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Sleepover to remember 2

The sleepover continues into the day
The next morning Becca wakes up laying in-between a naked Vikki and Kelsey. She smiles kissing them both as they wake up.

“Morning sluts,” Vikki teases.

“Morning whore,” Kelsey says back kissing Vikki.

The three get up and have some breakfast. They remain silent a bit as they watch TV. Kelsey kisses Becca’s cheek.

“Let’s go use the hot tub Becca,” Kelsey suggests.

“Alright let’s do it,” Becca smiles.

The three head out back and Becca gets the hot tub started as Vikki and Kelsey make out a bit. Becca joins in as the tub gets heated up. The three then, slide into the tub and get cozy with each other.

“So does this all mean we are lesbians now?” Vikki asks curiously.

“Hmmm, I think at least bisexual, maybe” Becca says shrugging.

Vikki sits up on the edge of the hot tub spreading her legs. Kelsey smiles and slides in-between her legs and starts to lick her pussy. Becca lifts Kelsey’s waist out of the water and starts to lick Kelsey’s pussy from behind.

“Ohhh, yes Kelsey oh your lips are so amazing,” Vikki moans.

This small train keeps going until both Kelsey and Vikki cum. The three girls kiss again and sit in the hot tub for a good hour before getting out. Once inside the house, Becca sits on the couch spreading her legs as wide as she can.

“I want you two, to make me cum now,” Becca moans rubbing her pussy.

Kelsey and Vikki smile and get down on floor and start to rub and lick Becca’s pussy. Becca starts to moan rubbing her breasts now.

“Oh use your fingers please, please,” Becca moans.

Vikki and Kelsey slide two fingers each into Becca’s pussy. Becca starts to moan louder twisting her nipples. Kelsey and Vikki start to pump their fingers in and out hard and fast.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, HARDER, FASTER!” Becca moans loudly.

“Are you sure Becca?” Kelsey asks.

“YES PLEASE!” Becca pleads.

“As you wish.” Vikki says.

Kelsey and Vikki smile at each other. Then they pump their fingers into Becca’s pussy as hard and as fast as they can go. Becca starts to moan even louder, catching the attention of Nicole, Becca’s older neighbor who was walking home carrying a gym bag.

“What the hell?” Nicole says staring at the house heading for the front door.

Becca continues to moan loudly as she gets closer to cumming. Just before Becca is about to cum she pushes their fingers out of her pussy.

“OHHH SHIIIIIIT!” Becca moans as her body shakes and she squirts out a big load of cum hitting Vikki and Kelsey.

“Oh my what the hell is this?” Vikki says.

Kelsey and Vikki look at each other examining what is on them.

“Did you just pee on us Becca?” Kelsey asks.

“No she just squirted cum on you.” A voice from the door is heard.

All three girls jump a bit and look at the door and see Nicole. She is standing there watching the end of it. She sets her bag down and walks over.

“That was a hot squirt Becca.” She says smiling.

“What are you doing here, Nicole?” Becca says after regaining herself.

“I was going to home after a night with my slut, but you made enough noise for me to see.” Nicole smiles.

The three young girls remain quiet. They look at Nicole who was checking out their bodies.

“You two look like you want to learn to squirt too, right?”

Kelsey and Vikki look at each other then at Becca. They look over at Nicole and nod together.

“Mmmm good, I will gladly help you out.” Nicole says.

-more to cum-

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