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Sex in the Van

Paige and I have sex in her van
Paige and I have been friends since middle school. We remained friends throughout high school, when she came out as being bi-sexual, and when she graduated early and left for college it was kind of weird.

We finally really got back together one night at our friends house. Some people were over; we were drinking and having an all-around good time. Our friend had a pool and we decided to go swimming. It was just us and then we decided to skinny dip. Both of us being comfortable with our bodies and knowing enough about each other that it wasn’t weird. Paige has giant boobs and an all-around nice body. Same for me just a bit smaller tits! She’s a solid double D and I’m more of a C.

We finished and got out. Got dressed again and stayed outside smoking some cigars and drunkenly chatting. We got talking about how she was bi-sexual and other sexual related topics. We both are sexually active; me with guys and her with guys also other than the one girlfriend she has had.

She asked me if I ever thought about having sex with a girl and I told her yes and that I’ve watched girl-on-girl porn but don’t think of myself as a lesbian.

“Want to have sex with me?” she asked.

“YES!” I told her but wondered where. She has driven her mom’s van to the party that night and the middle bench seat was out so we would have plenty of room. We all but ran to the van!

I didn’t really know what to do so she took it from there. We started making out and just kind of touching each other. I’ve seen and touched her boobs a lot because she is so proud of them so when she took her shirt and bra off it wasn’t that big of a deal to me. She took my shirt and bra off and kept making out with me.

Paige bent her head down and started sucking and licking my nipples. I moaned at the feeling of my nipples being sucked on and definitely wanted to do the same to her. She moved away from me and I took her nipple in the mouth. I was so turned on by sucking on a girl’s tit that my pussy was soaking wet. I thought about the lesbian scenes I’d watched and just mimicked what they did. It seemed to work because she told me I was great.

She reached down and pulled my pants off and then I pulled hers off. She was wearing a tiny thong, as was I that she quickly started playing with. I felt like I should be doing something for her when she said, “Don’t worry. I’m going to show you have girls fuck other girls. Don’t worry about doing a thing. Once I’m done with you, you can give me a little something next time!” How could I argue with that? I intended to lay back and enjoy what she was going to do to me.

She pulled her thong off and was completely naked. She played around with my tits some more and then rubbed my pussy through my thong. After a bit of teasing she pulled it own over my legs and tossed it aside with our other clothes. Now we were both totally naked.

A year before she told me she had gotten her clit pierced and convinced me to get mine too. “I finally get to see it!” She said as she spread my legs apart. She stared down at my nicely waxed pussy with the little diamond ring poking out. “Best cunt I’ve ever seen.” She complemented me.

She ran her fingers up and down the outer lips of my pussy making me moan out loud. She dipped one finger in making me squirm. She slid her finger in and out fucking my pussy until she got me nice and wet. “Mmmmm. I want to taste your sweet honey.” She purred in my ear while taking her finger out and licking it clean.

She pushed my legs up and apart putting my cunt on display for her to admire. She brought her head down to it and slowly licked my slit from bottom all the way up to my throbbing clit. “Your pussy tastes amazing!” she said and jabbed her tongue in and out of me. Between licks she sucked on my clit and put one and then two fingers in my pussy fucking me until I came to a screaming orgasm.

She licked my dripping pussy clean and then some more. She lay down on her back and had me sit on her face. “This is my favorite way to eat cunt.” She told me. I looked at the clock on the dash and realized that she had been eating my pussy for 30 minutes! Surely I had to do something for her. I pushed her legs apart and put my face in her wet, shaven pussy. I had never licked a pussy before but it was the best tasting thing ever! I lapped at her juicy lips and sucked her clit. I lightly tugged on her piercing like she had one mine. Soon I was cumming all over her face and she was moaning into my cunt that she was cumming too. I greedily licked up all her cream and climbed off her.

We made out for a bit tasting each other’s cum on our lips and tongues. Then she reached behind the seat and brought out a drawstring bag. When I asked her what it was she said “I carry this around when I drink…just in case.” She opened it and pulled out a purple sparkly strap on. She asked me if she could fuck me with it and I happily agreed to it!

Paige pulled it on and straightened it onto her mound. I went down and sucked on it making it nice and wet for my hole to take. Then she laid me down on my back and spread my legs nice and wide. Kneeling above me she slapped the dildo on my pussy a few times telling me how good she was going to fuck my little pussy. She slipped it into me and started thrusting into my pussy. I loved feeling the big, hard dildo fucking me and looking up to see her tits bouncing around with each thrust. She gave me long deep thrusts, lifting my ass up in the air to get in even deeper. She leaned over and sucked on my tits and kissed me while doing me with her strap on.

She pulled her dildo out of my pussy and told me to flip over. Sad that the dildo was no longer in my pussy I turned and got on my hands and knees. It didn’t take long for her to have it lined back up and nailing my honey pot. She held on to my hips and ass and rocked her hips into mine at an amazing rate. She was a master with that strap on! She bent over me and rubbed my tits and played with my clit. She brought me to a mind blowing orgasm and after she pulled her strap on out of my dripping cunt she got down behind me and started licking my pussy clean.

It felt amazing to have her licking my pussy after just being fucked hard by her. I felt her start to lick a little higher until she got to my asshole. She asked me if it would be ok if she played with my butt a little bit. Paige liked anal sex but it was never really my thing. I told she could put her tongue in and nothing else. With that she was off! She started licking my asshole and sticking her tongue in as far as it would let her. She rubbed around the hole while she licked it and dipped back down into my pussy. Pushing me over the edge multiple times! I had never had my asshole eaten and it was amazing!!

She finished licking my ass and laid down on her back with me. “Wow.” Was all she could say and we decided to have sex with each other a lot more!

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