I closed my eyes. I gasped when I felt her hands going up and up nearing to my hot, wet pussy. I just breathed heavily as I felt her hands massage over my thighs, stomach, breasts, shoulders.
Eventually, they dropped back down to my groin. I gasped out pleasurably when I felt my clitoris being rubbed. Oh, my god!

Lolita unpinned her hair and shook it out then took off her clothes. "From the moment you walked in here I wanted you, Elizabeth," she gushed. "I knew you wanted me also."

I opened my eyes and looked at her. "I've never ever been with a woman before nor have I have thought of them as attractive. Until now," I said.

She bent down and grinned. "Then I feel honoured to be the first woman to have you think of sexually then," she replied.

"I've never ever seen a woman so sexy and gorgeous before," I said, sitting up. I leaned forward and began kissing her neck and big tits.

Lolita pushed me back down. "I'm going to give you the time of your life," she told me, grinning. She parted my legs wide and got in between them. She kissed me passionately and I kissed back while lowering her pussy down on top of mine. "Are you ready?" I nodded. She began to grind her pussy up and down against mine sending exciting, thrilling, sensual feelings of excitement through my body.

Oh, my god!

I felt her fuck me harder and I loved it. I joined in and it took me to a whole new sexual level. I moaned out loudly with pleasure and wrapped my legs around her moving waist. Not even with a man did I ever have this much sensitivity down there during sex. "Don't stop, don't stop!" I cried. I knew I was close to orgasm though.

Lolita fucked me harder and faster, she too close to orgasm.

I cried out when I came and felt Lolita's body spasm as she came a few moments later. We breathed heavily looking each other's eyes.

"That was totally awesome! Keep going," said a male voice by the door.

Both Lolita and I turned our heads to the door and was shocked to find we had an audience of young men.

"Get out!" Lolita shouted at them.

They laughed and went out.

We turned to each other and laughed. Lolita moved away from me but I grabbed her right arm and pulled her back to me.

"Couldn't we go on for round two?" I asked mischievously, grinning.

"I thought you weren't a lesbian," she said, grinning.

"I guess you turned me into one."

Lolita and I laughed and we kissed and went onto round two.
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