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Shopping Spree; part 3

After an exciting lunch, we finally make it to the sex shop.
After a few minutes in the car, I had begun to calm down from the sexual frenzy Lex had started in the restaurant. The first few minutes of the drive had been intense though. I was desperate for more; torn between being angry at her for not finishing, and hoping she would spontaneously start again. I knew that was unlikely. I was driving, and Lex wasn’t that reckless.

As I drove I became less overwhelmed but not less desperate. Everything I saw stood out as sexual. On the sidewalk I saw women walking, but I could only focus on their chests, their asses as they walked away from the car. A group of men on the corner might as well have been naked, all I could imagine was their cocks, hard and waiting to be satisfied.

By the time we made it to the highway I was doing better. My focus was back, but I was still horny. Lex had decided we needed to go just north of downtown. She said the shops in the city limits were small and cramped, mostly just carrying movies and lingerie. She had picked one special for us today.

On the ride there Lex continued to prepare me for the purchase I was about to make. I think she might have been more excited about it than I was, and that was quite a feat. After a thorough examination of all my possible choices, she felt I was ready. She would be there with me, after all. It’s not like I was going in there alone.

“Do you wear a bikini when you go to the beach?” she asked, suddenly changing the topic.

“I don’t really have the body for it anymore. In high school I did.”

“What do you mean you don’t have the body for it? Look at your rack. You’re cheating everyone on that beach and yourself if you’re not wearing a bikini. Plus, I love that ass. Plenty of jiggle back there.” So she wasn’t changing the topic much. We were still talking about me, sexually.

“Exactly. There’s too much jiggle, its not toned or anything. There’s just plenty of it.”

“I don’t care, your ass is hot. Any guy would agree with me.” She remained adamant.

“Anyway, my stomach is the reason I quit wearing them. It’s not flat like it used to be.” If she was going to compliment my body, the least I could do was be honest about it.

“I don’t think so. With tits like yours, guys don’t care about a little tummy. You should show ‘em off.”

“I really don’t think I’d be comfortable going to the beach like that anymore.”

“It sounds like you just need a little confidence boost. I’ll keep that in mind when I look for something trashy to dress you up in. You need to love your body, even your tummy.” It was hard logic to argue with. I wouldn’t mind a little extra confidence; and Lex seemed like she could be just the one to give it to me.


I was a little shocked when we pulled up. She had told me she picked this one because it was the best, but I hadn’t expected anything like this. I had envisioned all sex shops to be tacky and dirty, tucked away in vacant strip malls and bad sections of town. This was the opposite of that.

It was a free standing, two story storefront. The windows were of course blacked out, but brightly colored neon signs in the window advertised exactly what was sold here. Logos and brand names of every dirty magazine and condom company I had ever heard of.

As we stepped inside I expected the shiny outside to give way to the seedy inside. Once again I was surprised. It was brightly lit and had more people than I expected milling around in the middle of the day. Mostly it was guys, but there were a few couples and even a couple girls there by themselves.

It was a lot to take in. This must be the super-center of sex shops. The first floor had rack after rack of toys, devices, gear; things I had never even imagined. There was, of course, a room off the back advertising the finest selection of tobacco pipes. Upstairs seemed to be where the movies were stocked.

As I waked in, the long wall next to me held most of the dildos. Lex had been right; there were more choices than I had anticipated. I was glad she had already helped me narrow it down. We perused the first half of the wall quickly, nothing there met the description we had put together of what I needed. As we moved down though, we found more and more things that I liked.

“You can touch them, you know.” Lex could see that I was interested, but wasn’t sure about just reaching out to grab one. “Which one are you looking at?”

“Well, I was looking at the purple one, but the green has kind of caught my eye now.”

The purple was simple. It was a moderate size, maybe seven inches long and an inch or inch and a half across. It had gentle, sloping contours, not really ridges, but it was kind of bulbous in the middle and had an obvious head. It lacked any definite detail, but that made it seem graceful. It reminded me of a ballerina, or a ballerina’s dildo.

The green was a little wilder. I started to understand what Lex meant when she said color was important. The vibrant green seemed to beg you to watch it as it slid in and out of you.

It had more defined parts, too. The head was more detailed and formed a crest as it joined the length of the shaft. The shaft itself was quite impressive; much longer than other dildo. For all its extra length though, it didn’t have much extra girth. It was definitely and inch and a half, but I didn’t think it was much more than that.

I guessed that this was what Lex had meant when she said “veiny.” It had a maze of raised, curving lines racing back and forth over it. If they weren’t so high, so large, or so frequent, I could see them being thought of as veins. Given that they were so high, so large and so frequent though, I could only see them as being stimulating.

Lex reached up and grabbed both from the shelf. She pulled them down and began inspecting them up close. The clear packaging on each had a hole near the bottom so you could feel the material. Lex poked and prodded both for a minute, then held them out to me.

“What am I doing? You’re the one that’s gonna fuck them. You should be checking them out.” I reached a little timidly and took them from her. “If you wanted my opinion though, the green one’s floppy, I think you’d like that. The purple’s nice, but it’s kinda rigid. You’re rigid enough on your own.” She flashed that extra large smile that told me she was kidding and touched my shoulder.

I could feel the sexually anxiety come back when she touched me. It had almost left after the drive here, but it came rushing back when I felt her skin on mine. I blushed, and I could feel the fluids rush back to my pussy.

“Yeah,” I stammered, “I can feel the difference.” I tried to go on like nothing had happened, but I knew she had noticed. She had probably done it on purpose. “This one gives more when I push it.” I said as I fingered the green dildo through the packaging.

“Take your time; don’t just get the first one you see to save yourself the embarrassment of checking them all out.”

“I’m not embarrassed.” I lied.

“You are, but it’s normal. You’ll get over it. Just remember; everyone else is here because they want to masturbate, too.” She had a point. It wasn’t like the other customers were judging me for getting a dildo. Lex certainly wasn’t. I shouldn’t be embarrassed.

“Look around you, that girl behind you, she’s gonna masturbate when she gets home, just like you.” Lex craned her neck to look at what the girl was holding. I turned to see too. The girl flushed red and looked away. Lex had tried to be quiet but, she was just standing a few feet away.

“Sorry,” Lex said. “You’re gonna have a great time though.” The girl looked up at Lex a little, still a little red and avoiding direct eye contact. “I’ve got one like that. Really, you are. If I were you I wouldn’t even make it home. I’d find a quiet place to park my car and go to town on that thing.”

I couldn’t believe she had just said that to a total stranger. I was embarrassed for the poor girl, but strangely, she seemed more comfortable.

“I think I can control myself until I get home,” the girl said, and smiled at us. “It’s really that good, though?”

“Oh yeah”, Lex assured her. “Honey, you’re gonna cum like never before. Most men can’t come close to what that thing can do for you.” I looked closer to see which dildo she was holding. It was one of the electric ones, with the rotating parts and an additional shaft to vibrate against your clit.

The girl thanked Lex and headed for the register. Her mind was made up, but I apparently still had some looking to do.

“Well,” Lex addressed me again, “I’m off to find something naughty for you to wear. Check out the guys,” she gestured to the wall of dildos and vibrators, “And I’ll be back in a minute.” She spanked me playfully and headed in the direction of some mannequins in see-through lingerie.

Her hand on my ass brought more of the excitement back. My head buzzed and my pussy was throbbing. I could feel the warmth and moisture spreading between my legs. This time I wasn’t imagining people on the street naked, I had a wall of dick to look at. All shapes and sizes, colors and varieties.

I knelt down, pretending to look at a particularly large dick on the bottom shelf. Really I was just trying to find some way to ease the tension between my thighs. My legs pressed together as I knelt and put a heavenly pressure on my pussy. I tried to balance, crouched like that. It wasn’t easy in heels and the shifting balance caused my thighs to rub together. It felt great, but I knew I couldn’t keep doing it. Even in a sex shop, I was pretty sure that trying to discreetly masturbate in the aisles would be frowned upon.

Reluctantly, I stood and moved further down the wall. This area seemed to be dedicated to dildos that had been endorsed by porn stars themselves. At first they were backed by girls, selling a product that they had designed, or at least had some input on. Then I moved into the replicas of actual porn stars dicks.

I found the realism and the authenticity to be really impressive…and really enticing. Which girls wouldn’t want to hold the dick she was watching on screen? Feel the same pleasures the actress was feeling. If I had watched more porn, I might have known a man whose dick I would like to have. At last, I decided to remain with my elongated, green member; but I promised myself after some serious research, I would come back for a dick I had seen in action.

I started to look around the store for Lex. Now that I had chosen a dildo, I was looking forward to going home and trying him out. Lex spotted me and headed my way. She had a package in her hand and a devious grin on her face. Her other hand was held behind her back.

“What do you think?” She held the package out to me to see. It was a fishnet body-stocking. Of course it was crotch-less. It also had holes in the sides of the legs though. They gave the impression of garters with a garter belt, but without any of the fuss.

It was simple. It was definitely sexy; and it was something I thought I would feel comfortable wearing in front of people. In front of her at least, I didn’t plan of parading around town in it.

“It’s cute.”

“It’s not cute. The pink teddy with the bows on it is cute. This is hot. It has easy access to all the naughty parts and it leaves a little something to the imagination.” She corrected me.

“Very little for the imagination,” I argued. Not because I didn’t like it, but because it seemed to encourage her when I resisted.

“Doesn’t matter, I told you I was picking something out for you. That means you have to wear it too, or you’ll hurt my feelings.” As she said that she moved closer to me and did her best to look sad.

“I will. I like it,” I assured her. “So what are you hiding behind your back?” She opened her eyes wide in mock surprise and stepped back. “Come on, you can’t be making secret purchases today. You looked for a dildo with me. What could be so embarrassing that you, of all people, would want to keep it a secret?”

“It’s not a secret, it’s a surprise.”

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