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Sil, my roommate

Sil, my old hippy roommate, came in without me hearing her and before I knew what was what, she was behind me with her hands over my eyes. I jumped and screamed and eggs went flying everywhere! We both laughed and I was like, "What did you do that for! You spazmo! Look what you did to my beautiful omelet!"
I was only joking. Sil picked a bit of egg and cheese out of my hair and ate it.
"You are so gross, do you know that?" I said.
"Yeah, come on over here and I'll show you how gross I am." She motioned for me to come over.
I walked over and she put her arms around me and pulled me in close to her. She kissed me passionately and her tongue danced around inside my mouth. She had me locked to her and then, suddenly, she pulled away from my mouth and started to lick my face, running her wet tongue all across my nose and eyes! "EEeeewwww! Fuck Sil! That’s fucking gross." I said, wiping my face.
She just laughed and opened the fridge and pulled out some water. All she ever drank was water, it was supposed to make her loose weight or something. Only thing, she wasn't fat. Maybe a little big, but I think girls with naturally big boobs usually tend to be a little bigger, but believe me, she wasn't fat. She downed a big thing of water and asked if I would fix her an omelet. I fixed us both one and then we sat in the living room eating and watching TV.
Sil worked at “Whole Foods”, a natural grocery chain that usually employed hippies and freaks. The food their was expensive but organic, natural and all that shit. Almost every girl who worked there was a lesbian and the ones that weren’t were at least usually willing to experiment. Sil loved it. She was 100% grade A pure lesbo.
Sil threw her plate down on the coffee table and leaped across me, straddling me. "Come on and let's fuck!" Sil said.
One thing you have to learn about Sil, there isn't any sense of romance, if she wasn't a girl she would be a stereotypical guy, ironic seeing as how she hates stereotypical guys. She took off her dirty gray shirt and threw it to the side, she didn't even let me get the fork out of my damn mouth before she was trying to pull my shirt off.
"Hold on a sec, Miss Rapist! Gessshhh, let me swallow my food." I said, trying to get my shirt down enough to get my plate and stuff to the side.
"Ok, come on, let's go." and she took off running to the bedroom.
I watched her bounce into the bedroom and wished I felt like bouncing. The egg was sitting in my stomach like a cement block. I made my way into the bedroom and Sil was waiting. She pulled my shirt over my head, exposing my chest. She ran her hands across my shoulders and down to my little breasts. Her hands slowly moved around my breasts and she lightly rubbed her fingers across my nipples. My skin burst into goose bumps that ran across my arms. My nipples started to rise. She made her way down my slender belly and pulled down my black tights. I helped her get them off my feet and then she threw it over to the side. She reached up and jerked my panties down and we both laughed.
"Hello, lil' prickly puss! I see we haven't shaved in a while?" She said and she rubbed her hand up and down my velvet stubble.
I bent over a little because it kinda tickled and she stood up. "Well, what are you talking about? You don't ever shave, ya hippy!"
"Tis not true, my little cactus crotch!.." She pulled down her pants and underwear and when she stood back up, shaved clean and smooth. "..see! Shaved as smooth as a baby's butt!"
"Baby's butt!? I'll show you what I will do with your baby's butt!" and I tried to smack her round white hinny! She took off running in only her monster bra and I kept taking whacks at her ass. I got a good SMACK on her ass and she hollered!
" are gonna pay for that one, bitch!"
She started chasing me and I tried to jump across the bed but she grabbed my legs and I went flying. She clambered up on top of me and pinned me down.
"Ok, now what were you going to do to my butt?" she asked.
"'s not your butt I wanna do something to." I said, licking my lips and smiling.
She leaned in and we kissed again. I fumbled with her bra, quickly taking that thing off before it smothered me. Thing was fucking huge! Ahhh, but then I was smothered in milky white breasts that I licked and sucked on like a baby. I massaged the soft flesh of her pink nipples as she nibbled and bit my neck and ears. She ran her tongue down my neck and across my chest. She made my little tiny nipples firm and tingly. Her hand massaged one nipple while she licked and sucked at the other nipple. Luckily I was just able to lay there and let her do all the work and believe me, she worked her way down! I closed my eyes as I felt her fingers rubbing and playing with my tender pussy. I spread my legs open wide for her to get between them and she did. I felt her warm, wet tongue enter me and she worked my pussy up and down with her tongue. As she sucked on my throbbing clit, I arched my back and grabbed her head. I rolled my hips up and down on her wet, wonderful tongue. I fucked her face for all she was worth, gyrating and humping. She didn't stop when I smothered her face with my juicy cunt and I didn't want her too. I was already starting to feel the buildup. I was going to cum baby!
"My, my! Ain't this a site!" We both jumped!
"Desire! Oh my God! You just about made me jump outta my skin!" I said.
Desire smiled and didn't take her eyes off us. Sil turned and got up off the bed. She jumped on Desire and hugged her, then I was surprised as they kissed. "Mmmmm...Paula, you taste good." She said, smiling and wiping her mouth.
I must have turned red because they both laughed at me. I curled up like a little girl as she walked over to the side of the bed.
"Look...she's blushing! Girl, you know I think your pussy is the sweetest thing since sugar!" She smiled at Sil. "Why don't you continue what you are doing? Just pretend I'm not even here."
Sil came up and looked at me and raised her eyebrows like, 'you game?' and I just let her slide between my legs again. Desire and I watched each other as Sil worked her tongue back between my slick little pink pussy lips. I felt her dive inside and I threw my head back and gasped. Her tongue slide up and down my slit and her hands moved all over my slender hips and ass. Desire smiled and leaned back in her chair, enjoying the show. She was sitting in a swivel chair and she was rotating side to side very slowly and watching. Her nipples stood out in her tight shirt that compressed her breasts into perfect round circles. Her dark, smooth skin was so inviting, I wanted her to come and join us. It had been a while since I had gotten really wild and sexual and I was really wanting to get into something with her. She made no moves to get up off the bed and Sil seemed very happy to be down between my legs, licking every drop of my wetness. I was getting very worked up by Desire just sitting there watching. Desire always knew what to do to get me so horny I would fuck anything and anybody.
I pulled Sil up and we kissed, tasting my own sticky juice on her lips. I pushed her back on the bed and brought my hips around so that she could continue while I parted her naked pussy and brought my tongue across her pink lips. It wasn't long before I had her as wet as I was with my mouth firmly buried in her pussy. My tongue darted in and out. I was electric charged with Desire there watching me. I fingered Sil’s deep wet pussy and toyed with her thick hard clit. Sil made little groaning noises and I was so turned by them that I knew I wouldn't last much longer. I started to grind my pussy into her face and Sil pressed hard against my clit with her tongue. She had my ass cheeks in her hands and pressed me against her even harder. I almost screamed as I came all over her face, she licked and sucked until I stopped slowly rocking my hips against her. My thighs trembled with the effort and my body slowly relaxed as I rocked my pussy up and down her juicy wet lips a few more times. God, I needed that!
It was her turn and I was determined to make her cum and cum hard. I fingered her ass and fuck her with my tongue. She moaned and groaned and pushed my fingers deeper into every little hole. When I had her nice and worked up, I played with her clit and licked her raw naked flesh. I slowly circled my finger around her clit watching it move. It looked like the little tiny head of a cock poking out under her little fleshy folds. I picked up speed, enjoying the white sticky juices that slipped around my fingers as I played with her cunt. I flipped her swollen pink lips around with my tongue. She rocked her hips up and down and soon she was close to orgasm. She let out a slow series of moans and I knew she was there. I pushed down against her and dove my tongue into her red, gapping pussy. She lifted her hips up off the bed so much so that she nearly sent me flying off her! Not only that, but she was groaning so loud the whole neighborhood could hear! It was like riding a bull! She bucked and humped and threw me around. I had to hold onto her to keep from falling off the bed. When she was done, I could hear a soft chuckle from Desire. I had nearly forgotten she was there. I lay on my stomach beside Sil, my legs open so Desire could see my swollen and juicy little pussy. Sil was slowly moving her hand over the soft skin of my exposed and wanting ass. It made my body tingle with more excitement. I was more horny than before!
"Damn, I've got a hard-on from that one!" Desire said, laughing a little, "You two should go on the road! You would make some serious cash with that act. Hell, I’d pay for it!"
"Fuck you, Dee." Sil said.
" that is something I'm gonna have to think about. But…not now.”
“Why not?” I asked.
“Oh baby, I love it when you bed. If you weren’t so delightfully cute it would make me want to punch you right square in the jaw but as it is, I just want to eat you.”
“Mmm…now you’re talkin’.” I said.
“As long as I get to join in.” Sil said.
“Nope. I have to split kids. But…” she paused as she got out of the chair, “I did want to let you fucking lesbo nymphos know about a fetish party.”
“Seriously?” Sil asked.
“Do I ever joke about this shit? So…” She threw down a flier, “Better get your best hot-come-fuck-me stuff outta your closet and put on your heels bitch because this is going to be balls out wild!”
“Why do they always use Coop for any fetish party?” Sil asked.
“Because he draws really fleshy hot devil chicks that everyone wants to fuck. Now don’t be a fucking hippy and come. Ok girls, get back to what you were doing, if I know Paula, she is 30 times as horny now than she was.”
I hadn’t even noticed I was playing with myself. I didn’t stop.
Sil and I continued but I found myself craving more, more, more. I wanted everything. When she fell asleep I masturbated and came several times but with little satisfaction. I prayed for some stranger to come into the hippy house we lived in and I would totally just walk up naked and fuck them. I was dead fucking serious. But it didn’t happen.
Why does sex just make me hornier?

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