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Slumber Party (Part 2)

This is really what happens at girls' slumber parties....
Tanya was still in the corner, fanning herself. "It just got hot as hell in here. This is surely going to be the best slumber party yet." Then Tanya changed into a regular size tee and long pajama bottoms right before her mom walked in.

"Hey ladies," she said as she sat a bowl on the dresser, "I made a face mask for you. If you guys need anything else, let me know."

"Ok, thanks mom," Tanya smiled just as her mom left the room.

"Your mom is so hot," Iara joked as she viewed the contents on the dresser.

"That's where I get it from. I get it from my momma," Tanya sang in her ghetto voice.

"She also brought a cucumber," Iara said as she positioned it on the dresser about to cut it.

"No!" Tanya yelled and dashed over, almost tripping over Amber. "We won't be using the cucumber."

Amber and Iara's eyebrows shot up. "Why not?" they asked in unsion.

"Because. I. Said. So." Tanya put much emphasis on each word.

The girls frowned up at her, suspiciously eyeing her nervousness.

Tanya finally broke down and admitted. "Because I use this to..." she smiled and shook the cucumber up and down in the air.

Amber was lost but Iara quickly picked up on it. "Eww, you nasty slut. Why don't you just buy a dildo?"

"I don't want my mom finding a dildo in my room. She'll know I'm gay for sure."

"You slut," Iara laughed as she snatched the cucumber from Tanya and put it in her mouth, giving the cucumber a blowjob.

Tanya was speechless. Amber was confused. "Didn't she just say she puts that in her pussy and you just put it in your mouth?" Amber said.

Iara took it out her mouth and slid it down Tanya's pjs and rubbed it against her clit. Tanya wasn't stopping her. Amber jumped up, not believing this was occurring before her eyes.

"You're gay too?" she questioned.

"Not really, I just have a thing for hot girls. I would be all over you if you were so mean to me," Iara admitted.

"I'm not gay, bi, or even curious so don't try me," Amber snapped. "This is supposed to be a party, not an orgy." Amber was yelling.

Knock, knock. "Girls?" It was Tanya's mom at the door. Tanya and Iara had terminated their fun and were sitting on the floor by the time her mom walked into the room. "I heard yelling. Everything ok?"

"Yeah, mom. We just got really excited. Sorry, we'll keep the noise down," Tanya assured.

With a pleasant smile, her mom nodded and exit the room.

"Amber! Keep your voice down," Tanya said. "You almost got us busted."

Amber joined them on the floor, still frowning. "Are we gonna polish our toes or what?"

Tanya had her glaze locked on Amber. She was not happy.

"What? I'll keep my voice down," Amber assured.

"Do you have something against lesbians?" Tanya inquired.

Amber defended herself quickly. "No, and you should know that. You're my best friend and you're gay and I don't have a problem with that. Never have and never will. You know I accept you for who you are, Tanya. Why would you ask that?"

Iara butted in. "Because it seemed like you had a prob."

Amber lied, "Well I don't."

Iara smiled, "I know what you need." Iara crawled towards Amber.

Amber just sat on the floor Indiana style, trying to determine what in the hell was she doing. Iara got close to Amber, close enough for her Beyonce's Heat perfume to fill Amber's nostrils. She leaned close, but Amber pushed her back.

"What the hell are you doing, Iara?" Am asked as she stood up.

"You're no fun," Iara announced as she turned and crawled to Tanya. She tried it again with Tanya and leaned forward. Tanya didn't move. Instead, she let their lips meet, then tongues. Amber was astonished. They started kissing loudly, making smacking noises and moaning in between breaks. Tanya's hand curled around Iara's body until she found her ass. Her hand cascaded up her little shorts and squeezed her firm ass. Iara slid her moist tongue to Tanya's neck. Tanya's eyes were rolling as she bit her bottom lip. Amber was still off to the side, watching. Strangely, she was creating a puddle in her thongs. The girls continued with their episode on the floor until a knock on the floor disturbed them. It was Tanya's mom again.

Tanya and I were sitting on the floor with their backs to Tanya's mom, pretending to be polishing their toes. They were too guilty and horny to face her. But Amber looked at her and realized her watery eyes.

"What's wrong, Mrs. Richardson?" Amber asked, mentally pulling Tanya and Iara out of their sexual frustrations.

Tanya stood and went to her mom. "What's the matter, mom?"

"I remember when you were a little girl, when you first started having these slumber parties. Now you're grown and will be off to college," she cried. "This is your last party and I just want to be here. Because once you go off to school, I won't be able to bake you cookies or anything. I just wanna be apart of my daughter's last party. Please," she begged.

"Sure," Amber smiled.

Tanya and Iara nodded, but they were pissed. No more fun.


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