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Kissing me gently, I turn towards you and mingle with your lips. I feel your tongue slide between mine and I fight it back with equal force. I pull you on top of me, my hands grazing every inch of your body, stopping on your firm ass. You push against me, kissing me harder and running your fingers through my hair. I grab your ass, gently at first, and then harder in response to your soft moans. You grind your body against mine and I can feel myself tingle all over. I arch up towards you, pulling you against me, our bodies moving as one.

You pull my arms above my head, pinning me down and teasing me with kisses. You kiss along my neck in all the right places, making my body tingle and twitch at your desire. You slowly start to kiss your way down, using your free hand to massage my boobs while you kiss along my collar bones. You free my hands just long enough to get my shirt off and remove my bra. I try to take yours off, too, but you shove me back down and kiss me. We make out passionately for several minutes, our bodies moving in unison against each other. You free my hands in order to explore my body with your own. 

Kissing down my neck again, this time stopping at my boobs , you show each one a great amount of attention, licking and sucking on one while massaging the other. My moans get louder and louder with each passing moment which only encourages you to keep going. You raise up and begin to unbutton my pants but I use this as an opportunity to take control, pushing you on your back and straddling you, kissing you before pulling your shirt off. Kissing on your neck, pulling your body close to mine, I unhook your bra, letting it slide off gently. You smile, kissing me as wrap my legs around you. Pushing you back slightly I kiss on your neck, slowly teasing my way down to your boobs.

It’s almost torture as I kiss, suck, and lick everywhere but where you are begging. Grinding against you, I give you what you want, taking your left nipple into my mouth as I massage the right. Your back arches and moans slip out of your mouth. I smile and switch to the right, kissing every inch in between. You push against me, grinding against me as hard as you can. I can feel myself twitching and I stop, pushing you back on the bed and getting on my knees between your legs. Kissing down your stomach, I unbutton your shorts and slide them off. You’re so wet, I can see it through your panties. I slide my shorts off, revealing to you how wet I am too. You start to raise up to kiss me, but I shove you back down, kissing you before getting between your legs.

I let my fingers graze against your pussy, your body arching in response. Giggling, I rub a little harder and kiss on your thighs. Your moans are begging me to give you what we’ve both been waiting for. I slide your panties to the side, letting my fingers slide barely inside of you, moaning at how wet you are. I slowly ease them in, and then out. Bringing them to my mouth, I suck them clean. I let my hand fall to my own pussy, teasing my clit as I slide your panties off. I kiss on your thighs again, letting my free hand massage your boobs. I kiss up to your hips, pausing to suck gently in all the right spots. Your body is arching towards my mouth, hungry for what’s next.

Teasing you, I kiss all around your pussy, letting my tongue graze your clit. You gasp for breath before I wrap my lips around it, sucking and licking gently at first, and then with more force. You moan my name into a pillow, just in case anyone’s awake. I move down lower, tasting your wetness. I slide my tongue inside you as you arch your back, pushing it deeper. Flicking it in and out, your moans get louder and faster and I know you’re close to cumming. 

I move back up to your clit, kissing and sucking gently before kissing up your body. My fingers tease your clit as I kiss on your collar bones, then your neck, and then behind your ear. You try to contain your moans but you can’t help it. I nibble on your earlobe for a moment before bringing my lips to yours, parting them with my tongue. My hands travel up your side, your body tingling at every touch. Moving to straddle you, you stop me as I’m on my knees, sliding my panties off. I smile down at you as you pull me towards you, rubbing your fingers across my wetness and bringing them to your mouth for a taste.

You wrap your arms around my thighs and pull me towards you so I’m straddling your face. You raise your head up, dragging your tongue all the way across my pussy and back, then grabbing my ass and pulling me down, focusing on my clit. I try to contain my moans but you flick your tongue faster and faster and I can’t help it. You suck my clit into your mouth, making me moan your name louder and louder, over and over. You smack my ass, making me whimper.

I raise up and you try to pull me down, but once you realize what I’m doing you stop. Turning around, still straddling your face, I start massaging your boobs while you lick my pussy. You start moaning into me while I moan into the air. I lean down, grasping your thighs and flicking your clit with my tongue. You moan, diving your tongue deeper into me. I moan into your pussy, licking and sucking on your clit while my fingers probe your tight hole. Your moans get faster and faster, almost in perfect time with mine. You roll so we’re on our sides, grinding your pussy into my face almost as hard as you’re grinding your face into my pussy. Moaning with pure ecstasy, our bodies writhing almost in unison we both orgasm, just as the door opens.

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