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Sexual tears

A story about two girls, losing their boyfriends and comforting each other, in the best way ever
Becka fell into a sobbing heap onto the bed next to me, her head falling against my cleavage. I hugged her tight.
“You okay, babe?” She sobbed in response. No answer coming from her full pink lips. I sat silently, just hugging her. “We’re shitty with men, aren’t we?” I said, trying to stop the sobbing, she nodded her head in reply.

Becka raised her head and looked at me, her face inches from mine. I’d always known she fancied me, but I had never felt that way, still didn’t…but it couldn’t hurt could it, just trying it out. I didn’t have a chance to think as she firmly planted her lips against mine. I sat there stunned, then as I slowly came to my sense about what was happening, Becka pulled away, her eyes looked at me questioningly and she blushed.
“I’m so sorry... I don’t…I should never have done that” I pulled her to me and kissed her hard, my tongue gliding slowly and lightly over her pouty lower lip, eliciting a gasp from her. I smiled against her lips and felt her pull me tighter against her.

Her tongue slipped between my lips and slowly starting exploring my mouth, her tongue soon duelling with mine for dominance. She slowly pushed me backwards onto the bed, straddling my waist, her hands falling either side of my head as she kissed me hard. I gently slid my hands down her sides, feeling her shiver and hearing her soft breathing hitch in her throat.
Beckas hands moved to the top button of my shirt and slowly undid it, her lips moved to my chest and she kissed her way down my body until she had finished undoing my shirt, I sat up slightly as she pushed the shirt away from my body and fell into a soft heap on the bed. Her soft fingertips traced over the skin above the waist band of my skirt, my body shivered at the feeling.

She hooked her thumbs into the waist band of my mid-thigh-length skirt and slowly and sensually pulled the skirt off my body and she smiled when she saw I wore no underwear. She kissed her way down to my stomach, and then quickly removed her own clothes, standing naked beside me. She straddled my waist again and softly kissed my neck. Her teeth gently grazed my shoulder as she pulled the bra straps off my shoulders with her teeth, I shivered at the feeling. “Mmmm” a soft moan escaped my lips and she smiled in response. Her hands slid around my body and quickly and confidently unclasped my bra, in a way only a woman would know how. She flung the bra across the room and ran her tongue down over the swell of my breasts, running her tongue around the areole, barely touching the nipple with the side of her tongue. I gasped when she finally latched her soft yet firm lips around my nipple and sucked hard, her teeth gently biting and pulling.

Becka moved so that our pussies were over each other and starting grinding her hard clit against mine. I moaned loudly at the sensation, pure pleasure shooting through my body. She gasped above me, looking down at me and pulling on my aching nipples; I reached my hands up and started doing the same thing to her, marvelling in how far her nipples stretched before slipping from my fingers.
Our breathing became shallower and I started grinding up hard against her, slipping my hands onto her hips and pulled her tighter against me. Becka started to moan louder and louder, our hips moving on their own and thrusting hard against each other till we hit that sweet satisfying release. Becka fell back onto the bed next to me and wrapped her arms around me.
“Don’t think I’m done with you, babe. There’s so much more to show you” I smiled in response, closing my eyes.

To be continued?...

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