Slumber Party (Part 1)

By Carmyn

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This is really what happens at girls' slumber parties....
"Oh my fucking goodness, why did you invite her?" Amber frowned as she flipped her long blonde hair out of her face to reveal her ocean bluish-green eyes.

"Why you don't like Iara?" Tanya asked as she pulled an extra comforter set out of her closet.

"Because..." Amber pouted.

Tanya turned to look at Amber sitting on the floor applying hot pink nail polish on her cute little toes. "Because what? Amber, we're all 18, time to stop acting like kids. And why are you polishing your toes now? Let's wait for Iara"

"Tanya!" Tanya's mom called from downstairs. "Iara's here."

Amber rolled her eyes as Tanya got excited and yelled back. "Send her up, mom." Then she turned to Amber. "Let the make-overs begin!"

"No amount of make-up is going make Iara look better," Amber whispered just as Iara entered the room.

Truth was, Iara was stunning. That's why Amber didn't like her. Iara was new to their school. She'd just moved here from Brazil and my, my, my, the boys lusted after her slender but curvacious caramel colored skin. Before her, Amber was the most attractive girl, well Tanya was also but boys couldn't have her. She was gay. But they wish she weren't because she was so pretty. Sporting a short Rihanna-type hairdo that accompanied her rich chocolate skin well, hazel eyes, plump lips, and an ass like J.Lo's that jiggled every time she took a step. That was Tanya. Amber was the head-turning, jaw-dropping, make-em slob beauty. With her flawless vanilla skin, natural blonde hair to her shoulders, perky c-cups, flat tummy, and long hairless legs, Amber was stunning. Iara came and Amber didn't like the competition. Iara was a true Brazilian beauty. Long flowing silky black hair down to her ass, long tanned legs, almond-shaped light brown eyes, an award-winning smile housing 32 shining pearls that you seen every time a boy complimented her on her double Ds. All 3 girls were stunning.

"Hey hey," Iara greeted them as she sat a tray wrapped in foil on Tanya's dresser. "I brought chocolate chip cookies."

"My favorite," Tanya squealed as she ripped the foil off.

Amber was so jealous. As long as she and Tanya had been having these sleepovers, she'd never thought to bring anything. Iara was making her look bad.

"Don't you want one?" Iara asked Amber who hadn't moved from her spot on the floor.

"I don't like chocolate chip," she lied.

"Let's get to the partying," Tanya said, purposely interrupting from Iara mentioned Amber was eating them at lunch today. "This has got to be the best slumber party, because this is the last one I'll ever have."

"Why?" Iara inquired.

"Because we'll be in college next year!" she exclaimed and Iara joined in on the giggles.

Amber was still pissed Tanya invited Iara before running it by her. She quietly got up and went into the bathroom to change into her pajamas which were the shortest shorts and a spaghetti strap top that displayed her pierced midsection.

"Let's see that Brazilian look hotter than this," she mumbled to herself before exiting the bathroom with the widest grin on her face.

"Oh my goodness, that is so cute, Am," Iara said as she dug in her bag.

"I know. Thanks," she replied cockily.

Iara pulled something from her bag and said, "I have that one, too."

Amber bit her bottom lip and collapsed on the floor. Iara stood up, pulled her t-shirt above her head to reveal she was not wearing a bra, then slip into her half-top. From Amber's peripheral, she noticed Tanya's smile widened.

"Why don't you change in the bathroom?" Amber asked.

"No! It's fine. She can change right there," Tanya blurted, obviously enjoying the show.

With Tanya's approval, Iara continued to undress right there in front of them. Down with her pants and her thong, broadcasting her Brazilian waxed pussy. Iara was standing, facing Amber sitting on the floor, with her pussy damn near in her face. Tanya was near her closet, viewing the side of Iara's nakedness.

"Like my bikini wax?" Iara asked Amber.

Amber frowned and averted her eyes.

"Let me see," Tanya demanded.

Iara turned towards Tanya who was nodding. Amber was so furious. Now this bitch had her perky little ass damn near in her face.

"Why don't you put your shorts on already?" Amber yelled.

Iara smiled as she put them on. But hers were so short that the bottom of Iara's ass was hanging out. Amber dropped her head in her hands and called Iara a slut constantly in her mind.

Tanya was still in the corner, fanning herself. "It just got hot as hell in here. This is surely going to be the best slumber party yet."