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Sisterhood of Sin -- 3 -- A Spanking Good Time

Our heroine deals with a naughty little girl.
I've never tried to seduce a straight woman before. I've invited Bethany to my house while Dan is off on a camping trip with the twins. He's going to tell them about the boarding school they'll be going to when the next school years starts.

I'm wearing nothing but a bathrobe. I make the excuse that I just got home from the gym and took a shower before she arrived. I offer her a drink, but she tells me that she doesn't drink. This reminds me that I know so little about her. She's never been very open with me, but we met under such stressful circumstances. Maybe it's because I felt guilty that my screwup with Claire and Mick became her security problem. But maybe reading my stories helped her to loosen up a little with me.

"Barbie likes my idea for a free divorce consultant website. She agrees that people will anonymously reveal details that might help us screen for the women we want. We'll direct the rest to nearby divorce lawyers and they can pick up any good candidates that our screening miss. She's working up some screening algorithms."

"She's the right candidate for that, Cate. What can I do for you."

"I've got some ideas that seem right for the black card sisters, Bethany. I figured I'd run them by you, since you're my black card sponsor. Liz and Kyra both told me to think outside the box, so I thought of using the tender trap on targeted bachelors. I got both ideas from Liz. I figured gay men might want the perfect beard, so we can set them up with women who want some of the advantages of marriage, but don't care if they're not having sex with their husbands."

"Sounds plausible, especially for the ones who like women."

There's no judgement in that statement. That's a good sign. I find myself uncomfortable with straight women who discover I'm bisexual.

"The other idea is to provide wives for straight men who want to keep fooling around, like Gabe. We can use websites and advertise that we'll find perfect wives for guys who want the advantages of being married without monogamy. There were so many black card sisters interested in Gabe that we might be able to rope other cash cows."

I show her the diagrams I had worked up for finding the right bachelors and pairing them with the right sisters. I see the wheels turning in her mind and I answer more than a few questions. I ask a few questions about the black card sisters and get the answers I want.

"Yes, Cate. I think both of these could work. Speaking for myself, it would be good to wake up with a good man next to me again, even if he did come in late after visiting his mistress. You can bet I would throw my profile into the pool."

"I've never heard your story, Bethany, and I know I don't have a need to know, but I only know Claire's story about how she joined the black card sisters. So..."

"It's not much of a story. I'm forty-nine. I had a blue card when I got my black card. I was recruited when I was married, to be a chauffeur and bodyguard. My husband worked in the civil courts, so he was useful, too. I have military training. My kids are grown and moved out. My husband died from a congenital heart defect. There are other stories like mine. I sponsor a lot of black card sisters. It's not a lot of work. Most were tan cards. I'm on call 24/7. My van is my office."

This was an astonishing amount of revelation from her. I never would have guessed her age. She's petite, but an obvious tough chick. I have no doubt that she can kick ass and would furiously defend the women she's called on to protect.

"Liz gave me leadership of a Red Circle for this project. That gives me priority on up to six sisters."

"I've been a workerbee in Red Circles before. Unless you need a full time chauffeur, I'm assuming you want someone who knows how to work the black card

roster. I can get you someone much better than me for that. You can meet her, but she'll have to remain veiled."

"I was kind of hoping I would get a chance to work more with you."

"Oh. I'm still available when you need me, Cate. I just want you to have the right girl for this job. I'll have her contact you."

"Ah. Good to hear."

The mood suddenly changes. The undercurrent of tension throughout the evening moves to the forefront because we've reached the end of the business discussion. She's clearly nervous, now, but I have clues that she got ready for me. She has dressed up for the evening. It's very subtle, but there is the hint of effort to appeal that was never present in the past. There's a little makeup, very subtle, a little perfume, a little extra hair care, painted nails, tight black jeans, open toed shoes revealing painted toenails, a tight sexy top that accentuates her well proportioned breasts. She's dressed far less deliberately sexy than how many women dress in their daily lives, even accounting for age, but it's a definite step toward sexy for Bethany.

She looks into my eyes and a hopeful spark passes between us.

"I think we're done with this business, Bethany."

"It's okay to call me Beth."

"Thank you, Beth. That makes me feel... closer to you. And thank you for your input on this project. There's one other thing that I think we should discuss."

"Yes?" I can hear the hope in her voice.

"You've been a naughty girl."

I hear her breath catch. She has that deer-caught-in-the-headlights stare and I can see that she's bordering on panic, caught in an internal war between her desires and her fear of the possible consequences. I decide she needs a little nudge from Sister Cate.

"It's okay, young lady. Once you've done the right thing, the matter will be forgotten. I won't think worse of you for having earned forgiveness."

Her breath quivers as she says, "Okay."

I lead her to the bedroom where the spanking chair awaits. Dan and I usually only sit there when dressing or undressing, but it's a perfect armless, straightbacked chair for administering a punishment. I sit on the chair.

"Now, Beth, I think it is only fair that you be as naked as I was when you spanked me. I've caught you peeking several times tonight and I want you to know how it feels to be stared at."

The truth is that I deliberately let my robe gap open, knowing that she had seen it all before anyway, but her eyes had been drawn to whatever I exposed. She had averted her eyes the first time I had left my pussy open to her gaze, but not the second or third time.

It was clear that there was a lot going on in her mind, so I dropped the Sister Cate persona for a second and said, "Really, sweetie. This will be good for you. I should know. You read my stories. You know that I dropped a lot of baggage. I promise that I'll help you."

"It's just that... this was the only way that my husband could light my fire, but... oh, god, it's just been so long."

The tears start, so I stand and hug her as she lets them out. I hold her close, nothing overtly sexual about it, though I do feel stirrings in my own depths. When her sobs ease, I prepare myself for disappointment.

"Would you like to postpone this until another time?"

I don't offer to forget about it, because I know she really needs it and I feel responsible because of what happened at Kyra's mansion.

"No, it's okay, Cate. I like what you wrote in your story about sex with women being 'comfort sex'. That's... just... don't rush me, okay? I'm not sure how far I want to go, but I want to break this dry spell with someone, and you're... the one I think can help me."

She backs away from me and then moves in to kiss me. Just before she lands it, she moves her mouth enough to place it on my cheek instead of my lips. She seems embarrassed about that, like she chickened out at the last second, but she starts to pull her top over her head and it becomes clear that she has committed. I understand about the difficulty of overcoming inhibitions. I was taught that I would burn in Hell for doing some of the acts that I routinely do now.

She removes her bra and her nipples look very hard. Her breasts are surprisingly firm and high. She slips out of her jeans and carefully sets them so that her holster is not covered. Noticing that I've noticed her gun, she says, "We have enemies. I can't remember the last time I was with another person and didn't have my gun right there on my back."

She's standing in her panties now. "You're beautiful, Bethany."

"Um, thanks. But I don't look like Claire or Kyra. I know you like tall, athletic women. You don't have to flatter me."

"I'm not claiming that you 'light my fire', Beth. You look beautiful, and you deserve to be told that."

She turns away from me and says, "My husband liked to drop my drawers, do you want to do that or should I?"

I reach out and slide her panties down. "Mmm. I can see why he liked to spank this ass. It looks so naughty."

She positions herself on my lap and I ask how many she deserves.


"Okay, twenty then."


"Okay, twenty-five. Care to try for thirty?" She wisely decides not to argue.

"You'll let me know if I hit too hard?"

"If your hand can take it, my ass can take it."

I begin by gently rubbing her buns, letting the anticipation of the first smack build. Will it be the left cheek, or the right? Smack! On the left. A sharp intake of breath as her body stiffens. I cringe, fearful that I've hit her too hard. I do not relish the idea of causing her pain, but something about the idea of spanking a woman's bare ass overrides that. She relaxes without complaint, awaiting the next. If the stinging in her ass is half as bad as the stinging in my hand, then she is stoic.

I rub the place that I've just hit. It eases my pain and I know it eases hers. I look down at her pussy. It's tiny and it looks dry. She must powder it for dryness in the sweltering heat and humidity of Summer. She does not shave it, but she is not very bushy.

I smack the other cheek, then rub it. I continue until, after the 8th smack, I notice that she is sobbing silently. I grab a tissue and hand it down to her.

"Oh. Thank you. This is... very good."

After the fourteenth, she squirms a bit and her petals part, revealing that her nectar is now flowing well. I wondered if that would happen. Now I take a risk. I place my hand on her pussy and press ever so slightly. She stiffens up and I freeze, giving her the chance to stop me from going further. She gives up only a low moan. I rub in a circular motion, totally externally, not daring to invade. She squirms a little more. It seems enthusiastic.

I smack again, fifteen. I rub where I smacked and then return to her pussy, rubbing a little harder and a little longer.

"Oh, yes." The quietest of whispers.

Each smack is just as hard, but each rub of her pussy becomes longer, deeper, wetter. Her ass becomes very bright red. On the twenty second, I rub until she comes, my middle finger circling her tiny bud after dipping deep into her honey pot. I keep rubbing until her orgasm wanes.

"I think that's enough. Your punishment is complete."

"Thank you. It felt so good to be touched by another person."

"If you crawl onto the bed and lie on your belly, I'll rub some creme into your sore buns."

She looks so small, stretched out on the bed face down. Before I crawl in next to her, I shrug off my bathrobe. I rub the cool aloe creme gently into her fleshy buns.

"Mmmmmm. That feels so nice. I'm a little nervous. This isn't like me."

"How long has it been since..."

"Someone touched me um... intimately? Since my husband died. A few years ago. I've never told anyone this, but we were... doing it, when his heart failed."

"Oh my god, Beth. That's so... I can see how that would put you off."

"I don't know why I told you that. I think it was because or your story with Mr. Palmer. Was that a true story."

"True enough. The names were changed. Some minor details."

"Are all your stories just as true?"

"Um, is there one in particular that you want confirmed?"

"Do you really have the special um... toy."

"Yup. You wanna see it?"


I roll to my side of the bed and get the dildo from the drawer in the nightstand. I normally keep it in my GO bag, but I had hoped I would be using it tonight.

When I roll back, Beth's on her back waiting for me, so I put it right into her hands.

"And this is the size of your husband?"


"It's kind of big, but maybe not too big."

"There's only one way to find out. Will you help me put it on?"

"Am I really doing this?"

"If I have my way, you are."


"Beth, if it's really been that long, you need this."

"That's what I was thinking. That evening at Kyra's woke something up in me. My hand just isn't good enough anymore. I don't have anyone else that I can trust. And I did owe you that chance to spank me. I was so glad you called. So I broke one of my rules. Now I'm a little worried about where I'll stop."

"There's no rule that says that breaking one rule means you have to break every rule. If there was, you could break it."

"I'm... I don't want to do anything oral, or anal. Sorry."

"It's okay, angel. I have my limits too. I have no interest in being spanked by men, and no interest in men who would want to be spanked. I read a lot of stories on that site and I'm kind of bewildered by some of it. I'm a little uncomfortable about spanking. I don't know why hitting my ass makes my pussy wet, but I know I don't want to give a man that power over me. I guess it's like when I fucked Kyra's husband, Benedict. It was fun once to be called a slut and a whore, but... I just don't think I should like it so much, especially not coming from a man."

"I think I know what you mean. My husband and I spanked each other. It was a little disturbing that we both enjoyed it, but the sex was great. That other male submissive stuff just wasn't in either of us."

I could tell she was just talking to postpone deciding on whether to do anything more with me. So I reached out, put my hand on her breast, and said, "But this is different. It's comfort sex. Just a social thing. No licking. Just... two humans feeling good together."

As I said that, Beth went from tense to relaxed. And her nipple went from soft to rock hard. Her body clearly craved the contact.

"So, I'll just pretend you're a man and...?"

"And I'll just comfort a friend."

There's no hesitation as she puts lube on the rear post of my special dildo. She pushes it in without benefit of touching my anus with her finger. She puts the other post into my pussy and that doesn't seem to bother her or excite her. It seems like just a step in a process for her, but I feel the symbolism of it. To me, she's a woman who just made me hard so I would fuck her. She ties the straps on, hangs the metal balls on, and suddenly seems tense again. I put my hands on both of her nipples and gently squeeze and twist them. Despite my desire to play the role of man and seduce her, I remember her concern for the size of my 'tool' and decide to use words instead.

"What's your pleasure, my friend?"

"I don't want to suck it."

"I understand, Beth. No oral. It's already hard and it won't go soft. I want this to be helpful to you. How do you want me?"

"How about on your back. My husband was big. Tall and fat really. I rode him... on top."

"Cowgirl. And you liked that?"


"Mount up, little lady."

She laughs. "That's exactly what he used to say. Oh god, I miss him so."

She straddles me and slowly slips my cock into her tiny pussy, working her hips around and using her fingers to free her pussy lips as they try to ride in with the dry dildo. "This feels bigger than he was, but just a little."

When I feel her tender ass cheeks touch my thighs, I reach up to touch her nipples again.

"Ahhhhhhh. That feels good." She begins to stroke up and down on my pole. She rolls her hips a little to maximize her pleasure and I thrust up only slightly to meet her. Tears start falling onto my belly and I think maybe this won't work for her, but she speeds her hips and then starts to gasp and shudder. She's coming and sobbing at the same time and it feels so tender and intimate that I want to hug her and comfort her, but she's clearly doing what she needs to do. It's a strangely beautiful experience.

When she's ready, she slides off the dildo and lays her tiny body right on top of me. She crys for a few more minutes and then says, "Thank you. That was very comforting. Did you come?"

"No. But it's okay, Beth. This was for you."

She slides off of me and cuddles up beside me. "I'm not as fragile as I probably seemed, Cate, or as selfish. I've been stroking my little knob alone for the last few years. It would be an honor to do you."

I reach down and pull the dildo from my holes. I turn it and stick the cock end into my pussy.

"That would be... appreciated."

Bethany reaches across my torso with her lower arm and gently plays with my far nipple. She takes my near nipple into her mouth, and that combination really gets me going. When her upper hand slides down across my belly and onto my mound, she dips her fingers into my slit. With the heel of her palm pressing on my mound, she begins to squeeze and release, squeeze and release. I feel the fire build in me as she keeps this up until finally, her middle finger seeks my clit.

My toes curl and release with the squeezing of her palm as her finger circles around and around. Her fingers and lips on my nipples maintain their rhythm as her fingers in my pussy build my anticipation. Deftly, she brings me closer and closer until my head starts to roll side-to-side and my legs come up off the bed, totally out of my control. The trinity of pleasure, nipple-nipple-clit, is in synch, and I realize that she's doing it intentionally. Nipple, nipple, clit, nipple, nipple, clit... My orgasm bursts from me and my whole body shudders. I enter a state I've never experienced. When I return, I'm so relaxed I feel boneless.

"Oh, god, Beth. That was un-fuckin'-real."

"Aw, thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it."

We sit in comfortable afterglow for a few minutes and then she asks, "Are you going to write about me?"

"I write about all the important events in my life, Beth, but I don't have to publish them. I won't, if you don't want me to."

"I trust you, Cate, and since it's only us seven who will know it's me, I won't mind. I've never been very open with them, but that's my nature. It's not that I don't want them to know."

"Well that's good, because I admire you. And I really like that technique you used."

She's smiling. "My husband used to like that, too."

"I wonder if Dan would."

"Give him the stiffy test."

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