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Sexy Dress-up with Chloe

I've never had fun with a girl, always fantasized about it though, but could never get a girl to have fun with.

Chloe was five foot six inches tall, with long red hair and the most amazing body you could ever think of. I met her through my other half. She was a friend of a friend and good fun to be around. We always went out together and had house parties which nearly always ended up with either stripping or dressing up.

This night was no different. We had gone out and once the last song was played we all jumped into taxis and headed back to our house. Drinks were flowing and the music was pumping.

‘’Chicken, I’m going up to the toilet, alright?’’ said Chloe. I said that was fine and from the corner of my eye, I watched her cute wee sexy ass walk out of the room. Damn I wanted that badly.

Fifteen minutes went by and the party was going great. I was starting to get a little tipsy and I noticed Chloe hadn't come down from the toilet. Now, if I wasn't tipsy I would definitely not be going to see where she was; drink gave the little bit of confidence in which I needed. I headed off in search of Chloe, trying my best not to make too much noise going up the stairs (what a fail). I got half way up the stairs and something caught my eye through the bars. It was Chloe, dressed up in my schoolgirl outfit. God the way her ass hung out and the way it pushed her 32DD tits up, yum.

She heard me coming thanks to my big heavy feet thumping up the stairs and turned with a big smile on her face, telling me to come in and get dressed. I did as she asked, and when I walked into the room she said she wanted me to put on the PVC police woman outfit (my favorite one). I started to take my top off to reveal my 34D breasts, held nicely by my purple bra. The look on her face when she saw me take off my short black skirt and stand in front of her in my matching purple bra and thong was enough. Before I knew it she had me pinned up against the wall and her sweet soft red lips were on mine, with her tongue searching inside my mouth. I was surprised at first but soon forgot about it and went with the flow.

I grabbed the back of her long red hair and grabbed her waist, pulling her closer to me. Our tongues met and fought inside each others' mouths. Her mouth was so warm and the kissing was better than I had imagined. Everything soon began to get hot and heavy. Pulling my leg in between hers, she started to grind her pussy against it and it wasn't long before I felt my leg start to get damp. She was so hot and turned on, which turned me on even more.

I couldn't believe that this was all happening; it felt like a dream.

The kissing continued for a while longer before she pushed my head to the side and started kissing down my neck, down my chest till she met the top of my bra. Teasing with butterfly kisses along the edge of my bra, my breathing got slightly heavier and without warning she had my tit hanging out and was sucking on my erect nipple. I let out a gasp at the surprise and the sensation of a girl sucking on my nipple.

She nipped and tugged with her teeth and swirled her tongue around it, while grouping and pinching the other. Swapping to the other nipple, my moans increased and I could feel my thong get wet. I think she noticed somehow, for while nipping and sucking on the nipples she put her hand in my thong and pulled them down. Kissing down my stomach, and kissing and licking my naval, she pushed my legs apart and stuck her nose into my shaven pussy.

''You smell so good,'' was all she said before she grabbed my clit with her mouth and pulled and sucked on it. I pulled on her head and let out a small gasp, ''Oooh Chloe, that feels good.''

I was so turned on and horny and didn't take long before I exploded all over her face. I’m guessing she didn't mind for she lapped up all my juices before coming up and kissing me so that I could taste myself.

I have to say, it tasted great.

Being more turned on, I pushed her onto the bed and straddled her and began to kiss her hard and passionately. Kissing down her neck, I pulled her tits out of the school girl costume and began massaging them before taking one of them in my mouth. It felt good and so naughty for having another woman’s nipples in my mouth. Especially when my better half was downstairs.

Swirling and twisting my tongue, nipping and tugging on her hard nipple she started to squirm underneath me, rocking her hips up and down and side to side. I took that as my cue. Kissing down her body, through the outfit I pulled her legs apart and put one in between mine and started to grind my bare wet pussy against it. Pulling up her skirt, I rubbed my hand over her red silky knickers, which had a dark red patch where her pussy was situated. She wanted me bad.

Pulling the knickers to one side I noticed she was also bare and it looked amazing. I couldn't wait to dive in and taste her; however, I decided to take my time. Placing butterfly kisses on the inside of her legs and brushing past her cunt with my lips, I breathed out as I passed, which sent her wild. Her groans got heavier and she was getting more frustrated. I placed more butterfly kisses on her clit and on her cunt, while placing my hand under her ass and feeling her soft round ass cheeks, sneakily placing my fingers between her ass crack as I squeezed.

Going between her legs I buried my nose between her ass cheeks, slowly bringing it up while sticking my tongue out and running it past her little asshole. Running my nose up, I rubbed it against her throbbing wet cunt before bringing it up to her clit, my tongue following the whole time.

''Aww babe, that feels so good, your tongue feels so nice,'' she said while grabbing my hair and pushing her pussy in my face.

I began to flick my tongue against her clit, before sucking and gently nibbling on it. Her curled toes gave away that she enjoyed it, so I continued for a while before making my way down to her cunt, where I stabbed her with my tongue over and over, getting harder as I did. Chloe let out a few screams and arched herself up so that she could see what I was doing.

Grinding her cunt against my face while I attacked her juicy cunt with my tongue, she shouted in pleasure, ''Yes, yes, fuck you are good with your tongue, I’m going to explode baby, all over that pretty face of yours.''

Rubbing her clit with one hand and tongue fucking her cunt, I put my other hand under her ass and started to play with her asshole causing her to sigh harder. Pushing my finger in, I began to finger fuck her ass, which might I add, felt so fucking hot. A few fucks and she lay back on the bed and began to squirt all over my face. It felt great, and tasted great too as I lapped all her honey tasting juices up and just in time...

"OB, Chloe...You two upstairs?"

Thud Thud Thud

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