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Smile for the Camera Ch2

After a married woman cammed with a lesbian lover things get hotter

"Please," pleaded Pete, as he spoke to his wife Sophie on Skype, "just a little flash of your sweet pussy... "

"No Pete," Sophie replied.

"What about your boobs then," Pete asked persistently. "If it was Helga you would, and you are miles away, and I miss you so much." Pete tried to flutter his eyelids that didn't really work, with his rugged blonde hair and stubble, and his well-defined physique.

"You miss sex you mean," Sophie laughed, "and you just want to get yourself off. Anyway I have a ton of work to get through before the morning, so you will just have to amuse yourself, or play with yourself, until I get home on Friday." With that Sophie blew a kiss and closed the connection.

Pete stared at the blank screen for a moment then smiled, as he recalled how he had first talked his wife Sophie into camming, which culminated in a hot masturbation session with a Norwegian lesbian named Helga.

Helga never knew Pete was watching, and since that first time, Sophie had connected on Skype and performed for Helga, as Pete watched from behind the screen. Afterwards the sex between them was electric, and he had encouraged Sophie to go further and meet with Helga, but she always declined, saying she was happy just performing on cam.

Pete knew from checking the records that she had spoken with Helga on at least two occasions when he wasn't there, but had kept that information to himself.

A few hours later, after fixing himself a light dinner, Pete sat idly flicking though porn sites, pulling gently at his semi-hard thick cock, as the scenes rolled across the screen. He even toyed with a cam site at one point, to view only, of course, but found them disappointing, since all they really wanted was money. "Pity Sophie wouldn't appear on one those," he muttered to himself, "with her body she would make a fortune."

Closing his eyes, Pete pictured Sophie's tall elegant frame, her 5' 10" body well defined from running & regular exercise. Her 36B breasts were still firm with no sag, and her dark brown nipples would harden when Pete licked them during lovemaking. Pete was just picturing her sweet pussy with that tiny strip of neatly trimmed pubic hair when the sound of the Skype call broke him from his dreams.

Surprised to see it was Sophie, he sat at the desk, concealing his now rampant cock, just in case she wasn't alone. "Hi Pete," Sophie's voice purred as she looked into the screen, "have you missed me?"

Pete looked at his wife on screen and could tell by the red flush to her neck and cheeks she was clearly aroused, and Pete just stood so his cock pointed at the camera. "Mmmm," moaned Sophie, "you are pleased to see me, aren't you? Perhaps its time for your treat."

With that, Sophie moved to the secondary cam that Pete had fitted to her laptop for when she was away, that she had fixed so it was pointing under the desk in her hotel room. Pete could see straight away that she was naked from the waist down, and as she opened her legs, he could see she was clearly aroused. Her pussy lips were puffy and glistened with her juices, and as Pete started to pull on his hard cock he said, "Have you been touching, naughty girl?"

Pete saw Sophie's delicate hands appear, her nails were immaculate, the soft pink nail polish recently applied. Her wedding & engagement ring flashed in the light, as with one hand she held her pussy lips apart to reveal her clit standing proudly, and gently flicked it with the first finger of the other hand. "Yessss," Sophie purred, "I am so wet."

"Were you thinking of Helga?" Pete asked, as he fisted his cock a little faster, feeling it harden to a steel rod in his hand.

Sophie didn't reply, but just moaned her excitement into the mic, and Pete watched as she pushed two fingers deep inside her pussy, her pussy lips sucking at her fingers, as she slowly moved them in and out.

"Get your toy like you showed Helga," Pete instructed, his excitement growing as Sophie's hands moved away, giving him a wonderful view of his wife's open pussy. The toy came into sight, a realistic pink cock shaped dildo that was almost the same size as Pete's eight inches. He heard his wife's moan of pleasure, as the dildo slid into her welcoming pussy, and as his excitement grew, he noticed something odd about her hands.

The hand holding the end of the dildo being pushed in and out of his wife's pussy wasn't Sophie’s elegant, pink nail varnished hand, but one that had bright red nail varnish. The hand that twisted the dildo making Sophie moan with pleasure had no rings adorning it, and in fact, he could see the start of an intricate tattoo at the wrist. At his exclamation of surprise Pete heard a laugh fill the room that wasn't Sophie's, instead it was far more guttural.

"Helga?" Pete blurted out, and the camera switched to show the two women side by side, and Pete watched his wife's face fold in pleasure, with Helga's arm under the desk moving slowly. From the sounds that could be heard, and the look on Sophie's face, Helga was obviously fucking her skilfully.

Helga smiled as she said, "Sophie and I have been talking regularly for a while now and when she said she was in town we arranged to get together." Pete watched stunned, as Helga continued, "and for the last hour I have been licking your lovely wife's cunt and she has orgasmed on my face. She tastes lovely doesn't she Pete?" Helga inquired, as she licked her lips seductively.

Pete could only nod and stroke his aching cock, as he saw how her face glistened with his wife's juices.

"Did you not think I knew you were watching?" Helga laughed. "To be honest, I didn't at first, but then your lovely wife told me everything. You wanted to see us together, and now here we are. Do you like watching your wife being fucked?" Helga emphasized the word "fucked" by giving the dildo a sharp twist inside Sophie, making her groan with pleasure.

And then the screen went dead.

Pete couldn't swallow his mouth was so dry, yet the thought and sight of his wife being with Helga was so exciting, he knew he daren't touch himself, for fear of spilling his seed.

As he wondered what was going to happen next, he saw a Skype text message appear, with a link to a website. Pete eagerly clicked the link and found himself staring at the screen, which showed a rumpled hotel bed, and in the corner of the screen, was a red counter box, boldly declaring the number of current viewers as ‘001-Private Viewing’.

A naked woman appeared on the screen and her upper face was covered with a mask to conceal her identity, but Pete recognized it was Sophie from her body. Moving slowly, as if in a trance, she lay on her back on the bed facing the camera with her knees pulled up and apart. She started to touch herself, unaware of who was watching, as it was a camera with no screen.

As with all of these cam sites there was no sound but there was a text chat option, for the viewers to comment and make suggestions. The chat box feature identified Pete as 'Guest 265', and he typed, "I love you baby."

The reply came back quickly, which was clearly not typed by Sophie, as her hands were quite busy, "Enjoy the show!"

Pete then noticed the sign on the screen changed to 'Public viewing.'

He watched his wife's performance, open mouthed, as she worked two fingers of one hand in and out of her pussy, while rubbing her clit with the other. Just as she moaned and writhed in ecstasy, Pete glanced at the viewer counter, and saw it had risen to ‘015-Public Viewing’.

Other messages started to flash on the screen.

Guest 654: ‘Show us your tits!’

Guest 874: ‘Let's see your ass.’

Pete watched as his wife complied with each command, cupping her breasts to the camera and rolling a nipple, then turning around and wiggling her bum.

Then Helga came into view, and unlike Sophie, she had no mask and you could see the lust clearly written on her face. She turned toward the camera and displayed the huge black strap-on jutting out from her hips, that she fisted like it was her real cock. There was no sound but clearly Helga had issued a command as Sophie moved to all fours, her head down and her ass high in the air.

Helga leaned over and typed and the words, ‘would you like to see me fuck my girlfriend?’ appeared on the screen.

There was a stream of ‘yes’, ‘yes’, ‘YESSSS’, responses rolling across the screen as the now 46 viewers expressed their approval.

Pete sat stunned, his rock hard cock still in his hand, as he saw Helga typing again.

"What about you, Pete?" was the message that appeared on the screen.

There were a few question mark responses from the other viewers, confused by the message, and no response from the still stunned Pete.

"She is married, her husband is one of the 73 people now watching... but it doesn't matter, I am going to fuck her anyway."

With that Helga moved to behind Sophie holding the dildo with one hand and putting her other hand on the middle of Sophie's back. With a thrust of her hips Helga drove the dildo deep into Sophie's pussy, and by the ease in which it went in, it was obvious that she was soaked. Helga then grabbed Sophie's hips and started to thrust ferociously into her from behind.

Pete could see the black dildo sliding in and out of his wife's pussy while she bucked and writhed in pleasure, clearly climaxing as Helga fucked her. Pete couldn't stand it any longer and his hand rapidly stroked his cock sending long streams of his seed over the table and onto his keyboard as he ejaculated harder than he had cum in awhile.

Pete may have been finished but Helga was just getting started as she withdrew the black dildo from Sophie's soaking pussy and fed the rubber cock into Sophie's mouth.

Sophie's sucked and licked the shiny black cock that glistened with her vaginal juices until every drop was gone, and then licked her lips and smiled like she wanted more. Again another unheard command from Helga and Sophie obediently moved to lie on her back opening her knees wide apart.

Helga typed, ‘Once we get to treble figures for viewers, I have a special treat... I am going to fist her!’

People must have been texting friends, family and co-workers, as the viewer counter started to shoot up until it passed 100, and the ‘Room Full’ sign appeared when it reached 150.

Pete could only stare at the screen his heart pounding in his chest as he watched Helga push one, then two fingers, into his wife's open pussy. Soon, the two fingers were joined by a third, and then finally a forth.

The only sound in the room was Pete's own breathing but he could tell by the way his wife was writhing on the screen she was in the heights of ecstasy.

Helga adjusted the camera that zoomed in as she her folded her thumb into the palm of her hand, and started to push into Sophie's body.

Sophie arched up off the bed pressing into Helga's impaling hand and suddenly it slipped inside. The screen filled with the image of the embedded wrist, with Sophie's pussy juices bubbling around it. Sophie's pink manicured nails pawed feebly at the wrist, finally wrapping around it, and pulling the hand deeper.

To his surprise Pete found himself getting hard again, and started to work his cum coated cock as Helga moved her hand in and out of his wife's pussy.

Pete was on the brink of cumming for a second time, when the screen went blank.

‘Show's over’, read the screen, as Pete slumped down into his chair, still trembling from the display he had just witnessed.

Still trying to catch his breath, and get his heart rate back to normal, he was startled by the ringing of the Skype call eagerly clicked accept on the image of Sophie. Instead of his wife's pretty face, however, Pete was greeted with the smiling face of Helga, grinning at him like the Cheshire Cat.

"Did you enjoy the show, Pete?" She asked sarcastically.

"Amazing!" stammered Pete.

"And are you wondering where your wife is now?" queried Helga, her smile getting bigger and broader.

Before Pete could reply Helga switched to the under the desk cam that showed Sophie's head buried between Helga's thick thighs. Helga switched the cam again, and stared at Pete with a twinkle in her eye. "Now you will watch me cum as your pretty wife licks my pussy?" Helga's grin transformed to a look of sheer ecstasy that made it clear that Sophie was licking her pussy. Pete's cock was now at full attention again, and he started to work his hand over the head as he stood.

Helga laughed and said as she stroked Sophie hair, "Your husband is masturbating while watching you lick my pussy, does that excite you?"  Sophie's reply was muffled but from the way Helga moaned Pete knew that she had renewed her efforts on Helga's pussy. Helga's face screwed up and contorted as her orgasm overtook her body. Knowing that it was his wife's tongue that was causing this sent Pete over the top again and his cock spurted jets of liquid over the table he had only recently cleaned.  Helga moaned and yelled as she squirted into Sophie's mouth, gripping her hair tightly before collapsing in the chair in post orgasmic bliss.

Sophie peeked out from under the desk and smiled as she saw her husband in his chair with his deflating cock still dripping cum.

"Speak tomorrow love?" she enquired.

"Looking forward to it my love," Pete replied, looking at his wife's glowing face, covered with Helga's juices.


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