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Shy Sophie: Episode I - The Night with Wendy

A shy eighteen year old Sophie discovers a new experience when she meets Wendy
It’s my first day of the creative writing course at college and I am sitting all by myself with nobody to talk to. Everybody is laughing, joking around and engaging with one another. Not me though, I am just too quiet and timid to join in any conversation. All my life I have been shy and to this day I am no different. I thought that college might just be the thing to gain confidence but I feel as anxious as ever.

The door opens and this girls comes in and sits next to me. She says her name is Wendy. Wendy has long, luscious blonde hair with jet black highlights. She is around about the same height as me of 5’8’". She has really deep blue eyes that perfectly blend with her blonde hair. Wendy wears little makeup; she looks like she doesn'tneed it anyway.

Wendy attempts to get me to speak; I think she knows that I’m just a shy person, rather than an impolite one. We both explain why we selected this course; she wants to be a film screenplay writer and I want to be a comic book writer and artist.

‘Hey, I don’t mean to be judgmental, just an observation but you’re really shy, aren'tyou?’ she points out.


‘Why? Have you always been shy?’

‘I don’t know. It’s something about me that has existed for as long as I can remember,’ I explained.

Wendy beamed. ‘It’s cute’

Cute? How could she possibly find it cute?

‘I just think it’s endearing. I've never really come across anyone thay's this shy. The people I meet are usually quite talkative,’ she explains with a pretty little smile on her face.

‘I wish I wasn't though,’ I sigh. ‘I really hate being this quiet.’

‘I used to be shy too, you know. I eventually overcame this though, I just ended up talking. Maybe you just need more time. I wouldn't mind helping you. I like you; I think a lot of people would like you, if you could talk to people.’

‘You think?’


It’s really nice that Wendy wants to help me overcome my shyness and bring me out of this shell that I've been stuck in for years. Can she though? Maybe I’ll always be quiet.

As the day comes to an end we walk out the front door and Wendy asks where I live and how I get home. Wendy says that she lives about twenty minutes from me on foot and explains that she just moved in there with her younger brother.

‘So hey, do you have Facebook at all?’ she asks keenly.


I get home from college and head straight to my room dumping my stuff on the already messy floor. I turn on my laptop and quickly go onto Facebook. Sure enough, there is a friend notification waiting for me from Wendy. Without hesitation I accept.

As soon as I accept her request, I can’t help but flick through all her pictures she has posted and been tagged in. Wendy has a lot of pictures, most of which are from her going out to parties and clubs. She looks so nice in these photos; I really have to admire her curvy figure and long legs. I keep scrolling through the pictures when I come to a sudden halt and my heart begins to race as I come across Wendy’s pictures from her holiday in Spain. Wendy is wearing sexy bikinis in most of these shots, highlighting her gorgeous body. She has a perfectly toned body and has amazing breasts too; they look to be a 36 D cup. I keep scrolling, hoping to find more pictures of her in a bikini. I am not disappointed when I see the best picture of her beautiful ass in her thong. I am starting to feel wet just looking at all these glorious pictures of Wendy.

I only just got to know her today and I’m already drooling over her profile pictures. With the way she has been treating me today and her gorgeous looks; it would seem that I have developed a small crush on my newly found friend.

Getting wetter as I keep looking; I am interrupted by message from Wendy:

‘Hey. How would you like to meet up for a drink or two this evening :) x?’

I reply in an instant with my intentions of going out with her. She tells me that she knows a really good place to go out to with cheap drinks and good music. She tells me that she will come over to my place to pick me up.

Take my number and text me when you’re ready for me to come over x’

I need to get changed but what am I supposed to wear? What is she wearing? I think about asking her but that would seem like a stupid question. I don’t have anything particularly nice to wear; I usually just wear t-shirt and jeans.

Oh shit, I need a shower!

I grab myself a towel and walk to the shower. I strip my clothes off and throw them in the washing basket at the side and turn on the shower. Whilst I wait on the shower getting warm I take a look at myself in the mirror.

As shy as I may be, I really have to admire my own body.I've got a decent pair of 32D boobs and I keep my body is in good shape which is slightly curvy. I am pretty pale with the lack of sun that I get but I think it really goes well with my red hair and blue eyes.

I should really get a move on; I can’t keep Wendy waiting too long. I skip the hair (I washed it last night) and start massaging the soap across my body and give myself a really good clean making sure my pussy and bum are vitally clean. As I’m washing myself, I can’t help but think about Wendy; the way she is being nice to me and how good looking she is. I have these images of her in that bikini. How I would love to caress those tits.

Wait – Wendy is my friend. I shouldn't…

I get out and quickly dry myself with the towel, wrap in around and walk back to the room. I text Wendy saying that she can come over now. It ought to take me twenty minutes to get changed anyway.

I grab my pink underwear, slide them on and hook my bra on in quick fashion. Undecided on what to wear, I randomly select a pair of beige chinos that I have not worn in a long time. I put on my favourite Batman t-shirt and a shove a red shirt on. I just need to quickly apply some make-up on and I’m good to go.

Several minutes later, the doorbell rings. I rush downstairs to open the door. There is Wendy looking beautiful and ready to go. She has opted to wear a skirt that perfectly displays her sexy legs and a black blouse that covers her immaculate breasts.

‘Hey chick, are you ready?’


We arrive up town and head inside the pub. The music was pounding and it was really warm and felt sticky in the air. I just need a drink as soon as possible, my mouth feels so dry.

‘What do you like to drink, Soph?’ Wendy shouts.

I've never drank alcohol before so I would not have a clue what to drink. I ask her to pick me something that she would think I would enjoy. She states that a White Russians are her drink of choice and I tell her that I would have the same, not really knowing what it is.

As we have drinks and talk about a bunch of stuff, I realize I am not so shy when I have Wendy beside me. I can talk to her about anything, ask her a question. She makes me feel so comfortable. I want to tell her everything about me – even my dirty secrets.

Maybe it was just the alcohol (I am getting a bit tipsy) or maybe I’m just so confident around her; I ask her if she has any secrets.

She raises an eyebrow but then she grins at me, as she plays with her straw in the glass. She knows I’m drunk and continues to answer my question.

‘Well…’ she hesitates, ‘...there was this one time – I was dared to suck my brother’s dick when I was seventeen’.

‘Oh – wow...’

‘He was sixteen at the time and I invited friends round and played a game of truth or dare; childish I know. The dares started off with kisses and touching each other’s tits and I ended up sucking his dick.’

I’m pretty sure that a lot of people would find that disgusting but I was intrigued about her little incest moment.

‘Did you like it?’

‘At first; no but the more I sucked on his cock the more I liked it. It felt strangely erotic. It is also the first cock I had sucked in my life. Who’d have thought? What about you? Have you got any dirty little secrets?

I hesitate for a moment; thinking about how Wendy sucked her brother off one time.

‘I – I’m a web cam slut’

Stunned by this revelation of mine, Wendy gazes at me and lets out a little giggle.

‘Really? Of all the people, I wouldn't have thought you would do something like that. What exactly did you do?’

‘I would go on chat rooms and talk to complete strangers. I would use my web cam to flash my tits and masturbate in front of people.’

‘Wow – I have done that a few times to; I even made money from it too. I used to perform shows for people who would be willing to pay me money. I was desperate for money when I struggled getting a job.’


It is one in the morning and we are still drinking. I am getting more intoxicated by the hour and babbling shit to Wendy about being single and being a virgin. She listens to me and takes a hold of my hands.

‘Can I tell you something?’ she asks.

‘I think you’re really cute. I just love you’re innocent looking face and you’re luscious blue eyes. Most of all I really love that you are a shy girl. It’s hard to explain but I just find you so innocent. I really love being around you.’

She starts to caress my head with her soft hands. I start to tremble with anxiety and I don’t know what to say or do. I love this attention and just want to express my feelings to her. She leans closer to my face. The pain in my stomach increasingly tingles.

I move closer too. I want to kiss her.

What am I doing?

We both lean closer to each other. Our lips are almost touching.

Kiss me, Wendy.

Kiss me already.

I can’t take it anymore.

Our lips connect. Wendy’s lips are so soft and plump. So warm and moist. This is pure ecstasy. It feels so right, like I belonged to Wendy. We pull away slowly and I open my eyes and look deep into Wendy’s beautiful blue eyes.

‘That was wonderful, Sophie. Do you really feel the same way about me?’

I want more. I don’t want to seem desperate though.

Yes. It felt right.’ It really did. I was expecting it to feel really unnatural but I enjoyed every second of that kiss.

‘I really care about you Sophie and I’m happy that you felt okay with that’

‘I…I care about you too.’

My phone bleeps just moments after I confess my feelings to Wendy.

‘Are you coming home soon? X’

‘Ugh, I need to head off; mum’s texting me.’

‘You know, I would really love it if you would stay the night with me Sophie, I don’t think I want you to go just now. Not after this.’

I ponder for a second whether or not I should go. I don’t want to concern my mother about staying with Wendy but I really want to stay with her.

Fuck it, I’m going to stay with Wendy.

‘I’m going to be staying with my friend for the night. X’

‘Come on, I’ll take you to my place. I think we are going to have a great night at mine’s,’ she winks.


We arrive at Wendy’s place half an hour later. Wendy takes of her shoes, throws them to the side and goes to collect a towel from her wardrobe.

‘I’m going for a shower now, I feel all sticky. Make yourself comfortable, watch the TV if you want to.’

After twenty long minutes, Wendy arrives back into the bedroom. My eyes stare awkwardly towards her as she sits down in just her towel. I can’t help but look at her perfect breasts contained inside that towel. I just want to rip that towel of her nice body. She is beautiful.

‘What’s up Soph, you look distracted?’

‘Emm… nothing…’

I want to say that I want to fuck her.

‘I just…’

Say it!

‘I think…’

‘You can say it, Sophie, you can tell me.’

‘I want you…you look so…beautiful…and sexy’

‘You know, Sophie, I feel the same way and it makes me so happy that you like me…

‘…and honestly, I just want to fuck you…’ she grinned deviously.

‘I want to be fucked by you,’

‘Come here and tell me what you would want to do to me.’

I feel sick. This is it; I think she is going to fuck me. I wonder if she has strap-ons. Maybe she is going to finger me. I can’t contain myself, I’m so fucking horny. I go to stand in front of her.

‘I know you want to, go ahead, I want you to do it’

‘You do?’

She nods and with slight hesitation, I take my hand from my side and move it towards her breasts and take hold of tucked in towel and pull it gently so that it drops down to the ground, so that beautiful Wendy is completely naked. Fuck me, what a perfect body. Wendy has really nice tits; they look like they could be 34D. Her nipples are perfectly shaped and sized for her breasts. I just want to wrap my lips across them and suck them.

Unlike mine, her pussy is completely shaven, it is so smooth. I just want to stick my tongue in there and explore her cunt. My mind is all over the place and I remain speechless ever since I dropped her towel.

‘I would like to see you as bare as I am. What do you say?’

I nod; I want her to do this. I feel so comfortable in front of her. Go ahead Wendy, strip me down.

I stand in front of her as she smiles with anticipation. She crouches down slightly and starts to unbutton my shirt from the bottom and slowly makes her way to the top. Wendy, licking her lips, lifts my shirt over my shoulders and pulls the sleeves out from my arms and throws the shirt to my side. Wendy turns my around and lifts up my t-shirt to show off my back. I can feel her soft lips kissing my skin sending nice vibes to be pussy. I am getting wet from all this attention. I just want to be fucked.

She lifts my t-shirt right off and drops it to the ground and turns me around so that I am facing her again. My clitoris is starting to throb as Wendy continues to feel my body. She starts to unhook my bra, slowly. I start to feel shaky, as my bra is completely unhooked and my tits are almost exposed to Wendy’s view.

‘Let it drop.’

I do as she asks and let my bra fall down to the ground.

She smiles, ‘You are getting me so horny.’

I am feeling the same way and I can feel my pants getting moist at the thought of being fucked tonight by Wendy. She grabs hold of my tits and shakes them up and down, embracing them.

‘Are you enjoying this attention, Sophie? Would you like me to fuck you?’

There is no doubt in my mind right now that this is what I want. I am feeling so confident right now, this feels so right.

Wendy crouches down, unbuttons my jeans and pulls them down to my ankles.

‘You are wet, Sophie. Are you really horny?’

‘I’m so horny!’

She turns me around and slowly slides down my moist pants to the ground. Completely nude, I ask quietly: ‘What do you want to do to me?’

‘Just crouch over the bed for me. Let me marvel at your beauty for a moment.’

I crouch on the bed and Wendy comes over and starts rubbing my ass softly. She runs her finger down the crack so delicately sending quivers all around my body.

‘Mmm,’ I groan.

She makes her way down to my cunt and grasps it in her hands and rubs it. I feel wetter every time Wendy touches me. I have never felt so horny in my life. This is sensational.

‘Spread your legs further, honey.’

I spread them as far as they will let me for her to do what she pleases.

‘Stop me, if this feels a bit weird...’

Holy shit.

I can feel Wendy’s tongue entering my pussy. It’s so warm and wet as she carefully makes her way to my throbbing clit. Her tongue is getting further into my pussy and she begins to lick more coarsely.

‘Hmmm… I really like this,’ I groan, grasping the bed sheets firmly.

Wendy keeps licking my clit and it is feeling so intense. These are feelings I've have never felt before. I feel like I could squeal.

‘Fuck me Wendy’

She takes her head out my cunt, looks at me and beams and makes her to her set of drawers to pick out one of her strap-ons.

‘Now, I’m going to put this on and I’m going to fuck you.’

She gets herself ready by putting on the strap around her waist and lubes up the cock ready to be inserted into my cunt. I am feeling slightly anxious about this but I really want Wendy to do this to me.

She tells me to lie down on my back with my legs spread out. I do just that with a feeling of some edginess.

This will fucking hurt me but I trust her judgment.

She slowly inserts her cock into my tight cunt and delicately pushes further in. I can feel this hard cock deep inside me and I gasp in slight shock at the pain I start to feel.

‘Don’t panic, it will start to feel a lot better. Promise.’

Grabbing on the bed posts for support, I begin to slide my pussy in and out of this gigantic black cock to try and get used to this new feeling. My wet pussy helps it slide in but I’m still feeling a bit uncomfortable but I’m so fucking horny so I don’t care. I want to be fucked by it.

‘I’m going to thrust this inside you.’

She starts to push the cock in and out of my pussy slowly applying more lube onto it. She spanks my ass every so often, turning it into a rosy red colour. I grab her tits, squeezing them hard and pulling her closer to my lips so I can suck them. I wrap my legs against her ass tightly squealing like a little piggy.

‘Faster, Wendy,’ I wail.

I am getting closer to orgasm. Wendy gets into a good rhythm, getting faster, fucking my pussy raw. I start groaning louder and keep telling Wendy to fuck me.

‘You gonna cum for me, baby’

‘God, yes! FUCK ME,’ I yelp. I am so close to climaxing.

I push my pussy in and out again, rapidly. I am getting so close. My heart is racing and my breathing is intense. Sweat is oozing down my face as Wendy penetrates my cunt.

‘Fuck – I’m so close - Fuck’

‘Come on baby’

‘OHHHH – FUCK – FUCK,’ I scream as I feel a shooting burst of an unreal feeling rushing through my body.

Fuck me, Wendy fucking done me real good. I can barely feel my legs, I can't get up. Wendy takes of the strap-on and crawls next to me and snuggles me and whispers.

‘Not so shy are you, eh? You should fuck me next time...'

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