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Sisterly Love

Lesbian sex slave gets used and abused with a strapon
She had come for a sleep-over at my place, while estranged from my brother-in-law "G". From things she had told me of her brief stay at the "Y". I knew she had had a fling with her roommate, which became the final straw in ending things with "G". I knew if I was to have the experience I had always fantasized about now was the time to make my move. I had picked up some wine just to loosen her mind and free her up a bit...and looked her in the eye and told her I wanted to take her to my bed. At first she was surprised at my suggestion, but then admitted it was something she had thought about me for a very long time. Getting up and going to my room, I told her I would be right back. Picking out a red lacy thing that plunged in the neckline and clung to the body with matching g-string panties, I returned to find her still sitting on the couch as left. I tossed the lacy outfit I had selected to her and told her to go shower and shave, including between her thighs so she would be smooth for my use...

While she did as I bided, I went into the bedroom to ready the room, shaking with anticipation of the night ahead, as I lit candles, adjusted a few mirrors for viewing our entwined bodies, my mind was envisioning her tied spread eagle on the bed before me. Turning on the stereo and leaving the room to see if she was ready for inspection, I headed for the bathroom. Entering the room, steamy from her showering, I pulled the curtain back to get my first look at her nakedness, her breasts fuller than I imagined, couldn't be resisted. I reached out to run my fingers over her nipples, running circles round her already hardened nipples. "Why are you taking so long to do as you have been told?"

I demanded to know. "Do you give yourself pleasure? Is that why you dawdle?" "No mistress! "She replied, slipping into her role easily. "I would never displease you so..."Hanging her head in mock submission.

I continued my anal inspection, enjoying the way she fucked my finger, deciding it was time to stretch her wider ... Wow...The little slut was loving it... Is there anything she will not take from me. Knowing I was about to push her to the limits and find out. I removed myself from inside her, again grabbing her by her hair and pulling her from the shower. "Dry me slut" Throwing a towel to her she began to dry my small athletic form, shaking from her previous inspection. After she had completed I pulled both her arms behind her, enjoying the way her tits stretched up and out taunt and lead her down the hall to the room I had readied earlier.

I pushed her in front of one of the mirrors catching her eyes in the glass. Running my hand over her curves pulling her arms tighter behind her I asked "Who's nipple do I hold between my fingers" Looking at me in confusion I began to squeeze her already hardened nipple. "Mistress?" she questioned." I said who's nipple do I hold?"

Adding pressure as I again repeated the question. Seeing the understanding in her eyes "Yours mistress" Releasing her nip, I turned her to the bed pushing her on it, giving her bottom a smack as I did so, stretching her arms over her head I slipped them thru the ropes, before she even knew I had done so...She was face down on the bed and struggling at the ropes on her wrists. "Mistress do you have to tie me?" Smack..."Do not question me my slut... I will do as I please your body belongs to me." Running my hands over her cheeks I delivered a few more whacks just to make my point known. Then grabbing her by the ankles I turned her body over, spreading her legs apart and placing them in the ropes I had waiting for this purpose.

MMM...nothing sexier than a woman spread eagle and bound on a bed, I placed a pillow under her shoulders to make her arch more, and one under her bottom to have easier access to both her entries... I began to lay my toys out on the bed, noting the lusty anticipation showing on her face. Kneeling between her thighs I picked up the bottle of lube filling my hands, enjoying the cherry smell it had, knowing she would have to be kept well lubed, if I did not wish to damage her. I shoved a finger in her ass. She screamed at the swiftness of it not ready for such a move. Slapping her face for her scream "Silence bitch you know you like it"

As she had already begun to fuck my finger back. Pulling my finger out, I opened her pink lips and poured more lubricant knowing the warming solution would have her writhing. As it began to work its magic I grabbed the strap on from my collection of toys. She inhaled sharply when she saw its size, wondering if she could handle such a thing... I placed the tip of the purple toy at her lips, telling her to suck it like a real cock..."Sluts like sucking cock right?"

Shoving it in her mouth she gagged then began to suck on the toy as her reflexes adjusted. I pushed the toy in and out fucking her face with it, saliva rolled out the sides of her mouth as I raped her face hole with it. Removing the toy I straddled her face deciding it was time she was face fucked with my pussy "Hope you know your in for along night my whore" as I lowered and placed my pussy on her "Open bitch" She obediently did as told. "I need to you like yellow gold, Bitch?" Startled she looked at me, But her lips parted as ordered.

Letting a stream go I filled her mouth and stopped "Swallow my slut then lick me clean", swallowing she began to lick the drips from my smooth pussy. "Open to take some more!!" I demanded, opening her mouth I again filled it. She quickly swallowed and began to lick me clean, pleasing me with her quickness to learn her place.

"Who's mouth do I use?" Demanding more than questioning.. "Yours my mistress...yours..." I placed my clit to her mouth closing my legs around her head to grind myself against her, cutting off her air supply just enough to remind her how much control I have of her...Rising from her face I plunge my hand between her legs to feel her dripping wetness, cunt was loving this treatment "your dripping slut". "don't you dare cum without my say so, understood?" Laughing as she nods her head, I continue my play between her legs entering first one hole then fingering the other, watching her writhe under my administration. Now fingering her pussy with two fingers moving in and out trying to place in another finger and another...Wondering if she has ever been fisted I insert my thumb with the other four fingers twisting and churning against her inner walls. "Open my pussy to me, my pet, relax and let go" my hand goes all the way in I slowly make a fist, she’s moaning and throwing her head side to side filled with my fist I begin to stoke in and out fucking her almost to the elbow...And the bitch was loving it...Flicking my tongue at her clit she is begging me to let her finish...But I have only begun my onslaught of her. I pull my hand free from her, its soaked with her juices. Taking the lube up I begin to work her ass, stretching it a finger at a time until she has three inside fucking in and out of her tightness "OHHHH...God mistress ...YESSS Fuck your little tight hole...she begged.

"Oh I intend to cunt. "As I slipped out of her. Time this bitch knew what an ass fucking really is... I put the strapon in place enjoying the silhouette it creates in the mirror. I lift her ass slightly off the bed positioning the purple head at her opening and enter her. Yes she has loosened up nicely as it enters easily for a virgin ass fucking. Oh the power at my finger tips... I begin to move my hips bringing the toy in and out of her. Quickening with each stroke, moving my hand to her pussy I part her lips "Has that pussy ever been spanked" I begin to tap against her clit smacking the bud with increasing hardness . She's moaning and thrashing by now, trying to take more of the fake cock inside. Grabbing her by her ass cheeks I lift her up and down, churning it inside her slamming at her hole...she’s on the point of cumming "Please mistress let me go, I need to cum sooo bad" her eyes showing her distress as she tries to keep her orgasm at bay. I slip her feet from the binds and flip her over. "Not till I've fucked you like the bitch you are...On your knees now!" She raises on her knees and I plunge back into her at that same moment, grabbing her by the back of her head I slam that ass, and slam that ass, As hard as I can possibly fuck it. "And who's ass do I take whore?" Smacking her on the ass cheek.

"It is yours mistress and yours alone mistress" As she meets every thrust of my hips. "Lay down bitch" I demand... "WH.. WH.. What my mistress" Looking confused. I push her flat out on the bed, the purple toy still implanted in her tightened ass. Reaching to the toy pile I grab a small leather whip. Then grab her hair yanking her head up I run the fringed whip up and down her face making sure she knows what is coming next. The flogging starts at her shoulders to the middle of her back, as she writhes to get away from the beating her ass is speared deeper and deeper by the latex cock inside her. Finally she stops moving submitting to the whipping and the pumping of her ass.

Both working on her body in rhythm, whip.. plunge. .whip. .plunge... Now I place my hands on her shoulder pinning her face down to the bed, placing her legs together, straddling her hips I begin to work her ass, raping it though it has been given freely...showing the bitch the truth of my ownership of her body. Taking a vibrator, I tell her to lift up my cunt and place it beneath her against my now owned clit, pushing her down against the vibrations. Slamming at her ass... Instructing her to release her orgasm...her body begins to tremble as I twist and churn and circle around in her ass... "Mistress... Mistress...Ohhh... I'MMM cumming, " Now meeting me thrust for thrust. The orgasm seems to last her forever, as she milks the hardened toy for all it is worth. Spent she lays limp beneath me..."Don't get lazy have me to service... And that is going to be an all night process." I then pulled out and removed the strapon from its harness and removed the rubber from it.

Flipping her over I retied her legs open, reaching between my legs I scooped my juices and held them to her mouth. She lapped at them with her tongue making sure they were perfectly clean. "Good lets see if you can clean my juices with your tongue"...and straddled her face again... As I re-straddled her face, I watched in the mirror as my lips parted over her waiting mouth. Watched as her tongue reached out to my now swollen lips. Grabbing her by both sides of her head I pulled her to me by her hair, ramming my pussy into her face and riding against her tongue. I felt the need to release myself and told her it was time for another drink and I hoped she was thirsty...she moaned having enjoyed this game once already she knew was I let loose a stream into her mouth...stopping so she could clean me between trickles of the golden warm liquid...

Finishing, I then climbed back between her legs and inserted a butt plug into her loosened hole that I fucked well...and a dildo into her heated pussy... I then placed a vibrator between her lips against her clit, climbing on top of the vibrator pressed against her I straddled it till it was pressed to my clit as well...riding it I grabbed those beautiful tits and kneaded and pinched, twisting them as our desire began to build...Telling her what a good fuck slave she had been...That her cunt was now mine to use whenever I wished having filmed her slutty behavior...Just to be sure she had no choice in the now she can only beg for another orgasm, so taking the strapon up again I slammed into her banging and pumping it against her as hard as the bitch could take it pinching her tits her ass the thighs wanting to wrap around me, but restrained by her bonds...taking the vibrator I plunged it into her back door double fucking the cunt, her head thrashing side to side...Taking the bullet that came with the strapon and slipping it into its pocket its vibrations against my clit as I pumped her. .bringing me closer and closer till I go over the edge, she’s still begging for her release...beg she will!!!
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