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Sleepover Fun

A dirty story...

'Let's watch Carver Street,' Lily said, and turned the TV on.

We were both best friends, and tonight we were at her house, having our weekly sleepover. I wore my pyjamas, and she wore shorts and a top. We sat against the sofa in our sleeping bags, watching our favourite soap.

Suddenly, two of the characters kissed, and Lily laughed: they were two girls.

'I'm gonna get a drink,' Lily said, and stood up.

'I'll come too,' I said, and to pull myself up, grabbed what I thought was the sofa. It was actually her shorts, and I ended up pulling them down a little. 'Oops, sorry,'

She giggled. 'Don't worry,'

When we'd got our drinks, we sat back down. She smiled at me. 'I'll put some music on,' She said, and bent down. I couldn't help looking at her bum when her shorts slid down.

'These are too big for me,' She moaned.

'Don't worry, they look great,' I said, before I could stop myself.

'Damn, I wish I looked like that,' Lily said, as a bikini advert came on.

'You look fine, I wish I had your chest, it's fantastic,' I said.

'No, it's not. It's just my bra. Are you wearing a bra?' She asked.


'I can see your nipples, Daisy!' She laughed.

I blushed, and laughed too.

'Apparently Paul-Jon is going out with Kay in our year,'


'Yeah, she looks fantastic,'

'I know.'

'I don't really understand how a dick so big can get inside a girl if she's small,' Lily said.

'I know, me neither.'

'Apparently Paul-Jon's dick is massive.' Lily grinned, and reached for a banana by the table. 'Bigger than this,' She mimed pushing it inside something.

I laughed.



'Do with yourself?'


'Do you play with yourself?' Lily asked.

'Sometimes, at night, in bed. why?'

'Just wondering.'


We watched TV in silence for a while. The two girls came on again, kissing. We both watched.

'I need to go upstairs a sec,'




'Do you really want to know?'


'Well, my knickers need changing.'


'They're a bit wet.'

'Wet?' I asked.

'Yeah.' Lily said, and sat beside me. 'You know, when you...'

'Get turned on?' I asked.


'But...they're girls, Lily.' I said. 'How can you get turned on by girls?'

She shrugged.

I yawned. 'I'm tired.' And I got out of my sleeping bag for a bit, and sat on my stomach in front of the TV.

I watched Lily from the corner of my eye and saw a damp patch grow around her crotch area in her shorts.

She blushed, and stood up.



'Did you get turned on again?' I asked.

She nodded.

'But there are no girls on screen, it's just the news,'

She nodded again. 'I know.'

'So how can you...?'

I realised that my top was hanging loose and you could see some of my breasts.

'Lily, am I turning you on?' I asked.

She nodded, and sat down.

'It's ok.' I said.

'Do you wear pants to bed?'


'Oh. Me too.'

'It's really hot tonight.' I said, and wiped my forehead. It was boiling inside, and we had the windows open too.

'We should cool down.' Lily took off her top, revealing a pink bra.

'You know I can't do that, Lily, I have no bra, remember?'

'Come on, we're all girls together,' She said.

'Ok. But what if your Dad comes down?'

'He won't. He's a deep sleeper.'

'Ok.' I pulled my top off and I watched Lily look at them.

We sat in front of the TV and watched some more soap.  It ended on a girl doing a modelling shoot.

'Hey, you know my brother.?' Lily asked.


'Well, I caught him looking at porn the other night,' She said. 'He claimed it was research,'

I laughed. 'yeah, right.'

'I know. The girls were all, like:' She struck a pose, cupping her breasts, and then licking her fingers.

I laughed again.

She posed again, widening her legs on the floor, and I saw a bit of pink knicker at the sides of her shorts. 'Except, you know, they were naked.'

'You mean, you could see their...?'


'What did it look like?' I asked.

'Why do you want to know?' She asked.

'I've never seen another girls' know. Before.'

'Me neither, apart from on those photos.' Lily said. 'It was really pink and wet and plump.'


There was a pause.

'So, what else did they do?'

'I know, let's pretend you're the model, and I'm the photographer!' Lily said excitedly.

'Ok. Tell me what to do then,'

'Ok.' She mimed holding a camera. 'Cup your breasts, and run your tongue along your lips.'

'Ok.' I did so.

'Now spread your legs wide.'

I had my trousers on, so I was only half-naked.

'Hey, um...' She paused. 'Do you think we this for real?'

'We could do. Is it wrong?'

She shook her head. 'We're only having fun, right?'


'So, take your trousers off.'

I did, and spread my legs so she could see my white knickers.

'Would you mind taking your pants off?' She asked.

'Do you think we should?' I asked. 'Do you mind?'

'No, we're both girls. You look great like that, with your legs and everything. Your boobs are so cute,' Lily said.

'You take them off,' I instructed suddenly.

'What?' She asked, shocked.

'You take my pants off, it'll be better.'

'Will it?'


'I'll actually see another girl's pussy in real life. This is so weird.' Lily said.

'Lily...does this mean I'm a lesbian?'

'I don't you want to be?'

'No. I fancy Josh at school.'

'Then you're bisexual.' She said, and grinned as she tugged my knickers off, leaving my pink pussy exposed to the open air, on the sleeping bag.

She started breathing heavily. 'Oh man, your pussy is awesome.'

'Thanks,' I said, grinning. 'Lay down, on the sleeping bag.' I said quickly.


'Just do it.'


I climbed on top of her, my best friend, and sat on her face, pressing my vagina lips onto her face.

'What are you doing?'

'Lick it.'

'Lick your vagina?'


Her tongue slid inside me and ran up and down, and then it plunged deep inside me, and I moaned with delight.

'Can I lick your clit?' She asked.

'Sure,' I said, and the sensation made me scream.

'My dad'll hear.' She hissed. 'Or my brother, they'll wake up.'

'I'll be quiet,' I promised, and I looked at her, her face wet with my juices. 'I'm going to take your clothes off.' I said.

I tore off her bra, and then her shorts, and pants.

I sniffed her knickers. 'They smell good.' I said.

'Told you you made me wet,' She said.

'Come here, come here,' I said, and forced her to bend over. I smacked her tight bum.

'Daisy, you're amazing,' Lily said. 'But you're a bad girl, you shouldn't make me wet. I'm gonna punish you.'

And her fist slid inside me, and shoved in and out, fast, quickly, and I heard the squelch in pussy as her fist plunged inside me.

'Ooh, yeah, oh my, yeah...' I moaned. 'Oh no, I made your sleeping bag wet!'

'Who cares?' She said.

I fingered her quickly, and she moaned my name. I pushed my fist inside her, and my tongue licked her juices from the bag. I smelt her bra and then sucked her breasts.

'Get the banana,' She ordered, and took it in her hands.

I shoved it inside her, making her scream. Quickly, I rode her, and banged her so hard her breasts wobbled and she came over my face. I licked it up, and grinned.

'What is going on?' Her brother, Mick, came downstairs.

His mouth dropped open. I was holding the banana up Lily's pussy and we were both naked.

Oh dear.


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