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Sleepover to Remember - part 3

Sleepover comes to a wet and wild end
“Alright first I am going to demonstrate using Becca here,” Nicole says smiling, grabbing her large bag.

Melissa and Vikki sit there and just watch. Nicole opens her bag and pulls out a large purple dildo that is curved at the end. She plugs it in, turns it on. Vikki and Melissa giggle some as it starts to vibrate. Nicole slowly inserts the curved end of the vibrator, into Becca’s pussy.

“Ohhhhhhh!” Becca moans sitting up almost right away, only to be pushed back down by Nicole.

Nicole smiles as she continues to fuck Becca’s pussy with it. Melissa and Vikki start to rub their pussies as they watch. Nicole then pulls out what looks like an egg with a cord attached to it.

“Vikki, will you be a doll and lube this up for me please?” Nicole asks handing it to Vikki along with a bottle of lube.

Vikki slowly applies lube to this egg. She offers it back to Nicole, but Nicole shakes her head.

“You need to plug it in and slide it into Becca’s ass.” Nicole says lifting Becca up off the couch a bit.

Vikki plugs the egg in, and starts to slowly push it into Becca’s ass. Nicole presses a small button on the egg and it starts to vibrate. The egg slips into Becca’s ass all the way.

“Oh, oh, oh, shiiiiit!” Becca moans as her body starts to shake.

Nicole laughs a bit. Melissa and Vikki watch in amazement as the orgasm that is building inside their redheaded friend. It is only about five minutes later, before Becca’s body starts to thrust upwards.

“OH FUCK!” Becca moans loudly as she squirts a ton all over her friends again.

“Good girl,” Nicole says petting Becca’s head, “Very nice.”

Nicole pulls the egg and vibrator out of Becca. She looks over at Melissa and Vikki with a smile.

“Are you two ready for this?”

They just nod, as Nicole reaches into her bag and grabs another vibrator and egg. Nicole lubes both of them up and hands them to the girls. Melissa slides the vibrator into her pussy and the egg into her ass.

“Ohhhh. . . shit this is a weird feeling, but sooo good,” Melissa moans.

Vikki does the reverse. She puts the vibrator into her ass and the egg in her pussy.

“Ohh, ohh, yea, yea,” Vikki moans softly.

Nicole rolls her eyes, “So adventurous you girls are.”

The two girls scoot close to Becca. They slide their heads between her legs and start to lick her pussy.

“Oh, oh, oh, girls, ohhh crap,” Becca moans.

Vikki and Melissa fuck themselves as they eat out Becca’s pussy. Nicole smiles standing up grabbing her bag.

“You girls can keep the toys. Have fun!” She says kissing each one of them before leaving.

Nicole smiles as she walks down the sidewalk hearing the moans of the girls. Back in the house, the girls are going nuts. The two girls moan loudly into Becca’s pussy as they squirt all over the floor. Becca squeals as she squirts all over their faces.

“Oh fuck! I need to clean that up before mom comes home,” Becca says shaking.

“Yea, we should do that.” Vikki says.

“Not before I get your cum all over me.” Becca says smiling.

Vikki and Melissa lead Becca to the bathroom. There they start to fuck themselves again with just their fingers. It does not take long for the two to squirt cum all over Becca’s body. The three cuddle up together and shower off. They then go and clean up the mess they made in the living room. Then hide their new toys they got from Nicole.

“I love you girls and I don’t ever want to love anyone else or have sex with anyone else but you girls,” Becca says kissing her two lovers.

“Us too Becca,” Vikki and Melissa say at once.

The End

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