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Slumber Party (The Conclusion)

This is really what happens at girls' slumber parties....
"I remember when you were younger, when you first started having these slumber parties. Now you're grown and will be off to college," she cried. "This is your last party and I just want to be here. Because once you go off to school, I won't be able to bake you cookies or anything. I just wanna be a part of my daughter's last party. Please," she begged.

"Sure," Amber smiled.

Tanya and Iara nodded, but they were pissed. No more real fun. Here comes mom the party pooper.

 ..........Hours later..........

The party went well, not as Tanya and Iara preferred it, but they all enjoyed her mom's company. They polished each other toes, got facials, talked about boys, ate junk food, watched scary movies and got great advice from Tanya's mom. Tanya tried to pretend she was sleepy around 10pm so her mom would leave, but her mom only called her a lame party host for going to sleep so early. It wasn't until the girls actually fell asleep around 3am when her mom decided to leave the room. Amber woke up when she heard the door close.

 From the moonlight shining through the window, Amber realized she was laying on the right side of the bed, next to Iara in the middle and Tanya on the left. She wanted to gag; she didn't wanna be next to Iara. Amber turned to lay on her side with her back to Iara. Then she felt the bed shake a little. It was Iara trying to get comfortable, in which she ended up closer to Amber, rubbing her leg on Amber's leg. Amber scooted closer to the end of the bed and tried to fall asleep.

Amber's eyes bugged out. Iara's fingers slowly cascaded down Amber's bare back. Surprisingly, Amber doesn't stop her. She hoped Iara would think she was sleeping. Amber was very curious about Iara's intentions.

Her little fingertips journeyed down the small of Amber's back. She remained motionless but Iara's touch sent shivers down her spine. Her fingers moved slowly around Amber's waist until she reached her tummy. Her hand went up under her half top where Iara unclasped her front-clasp bra. Amber still lay quiet, allowing this to transpire. Iara moved her fingers to Amber's nipples, which had been hard since Iara's first touch. Iara rocked her palm over her nipples, occasionally pinching them. Amber was mentally moaning. Down went her wandering fingers again. This time to the bottom of Amber's shorts. Iara gradually let her index finger ascend up her shorts until she reached Amber's thong. She drew circles on her thong, letting her touch turn Amber on.

"Iara, are you sleep?" Tanya whispered from the other side of the bed.

Iara stopped touching Amber. "No, I'm awake," she whispered back.

"Wanna finish what we started earlier?" Tanya asked.

"What about Amber?" Iara whispered.

"Is she sleep?"

"Yes," Iara replied.

"Then we're good to go. Get your sexy ass over here," Tanya demanded in a low voice.

Iara rolled over to attend to Tanya. Amber was pissed. Can you believe it? She'd allowed herself to become sexually frustrated by a girl. A girl she didn't even like. But she wanted Iara to continue. She needed her to finish what she started. Amber was all hot and bothered with a throbbing clit. But she couldn't say anything because she was supposed to be sleep.

"Ohhh. Ohhh. Yesss."

Amber wanted to plug her ears up. She didn't wanna hear their moans. She wanted to be the one moaning but she couldn't tell them that. She just listened to their moans and kissing. All the while, her panties grew wetter.

"Thanks for not wearing a bra or panties," Tanya told Iara.

"Easy access, baby. Yesss," Iara moaned.

Amber slowly slid her hand to her pulsating womanhood and slid a finger into her moist walls as she listened more.

"Shhh," one of them demanded to the other.

Amber was furious, because they lowered their voices, making it hard for her to hear them and masturbate. Damn, was all Amber could think. She squeezed her eyes shut as she pleased herself with her fingers, only imagining could be transpiring behind her. As she pictured their naked bodies, the motion of her fingers accelerated. Her pussy became to excrete wetness down her inner thighs. She pressed her lips tightly together to prevent herself from moaning, but it was difficult. As the sensation increased, her lips slowly separate as small moans surfaced. Amber forced her fingers deeper into her walls. They ran across a very sensitive spot in her pussy, causing her to moan loudly. Once she realized her volume, she stopped and listened to see if they heard her. With her fingers still planted in her pussy, she lay still as Tanya and Iara began to talk.

"Amber?" they called out to her.

Amber didn't say a word. With her back to them, they couldn't see her moving eyes.

The bed became to shake a little as the curious duo crawled towards Amber. In one swift motion, Iara ripped the covers off Amber, exposing her dirty little secret. She was so shamed.

"Well, well, well," Iara laughed, "what do we have here?"

Amber was busted. Her face began to turn red as her heartbeat quickened.

Iara grabbed Amber's forearm and pulled her until she was on her back. Iara and Tanya just giggled as Amber lay with her eyes closed shut and her hand swallowed in her pussy, embarrassed as hell.

"Just leave me alone. I had a naughty dream and want to masturbate," Amber lied.

Iara removed Amber's hand and licked her fingers, tasting Amber's juices.

"Hmmmm, baby," Iara smiled, "you taste delicious."

 Iara replaced Amber's fingers with her own. Before Amber could pretend to protest, Iara's fingers were caressing Amber's tender and moist walls. Tanya's mouth covered Amber's while her hands went to cup Amber's C-cups and erect nipples.

"Next time, no thong," Iara suggested as she swiftly pulled Amber's shorts and panties down her legs.

Iara started at her cute little toes. She sucked on them then proceed uptown with her dripping wet tongue. It made Amber quiver as her heartbeat intensified. Up up and up until Iara's warm breath was within millimeters of Amber's aching pussy. She used each of her index fingers to pull Amber's folds a part. Amber shrieked in pleasure as Iara tongue entered. Iara buried her face deeper as she licked, sucked and lapped on Amber's goodies. Meanwhile, Tanya stopped kissing Amber.

Tanya asked, "You like the way she's eating you?"

Between moans, Amber admitted, "Yes, yes I do. Oh yesss."

"Now you gotta learn how to eat pussy," Tanya said as she threw one leg over Amber's shoulder. She straddled over her face then positioned her chocolate pussy over Amber's lips.

Amber stuck her tongue out and inserted it in Tanya's pussy. Tanya moaned. She assumed she was doing it right and continued as she enjoyed the attention Iara was giving her between her legs. Tanya started to grind her pelvis rapidly as Amber slurped hungrily. Within minutes, Tanya had exploded on Amber's vanilla colored face and Amber had released her juices on Iara's tanned caramel face. Switching positions, Iara laid on her back and pushed Amber's head between her legs. As she feasted on Iara's swollen pussy, Tanya retrieved the cucumber from her dresser. She surprised Amber when she pushed several inches of the cucumber in Amber's dripping wet pussy and pleased her asshole within her tongue. Amber arched her tight little ass up, allowing the cucumber to penetrate deeper. Iara clasped her legs around Amber's head as she continued to moan in delight. Another pair of orgasms and moans fill the dark room.

The threesome prepared for round three. This time Iara and Tanya entertain themselves with the help of the cucumber as they grind it between their legs like a double-headed dildo. Meanwhile Amber took turns riding their faces until her pussy ejected a load of her juices.

The girls realized the room began to lightened up as the sun's rays pierced through the window's curtains. With blissful pussies and glistening faces from each others cum, the girls all turned on their sides, spooning one another. Amber was in the middle, her bare breasts pressed against Tanya's back. Iara wrapped Amber in her arms, her warm skin kissing Amber's back as she nibbled on her earlobe.

A knock on the door alerted the girls. They hurried tossed the covered over their naked bodies just as the door creaked opened. Tanya's mom was carrying a tray occupied with various breakfast entrées. The girls loudly snored, pretending to be asleep. Tanya's mom slowly backed out of the room, not wanting to awake them.

Just as the door closed shut, Amber suggested, "Tanya, you really should get a lock before the next slumber party."

Tanya replied, "But this is the last one."

Amber laughed hardheartedly, "No it's not."

The girls giggled naughtily as they all agreed it wouldn't be the last.

"But this was the best slumber party!!"

The End
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